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Found 1 result

  1. I THINK IVE SOLVED IT. So, I'm not going to sit here claiming I have insiders. Instead, I'm going to open a discussion. I'm not sure If anyone remembered, Earlier this year there was a announcement that Britney would be launching her own Lifestyle and Homeware, A New clothing line & A haircare line? "Spears' personal involvement in all aspects of the collection will ensure authenticity across a number of targeted categories including fashion apparel, hair care, accessories, exercise and electronics. The anticipated retail launch for the Britney Spears Lifestyle program is Spring 2019." ------- Now, Go back to the original teasers on insta and focus on the tv screens in the background. THIS IS JUST A THEORY! Check out the screens on the original teasers. These are all mini adverts of there own: *Britney looking in a Black Lace Pattern Mirror (Lifestyle Range) *Britney's close up Hair Shots (Hair Care Range) *Britney on Exercise Weights (Lifestyle Range) *Britney in High Heels (Bottom Screen) - (Clothing Line) *Britney in Dresses (Clothing Line) *Britney posing with Polaroid Camera (Electronics Range) FOCUS CAREFULLY. Could the directors "Many films" comment be that britney is making multiple adverts for all the lines shes about to release? (This is just a guess!) The prerogative advert is JUST the men and the perfume on the screens. There's no scene on the actual advert of any of the other clips. This is all makes sense. These are all mini adverts in the teasers. The lifestyle collection is coming guys TAKE MY MONEY. TAKE IT ALL.