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Found 4 results

  1. MyQueenBritney

    rumor New Britney Blind?

    So I came across this Blind item online posted by Crazy Day and Nights (I don’t know how legit they are) but it is allegedly about Britney. Without that strict oversight she is used to having, the times this permanent A list "singer" has been drunk has increased ten fold over the past month. Someone needs to step in now before it gets out of hand.
  2. So I was on twitter a few minutes ago (surprised no one posted this yet) but it was a screenshot of someone who attended a recent Park MGM meeting and apparently they discussed plans for 2020 as to all 2019 dates are canceled. Not sure if anyone saw this, if I find the link ill post it but anyways my guess is we won't be seeing/hearing from Britney until 2020 We basically knew this already from NappyTabs but just thought I'd share.. Still sad af I won't be seeing her on my bday with PIT tickets, hopefully they'll schedule the same dates in 2020 so I can attend and spend my bday with her Edit: Picture
  3. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry reportedly have something in the works together. The full report is on the main page. Low-key here for this! https://www.breatheheavy.com/lady-gaga-katy-perry-collab/
  4. Here’s a new vid posted of some kind of Drag Race night with a few of the shows contestants being interviewed and asked questions. Ross is hosting and his response to a certain question basically confirms it. I feel like Promo-ney is just waiting until after the holidays and we will then see the new era start to unfold...