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Found 8 results

  1. Britney Spears’ father, Jamie, could be the sole conservator over the pop star’s personal and financial affairs. Andrew Wallet, who’s overseen the financial and business sides to Britney’s conservatorship for more than 10 years, is asking the courts to approve his request to resign ASAP. This could mean Britney’s other conservator, her father, will now oversee the estate as well. Read the full story on the main page: https://www.breatheheavy.com/britney-spears-andrew-wallet-conservatorship/
  2. This is the only place that they could have gotten those emails from. We could be doing more damage than good. message to team Britney: Leave her alone! Get a job! Jamie go f**k a duck
  3. Don't you all remember 2011 when Britney, everytime we saw her, looked totally stoned? Now we've got all the stories about her team, which is the evil, forcing her to run a career. And giving her special meds... Most of the time she looked like this. Tired, I guess and completely without energy. The sparkle than even Circusney had in her eye, has gone. This clearly looks like a person who's taken too much meds. In 2010, according to those pics, fans and their observations, she's had a mini breakdown, freaking out on the street. Wasn't that an emergency calling? After the Circus era, the Britney brand got really wild, we've got tons of new perfumes and many money-making tricks that weren't even announced by Britney herself(!) Poor Britney. She couldn't have a life after the Circus era, I guess she tried to, but her father wanted her to make money. Therefore the meds, they gave it to her to keep her obedient... f**king unfair. #freeBritney
  4. I found this on a Britney’s letters Instagram and I have Never heard of this nor seen it before. Does anyone know if this is true or if this person made it? It has a date stamp at the beginning https://britslettersoftruth.tumblr.com/post/113115146344/who-decides-rejected-interlude-concept-from-the
  5. I don't know if some people is crossing the line. Maybe I'm that 1% that believe Britney's family is innocent. A normal person can't do all that to a daughter/sister. So we have to chill and relax. And wait for more reliable information. By the moment Jamie Lynn is avoiding Britney fans comments on her Instagram, which is really sad. I'm a 100% on the #FreeBritney campaign BTW.
  6. This article was on my daily news. I guess we have to "FreeBritneyGram now? https://medium.com/@BrianneAmira/britneys-gram-reported-to-fbi-u-s-dept-of-health-and-more-7d3fcf495b27