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Found 1,378 results

  1. So I just watched a Criminal video after a bit longer time and noticed how it has got 1 million likes! Maybe you guys already know it but whatever. I find it strange because the video has only 107,9m views and videos like Slave with 116m views have below 400k likes. If we compare those stats of Criminal with other FF videos, HIAM has 125m views but only 408k likes! And TTWE 186m views and 742k likes. With IWG it's not that shocking, it has 1m likes as well, on 247m views. I know Criminal is quite popular with younger audiences, they mention Tik-Tok in comments and Joker-Harley Quinn relationship, but do you think those are only reasons? P. S. If Criminal continues with those daily views, it's gonna surpass HIAM for sure.
  2. We all know it was just another cash grab for her team now. Those plans have been rightfully ruined for them. The conservatorship is under investigation and Britney will most likely be free. That will give her the move to take over and makeover the musical to her liking.
  3. This is something I've been curious about for a while and today, when it once again popped into my head, I decided to Google it and this is what came up: If you want to read the article itself, here's the link (article from December 25th of 2018). Can't say I'm surprised, this is pretty much how I had imagined it in my head. Apple and Google can easily afford it, the streaming service that surprised me the most was Amazon. Considering Amazon is in the top 3 richest companies in the world you'd expect it to be less stingy but oh well. Also, the differences are much bigger than I could have ever imagined, I mean, it takes one look at the "total plays needed to earn minimum wage" column to see how huge the difference is between Apple Music and Spotify. YouTube doesn't surprise me one bit even if it's technically under Google. This proves Taylor Swift was right all along even if she ended up doing a 180 first regarding Apple Music and then regarding streaming services in general.
  4. This was released in January this year but I only spotted it today, and just thought it was pretty cool and unexpected. Its from The Rocks official channel on a his "What Really Happened" podcast with Andrew Jenks, produced by Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Danny Garcia. It talks about the conservatorship and does a round up of events leading up to it.
  5. Vevo is changing the thumbnails to increase views since some weeks ago. Today Piece of Me, Ooh La La, 3 and Born To Make You Happy are getting new thumbnails As you know Womanizer was recently changed and get more views after that
  6. MissSpearsSaysSo

    Flat Earth

    Hey, wussup. Does anyone here think the earth is flat? There’s a lot of interesting and weird things about it.
  7. Do you think that Britney’s team is pushing for a new comeback era sometime soon? Looks like late this year or probably in 2020. The new Prerogative perfume is definitely a hint at something brewing. And she always has a new fragrance before a new album cycle. Sooo... I hope that if a new album/Residency/tour/whatever is happening that it’s what Britney wants to do. What are you guys expecting will happen? We all know that the Broadway show is still on and that’s cool (I’d love to go see it), but something else has got to be rolling out as well. I’m so Curious & Conflicted. It’s gonna be interesting to see what her next professional move will be. I’m just happy that she seems very happy, healthy and doing great. Okay, discuss.
  8. Hey guys, look what I found on Facebook, possibly a new edition of Prerogative! According to the user, they smell completely different. She already had 50ml and liked it, so she ordered 100ml and got this. Does Exhale know anything about this? Any pool party insiders?
  9. I remember making a thread like this a year or two ago, but since the old "General" section is dead / archived / whatever (rip), I thought - why not make another one.. there's not much to say, just go ahead and post pics of celebrities that you have the hots for.. Zayn Malik Daniel Kaluuya Frank Ocean Harry Shum Jr. Tyler Posey Blue Hamilton & Matt Dallas John Cho Rami Malek K-Pop stars: I would SMASH all of these people in a heartbeat, yes, even the women.. if I had to do a top 3 of all of these: Tyler Posey > Joy > Rami Malek.. don't look up Tyler Posey's nudes, they're extremely weird..
  10. Hey there fellow exhalers/ exchangers/ expressionists Here's random and very simple idea! What are your all time favourite songs? OF ALL TIME It can be any genre, any artist, any song! Mine are (in no particular order) : I am sure I missed a lot of my favs but please feel free to share yours!
  11. It makes me so angry/disgusted whenever I see people comment horrid things on her instagram. Usually criticizing her makeup, her looks, her body, her fashion or whatever else... This is not about being a fan or a stan or a hater, it's about simple human decency. These people are disgusting. We all have opinions and it's one thing to discuss them amongst fans and another to go and blast them all over her instagram and risk her reading them (or her handlers transmitting the info to her and using it to make her feel worse). just STOP IT
  12. I remember her talking to her mom on the phone, but I don't remember seeing her on either of the documentaries? I remember seeing Jamie though. Did she appear and I do not remember, or was she scrapped too?
  13. Saw this really great video summing up some of the Britney related easter eggs in thr Ashley O Black mirror episode. My question to you is what others did you find????
  14. I just watched it and remembered how beautiful she looked then. Forget the actual performance, she looked stunning. It’s funny everyone pretends to be all about “female empowerment” now, yet everyone called her fat back then.
  15. Elias Garcia

    help bipolars!

  16. As we all know there is an upcoming musical featuring Britney's music in the works, but could she somehow win anything for it and not just the musical itself? I've read that she was very involved and helped a lot with the concept of the story, but she isnt credited as a writer as of now... So is there any chance that she might win something in any of the categories or not?
  17. Is it bad that I want new Britney music now ?
  18. BabyBabyBay


    Hey friends and foes, I've had comments from friends that say they're always impressed by the music I put on in the car or blast in my room so I've decided to make a playlist which I update weekly of the sh!t I listen to and I've been trying to push it. I thought I'd put it on here for anybody to check out: I would also be interested in getting feedback from people on their thoughts too, whether it be the number of songs or the content. Hope you enjoy
  19. That YouTube channel First We Feast has a show called Hot Ones with the vlogger host Sean Evans. It's actually cool. The celebrities eat hot wings with him as he asks them questions about their current projects, life and past rumors and stuff. Here's one
  20. Do you think Britney will get out of this and all will be exposed??? I think she’ll get out of it but not sure how much exposing there will be- I really hope a ton since were living in times of exposure. If she released a documentary I mean... JEEEZUS. I think that would send shockwaves worldwide
  21. I had an idea that Ishould post Britney's photos through the years every day. What do you think? September 7 2000 2004 2006 2007 2008 201 2015 2016
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