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Found 35 results

  1. Let's play another game! You just rename Britney songs! For example, if I say "Make Me" the next person renames it, saying something like "Sensational". And then that person writes the song the next one has to rename! For example: User 1: Toxic User 2: Toxic - Intoxicate me Ooh La La User 3: Ooh La La - Don't Be Shy My Prerogative Hope you get it I'll start: Quicksand
  2. I had an idea that we should post Britney's photos through the years every day. What do you think? I'll start. September 7 2000 2004 2006 2007 2008 201 2015 2016
  3. Looks like she's doing the choreo in this pic :
  4. right before this scene she has her hair completely down and amazing and all of the sudden she decides to do a bun with it are there any other appearences? whenever i see something like that during her prime i think man, we really think shes old now and keep blaming the messy buns or make up because whenever she did them during her prime no one would notice
  5. You know, like Circus for example, or Katy's prism jungle theme, etc, or what FF was supposed to be but it didn't work. You get what I mean. Personally I'd really like her to embrace the Godney title, and just like Circusney kept doing Circus themed photoshoots and performances, B10ney should do angelic ones. So I vote for Godney what theme would you pick?
  6. So this thread is NOT about the new residency. I need help from fellow Stans. So....some background. I run a burlesque troupe in Colorado. Not like the movie....actual legit burlesque. The weekend of Britney's birthday I am doing a two day burlesque show that is all Britney songs. So I need help with two things. I need a name for the show. I am leaning towards: Not That Innocent: A Burlesqueney Tribute To Britney Spears Also, I need help putting together the order of my setlist. From what I have read here, everyone here has a good idea of how to put together a good set list. Here are the songs that are being performed. Work Bitch Toxic Gimme More (Egyptian Mix) BOMT Boom Boom Womanizer Lace and Leather Oops Slave Circus Cinderella Touch of My Hand Change Your Mind Crazy Lonely Freakshow 3 Help a sis out y'all!!
  7. Guys, get with the times. It's not the early 2000s anymore where everyone watched cable TV. It's 2018, where YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix now dominate in viewership. TV shows like American Idol only get 10 million views with HEAVY promotion by FU*KING DISNEY! Plus, YouTube is viewable all around the world. The Ellen Show tv broadcast is restricted to the US and to local listings. A YouTube live announcement is huge, AND it barely costs any money (other than payola to make the video Trending). Stop complaining, thanks
  8. she looks so scared, tense, uncomfortable. It’s like M&G photos all over again. These people are not strangers to Britney, why does she look so miserable? This photo makes me feel so sad for her. I mean nobody is touching, nobodies arm is around her, she just makes everyone around her looks horsey. I feel bad.
  9. Miss_R

    other Movies

    Please suggest some movies I have watched so many movies and I don’t find any good movies anymore Soo please, let me know what’s your favorite movies Thank you!
  10. What’s your favorite? Which of them you don’t like? What perfume(s) do you have? My favorite have always been Midnight Fantasy. I just love it. Many years ago I had Curios and Fantasy. I thought to buy Curious again. I don’t like Private Show.
  11. Britney has never showed more passion about her job than the first episode I'm watching right now. "When I walk out and face the croud I'm not really nervous anymore cause I've been doing that for years. I get excited! I feel like it's my birthday! Everyday!" I'm pretty sure currentney has said she always gets nervous before a show. I really wish she'd experiment and do different things and meet new people and find her more artistic self again, and be passionate. What do you think it'd take for her to feel happy with her job again?
  12. So this just went through my head.. We can all agree, besides the quality of the music, that Britney Jean had a pretty decent photoshoot right? She looked stunning and it was the first time an album artwork was held entirely in black and white, wich was very cool and faded. Let alone the BJ-logo with the neon heart, which is lowkey iconic. But what on earth is up with the typography in that back cover? Why does it look like something a fourth grade student would do? That additional space in "(Deluxe Edition Tracks )" I know this is stupid but stuff like this bugs me. It's like they took that picture and just threw the tracklist on in Microsoft Word. (Maybe that handwritten tracklist from the inside was meant to be the back cover but they decided to change it last minute?) Seeing as this is clearly her worst and laziest back cover in terms of typography, what's her best?
  13. Something about this looks familiar... can’t quite put my finger on it.
  14. I can't believe Jordan hasn't posted about it yet. Since he always puts Lindsay news here, I figured this was okay: Source: https://www.tmz.com/2018/09/29/lindsay-lohan-accuses-parents-child-trafficking-punched-hit-face/
  15. Well someone from the writers of the show is being obsessed with Britney. I was just watching the last two new episodes. The first one had Howard play music from his gym playlist and it was work bitch (still having impact so many years after) the second episode had the new Rajesh girlfriend who works for a hotel and when she was asked if she had any stories to tell she said one time Britney Spears was in the hotel and soemthig anout blowing bath bubbles or something . And then Bernadette said don’t tell Raj that britbey Spears was in your hotel because he will die. I was so surprised to see that two episodes in a row they had something Britney related. Really wonder what the reason was .
  16. it's so crazy how different she can look in mere moments
  17. stefihilton

    other Top 3 albums of the 80s

    mine are 1. Introducing The Hardline According to Terence Trent D’arby 2. Madonna’s debut album 3. Hounds of Love - Kate Bush yours?
  18. Hey guys! I'm new here and was wondering - What are the chances that Britney will ever headline the Super bowl? I've been thinking about it since yesterday when she was on Ellen talking about a big announcement, I know this is probably her Vegas residency but it got me thinking. I get all of the discussion about Britney being awkward/anxious, but she's been in the business for twenty years now, has loads of hits, a massive career and is always speculated, what does everyone think? Personally I would love to see her doing this . . .
  19. O U T R A G E O U S. Get Naked. Toy Soldier. Unusual You. My prerogative (maybe the intro fo the show) The Hook Up or Boom Boom.
  20. I must say that I strongly dislike that song, Britney's version and original but there's a new rumor In this case, though, it’s the celebrity who is pushing for a baby… while the non-celebrity plays coy! She really wants another baby, maybe even two. He wants them to be married first. Source Is that U Justin Bieber?
  21. As of November 23rd a new vinyl of the historic "...Baby One More Time" will be released through Sony Music and it looks like either the cover or a picture vinyl. You can PRE-ORDER it here: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07HSKPHR9/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1_1_1?smid=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&psc=1 The tracklisting is the same the original released CD's with 12 tracks rather than 16 (later issues were featured with bonus tracks): Disc: 1 1. ...Baby One More Time 2. (You Drive Me) Crazy 3. Sometimes 4. Soda Pop 5. Born to Make You Happy 6. From the Bottom of My Broken Heart Disc: 2 1. I Will Be There 2. I Will Still Love You - Britney Spears duet with Don Phillip 3. Thinkin' About You 4. E-Mail My Heart 5. The Beat Goes On
  22. I'm not talking about the way she looks, I'm talking about her as a person, Britney Jean Spears. i've never felt (as a fan), so disconnected from her, which is so sad to say. I know her anxieties and insecurities have made her this way, but I just don't recognise her anymore. The last time I recognised her was the little speech she did in POM before she sang Something To Talk About. THAT was Britney opening up to us and I had really missed it. I remember the letters she used to write before or during the breakdown and she basically told us how much she loves us, her fans. But I don't feel that she feels that way anymore, I don't know if she even appreciates us as fans anymore, never mind loving her fans. I don't want to know the ins and outs of her life, she has always had some mystery to her which has been great, but it would be nice for her to just let us in a little bit rather than having a huge wall built up around her. Sorry, I'm sick in bed and cranky and I just needed to vent!
  23. A musical last year the word was out they were in talks about it and this year in may britney went to the first showcase of her songs revamped for the show and they stated it was coming early 2019. the spice girls did it to celebrate 15 years of the band, abba did the same with mamma mia. Britney is getting her own musical and thats for sure. The ellen show is the perfect audience to announce something like that to instead of another show and ellen's youtube channel the perfect place for behind the scene look on it. Gaga is starting her residency end of 2018/beginning 2019 so no need to have britney there as soon as we are expecting and early reports stated britney's new show would only start at the end of 2019. we know britney will be taking a time off since she just ended a residency+tour and it woudnt look good to put a new show out just yet. She wouldnt even have time to rehearse or even plan it and we all know she ain't doing it on the low right now. we will be getting the news in a couple of days but my question is why are we all expecting it to be vegas 2.0 when there are more points indicating towards the musical that was in the works since 2017?