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Found 27 results


    other Britney’s hair

    Do you guys think she should go brunette this era? Platinum blonde may be her iconic look, but the facts are that she isn’t a natural blonde, and all the hair bleaching through the years have completely destroyed her hair. That’s why she’s always wearing hair extensions, because she’s trying to keep her iconic look while not looking like her hairs falling out. In 2007 she started bleaching her hair the moment it started growing back when she really should have let it heal and rest.
  2. Im listening Circus and when "Rock me in" ends Phonography dont started to play... When i go to iTunes to check, i saw that they added "(Main Version)" to Rock me in and Phonography... Im using iTunes Music. Do somebody know if theres another version of these songs?
  3. I was watching some of the vids where she was signing autographs and stuff and it made me wonder where some of the people who saw her there first are nowadays. those people have to have those autographs and promo CD’s somewhere, and I’m sure they have such a cool story to tell. They met brinni before she was brinni. I wonder if they stayed fans of her or if they still care about her even today. It’s so crazy to think about her entire career and how at that point she could’ve never even imagined what her life was going to become. Back then she was just a small town girl who planned on being a music teacher and getting married after all the hype died down but then it never did...
  4. My personal favourite is the iconic 'Ta-dah, here it is!' hand movement. the one where it looks like she's serving food or something. couldn't find a gif of it though. other good ones are the random hand movements and the cup-the-breasts-and-whip-your-hair movement. What about you guys?
  5. GodneyLovin

    other Britney Face Changes

    With it being so long since we have really seen her and will see her, is anyone anticipating her to look a certain way? I just hope once she does something she's fit and I hope she doesn't have too much done to her face. I'm also wondering of she will do anything different to her hair.
  6. Just hear to shout out tha classic crossroads. Came out 17yrs ago today. Bow
  7. What do you guys think is happening for the 3rd show? I think she might be switching some stuff around I read on Reddit that she's doing a medley of her MMC songs with Ryan Gosling and Justin Bieber. They were rehearsing last night and their chemistry was on point
  8. Miss_R

    other Britney drawing

    It looks amazing
  9. What is your fave Britney song to sing in the shower? I personally love singing her ballads in the shower cuz I feel like I sound amazing lol, DLMBTLTK is my personal fave.
  10. stateofgracebritney

    other Do you guys like Madonna?

    Britney hasn’t released anything in years and has practically disappeared from the world once the Domination scrapping happened- we haven’t got candids in a very long month and we don’t even know if she’s in Louisiana or in the recording studio. Since Thank U Next wasn’t really beyond my expectations (I like sweetener much better) the first thing that came into my mind was Madonna. I was way too young when she was more successful but I’ve been listening to Ray of Light a lot lately and I revisited old interviews from that era... i’m on my way to become a Madonna stan. Do you like her? Do you think Britney will ever start touring and being more like Madonna overall (giving her 100% no matter what) or she will continue to be the same 2013ney? But my biggest question is, does Britney still see her as a major idol and inspiration? Britney has mentioned Mariah, Whitney, Janet Jackson, Aretha and Madonna as idols but I wonder if she still likes her as much as she did in 2003.
  11. I had an idea that we should post Britney's photos through the years every day. What do you think? I'll start. September 7 2000 2004 2006 2007 2008 201 2015 2016
  12. Her fwb, lover and true love wasnt a part of it so she scrap it all end of story
  13. really really cool guy

    other 2016ney was a gift

    Shame on us for not appreciating her enough
  14. Just a question that I don’t think we have a certain answer to but I was wondering what you guys think....but is there a possibility that Britney is stuck on a contract with MGM so she basically has no option but to go back whether or not she has to? Or do you think she’s been released??? I really hope she won’t be forced into anything.
  15. BritintheZone

    other IT BEEN...

    904 days since new music! Dying for music
  16. #Brunetteney

    other What is it about toxic...

    That thread asking the men of Reddit what their favorite Britney song was got me thinking...what is it abt toxic that makes it such a hit among the GP? I never see BOMT and OIDIA get the kind of acclaim that toxic gets. It even got her a Grammy. What makes toxic so good? What makes it better than B’s previous hits? It’s so weird, listening to toxic there is a almost obvious “this is the best pop I’ve ever heard” feeling that you get, and I never really got that when I listened to Oops, slave, and baby any smart people know why it’s like this?
  17. OMFG SIRENS last night Queen Knee SLAYED US on opening night I’m so ready for the second night, and it’s V-Day so you know people will be f**king during the show Also there’s a big rumor going around on RadarOnline and mutil reliable Twitter accounts she is having a surprise tonight so get ready. Vids and pics from Instagram will be added later Setlist (not in order): Work Bitch - 3 - Toxic - Dear Dairy - Overportected (Darkchild Remix) - Do You Wanna Come Over? - I’m a Slave 4 U - Boys - My Prerogative - Coupure Électrique - Break The Ice - Scream and Shout (Remix) - Get Naked - ...Baby One More Time - Oops... I Did It Again - Lucky - Rebellion - Pull It - If U Seek Amy - Apple Pie - If I’m Dancing - Just Do It (I’m Bored) - Radar - Gimme More - Hold It Against Me - Till The World Ends - BabyShark Cover (for her kids ) -
  18. BritintheZone


    body, hair, smile,outfits and MAKEUP! Everything, case close do we know who designed her performance outfit?
  19. You guys ready for the show?!?! What are you looking forward to? I can't wait to see her perform some of the songs after the sneak peak we got yesterday on her dress rehearsal like: Piece of Me Criminal Do You Wanna Come Over Hold On Tite also her opening outfit too
  20. pom tour performances are unbearable omg. maybe it was related to jamie's health
  21. Ariana Grande is the newest princess of pop, and her most-recent release, Thank U, Next, is Sweetener's rebellious twin sister. Ariana dropped Sweetener in 2018 with plans to promote it on tour, but tragedy struck and stopped the pop star in her tracks. The untimely passing of ex-boyfriend Mac Miller amidst an expeditious engagement to SNL actor, Pete Davidson, who battles mental health issues and publicly threatened to take his life following the end of their relationship (an affect from an unforgiving cyber witch hunt) only compounded Ariana's trauma. She held a meeting with Republic Records and relayed she was unfit to tour. It was a bold move to tell the higher ups who's actually higher up. In an effort to stay grounded when life tried taking her happiness, Ariana licked her wounds in the recording studio despite having just released an album five months prior. She recruited a couple of talented singer-songwriter-producer friends, including Victoria Monét, Tayla Parx and Tommy Brown, and hid away in the studio for several months to channel the angst of singledom into another album. All they needed was an endless supply of champagne, a pen, paper and Ariana's wide-ranging vocal talents to transform her many emotions (what's a fancy word for 'relationships are exhausting and I'm super over men right now?') into song. It produced her first-ever No. 1s with the album title track and "7 Rings," which currently sits at the top of the Hot 100 for a third week and holds the record on Spotify for most streams in a single day by any artist ever. Ariana Grande's self-empowering new album, Thank U, Next, was made for the lonely hearts on Valentine's Day. I imagine this year Ariana is somewhere low-key hating the Hallmark holiday. Nearly every new track details a shade of fury, sadness or resentment, a huge contrast from Sweetener. She actually had something to say this time around besides "did you miss me?," and she did it with a candy-coated uppercut. Her opponent? The tiresome highs and lows of being with someone (cliff notes: the only person to fall in love with today is yourself). If you're in a healthy, happy relationship, Thank U, Next has bops, and if you're not... they're anthems. Read the full review on the main page! It'd mean a lot https://www.breatheheavy.com/ariana-grande-thank-u-next-review/
  22. reecejwilson

    other Nelly Furtado.

    Anyone wish she was appreciated a lil more? Her most recent work, 'The Ride', released in 2017 was a musical masterpiece. She, along with so many others are so so so underrated. I would love a new 'era' or body of work from her, I'd love to see her live in concert, she's incredible. Check these out: There were some REALLY standout songs from her previous albums too. What happened to her? Nelly where u at, ur magical.