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Found 20 results

  1. I had an idea that we should post Britney's photos through the years every day. What do you think? I'll start. September 7 2000 2004 2006 2007 2008 201 2015 2016
  2. We all know she was huge during the ‘Stripped’ era. ‘Back To Basics’ also did quite well. Was she still big and talked about between 2006 and 2007?
  3. So, I recently became a Mariah Carey stan. I had listened to some of her songs but never really took a chance on her. I became a stan like a year ago and have listened to almost all of her albums. RAINBOW is definitely among my favorites but I've seen rankings that place it almost at the bottom. Do you guys think it's underrated or is it one of her worst?
  4. It's her birthday, they were singing Sometimes and it was playing at the place she was at. It's in her instagram story. : ) Instagram.com/gigihadid
  5. MissSpearsSaysSo

    other Do you think she ever wonders...

    Do you ever think that she wonders why people are stil so interested in her/her career? No shade or anything, but I was thinking about what she may think about her own career and how it’s changed in throughout the years. What might she think about how she’s so loved and perceived by everyone? i hope that still enjoys it but I personally think that she totally over it completely and just wants out. I’m sure that she appreciates all of the love and support but it’s so strange to be a fan these days. I hope all of the best for her, nonetheless.
  6. On JTs Interview for GQ magazine in 2006, there is a part where it says Johnny was fired by Britney during Justney breakup: (He used to rep Britney, too, but says she dumped him during the breakup.) In 2007 he mentioned she fired him in february 2003: Wright Entertainment Group (WEG) managed Spears until February 2003, but were supposed to keep receiving commissions until February 2008 for deals they negotiated on Britney’s behalf. Now WEG claims, that Spears stopped paying in December 2006. At the time he said: Wright says that he tried to help Spears as her behavior became increasingly erratic. “I’ve reached out to the people around her, because I want to sit down with her and help in any way that I can,” he says. “But I don’t know if my messages don’t get to her, or if she just doesn’t want to deal with me.” In early 2009 he criticized Britneys family for pushing her too soon for a comeback: And in no uncertain terms he called out the Spears family for their pimp play, for pushing her so relentlessly, for putting Britney the Corporation ahead of Britney the Person. Wright told OK! Magazine: "A comeback is not what I wish for Britney. What I wish for her is to settle down and find real happiness. All her essential relationships have been torn apart. She's been divorced twice, she doesn't have custody of her kids, she's being pushed back into being a money machine. I want her to be happy in her heart, then go back to the business because she wants to, not because people are convincing her she has to, or that it would be good therapy for her. It's too soon for her to be a part of a manufactured machine that is pushing her to have to be a success. It was very telling when I found out Wade and Andre were no longer with the tour. They helped create the best tours we ever had with Britney. Wade is a really good influence and understands her. When I heard he was no longer involved, I knew there was a problem, and it is probably just the beginning of more problems to come. Britney has to rival Madonna out there, but Madonna really wants to do it. Seeing Britney do it by the numbers isn't a good sign. It means she might not want it as much as those around her do. In the beginning, in her mind, she could stop at any time. Now she's thinking, 'I've got 170 people on payroll, my dad quit his job, my mom relies totally on me and I can't take a break. I can't go back to my friends in Kentwood. I can't step back... that's tough for an adult, never mind a kid... When a parent becomes an employee of a child, they worry about getting fired, so they stop being parents in order not to get laid off. Her career can wait. Now it should be about spending time with her kids. That's where she'll bring herself back to herself. But she's gearing up for much more time away from them while on the road. Even if she's gone for a month, the growth of those boys during that period is significant. She won't see that and will really miss that. Those are moments she's not going to get back." Nsync fired/sued their first manager Lou Pearlman and then began working with Johnny who was already working with Britney at the time. Nsync broke up and he continued to manage JTs career. As far as we know they never had problems and have a good relationship until this day, almost 20 years later after he began working for JT. It makes me wonder what would have happened if Johnny was still working with Britney till this day, but she probably was so over JT and didnt want to have anything in common/to do with him anymore. She probably fired Johnny right after their last breakup as we know she went to his bday in early 2003 and Fred Durst said at the same time she ditched him to meet JT. Anyway I wonder not only how her career would be, but herself. Maybe with someone who understands more how child stars can easily break and how a person needs time after a stressfull time, not a comeback, her life would be in a better place rn (without cship and her shady ass team). Britney fired Larry but JT never fired Johnny. JT seems to have a normal life and does his things as he pleases and when he wants. He takes years to release a new album and keeps his private life pretty much private. I feel like Johnny respects his space and doesnt push him.
  7. MissSpearsSaysSo

    other When Britney Retires...

    Cuz we all know it’s gonna happen eventually. When that time comes, will you all still post on Exhale, what will become of this Super Cool & Faded Forum? I suppose I’ll still enjoy some nostalgia here, but what will be the point? I love this weird ass place though...
  8. abbiesbanned.

    other am i the only one expecting

    a retirement announcement sometime in the very near future? i see this happening especially if her team or her do not say anything. i just cannot see new music in the next year or two after all this mess. i'd be sad not to have anymore music, but if it's best for her and her health i'd completely understand. i just really don't know how she and her team are going to come back after all this, they need to address it but i don't see them formally addressing anything.
  9. guys just a question What if she has a way to get out of the c-ship... and what will happen if she still wants to have a career, she will have to hire new management but what about her family? she probably hates her dad but he still family so she will stop talking to them? I think this is so weird for her like to be in her shoes to do all those things. I don't even think she wants to be free anymore at this point, she got comfortable with it during those last years so she will probably adapt herself again to that.
  10. ILikeChillinWithYou

    other Britney Pet Peeves

    What is your biggest pet peeves related to Britney? I have two main ones When people spell her name as 'Brittany Spears' I just can't bear to read it, i felt even bad typing it. Most common among Instagram and YouTube comments. When people refer to ...Baby One More Time as 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' And sometimes, it just kills me when both comes together: "My favourite Brittany song has to be Hit Me Baby One More Time" Seriously it haunts me every damn time
  11. https://imgur.com/cfpuOlR There is a page with a heel and a bag...was she online shopping? What's happening?I don't know what to believe anymore
  12. I talk about 2010....I know internet wasn't so powerful back then but that was the year that she needed so much help...so many monsters around her...now unfortunately I think it's too late..The conservatorship should had ended after circus tour..that was the plan...but no.britney was a money machine...if britney was free in 2010 everything would have been different...but hollywood is not a peaceful place..I'm sad...
  13. The Greatest Show

    other XPerience / Xtour Update Thread

    Cause I dont like making new threads every time she posts something. Official Tour and Residency Dates: Hints at tour visuals on Instagram (March 26) Getting new Dancers Looking at the Stage
  14. Hey guys ,have you already seen new musim film "Guava Island" starring Childish Gambino and Rihanna. I think, it's pretty cool. The story is sad and beautiful and also very educated. Gambino music fits very well into it. The only shame is Riri is not singing. Otherwise they both played their role amazingly. Not even one minute of film is wasted. Whats your opinion? :-))
  15. Stop being so nice to people... Stop brushing it off! Get angry, yell, speak out! Don’t be afraid girl. You’ve been walked all over your whole life/career. It’s only because of how genuine your love is. You blame yourself for all the issues and, don’t place any blame on those around you. Just like in for the record talking about all the nasty sh!t that goes down. Feeling too controlled, feeling like a prisoner, being analyzed, how bad it is and, how sad you are. Then going and blaming yourself. Saying “well I just have good days and bad days...” “I just have to be a positive person and, not complain...” “Other people have it worse” etc etc... Like girl you needa start screaming and shouting for real. I know she gets threatened with having things taken away (specifically her children) but it has gotten to a ridiculous point. You have to open your mouth and call people out publicly. Stop trying to protect the interests of those around you and look out for your own. You have the power. Bitch you are the star! You have a name and a voice. Of course you’ll always be kind but, pick and choose who tf you spend your kindness on. Like for real wtf! It’s just you’re such a light in this world. People come around like dark clouds and literally suck the life out of you. It’s not fair! Be nice to yourself this time Brit. Enough is enough. You have to see it’s just not normal to put someone back to work (to the extent of work it was/is) directly after a mental break. Smh like I always thought something was fishy but, didn’t wanna jump to conclusions. Even though no info is truly confirmed or denied... it just makes sense. It bothers me more and more especially since there is no official info.
  16. @britneys.glory

    other On May 23rd 2019.

    On this day it will be 1000 days since we last heard new music. I really hope she'll return at the end of the year and make the music she always wanted to do, and if she's healthy enough to go on tour and finally retire. I hate to see her in this conservatorship and the only thing that's making it last is her music career, she really deserves her freedom and happiness with the man of her dreams and her two boys. I hope that her 10th studio album will be her last tbh. Even though I'd love 50 more but I can see she's not happy anymore, I'll always support her and what ever she does.
  17. Elias Garcia

    other The Official Madonna Thread

    https://guardianlv.com/2019/04/madonnas-new-single-medellin-bombs-on-spotify-and-itunes-beyonce-rules/ I adore this woman! My favorite artist of all time. She is even having success by failing. I wonder where her career is going to...……. E.
  18. Teen Choice Awards 2003 https://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?album=5453&pid=239947#top_display_media