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Found 19 results

  1. Hahaha god bless the Queen
  2. I'm selling ^_^ https://youtu.be/sISMB_o_Ox0
  3. The “Man of the Woods” is now a man of the written word. That’s right — singer/songwriter/dancer/actor/producer Justin Timberlake is now a published author. Timberlake revealed the cover for Hindsight & All the Things I Can’t See In Front of Me, his first written book with scribe Sandra Bark, on social media Friday. “Guys, I have some news!” he wrote. “I’ve been working on this for a while now and I am happy to finally give you a first look at my first book, #Hindsight. I’m looking forward to sharing these pictures and stories with you. It’s coming out October 30th!” View image on Twitter Twitter Ads info and privacy According to publisher HarperCollins, Hindsight includes a “collection of anecdotes, reflections, and observations on his life and work,” as well as “hundreds of candid images from his personal archives that range from his early years to the present day, in locations around the world, both on and off the stage.” Bark has previously worked with Cameron Diaz to write the actress’ The Body Book and The Longevity Book. “Justin discusses many aspects of his childhood, including his very early love of music and the inspiration behind many of his hit songs and albums,” the official Hindsight description reads. “He talks about his songwriting process, offering the back story to many of his hits. He muses on his collaborations with other artists and directors, sharing the details of many performances in concert, TV comedy, and film. He also reflects on who he is, examining what makes him tick, speaking candidly about fatherhood, family, close relationships, struggles, and his search to find an inner calm and strength.” Timberlake also happens to be developing a new game show for Fox called Spin the Wheel, which will offer one of the largest prizes in game show history: players will be able to win up to $20 million per episode. Earlier this year, he also dropped a surprise new song in July called “SoulMate” while on his Man of the Woods tour. Hindsight can now be pre-ordered here.

    other Is Beyonce pregnant?

    I know she's curvy but she's big now. Like really big. I thought it was Lil Kim
  5. I live in the UK and noticed on Spotify that both Oops and In the Zone are missing the bonus tracks (Girl in the Mirror/You Got It All/Heart/The Answer/Don't Hang Up) and Circus is also missing Amnesia, even though all of these tracks were released on the UK editions of the albums - does anyone know why this is? In the Zone is the same on iTunes (UK) too even though you used to be able to buy the album with The Answer/Don't Hang Up on it years ago (I downloaded it on iTunes years ago and it has both of those tracks on it). All of her other albums have all of the bonus tracks released in the UK available on them. Also on a side note, Baby One More Time uses the US edition album cover rather than the international album cover and that's really annoying... EDIT: I just found the Chaotic EP on Spotify!!! Which is great because I don't think it's actually available on iTunes. BUT IT'S MISSING OVER TO YOU NOW. Also a UK bonus track....
  6. I'm pretty sure it's Sophia
  7. Britney gave an interview to Vogue UK and when asked about Prerogative, she said "I haven’t put out a fragrance in a very, very long time". but she released Sunset Fantasy in january VIP Private Show and Fantasy in Bloom in 2017 Maui Fantasy and Private Show in 2016 https://www.vogue.co.uk/article/britney-spears-beauty-interview so what did she mean by that?
  8. So we've seen the videos or we've seen it live.. she looks out of it, tired , sad .. whatever it is. It does look like it would be best if she retired but: Her boys aren't little kids anymore. They're teenagers so they're getting more and more independent , going to college or wherever they want in a couple of years. If Britneys relationships continue the way they did until now she'll be single , taken, single ,taken etc. But nothing consistent. Unless she gets pregnant by another loser (she does have a bad taste with men) she'll have a baby to take care of.. but she's not the youngest anymore so who knows. Which means... In 6-7 years max. She's gonna be sitting in her huge mansion all by herself (and her dogs) , no job, noone to take care of and no decent guy. I doubt she'd be happy with that situation? I guess it's inevitable but I donno it worries me a bit.
  9. http://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=563580
  10. Q2 is exclusively airing the "I am Britney Jean" docu following her concert on August 15th 00u10. My recorder is set to tape it https://m.facebook.com/events/908929779283489?view=permalink&id=1045652818944517
  11. http://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=563480 Maybe someone from US can scan the magazine? Such a flawless article ❤️
  12. Has Britney ever done any concerts in Russia or in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) over her career? Just curious. I know lots of artists do play there, whilst others seem to completely leave out Eastern Europe from all their tours. Or they may sometimes play Czech Republic or Hungary but don't venture any further East. Does Britney have many fans in Eastern Europe and do they usually travel to Western Europe to see her, if she doesn't play in their area, or don't they bother?
  13. This is a WAR on freedom of thought and speech! If you don't know who he is, his show INFOWARS that exposes the Illuminati is BANNED from all social media platforms! WTF