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Found 34 results

  1. https://www.forever21.com/us/shop/catalog/product/f21/top_blouses/2000329134 https://www.forever21.com/us/shop/catalog/product/21men/mens-main/2000328653
  2. Wooo! Another day another time Nicki Trash-Minaj is showing off quite shamelessly how much of a HYPOCRITE and a rotten human being she is So apparently her new boyfriend is Keneth "Zoo" Petty and guess what!!! He IS a CONVICTED murderer and a registered SEX OFFENDER. Like.... isn't she scared at ALL about her own safety? She dates an attempted rapist and a convicted murderer Her rumored beau was convicted of attempted rape involving a 16-year-old girl in 1995. He is a level two registered sex offender in the state of New York, which means there is a moderate risk he will repeat the offense and must be registered as a sex offender for life. Kenneth has been arrested multiple times over the years, as there are nearly a dozen arrests available to the public. According to records, Petty used a 'knife/cutting instrument' during the attempted assault. He was sentenced to 18 to 54 months in state prison, but the records did not contain any information about how much time he served. Kenneth's trouble with the law returned once again in 2006, when he was convicted of manslaughter for killing a man named Lamont Robinson. According to documents obtained by The Blast, Petty shot Robinson 'with a loaded handgun multiple times, thereby causing his death.' He served seven years in jail, released in 2013. Now that's some pretty colorful history right here!! In case anyones wondering how Nicki is introducing him exactly to her friends (if she has any sane ones) and/or family members, she's probably like: "Hey guys! This is Keneth "Zoo" my new boyfriend and an attempted rapist and convicted killer. Hope you guys like him!" Want to know the funny part? It's NOT the first time they are dating, they dated when nicki was like 16 years old ahhhh! an old flame it seems sparking in all the wrong directions kill it with fire.gif someone pls RECAP! - Nicki Trashcan-Minaj bailing out and defending her PEDOPHILE BROTHER. - Nicki Trashcan-Minaj DEFENDING 6ix9ine a SEX OFFENDER. - Nicki Trashcan-Minaj dating for the SECOND TIME a convicted murderer and attempted rapist. - *reserved slot for future f**k up right here!* - *reserved slot for future f**k up right here!* I guess we are going to add more to that list in the near future If anyone's interested to read moreeeee you guys click here! --> Trashcan-Minaj dating kenneth "Zoo"-story blah How come and Jordan DIDN'T write a mainpage about it? He is always running to write about Kanye instead Where is the hypocritical celebrities cows that ALL TRIED TO SLAM KANYE ON SOCIAL MEDIA BTW FOR SIMPLY HAVING HIS POLITICAL VIEWS THAT DIDN'T HARM ANYONE, BUT NONE OF THEM SPAT A SINGLE "PEEP" FOR NICKI DATING A MURDERER AND ATTEMPTED RAPIST??? oh wait. They are all huddled in their sh!t-ridden nest *looking at Lana Del Hypocrite* Thoughts???? Let me know on well... breatheheavy like Jordan says You too jordan! What are your thoughtsssssssssssssss! @breatheheavy
  3. I’ve never thought of Amnesia as single material, but thinking it over again I could invision it as a moderate hit maybe on the radio (back in 2009 ofc). But I also love Radar and the iconic Radar horse. Also what would be a good idea for the music video? Soooo Exhale, would Amnesia as a single top or flop? Discuss as we wait for Domination to start.
  4. naturalplayboy

    other 2016 was a serve

    Ughh we took her for granted. looks and music - everything was there for something great. We just needed promo to focus on the music and not Vegas We also needed controversy or something out of the box for press. She was perfect but it was all safe.
  5. I had an idea that we should post Britney's photos through the years every day. What do you think? I'll start. September 7 2000 2004 2006 2007 2008 201 2015 2016
  6. ethanwood

    other It’s Britney hoodie

    Help! I lost my most precious article of clothing I.e. the urban outfitters “it’s britney hoodie” and looking to buy another used/new. HELP ME!
  7. So this is an unpopular opinion probably, but I want to FIGHT So feel free to answer if you don't agree For people like me, who are entertained by the dancing more than by the singing, today popstars are soooo boring. I got bored even during Gaga's Superbowl. Like, very, VERY bored. I would like to see somebody performing like Brinny used to do. Like f**king this: But with this thing that playback and autotune nowadays are seen as crimes against humanity we'll not have that anymore, it's simply impossible. This idea was really what killed artists like Brentay (I'm not talking about her, who already does 100% playback and has lost her dancing skills for other reasons; I'm talking about possible emerging artists). And we need to thank artists like Gaga, who have advertised playback as an insult to fans. IT IS NOT, if you dance like Brynna used to do. Of course it was in Gaga's interest to make that kind of propaganda; she is a decent singer and dancer, but NOT exceptional. Brennay and Michael were exceptional "pop" dancers. Mariah and Whitney were exceptional "pop" singers. Artists like Gaga can't really compare. And to people like me, who only like to see somebody dancing great, they are boring af. It's so so sad that people now have this opinion of playback being just wrong. It is exactly the reason why the best we can have today dancing-wise is some average artist like Tinasha... But I want more prime Briannaes There ARE people that can dance like she used to, but they can't sing live at the same time. We invented autotune and playback for a reason and we are forgetting why
  8. Hi all, can anyone help me find a picture of britney please. Its from the bomt era, she's wearing a pulple top & looking over her shoulder as though she's walking away ❤️
  9. Let's play another game! You just rename Britney songs! For example, if I say "Make Me" the next person renames it, saying something like "Sensational". And then that person writes the song the next one has to rename! For example: User 1: Toxic User 2: Toxic - Intoxicate me Ooh La La User 3: Ooh La La - Don't Be Shy My Prerogative Hope you get it I'll start: Quicksand
  10. ClaudiaDC

    other Prerogative available

    Sorry guys for this maybe stupid question.. but is “Prerogative” perfume available?? I want it badly
  11. Hey guys! Just wanted to encourage u to stream this X-Mas Classic! It's doing pretty good WW too! (at least compared to her other songs charting) Have fun listening and Happy Holidays!
  12. The Britney Funko toy that we knew was coming, will be out tomorrow...along with a t-shirt ^0^ Fast Link:
  13. Hi Guys, I recently find myself realising that every guy I've slept with I am not friends with, like at all. I don't know if it's me, them, combination of both. But I only have this on my mind to want to ask on here because a guy I slept with like 2 years ago has recently deleted me from everything and I realised that was the only person I had on any of my social media (I hadn't spoken to him in like a year, he ironically started dating a girl with my same name after me so...) anyway, all the guys I slept with after him, I just wanted to be casual, have fun, seeing as everyone else said it was fun and less stress but it hasn't been. There's always some big dramatic scene and people want to just cut out no one even works on it. Despite how everyone seems to preach 'you can be friends with who you sleep with' why is it that doesn't seem the case here? It's making me a bit paranoid. I'd rather not any like hate to it - I don't think I'm a perfect person but I wonder - does anyone really get on with someone they've slept with? Is it okay or even better that we have nothing to do with each other?
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdzLl-XpJt0 i'm joking about the title ofc it's early she's still relevant y'know but srsly.. Simple, fierce and dark with tons of choreo. k-pop production tho they sh!t on western production #JusticeforMakeMe
  15. She collabbed with Iggy Azalea, for example, after Iggy Azalea career was completely over. Does Britney only like to collab with "over" artists so she can remain lowkey?
  16. https://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=571154
  17. pablitonizer

    other Britney-Funko OUT

    It's really beautiful the best commercial move from her team I've seen in years tbh
  18. Lets pretend we are of those super sensitive, narrow minded, scary religious watchdog groups with a talent for seeing sin and evil everywhere, and we are reviewing Britney. The goal is too completely misinterpret the iconic visuals she has served us with. Ill start... Brothers and Sisters today we are talking about Britanny Spears. The lord gave me a vision of all the ways this woman has corrupted our young people. From the very beginning, she was out to deceive and mislead... In her first song, Baby One More Time, the lyrics could not be any clearer as she begs for abuse and her revealing choice of attire combined with those pig tails which, i assure you represents devil horns, make it clear this is a song about disturbed high school girl, asking her teacher to perform lewd acts of corporal punishment upon her. Statistics show that teen pregnancy has tripled since this song was unleashed on an unsuspecting public. In Oops i Did it again, a young man travels to hell (Notice the fire and brimstone!) and finds the devil is a woman!! Clothed in the blood of the innocents as she coyly admits that oops, she has once again led us into temptation. And if you think those were bad, it gets worse. in Me Against The Music, she endores the Sin of all Sins, the Homosexual Lifestyle! She calls out asking us to "grab a partner take it down". partner here is the term for those in same-relationships. And by "take it down" , she means oral sex. This disgusting video concludes with a kiss between her and Madonna, a self confessed Satanic Priestess. There is truly no saving this jezzabell. The Bible says to "seek first the kingdom of God and all things will be added unto thee" it does not say "Work, Bitch". This is a lie from the pit of hell. She once again goes against biblical principles and promotes work, even on the sabbath. Brothers and sisters she must be stopped. I urge you to be offended and demand that she be banned from existing.
  19. ClaudiaDC

    other Britney & Justin T

    I was watching some old Britney’s interview and I have just noticed that in this interview (2001) she said her fav names for future babies are Preston and Brennan.... In this interview she was dating with Justin, the funny thing is that Justin dog’s name is Brennan 😅😅 Is just a case? 😂
  20. warioaddams

    other New Fantasy perfume (+ new promo pic)

    So we have yet again another fantasy versión but no men cologne, because let's face it, prerogative wasn't unisex at all, they just did it to create hype for the perfume. When are we getting our Britney cologne, even París Hilton has one and is very succesful.
  21. Miss_R

    other Anxiety, panic attacks

    How do you handle it? How did you get rid of it? I have panic attacks usually in shops. Not all the time. And I can’t go for a walk too far from my home or car. It seems like my “safe zone” would be too far from me. And I really, really want to get rid of it. I didn’t had them for almost a year and now they are back.