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Found 28 results

  1. I mean, the song is not bad and I actually like the music video, is waaaay better than Make Me official one. Well, let's fight: I think is even better than Slumber Party music video. I'm ready for your hate.
  2. I like it, really. But it makes me wonder... @remixedbynick, do you have the stems? OMG, you lucky bastard. I love you and hate at the same time.
  3. Drift away into a mystical world of love carefully crafted by the princess of pop. Though Britney's Blackout album is her worst-performing record sales-wise to-date, it's undeniably her best, most cohesive body of work. There's a treasure trove of unreleased tracks Queen B recorded post-Original Doll for Blackout, and in BreatheHeavy's new series, "B-Sides," we're going to take a closer look at some of these shimmering gems left in the studio mines. You can read the full story on the main page! Would love your thoughts on this. Do you agree? Is there a better song choice? What're your thoughts? https://www.breatheheavy.com/britney-spears-state-of-grace-bsides/
  4. To celebrate Lucky being Britney's 19th video to achieve 100M on youtube, I've checked her other videos views, and it's impressive to see that she has six videos over 80M, I just hope that in like 2 years, those six videos (Overprotected, if U seek Amy, Not A Girl, Criminal (that is really close to hit 100M), Stronger and Slumber Party) will achieve this milestone! And not to mention her future singles, that I hope will be successful ! We stan a real legend with real hits ladies, I am so proud of our Britney!
  5. matihandz

    music Vocalney

    I so miss new vocals!! I want a new song!!! Maybe she took some vocal classes to "wow" us in her new album! please. OMG -> https://ufile.io/gn4c8 https://vocaroo.com/i/s1eRvakqX9jK
  6. Infinity101

    music Britney Extened Remixes

    Hey Y'all!, Thought I would make a more updated post of my extended remixes, I post on YT check em out if you like https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEGRCFtSluVgmmr94tmvOWg Alien Mood Ring Slumber Party Slave 4 U Baby One More Time Mona Lisa Lace And Leather He About To Lose Me Blur Crazy 3 Work Bitch If U Seek Amy Womanizer Freakshow Big Fat Bass Up N' Down Till The World Ends I Wanna Go Hold It Against Me Toy Soldier State of Grace Hot As Ice Get Naked (I Got a Plan) Rebellion Radar Gimme More Break The Ice Me Against The Music Piece Of Me GLORY MIXES - Google Drive Mood Ring https://drive.google.com/file/d/135aB0i5SRSzvcVmo8itRpIeIeVsWeUFb/view Do You Wanna Come Over https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_nNyUOU_QUf4VCIopfZsqAargzCl7A77/view If I'm Dancing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QdifWMKlvJLiAQeYWzfBQglcB66mxYbi/view Just Luv Me https://drive.google.com/file/d/1606VQcGtuCCwQl5QF8tf9ruI3IVIMXYK/view Love Me Down https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vR-Cy8sAO0A2N_kIbTHsmujter805fFK/view Slumber Party https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yrvk3fJjdH8rPiVHos2jI6h-oNnYAO_c/view If you like them subscribe to my YT channel
  7. sue the expectional earner

    music my prerogative (bed version)

    how sexy this video is, 0 budget and worth millions of watching
  8. just luv me ima keep it simple just luv me
  9. Definition: Why would she choose such a Dark and immoral theme for her album? Or maybe it was chosen for her or against her will? How is that choice of theme reflected in the album's material, and what is it supposed to tell us about the message of the album and the singer's image? What is the hidden purpose behind all of this? Just so odd
  10. This is def Avril's worst album and it seems so rushed... this album was supposed to be so deep... Very disappointing. 1. Head Above Water - a song that has been a hit on Christian radio (? she uses God's name in vain on the album...) seemed to show a meaningful album was coming but seems to reach deeper than almost all other album tracks 2. Birdie - a song about dating an asshole... really weird vocals on this album. Is Melissa avril's Myah Marie? 3. I Fell In Love With The Devil - sounds just like Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" except vapid - another song about dating an asshole 4. Tell Me Over - makes my hair stand on end... not sure what it is about Avril's upper register but I just cringe. 5. Dumb Blonde - listened once, won't listen again 6. It Was In Me - a good song! Actually on par with the first single and the only other listenable track so far - very early Avril meet's current Taylor Swift 7. Souvenir - A song about a Summer crush - cute pop track 8. Crush - It's sort of cute, still not feeling the breathy vocals on this track and it's very vapid 9. Goddess - very much like Crush and cheesy lyrics, sounds like a 16 year old wrote it in 10 minutes 10. Bigger Wow - I feel like she was going for a "Call Me Maybe" type of song, I kinda like it but it's still just okay 11. Love Me Insane - It's cute, I will skip this one before it gets started just because I don't like the way it starts 12. Warrior - she tried to make another Head Above Water, it's acceptable as an album track Overall - disappointing.
  11. You can preorder the 8 track album on iTunes, amazon, google music!
  12. Has anyone noticed how similar "Girl in the Mirror" (Bonus Track from Oops! Album) is to the Bangles' song "Eternal Flame"? Thoughts?
  13. It's such a shame that her whole discography wasn't released on vinyls, we are craving!!! What is Britney's team doing, unofficial vinyls started to be released in late October 2018, I am fuming! Do you think we will have one day her whole discography on vinyls? Maybe OIDIA for the 20th anniversary?
  14. Avril Lavigne's sixth studio album, Head Above Water, is brimming with sugary sweet mid-tempos about love, loss and lessons learnt, but lacks variety. Would love for you guys to read my review of Avril's new album Do you agree? Have you heard it yet? https://www.breatheheavy.com/avril-lavigne-head-above-water-review/
  15. What if Britney did a Disney Princess Medley? She could sing little mermaid, Aladdin, and beauty and the beast
  16. The slowed down version of “Super Queen” is giving me heavy “I will be there vibes. I thought that’s what they were performing at first and just showed people and they said they hear no difference. Thoughts?
  17. So, "Toxic" is probably one of the, if not THE, best Britney song for most of the GP. But, we, as fans, know more of her songs, so, which one do YOU think is better than Toxic? It doesn't have to be just one. You can name all of the songs you think are better. For me, God, even Liar is better. Stronger is better. Hell, even What It's Like to Be Me is better.
  18. Mine are: BOMT: I'll Never Stop Lovin You OIDIA: Where Are You Now Britney: Cinderella ITZ: The Answer Blackout: Get Back Circus: Amnesia FF: Scary BJ: Til Its Gone Glory: Mood Ring
  19. The song was released on February 18, 2002 by Jive Records. It was written and produced by Max Martin and Rami, with additional writing from Dido. Britney considered the song inspirational and one of her favorite songs to perform. While the song did not perform well in the United States, "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" reached the top ten in Australia, Germany, Ireland, Sweden and United Kingdom. An accompanying music video for the song was filmed at Antelope Canyon, Arizona and directed by Wayne Isham, being released along with Crossroads. It was originally intended to be included on the movie's soundtrack, but after JIVE Records decided not to release a soundtrack, Spears later decided to use it on her third studio album, Britney (2001). The accompanying music video for the track was directed by Wayne Isham, who wanted it to show Spears "out in nature". The video was filmed completely on location, with none of the scenes shot on green screens. She performed the scene without a safety cable. Isham praised Spears' attitude to the filming of the scene, claiming that she "had not a blink of fear" during the shoot, Spears is sitting on top of a cliff, surrounded by cliffs.
  20. It's pretty good no? Thoughts?
  21. So, P!nk just released the lead single off of her upcoming album. What do you think about it? Also, just noticed that Wikipedia says that the new album is actually written as Hurts 2B Human.
  22. Long story short: Hilary was set to release a pop-folk album on October 2014 (with Chasing The Sun and All About You as the firtst 2 singles) but she later decided to follow Brit's steps and scraped the whole album (which had a beautifil shoot). She went to the recording studio again and she later released the amazing album Breathe In. Breathe Out. Now, 10 tracks from the original album have leaked! And they sound great "Wild Night Out" and "If I Fall" were posted here when they leaked but I'll leave them too. And more songs are going to leak soon
  23. Hi, y'all! So I was looking through eBay just a minute ago and found this offer of the Britney album that said it's the digital deluxe edition (basically, the one with 15 tracks), but I want to know if it's an official release. What makes me really suspicious of it this is the fact that it's generally kinda hard to find an edition with "I Run Away" on it and the fact that on the tracklist, a 16th track is listed - it's "Overprotected", so I'm assuming it's the Darkchild remix of the song. So, what do you think about this? Here's the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Britney-Spears-Britney-Digital-Deluxe-Version-CD/273466595990?epid=178749143&hash=item3fabe11a96:g:OhwAAOSwHn9bn6FD