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Found 15 results

  1. Tulisa (a well-known British artist) recently won a legal battle to be credited on Scream & Shout. The song was originally meant to be included on her debut album and it was going to be titled 'I Don't Give A f**k'. The producers didn't like Tulisa's version, hence will.i.am and Britney coming in on the track while the producers discredited Tulisa as a songwriter. Tulisa is now credited and is receiving backdated royalties. This is also why Britney had a British accent on the released track. Tulisa recently performed the original version of the song and it kinda goes off tbh
  2. What direction do u want her to go? I think if she recovers from all this and turns back to music she will do something different this time. The sexy girl 2000s image won't fit anymore and doesn't feel authentic for her as she said. I hope she comes back with something deep & emotional but pop at the same time. Something like this:
  3. Stifler's Mom

    music Trouble - VMA STUDIO [LEAK]

    https://britneyspearsunreleased.tumblr.com/post/184369577743/if-youre-lookin-for-trouble#notes IN HQ I always wished she completely covered up the song in total so much!
  4. It's such a bop and I haven't seen a thread of it (sorry if AP tho)
  5. so this is the love part of love and Fear. I’m really Enjoying this new direction. Her lyrics seem very mature. Her voice is on point, and she emotes really well. This style really suits her. Really Enjoying it so far to be honest. Can’t wait.
  6. stream now bitches surprisingly, she didn't go Tidal exclusive this time. that sh!t's flop
  7. We were looking for her and here she goes https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwk54uSlIepQOHamucjzEj7pxKnNwkzQlEuIMo0/
  8. My mom was super into Madonna, particularly in the 80s and early 90s because I guess that was the demographic Madonna was catering towards at the time. I fully understand that despite her recent labelling of being 'tacky', or whatever, that her impact on the music industry remains. She is undoubtly the Queen of Pop (although I don't listen to much of her music and prefer Janet's music). I know that Britney's music is more recent and contemporary than Madonna's, they're two different times... but I think Britney's music will age better than Madonna's. Perhaps I have a bias, and maybe it's because I'm a millennial... but I think the production on records like ITZ, BO, Circus, and self titled (despite the occasional cheese/crossroads filler) might stand the test of time in terms of pop music. I feel like a lot of early Madge tracks, while obviously important to pop music, will be remembered (and arguably at a greater scale than Britney's)... but Idk. In terms of production, Britney might actually have better music Can one compare, or is it unfair? thoughts?
  9. itz Britney bitch

    music Brave New Girl bop or flop?

    Brave New Girl bop or flop? I think its a bop
  10. naturalplayboy

    music The Official Madonna Thread

    Found this video on twitter. Lol it’s cute.
  11. Hey everyone, since we're all obviously fans of Britney on here, I was just curious to know when and how long have you been a fan of hers? For me, I've been a fan since I was 6 back in 2000. I was on the Greyhound bus with my family on a trip to visit my dad's side of the family in Mexico, and while we were on there, for some reason the bus decided to play the Mcdonalds VHS tape that came out that year of Britney and NSYNC. And then the Oops video came on, and I was just SO mesmerized by her beauty, her dance moves and the visuals of the video, that I asked my mom "who's that?" and ever since then I've been a MAJOR stan! Literally almost all my life, I've loved her and STILL love her as much as I did when I was 6! Now im wondering if alot of you have been fans since the beginning or are some of you new fans?
  12. I KNOW it can be a huge reach but I used an app to reverse audio and there are a lot of words and phrases. Here is an example of a lead single AFTER the CShip: But the question is... Why? Britney's music is a product that is very controlled and there is no space for mistakes, even MM in Britney Jean was a controlled thing.
  13. So, I was just checking Wikipedia today looking for some news about upcoming releases. I went Dedicated's page and there was something! Apparently, the album's fourth single, titled "Julien" is dropping tomorrow! (I have no idea how to post screenshots here, so you'd have to go to the page to see it.) Here's one of her Tweets teasing the song: Wikipedia has also been updated with the album's tracklist, which goes as follows: "Julien" "No Drug Like Me" "Now That I Found You" "Want You In My Room" "Everything He Needs" "Happy Not Knowing" "I'll Be Your Girl" "Too Much" "The Sound" "Automatically In Love" "Feels Right" (features Electric Guest) "Right Words Right Time" "Real Love" "For Sure" "Party For One" I'm already really excited for this... What do you guys think?
  14. Don'tTellMeToShutMyEyes

    music Which album had the best singles?

    Forget about how the album sounds as a whole (specifically In The Zone and Blackout). Which has the best singles? I've included My Prerogative for that song and Do Somethin', not every single one of her singles. I was listening to the 4 Oops singles just now and they're all so good. I love the Britney singles, specifically I'm Not A Girl and Overprotected and I love all the ITZ singles although MATM isn't amazing. I would say Toxic is probably her best single but I think Britney had the best singles as a whole (including the Boys remix). We all love Overprotected and rightly so, Slave is sexy and different, INAGNYAW is a beautiful ballad, the Boys remix like Slave is very sexy and creates a mood and ILRNR is just fun to sing along to. I don't know if we're counting Anticipating. It isn't great but it doesn't ruin the legacy of the other 5. I love the ITZ singles but MATM and Outrageous (good as they are) just can't compete with the likes of Slave and Overprotected. Thoughts?