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Found 24 results

  1. https://twitter.com/JosephAShepherd/status/1053425079198003200?s=09VOLCANIC 😁
  2. Arcticlover

    music Who remembers this song ?

    So I just remembered this song today I gotta say I had completely forgotten about it and I remember loving it when it came out. Does any one remember it ? I think its really underrated.
  3. BabyGirl | AALIYAH

    music When Your Eyes Say It MV

    Okay guys, I was wondering about the "When Your Eyes Say It" Music Video that was going around. So here's the thing: We know that there was a video shot by Jonathan Dayton and Valeria Faris for "When Your Eyes Say It", but I was wondering: Could that not be referring to this video? Seeing as this is the only song they showed her "recording in the studio" and that they should maybe have had copyright for the video footage. So like similarly that a "song" called "It's Britney Spears Baby" was also registered to ASCAP or BMI, while in fact that is referring to the 1999 "...Baby One More Time" VMAs beat that she also used on tour for her performances of "(You Drive Me) Crazy" or that she has "Now and Then" registered on ASCAP as well. Just curious if anyone would know anything about this.
  4. Do you think Domination was Preston's or Jayden's idea? And do y'all think it's the title of her upcoming album?
  5. For not speaking at the Dominance event. She's saving her voice for the Grand Prix. Bitch got some vocals to serve
  6. There is no way she is doing POM all over again, it wouldn't make sense doing it after announcing a new residency. I feel this time her team is doing the right things. The production yesterday was top notch and the visual extravaganza was just iconic. Im ready for GrandPrixney, it will be a great rehearsal for the superbowl.
  7. This video always cracks me up. 'Sometimes' is a bop though. That messy POMney look though!
  8. B-Army archetypes: Exhale edition. *what are the different types of Britney fans? *what are the different types of forum members that make up the core group of Exhalers? For example, there’s the online Gamer stan. Or there’s the Beyonce loving fan. Or there’s the mysterious “bot-like” poster who is rumored to be an insider in B-Team. Etc. *I guess if there were to be a “Field Guide to Internet B-Army archetypes,” what would they be? Maybe something like this: maybe one example could be, “The Chart Historian. Fascinated with song statistics and chart data. Often posts threads about charts from around the world. Etc.”
  9. Ok this will sound too good to be true.... Maybe the next album is actually called Domination and she might release it on January 12,2019 when is the 20th anniversary of BOMT! Also that's 1 month before the beginning of the new residency so they might think that's the right time for promotion And she might announce it at the Grand Prix Feel free to express your opinion
  10. What you guys think of this new 40 song Britney Megamix celebrating her 20th anniversary? (3 min mash-up) https://youtu.be/Jpn33bqby1A
  11. Guys, after yesterday I'm pretty sure she doesn't look back at all... I mean... there is NO WAY she would have done this announcement the way she did, if she had any clue how disappointed the reactions are. And that makes me worry... she might be in that kind of bubble where she is so shielded from everything surrounding her and people keep on saying "yes" and "okay" to her that she doesnt even notice what's missing. She is so off... I watched her documentary again "I am Britney Jean" and how she talks about being a perfectionist. And she sounds like she means it, but what she delivers is not anywhere near her own expectations... so does she know that she doesnt deliver the way we think and even she thinks she can? In the documentary she also talks about how awkward she gets in staged settings where people watch her and she has to interact, so it's not like she isn't self-conscious about that. But if she knows she is that way, why the hell doesnt she prepare herself well enough for a moment like this? She knew for a longer time this announcement is going to happen? What is her vision, what's her craft in this? She also said in IABJ documentary that she knows her fans want a more personal relationship to her... but she doesn't contribute to that? So weird.... I mean... her apperance didn't need to be longer. Imagine her just belting out the Refrain of "Stronger" acapella and shouting: "Vegas, I'll be back. DOMINATION starts in February. Thanks for coming out!" and leaving... that would have been fine. But why the hell she contributes to the awkwardness knowing how she handles those situations? Don't get it... she remains a mistery!
  12. I really expected “Britney: One More Time” for some reason which would fit in every way. Didn’t expect this! So what do you think and hope? What’s your opinion on her doing another vegas concert thing? (I am Dutch, I can’t spell “residency” and I am tired.)
  13. So her or her team cannot even come up with a song to correlate this big “announcement “ of a new Las Vegas Residency? Such a waste Britney. How unexciting. Somewhere in the back of my mind I would actually think something positive would come from this. Silly me.
  14. Any chance she might release a new song tonight considering it’s a Thursday and that’s typically when new songs come out and also to coincide with the residency announcement? A girl can dream i guess...
  15. Toxic.Latin

    music Britney Teases New Vegas Residency!

  16. cryinglightning

    music Slayyyter

    my friend just sent me this song and holy sh!t, slayyyter sounds JUST like britney. like, even down to the way she pronounces words. what are you guys' thoughts on this? i think it's a bop but it's so similar to 2007ney it feels cheap and exploitive. yikes https://youtu.be/QS7lIbrh64E (also i haven't used this acct in forever so if i posted to a wrong board pls lmk)
  17. Cigarettes&Cologne

    music Do you still listen to Mood Ring?

    remember when it was the best song off of glory? and the lead single that could have been a super smash and captured the attention of the gp again? i haven't listened to it since 2016 but i stand by it being a missed opportunity
  18. I saw this on another forum. Screaming at Britney dragging the fake feat. with her flop sister and myah marie. “so funny because we couldn’t tell whose voice was whose after the recordings were finished” Is this True? I need the receipts. Also this comment: Chillin' is automatically the worst simply for the audacity to have a ghost singer duet with your sister.
  19. LoveIsAStateOfGrace

    music Neemz cardio mixes

    Does anybody know where to get dl links to Neemz cardio mixes? His SoundCloud account only has one or two and I remember he used to release them pretty regularly. There's one in particular that sampled the "Yeah run, run bitch" from the video where she calls the paparazzo a fat f**k, and it was FIRE but I can't find it anywhere
  20. stateofgracebritney

    music Blackout demo album

    I don’t know how to upload pics to Exhale but yesterday someone brought up the picture from 2006 I think, of Britney holding a Demo CD for blackout. Can someone share it here and/or makeup the tracklist? I’d love to see the ORIGINAL, acoustic concept for Blackout with the masterpieces State Of Grace, Let go, Little Me, ,,,
  21. “Me Against the Music” turned 15 yesterday. It was written by Spears, Madonna, Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, Thabiso "Tab" Nikhereanye, Penelope Magnet, Terius Nash and Gary O'Brien. The song was released on October 14, 2003, by Jive Records, as the lead single of In the Zone. The song was a commercial success, peaking atop of the charts in countries such as Australia, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland and Spain, as well as the European Hot 100 Singles. It also peaked at number two in Canada, Italy, Norway and the United Kingdom, and inside the top five in many other nations. The song won the "Hot Dance Single of the Year" accolade at the 2004 Billboard Music Awards. The music video for "Me Against the Music" was filmed over three days in October 2003, at Silvercup Studios in Long Island City, New York. The vehicle used in the video, a Mazda RX-8, was autographed by Spears on the hood and auctioned off to benefit the Britney Spears Foundation.
  22. YouBettaSingB*ch

    music Does anyone like EDM?

    Hi, I'm into EDM a long time ago and I love Brit songs' remixes but I rarely found the type I like. Any of you have a couple of remixes? These are the ones I have: