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Found 14 results

  1. Like besides me I love EDM, and I love when Britney does it.
  2. I have a friend that works in the NFL and the told me they are really in need of a Performer they don’t have much time left a lot of artist had turned it down because of the Colin Situation they are secrectly in talks with Britney’s team they want to make it very special for Britney they know that it will be a very good opportunity to show the world she’s really back in a Big way they quote They are saying Britney’s team wants This to be BIG! “Britney team quote “Y’all think the Snake was a big deal wait until you see what Britney will do next “ my friend that works with the NFL said to me that’s it’s GONNA BE HUGEEeee!!! He told me some details but I can’t say unfortunately all I can say is Britney is planning something Big she wants the world to know She’s Really Back And never left I’m screaming right now!!! Typing this when I say ya Britney fans are gonna be very happy !! I give this one only hint it’s something we always wanted p.s Britney’s team is asking for 7 extra minutes for the halftime show because her Entrance Alone will Be Jaw Dropping!!! All I can say and only say without giving any enclosed information away.
  3. bigreputxtion

    music Fan Made Blackout Tour

    Hey everybody Yesterday I finally finished producing a Fan Made Tour Album for the masterpiece that Blackout is Please listen to it and give me your opinion! SETLIST Act 1... Its Britney, bitch #1- Break The Ice (Live) #2- Im a Slave For You (Live) #3- Toy Soldier (Live) #4- Radar (Live) Act 2... In Love #5- Heaven On Earth Interlude #6- Breathe On Me/ Ooh Ooh Baby (Live) #7-Baby One more Time/ Oops I Did It Again (Live) Act 3...Cold as Fire, #8- Everytime (Live) #9- Why Should I Be Sad (Live) #10-Hot As Ice (Live) #11-Perfect Lover (Live) Act 4...Bad Media Karma #12- My Prerogative Interlude #13- Piece Of Me/ Do Something (Live) #14- Toxic (Live) Act 5... Nasty #15- Boys Interlude #16- Outrageous/ Me Against The Music (Live) #17- Get Back (Live) #18- Freakshow (Live) #19- Get Naked (Live) Act 6... The undeniable princess of pop (Encore) #20- Gimme More (Live) #21- (You Drive Me) Crazy/ Outro (Live) This is the first time I've done a fan made tour so im sorry if it s*cks
  4. Hello guys! I decided to post this game, hope it’s allowed! RULES: In this game, all songs start out on the "unsafe" list. The point of this game is to move your favourite entry from the "unsafe" list, and move it to the "safe" list. The last entry to be moved from the "unsafe" list is eliminated. At this point, every entry is back into the "unsafe" list. This process is then repeated until a winner is determined. As always, you can vote only once per day. Once there are only 2 songs remaining, those songs will enter a run-off vote, where the first song to get 3 votes is saved and the other is eliminated. You can only vote in the run-off vote if you have not yet voted that day, and the vote counts as your daily vote, so you cannot vote again that day. Ready? SAFE: UNSAFE: ...Baby One More Time (You Drive Me) Crazy Sometimes Soda Pop Born To Make You Happy From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart I Will Be There I Will Still Love You Thinkin’ About You E-mail My Heart The Beat Goes On Deep In My Heart I’ll Never Stop Loving You Autumn Goodbye I’m So Curious
  5. My personal bests and worsts Best 1. Trench by twenty one pilots - Lyrically and sonically I think it’s their most mature album to date. Also, I can appreciate the use of the hiatus to heighten to overall Dema storyline. 2. 1981 Extended Play by iDKHOW - wonderful concept and great writing, plus they’re great to see live Worst 1. Pray for the Wicked by Panic! at the Disco - If I were Ryan Ross, I’d be cringing at what Panic! has become. The songwriting is lazy and poorly done and I don’t understand how they’re still considered a rock act 2. Vicious by Halestorm - Pretty disappointing tbh. I had a feeling this album/era was going to be a mess after their last covers ep. The sound they were going for didn’t really work imo 3. M A N I A by Fall Out Boy - I blame this mess of an album on everyone that hated Folie à Deux. If FàD didn’t get trashed, the hiatus would have never happened and we probably wouldn’t have this album. What are yours?
  6. Ariana Grande's new song "Imagine" is a sweet tribute to her relationship with Mac Miller. Ariana's best-performing song ever, "Thank U, Next," is still topping the Hot 100, but the singer already has another new tune for us. It's titled "Imagine," presumably off the forthcoming Sweetener followup. It's worth mentioning Billboard says Sweetener is the number one album of the year. I love Ari, but I have to laugh. Related: Ariana Grande Wanted To Include ‘Crossroads’ In Her “Thank U, Next” Music Video Her latest release, "Imagine," is officially out. On it, denial rears its mysterious head. Denying your feelings for someone... too real. “A lot of this album mourns failed yet important, beautiful relationships in my life (as well as celebrates growth / exploring new independence),” Grande explained on Instagram. “But for those of you asking about imagine: i would say if ‘thank u, next’ = acceptance… ‘imagine’ = denial. hope that makes sense.” Related: ‘AG5’ Songwriter Says Ariana Grande Is At The Peak Of Her Powers On "Imagine," Ariana sings about a budding romance that's easy squeezy. The kind where being yourself is celebrated and getting to know the other person is a thrilling endeavor. It could very well detail the beginning of her relationship with Mac Miller. He had the word "Imagine" tattooed on his arm. Mac tragically died from an overdose in September. "Knew you were perfect, after the first kiss / Took a deep breath like, oooh," Ariana sings over icy production crafted by "Pop" Wansel and Happy Perez. There's also a rattling, ominous beat that plays a sharp contrast to Ariana's breathy vocals. At one point, Ari plays vocal gymnastics and hits some pretty stratospheric high notes that would make Mariah proud. "Feels like forever, baby, I never / Thought that it would be you / Tell me your secrets, all of the creep sh!t / That's how I know it's true." "Imagine" doesn't feel quite like the event that "Thank U, Next" was, but not every release needs to be some pop phenomenon. "Imagine" is low-key, and sometimes that's the best kind of love. Listen below: Thoughts on "Imagine?" Leave a comment below!
  7. Legends supporting legends. Mimi promoted the song more than Britney in two decades
  8. I stumbled upon this Halsey interview about her latest song "Without Me" Skip to 9:30 When I heard what she said I thought of Rebellion, Britney no longer is as invested in her music because they never led her truly be herself and they always planned everything for her. It's sad.
  9. Can y’all imagine Britney announce her next album title During Grammys 2019 It would be the most anticipated the album would be like Blackout x2 she get with all the original Producers from Blackout and Danja it be very Urban she announce Brian Friendman and Wade Robson as Her choreographers after the announcement at Grammys a video a week later will be Released of her Rehersing for the Super Bowl with all Original choreographers she worked from the past since it’s only right The sneek peak rehearsal video will be her and Brian And Wade dancing hard and Full Out doing Slave 4 u Routine but the video would last only 7 secs it would get everyone excited and create buzz Post y’all Britney Dream Comeback New Album 2019 Era
  10. It’s a bop, add some freshness to it and it could be a hit. Thoughts?
  11. What do you think if Britney was 17 now, how would she start out? How would the GP recieve ...Baby ? Would it be remixed differently and would we get the same albums or completely different music ? Would she be another Rebekah Black or make it anyway.
  12. Time selected the worst song of 2018 (there’s Justin Timberlake too)!! I think now it’s the best time for Britney to release a new POP album! Pop is dying and we need her or Madonna! What do you think?
  13. ClaudiaDC

    music Britney’s REAL VOICE

    Guys I want so badly a performance like this!!! She can, we saw with Something To Talk About!!! I need this.. I want her performing in a TV SHOW like this so haters finally shut up! She needs some good practise again ps: I am obviously talking about Sometimes part