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  1. I live in Upstate New York, and during the BTW, ARTPOP, and Joanne tours my family could never find the time/money to go both to NYC/Boston/Toronto and do a concert too BUT NOW WE CAN!!!! I'm going to Toronto on August 9! If anyone else is planning on going to this date HMU! I'm so excited!
  2. Lady Gaga's #Chromatica Ball tour is rescheduled to summer 2021. She'll kick things off July 25 in Paris before making her way to London on the 30th. On August 7th, Gaga will perform in Boston, followed by shows in Toronto, New Jersey and Chicago. Check out the dates below. Exhalers, do you plan on going?!
  3. This album is going to be EPIC! Lady Gaga's new album Chromatica is rumored to feature Ariana Grande and Blackpink. One thing's for sure: Ryan Tedder, an amazing songwriter and producer, will be featured on the record. It's unclear in what capacity at the moment - whether he has vocals or songwriting credits. I'm assuming the latter and that there is no feature with him singing. Ryan had this to say about it: “I’ve heard a few tunes and I was floored. It’s the coolest **** that’s going to drop in 2020. Trust me, it’s taking everything in me to not blurt it out because the song I was lucky enough to be apart of is a true unicorn song. It’s a bucket list for me and when it comes out, you’ll understand why. BloodPop is very forward-thinking and progressive. I’m super stoked. [Gaga] took her time and she’s killing it. I think she’s going to give a lot of people what they want.” Are you guys here for this, or do you think it'll be basic?
  4. Lady Gaga's new music video for "Rain On Me," featuring Ariana Grande, is out now! The video is a total serve. Gaga suits up as a '90s-punk pop rain warrior. In some scenes she's literally pulling daggers out of herself - a metaphor for past trauma - elsewhere she's singing while rain pours down over her face. Ariana is a true pop star, but this is the first instance where she really leaned into the Gaga effect. It's the best pop visual of the year imo. Thoughts? In her recent interview with Paper, Gaga opened up about the collab. Here's an excerpt: Chromatica drops May 29th. Related:
  5. Mother Monster has arrived! Gaga just dropped her new song, "Stupid Love," one month after the unofficial version surfaced – they sound identical. While promoting the new tune, Gaga sneakily placed the word Chromatica on her marketing material. Little Monsters suspected that was the album title, and they're right. Gaga confirmed the title in a Tweet and the "Stupid Love" music video. She also opened up about the forthcoming album in a new interview with Zane Lowe. Chromatica drops April 10. "The symbol for Chromatica has a sine wave in it, which is the mathematical sy
  6. Freak out, freak out, freak out. Lady Gaga's new song "Stupid Love" could very well dethrone The Weeknd's new song "Blinding Lights" from the top spot in the UK. She's just shy of 1,200 chart sales behind the current number one spot after just several days worth of sales. Gaga is in the lead with downloads while The Weeknd continues to clock up the streams, according to Metro. In the US, it doesn't appear she'll take the #1 spot... but it could earn her 16th top 10. It's predicted to debut around #3-5. We'll find out soon. Stream Stupid Love
  7. Lady Gaga just released her new music video for "Stupid Love." In it, she rocks an outfit very similar to one RCA-signed artist Brooke Candy rocked in Grimes's 2012 music video for "Genesis." The similarities are undeniable, but perhaps it was just a coincidence? What do you think? Do you think Gaga and Haus of Gaga were at all aware? It's worth pointing out Grimes has heard LG6 and may even be featured on it. She says it's "f**king good." See what's being said below, then let us know what you think in the comments.
  8. Gaga had an interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe. She talks about her new album, Chromatica, recording with Bloodbop, and finally collaborating with Max Martin (she says she used to be an ****** lol). “I would like to put out music that a big chunk of the world will hear, and it will become a part of their daily lives and make them happy every day.” “We are definitely dancing," she continued. "I put all my heart, all my pain, all my messages from the other realm [!!] that I hear of… what they tell me to tell the world and I put it into music that I believe to be so fun and you know, energetically really pure... I want people to dance and feel happy.” “On Joanne, I was more in a space artistically of crafting something that, you know, conceptually all kind of went together, an album for my father, an album about the trauma of my family, an album about how we pass things on generationally to each other.” You can listen to the full 12-minute chat here:
  9. Lady Gaga released the music video for "Stupid Love" today (Feb. 28). Gaga, channeling an intergalactic cotton candy pink princess, offers peace to a clan who know nothing but rage and anger. She transcends her gifts of dance (serving Born This Way vibes) and song that inspires love. Stupid love. The track, which leaked one month ago, sounds almost identical to the demo that surfaced. That means the song was finished for at least a year. It's no wonder Gaga kept this gem in her arsenal. A pulsating beat sizzles over a helium background vocal. Gaga's signature sound is drenched all over this. Give it a play below :
  10. Claimed by an insider who goes by the name of Mr. S around the Internets. If this is true, this marks Gaga's first time collaborating with Max Martin. The demo that leaked apparently didn't feature his production, just Burns and BloodPop.
  11. Viral sensation, Charlotte Awbery, slaaays in her rendition of Lady Gaga's Oscar winning song - Shallow, on Ellen! Watch her performance here And she's from Essex! 🇬🇧 New Queen of Pop? ❤❤❤
  12. Omg. She's heard it??!! You may recall Grimes posted fan art of LG6 last year. It included an alleged tracklist contains songs such as "Stained," "Otherside," "Cool for Chaos," "Distortion," "All About You," "Hourglass," "Flames," "Hysteria," "Black Velvet," "Tainted Love" and a Grimes collab titled "Real Boy."
  13. Bus, Plane, No Sleep, Club, Another Club, Anxiety, Paparazzi, Concert, No Sleep, Photoshoot, Depression, Body Dysmorphia, Concert Bombing, Album release, Bi-polar disorder, broken marriage, Award Show, next place, trauma, another concert. We’ve all seen the headlines. Demi Lovato suffered an overdose after years of sobriety. Lady Gaga has PTSD. Katy Perry chopped her hair off yearning to be just Katy Hudson again. Ariana Grande shared a catscan of the trauma in her brain compared to a healthy one. Julia Michaels and Selena Gomez put out a song called “Anxiety.” Britney Spears checked int
  14. A woman named Charlotte Awbery is becoming Internet famous after one of her covers of Gaga's "Shallow" started making the rounds. She's actually REALLY impressive. There can be 100 people in a room and 99 of them don't believe in you, but all it takes is one and it just changes your whole life.
  15. Saw this data on Twitter and thought it was super interesting. It breaks down average ticket prices per Vegas resident, who has the most expensive/cheapest ticket sold and more. Who the hell got the $6 Gaga ticket(!!!).
  16. Adele said at her best friend’s wedding party in February people can expect her fourth studio album in September. Her makeup artist just posted something hinting at her return... it could be sooner than we expected. "Exciting news coming soon!! Get ready to get on board,” he wrote. Imagine Adele releasing before Gaga
  17. Lil Nas X is a bit of a music marketing genius. He's asking Gaga to appear on a new song of his. Are we here for this? If she did... for the gays... the power that that has.
  18. Lady Gaga's new song "Stupid Love" is getting promoted and listened to whether she likes it or not.
  19. It's real! It's featured in the official Stupid Love promo.
  20. Gaga performed at Super Saturday in Miami ahead of the Super Bowl, and told the crowd she hopes JLo and Shakira sing live. WELP, they didn't completely lol but still it was one of the best halftime shows in recent history.
  21. I CAN'T STOP CRYING. WE DID IT KIDS. Lady Gaga's new song "Stupid Love" drops on Friday. A demo of it leaked weeks ago. She even acknowledged it (Tweet below). There's also rumors she'll announce a tour. Are you excited for Gaga's return to pop?!
  22. Can we just talk about Britney's version of Telephone? We only got these crappy *** full on autotuned robot vocals, so we cant really enjoy it But it would be amazing if Britney was featured on with Gaga! the vocals, the music video... This version has her raw vocals mixed with the robotic demo track:
  23. This is not a drill. LOOK UP! That’s my wig in orbit after watching Lady Gaga’s new promotional video for Haus Laboratories, the pop star’s beauty brand. Gaga serves fierce lewks alongside half-a-dozen edgy models rocking wild Haus makeup. There’s so much to absorb here, but it’s important to note the commercial is soundtracked to production created by Bloodpop, Boys Noize and Tchami. Gaga is collaborating with Bloodpop on her sixth studio album, so this could very well be featured on the forthcoming record. Or, it was left on the cutting room floor and re-purposed for this advertisement. If this is what they chose to leave off the album, then we’re in for a real treat, because it hits hard. “The last thing the world needs is another beauty brand,” Gaga says in the vid. “But that’s too bad. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but at Haus Laboratories, we say beauty is how you see yourself. Your glam. Your expression. Your artistry.” Gaga also penned a note on social media. “I remember watching my mother put her makeup on every morning, basking in the glow of her power to put on her bravest face as the hard working woman she was,” she wrote on Instagram. “I then began to experiment with makeup as a way to make my dreams of being as strong as my mother become true. It was then that I invented Lady Gaga. I found the superhero within me by looking in the mirror and seeing who I wanted to be.”
  24. THE MILKSHAKE MIGHT BRING ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD, BUT DIRTY ICE CREAM KEEPS THEM AWAY. Lady Gaga has an unreleased track in every flavor, but “Dirty Ice Cream” is one of her tastiest. The campy pop tune made its debut on the singer’s old MySpace (RIP) page in 2007, and later made appearances in some of Gaga’s live performances. Framing its origin in the era of the MySpace days might make it feel like a relic, but more than a decade later “Dirty Ice Cream” stands the test of time. Though Mother Monster never officially released it (a crime I tell you!), she knew it contained the essential ingredients that a masterful pop tune demands. Gaga ultimately penned and released “Telephone” (though it almost went to Britney Spears), a song about how annoying guys can be / not having the time of day to deal with their neediness, but before releasing that mega-tune, Gaga was already pissed. She was primed and aggravated by men, and it was churned out in the form of “Dirty Ice Cream.” She acted on impulse, they satisfied a craving, then she discarded them in the bin with the bowl and spoon. Read the full RX story on the main page then leave a comment! https://www.breatheheavy.com/lady-gaga-dirty-ice-cream/
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