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Found 16 results

  1. This thread was posted just 17 days ago and I thought it was interesting since in my mind I never think of straight guys listening to Britney so it's kinda cool to see their opinions. Of course, some could be gay too lol. Most of them rave about toxic which is why I think Britney needs another toxic, a song that can appeal to everyone.
  2. She really needs to reinvent her music AND her Dance style. Her dance style has not evolved since 2004. She needs Brian Friedman or Yanis Marshall to help her come up with a new and awesome performance style.
  3. the OG "idk her" knee walked so moo could run, we stan an influential legend
  4. Hey guys I was bored so I was thinking about what would be cool for domination or a future residency. Any other looks/ideas??? The skull masks would be for the dancers and other pics were ideas for the dancers and some are ideas for Britney.
  5. With the industry being much more real and social media etc making me much less aspirational, if Britney was to come out and be like i have anxiety, the general public wants me to fit into a role, im sick of giving more of myself to be ridiculed, I’m not a doll for your enjoyment, fans need to back off and let me live, the convertoship is BS etc etc etc if she came out somewhere between Eminem and Demi Lovato . Would that ruin her legacy ... if she came out as the anti Britney Spears thoughts ideas ?
  6. Anyone can confirm? Or did I just created fanfiction?
  7. https://v1011fm.iheart.com/featured/shay-diddy/content/2019-02-10-twitter-roast-j-los-motown-tribute-at-the-grammys/ I agree
  8. Simon Cowell

    exhale Domination pictures/videos

    Can anyone help me find pictures and videos of last night's Domination show please?
  9. Miss_R

    exhale Picture vs Picture

    I decided to do a new game to have a little fun. You pick your fave picture from 2 options and then you post your fave and the next picture. Then new user picks his/her favorite and posts it with a new one. I’ll start. vs
  10. What do you think would be the best for the new album? World tour or new residency? What do you hope/think?
  11. Hope I’m not missing any, lol. Anyway, what is everyone’s favorite Britney cover song? My ranking: 1. My Slayrogative 2. I’ll Never Stop Loving Her Most Underrated Song 3. Out From A Bratz Soundtrack 4. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction Baby 5. You God It All 6. I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll 7. The Beat Must Go Off 8. Siri’s Diner
  12. I’ve been looking everywhere to find a picture with subtitles or the gif to post to Instagram of her saying “usually I get you to help me count to 3...” and I can’t find it anywhere. Can someone help me and post it? happy valentine’s day!!
  13. That used to be good in the 2000s but not today. We're in the digital age and Britney needs to release at least 3 singles before she drops a album. 1 first single, 1 promo single then the third single along side the album. All singles need music videos, not one botched one that cost millions then gets cancelled over a girls night out music video.
  14. Britney is a pop music legend who has made great music and contributions but she will never be popular again unless she changes it up because she doesn't fit the current pop world where the public expects artists to be real. The release of Britney Jean and all the lip syncing made sure she will probably never be nominated for a Grammy again because she is not respected as an artist. Even if we say we don't care about her being nominated or winning. A Grammy is to musicians what an Oscar is to actors. The general public isn't into manufactured stars anymore. They want realness or perceived "realness" and artists like Ariana and Gaga provide that. They sing live and stand up for what they believe in even if they get backlash and more importantly they connect with their fans all the time on social media not just once in a blue moon. Britney never speaks up and says anything interesting anymore to the point where now even Christina is more interesting personality-wise even if she's a bigger flop. Britney very rarely sings live enough to hear her and it's not like she does hard choreography so why? The public is tired of the lip syncing. She hasn't made the changes in her image and career to be popular after 2011 and probably doesn't care anymore because the breakdowns ruined her. The conservatorship controls her life and so does her team who are awful and lazy. She's a 16 year old trapped in a 37 year old body. She didn't even speak at her own residency announcement like her presence was enough or something. I hope B10 is amazing, but I won't expect it to be #1 in any sense if there's lazy promotion and this same boring mom image.
  15. As by Celebitchy, anyone remember this? https://www.celebitchy.com/2509/britneys_manager_tries_to_salvage_her_image_but_an_im_chat_reveals_his_real_feelings/ Gotta love the photo too