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Found 36 results

  1. I am truly disgusted by the news as of lately. I think 2007 was the last time Britney said things unfiltered. People will say that it was dangerous/embarrassing/bad parenting/whatever, but it doesn’t matter. It’s ok not to be a perfect parent. Britney was acting like a rockstar for 1 YEAR! Aerosmith did drugs for decades, and no one blinked an eye. I’m not saying Britney was definitely on drugs, but even if she was- she’s a rockstar. This is her life, she should be able to do what she wants. The main reason: sexism. Britney needs 2007 2.0. Eat it, lick it, snort it, f*ck it. Ditch the kids for a year (they will be fine), go to Africa- get away from EVERYONE and do whatever you want. Or Brit, find a hitman and start taking these guys down. Put them down like rabid dogs in the country- starting with your judge. Gain your power back and teach them a lesson. Start making them stacks, and I’m not talking about money.
  2. Britney sings her heart out that she needs her lover and either choose between her or his other lover otherwise she won't bring him happiness. It's a ballad and it shows her raw talent as a singer while a low bass hiding in the background. Clue : It's from 2001 - 2007 P.s. do you like these games and should I do more? Yes all Songs are included like unreleased!
  3. @britneys.glory


    In this ballad, Britney talks about rising up after struggles with violins in the background and a soft piano melody from the start to finish in the song. Her soft soprano angelic voice blends well as she also gives us her unique voice. Edit : I'll give you a clue, it's from 2007 - 2011
  4. overprotected it should be charted and get the deserved #1 stronger same here
  5. I have an account on GagaDaily for many years and I'm a well known member there. Many users there have been apaled at how Britney is being treated and Controlled even those who aren't fans. There have been multiple threads made on the ongoing FreeBritney issue As someone who has had mental health issues (and a 2 week hospitalization) I decided to collect messages on a thread from fans who want to send Love and support. Here's a link to page but I don't know it if works without an account: https://gagadaily.com/forums/topic/292468-help-send-love-to-britney-forum-post-a-message-here/?tab=comments#comment-11142701 Here's some of the messages: Monster78619: Poor Brit she deserves better tbh didn’t know about any of the stuff above and genuinely hope she gets through it well and focuses on herself and well being before her career, her health and kids should be the focus Dolce Vita: hi britney stans, the situation right now regarding the rumours surrounding britney and the alleged mistreatment of her by her camp is so awful to hear. i’m only a casual listener of her, but for you guys this news must be devastating especially since you have known about the conservatorship much longer than us. just want to let y’all know to stay strong and the way you guys are fighting for her is so inspiring. i truly believe that britney is a fighter and will overcome this moment happening in her life. the fact that #FreeBritney has gained mainstream attention shows that what was once in the dark is coming to the light, and shows the power you guys have to raise attention for your fave to the world. if Britney knew about how her fans truly do care about her wellbeing like this she would be very proud. GagaJandro: U can greet from me to them that I hope that britt gets better and that she continues with music when her health is good again Reginald: Sending Britney, and her fans, love and well wishes <3 She'll be back and better before we know it, and we'll be cheering her on alongside you  Lucas: A big hug from the entire community of Little Monsters, to the Britney Army. ArtBop: What a real icon Britney is, and I'm not even talking about her career here, but about surviving everything she's been through with the media, and in her personal life. What a true inspiration and role model she is. Wish her peace and love. There's more comments being made all the time if the link works for u guys u can read them all! #FREEBRITNEY
  6. In these photos she just doesn’t look like herself What’s your opinion? Is there more?
  7. Whatever the circumstances Britney is currently facing, I want what's best for her-- as decided by her. As friends of Britney, the ONLY leverage we have over her team is the money we will or will not spend. I DO NOT want to participate in the exploitation of Britney Spears, the enterprise. I ONLY want to support the artistic vision of Britney Spears, the individual. There is just one way to distinguish between those two entities: End the conservatorship to ensure that all decisions are made by Britney, for Britney. IF Britney is truly not well enough to make life and career decisions for herself, I sincerely hope the protective measures remain. But if that is the case, I WILL NOT pay to enrich those who were appointed to protect her. By refusing to buy any tickets, songs, products, I will help to ensure that the conservatorship is not being used to expoloit the very person it is meant to protect. IF Britney is healthy enough to record, rehearse, and perform night after night, she is well enough to do so on her own terms. IF she makes the decision to share herself with the world, I will be first in line to book a flight to Vegas, pre-order her next album, and stream her new video. With these goals in mind, I propose new hashtags: #ProtestToProtect & #NoCShipOrNoSeeShit IF we join together, we can create an impact that will be impossible to ignore. I welcome your feedback in determining whether this will be an effective route to protect and empower the performer we <3
  8. Even though this whole freebritney movement is going on, Thought I'd share with you guys my experience last night at a Britney event last night at a club in London called The Chateau I saw a post on instagram advertising a Britney party with a costume competition in this really small underground club in South London. None of my friends wanted to go so I went to check it myself and an excuse to go out in drag. Though it was quiet at first, it picked up a bit later on in the night. By midnight, it was super packed and it was grimy and full of sweat! The ceilings were literally dripping. But everyone was dancing and singing along to Britney all night so I had a blast! Apart from the guest drag performer, it turned out I was the only one that turned up to this event in costume so I won the competition even though there was no competition I got to the front of the dance floor where they announced that I won and said I had to dance to claim my prize which was a bottle of prosecco. Before, I could say anything they starting playing toxic and everyone backed up to clear the space for me to dance. I could barely walk in my heels let alone dance, but adrenaline hit and I just gave it my all even though I was put on the spot. Good job I had a few drinks behore hand. Not gonna lie though, I did enjoy it and I felt like a Rupaul queen or something. I loved hearing everyone cheer for me and seeing flashes from people's phones fuelled me even more. Guess I can be bit of an attention queen Here's some pics but It's only my 3rd time attempting drag so please don't be too harsh ] I don't know how to make the pictures smaller or get rid of the quote thing below. Sorry....
  9. In this deep cut, Britney sings about love and how it's fading away and making her lover realise that he'll never know what he lost (Britney). It starts of with a piano in a background the pure EDM to go with mood the song. Hint : In her most personal album.
  10. Okay so I can't sleep and am just passing time... I have noticed how Britneys Gram has made such a phenomenon in the media...I know it's all speculation but why are some people so up in arms about it ? I don't wanna name names but are they being paid off by Britney's camp to only show in their podcast/show what was approved by her camp? Britneys Gram completely defied that and tore the curtain down. I don't know what to believe but some people have had very strange reactions to all of this, so was just...curious
  11. Hi Army, While I don't like to participate too much on Exhale, I am a Digital Project Manager, and I have been working in Digital Advertising for the last 10 years, and work very closely in my company with Digital Strategists. I want desperately for us (and Britney) to control this current narrative and not Jaime's team (which is what we should call Britney's current management). As we have seen today they are starting to roll out their narrative. From E! to the Blast, they will change course, and say they were trying to save face for Britney and keep her safe blah blah. We have already read it, right? That the conservatorship is good for her, it is what is best for her safety. etc etc. They will start to reach out to many paid blogs that have a high standing in SEO, the site from today and E! being ones. I am sure a Blog post from E! won't be far behind in online psoting. This will allow Britney related searches to find their stories over ours. Right now Britney needs public opinion behind her and that is what is going to get her out of this and keep the Free Britney narrative rolling. As much as we hate Perez, sites like his are high in SEO and traffic. So we NEED to push this story to sites like his and spam high tier sites that have high Google standing to write our narrative. We are already doing right in all our social posts and keeping #FreeBritney tending, but we need to advocate for her on high Google ranking sites, once we have those, the higher reaching media will take more note as they are already starting to. My point here is that we need to push hard, and push hard to outlets that matter. If we do that, we can drown out her team's alternate story. Who here can help!? Find "contact us" on all entertainment sites and spam them about Britney! And continue to post and hard Let's keep this moving! Also for hashtagging, make sure that you are using the #FreeBritney Hashtag but also use feminist ones. If we make this also about Women's rights we can draw more attention. This is really big at the moment. Below is an article with all female empowerment hashtags you should use: https://yourdream.liveyourdream.org/2018/02/feminist-hashtags-metoo-timesup/ Message me if you have any questions on how you can keep pushing. I want to lend my abilities to the Britney Army and to Britney herself. LETS END THIS CONSERVATORSHIP ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!
  12. So I haven’t commented on this situation yet because I always like to digest the information and really think about it. It’s also important to know all the details and since no further details have come forward this is what I’m thinking. I see more truth in this situation than anything. First and foremost I do believe that she has some mental conditions that need professional care. It’s clear that Britney is not the same anymore and she should continue any help she needs. With that being said it needs to be on her terms. I myself have anxiety but if someone happened to be making me see a certain doctor or take certain meds that I personally don’t like, it would cause me more anxiety. I would also monitor my own progression and maybe try more things that’s make me happy and stop the meds as time goes on. That’s personal freedom. She doesn’t have that so no f**king wonder her mental status isn’t right. Next, if she is ok to work and especially with her career where you need thick skin, then she is capable of taking care of herself. She loves her boys and I believe would do anything to keep them safe and happy. Her team is evil. No amount of damage control can save this situation now. One thing that proves this has validity is the fact that we haven’t heard from her. Why hasn’t she herself made a statement? It could be as simple as an IG post saying hi to fans. Larry is loving this right now because he knows how the game works. Good or bad attention is still attention and he’s thinking only of ticket sales. He probably thinks this is great because now more people will buy a ticket to support Britney when in actuality it goes straight to everyone else around her. We have to be smart now guys. DO NOT support any future albums, shows, merch, ect. until we get answers. And yes we DO deserve answers about this women we love and have supported for years. She’s in the public eye and I’m sorry that’s how it works. Us as the public can not support this chaos anymore. Don’t let this die down and forget in two weeks what’s really happening. At this very moment she is trapped in somewhere probably hating it while we all go on with our day. Let’s all stay strong for her and keep this moving. That’s all for now guys. Have a great day!
  13. I haven’t been here for a few weeks, and thus haven’t looked up/heard of anything Britney related, and was just looking through news headlines right now when I saw something about “Britney Spears’ hospitalization.” After getting over the initial shock, I just became totally heartbroken for her; she worked so hard to get her life back after 2007. Can someone please let me know what’s been going on?! I tried to read some “news” articles but they’re all over the place, one said she’s been hospitalized since January, but that’s not possible, right?
  14. I feel like she was very glassy-eyed and off during the 'Circus' era and tour. Too much, too soon for her to absorb the 'comeback' all in. While she seemed medicated, I feel like during the 'Femme Fatale' and 'X-Factor' era, she was slightly more at peace with her situation, especially towards the latter of both. That being said, I definitely feel like around 2013 and on is when she seemed the happiest in a while but I'd like to know if there was a moment or year that stood out to you from the rest.
  15. I believe she was a naive 16 year old who didn't read her contract.... Britney wanted to sing Sheryl crow music not be a pop star. But britney wanted success so she signed the record deal which from what it appears the record company had the power to craft her sound and image into anything they wanted. She was never able to write her own music or tell her own story. She wanted freedom so she rebelled and created mona lisa, she wanted to be a serious artist. But her team and jive denied her of that. She even wanted to take a 6 months break I believe in 2002 or 03 and that was even cut short and she was forced to go back to work- she was a slave to the music. So she acted out , fired her whole team and partied and finally got to have fun around 2005 and 2006 and just be a regular girl in her 20s. But britney was cracking at this time unfortunately she wanted freedom but her mental state was already damaged from years of mental abuse by Hollywood. Matters just became worse with the conservatorship which was supposed to be there to help her out but all it did was drug her up and force her to sing child ish songs that she had no input in... once again she was a slave but not just to the music but to her own father.... hopefully with the armys help britney can get the help she deserves and finally be free.
  16. So Wendy Williams spoke out about the #FreeBritney movement and what did she say? Basically, she thinks Britney shouldn’t be free bc she has a mental disorder and that everyone involved in this movement is young and doesn’t understand her problem and how mental issues work. She didn’t talk about the conservatorship or any of the SEVERAL shady things that make no sense and that she has been controlled for a decade and cannot drive or make a single decision on her own even though she has been successful for years in Vegas, has released albums, and most importantly has been an INCREDIBLE mom. We need to be sharing a post or picture that has all of the main points and shady things all in one graphic so people that speak about this are thoroughly informed. It’s very easy to hear pieces of the story and go a certain direction with it, but when you get the whole thing, it is SO obvious that Britney is being manipulated and that is IS all about money. She is a slave and HAS GOT TO BE SET FREE!!!!!!
  17. Hi guys :-) I just wanted to share my wedding video with all of you which includes a Britney Impersonator we hired as a surprise. Hope you guys like it :-)
  18. I just saw this picture was posted, he went to a wedding on march 10th. Dont know if youve seen it before... https://imgur.com/a/JRFNect
  19. Hello Stans .. its been a while .. I am back .. I dont know if yall remember me but I am an OG of this website we need to stream and buy overprotected to send a message to team Britney ... Lets Free our Queen #FREEBRITNEY
  20. Literally what happens next? Where is she to go from here when millions of people are speculating her personal life again like it’s 2007 and how she despises when people barge in? Does this mean she’s going to retire? A Dateline interview? A FTR 2.0? A tweet or IG post on where she stands in all of this? Well? I can’t imagine the demons and personal hell she must be going through right now, let alone wanting to speak out. Britney...wherever you are, just know that you are loved. #PRAYFORBRITNEY
  21. I mean who can we trust. Besides enews who else is in their pocket?? We should def know because the propaganda is gonna get real. Are all her close people (not her team) in contracts with them ie ndas and stuff . Like her dancers, Sam, Cade?? Is she visited by anyone? Does she see her kids? WTF all these other celebs say nothing like they do in other cases?? Like she's not a human being. WE NEED ANSWERS!!
  22. Remember this intro? Omg it makes me super sad now how relatable it is #freebritney She saw it coming
  23. https://youtu.be/vaCteNxtzfM Aware this has been posted by other members! Its clearly britney speaking in the voicemail.. I remember being brought up in the media in 2009 briefly but I’m surprised it hasn’t been dug up and used in more recent mainstream stories... sh!t I’m surprised it hasn’t been removed... thoughts?! Edit: so I’m not just posting this for the sake of it. It’s to pose a question. This is easy to find on the internet and, was reported on in 2009 by media outlets. Why has NO major media outlet brought it up yet in order to give a point of reference for how Britney has not been happy dating back 10 years. This would also to make certain claims more credible and juice up their story even more. There’s many small Britney things that were reported on years ago that support new claims but many are not brought up at all now. Like these words are from Britney’s mouth it says a lot even if the audio is old. It of course is being set up so that we have to side with Britney’s team because they just seem to be helping a troubled woman in need... however there is so much grimey sh!t that is hidden in plane sight that have actually been stories before that are now forgotten about...
  24. I canceled my pre order. It felt wrong buying it knowing the proceeds aren’t going directly to her and her current situation.