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Found 12 results

  1. the Middle Eastern B-army really wants her to do a show in Either Dubai, Beirut, i have middle eastrern freinds who are willing to show. she's not as popular as Rihanna/Beyonce there, mostly it's gonna include tons of Middle Eastern B-army and most of THE LGBT community in the Middle East in general, you'll be surprised at the amount of the LGBT who attended Nicki's concert in Dubai. the Femme Fatale in Abu Dhabi was a huge epic fail why not dubai :/?? that's why i want her to tour in THE MIDDLE EAST next we need an LGBT icon. HECK EVEN GAGA DID IT IN DUBAI. not Abu Dhabi which is more conservative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or3pKByoY00 look at the amount of gays there. HECK EVEN SOME WENT TO HER CONCERT WEARING KNEE BOOTS and a Crop Top it even went Viral . @Lilith but won't share to respect their privacy. it was Viral back when gaga came. there i'm half American Half Saudi never been to the Middle East till 4 Years ago. and i made LGBT friends here sSUPER easy. PLZ BRITNEY COME TO MIDDLE EAST we need a day to express ourselves and fill the concert with PRIDE FLAGSSSSSSSS maybe it'll help them in the future and open light to it sorry im high and felt like doing a movement during brit's concert. cuz yyyy'know waah happens when u pop a xany with a blunt. btw it's super illegal but fk the law
  2. WORK BITCH ! Overall, it is the most consistent performance of Piece of Me and it deserves a lot more praise than it gets Britney has only improved the already Britney-ish choreo throughout the years, and when done well the floor part and the last break slay f**king hard Also, it is almost free of trembling moves and butt wipes, and it looks very cohesive Plus it is performed with pre-recorded vocals An highlight
  3. She is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to mediocre to be compared to Britney You know Taylor paying folks to write this bullsh1t https://nypost.com/2018/07/19/everything-britney-did-taylor-does-better/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  4. It's easy, you just say something you think Britney could say in the future, and you'll tell us when it's stupid, yes, but I'm bored I'll start In 10 years: "I'm almost 50 so obviously I won't work as hard as I did in my 20s and 30s. At this point I connect with my fans a different way, I can't believe how supportive they still are even though I'm in the 9th year of my second Vegas residency. It's crazy, I know, but it's uniquely cool!"
  5. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZilSIyvhBmI the fact that this stage and props are more expensive than POM tour..
  6. so i was looking for slumber party on YT randomly idk why and suddenly i couldn't find the video??? not sure if it's blocked from my Area or deleted from her channel https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=britney+spears+slumber+party
  7. I want to make one of the this or that quizzes but don't know how to! Where you put two songs up against each other and go through the list and then it generates your list. Please help!
  8. Like they only made a certain amount? Does anyone know?
  9. I've been away for awhile but knew the big announcment is coming today... or apparently already aired. So what was the BIG ANNOUNCMENT exactly?? (PLEASE PLEASE don't tell me it's the perfume... omg)
  10. I hear Believe is more musk. Also Fantasy the Naughty Remix. Thoughts?
  11. Rules On General Posting: Posts that include racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic content are prohibited. The freedom of speech concept does not mean freedom of consequence. Rules Concerning The Britney Spears Forum: DO NOT post any file sharing/download links/snippets of yet to be released songs/videos/photos. Threads that are unrelated to Britney will be moved to "General" or "Breaking Music News" unless they were created by a member of staff. Misleading threads will be locked/deleted. Bumping old threads without reason may result in WPs. The discussion of Britney's family members that are children that is remotely negative or unnecessary may result in WPs. The discussion of Britney herself is welcomed, but threads/posts that harshly scrutinise her appearance may be removed. When posting gifs that are NOT provided as emoticons please remember that it is 3 gifs per post MAXIMUM. Failure to comply to this may result in WPs. In regards to the Reputation Feature - those who consciously use this feature to harass other members by downvoting their posts excessively for no apparent reason may be given WPs. In regards to the Tagging Feature - please use only when appropriate. Rules Concerning Inappropriate Content: Posting or linking to pornography and/or nudity is strictly forbidden. Breaking this rule will result in WPs and if done again or posted many times (spam) a direct ban. The above also applies to avatars, usernames and user descriptions. Any member who creates a thread or post that contains such content will be penalised. When posting gifs on the site please try not to include those that are taken from sex scenes nor ones that emulate sexual acts. Quoting such posts is seen as bad as posting them and all will result in WPs. If you see these posts, please report them and ignore them. Rules On Dealing With The Staff: The staff are members who dedicate their time to moderate the forum. They are here to preserve order and help you if you are in need. Those who are disrespectful towards staff may be given WPs. When dealing with staff it should be noted that harassing them with an issue by following them across the forum, tagging them, and/or messaging them incessantly is unacceptable behaviour. We have lives and sometimes we miss things. If you have an issue, send a private message to the administration team to discuss it rather than air out your dirty laundry in public. Rules On Reporting: While it is encouraged to report any rule breaker, try not to abuse the report button. Do not report anything unless it is actually worth reporting. The following is what is deemed worth reporting by the BreatheHeavy.com team: Racist/homophobic/transphobic/sexist posts File sharing/download links/snippets of yet to be released songs/footage Duplicate accounts/previously banned members Pornography/nudity Forum promoters (threads/posts/PMs) Stalking/posting personal info without permission (threads/posts/PMs) Spam Death wishes Bear in mind that we, the administration staff, are not machines. We do not appreciate when members flood our notification tabs with spurious reports. Please think before reporting. Any members who tend to report BH Staff or members who abuse this may receive WPs. Rules On Promoting Other Fansites: This is BreatheHeavy.com/Exhale. Discussing, promoting (posting links/asking members to join) or creating any type of threads about other fansites/fan galleries/chat groups is prohibited. Violators will be warned and may be banned if they continue. If you have any questions about any of the rules, contact a member of staff! Happy posting!