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Found 28 results

  1. Omg... her face looks exactly like ITZney here:
  2. Its so frustrating to watch talented people make (arguably) bad career decisions. If you could change some of celebrities desicions what would you change??? (Britney mainly tbh) Its actually kind of hard because if if you make sure 2007 doesnt happen you kind of get rid of Blackout. Britney: would make her never meet Kevin would have her take a 3 year break in Louisiana after ITZ (for her knee, mental health and creativity) would have released a Christmas album and maybe an Acoustic album with no promo in those 3 years. would not have done POM would not have done Britney Jean would have focused on slowly transtioning into a more "serious" musician with age so she doesnt get stuck in that sex kitten image. Christina would have released 1 more pop album after her debut instead of the Christmas Album wouldnt let her take 4-6 year break between albums Release Spanish Eps, Acoustic Eps, Chritmas album, or just short Eps in between albums. would handle the timing of the Burlesque promo better/earlier Scrap Lotus and The Noise Would have saved the concept of B2B for when she is in her mid 30ies not early 20ies Ariana Grande wouldnt have gotten engaged Miley Cyrus would have released a more radio friendly album as a follow up to Bangerz Lady Gaga Wouldnt have done cheek to cheek Wouldnt have hyped up Artpop that much
  3. Do you prefer Britney blonde or dark hair? Brown: Or Blonde: I like blonde - but brown hair makes her look more exotic.
  4. I hear Believe is more musk. Also Fantasy the Naughty Remix. Thoughts?
  5. I've been away for awhile but knew the big announcment is coming today... or apparently already aired. So what was the BIG ANNOUNCMENT exactly?? (PLEASE PLEASE don't tell me it's the perfume... omg)
  6. Does anyone know? I looked on Walmart and Kohls and can't find it anywhere...
  7. I feel like it’s always about to fall off or up by her nose so maybe she’s being cautious of that! However I think it’s been adjusted or something cause it sits better and she’s moving more now. Why doesn’t she just get a new headset that’s easier to wear?
  8. HQ: http://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=561809 This just from a video on IG. I havent saw it yet posted here.
  9. Britney is the greatest thing to happen to pop since Michael. Now that THAT truth is said , ive seen alot of you being mean and having super unrealistic expectations. Lets remember Brit is a mom of 2 and this is her JOB. She dosent owe us anything. Like her and enjoy or stfu. You think she wants to slay a stage for a bunch of brats?
  10. Britney's perfume PREROGATIVE got its review on fragrantica.cim the biggest online community for designer/niche perfumery in the world. You can read what are the: top notes, middle notes and base notes of it, they say its BRAVE and EXOTIC, and they posted promo video for it. Great promo for BRIT among GP https://www.fragrantica.com/news/Britney-Spears-PREROGATIVE-11130.html
  11. someone can srsly explain to me? what happened with the perfume commercial? no one is talking about it i dont get it!
  12. MmmDani

    exhale Got Milk?

    The extension, entitled Crazy 2k Tour, was considered a prelude to her future world tour, Oops!... I Did It Again World Tour.[59][65] The leg's main sponsor was Got Milk?. Media director Peter Gardiner explained, "Britney is magic with teen-age girls, and that's an absolutely crucial target for milk". What in God’s name?
  13. I'm not understanding why some of you are treating these negative reviews like they have ever mattered Never stops folks from coming to Britney shows since she puts on great shows The reviews never stop folks from having fun as we can hear in the clips Just keep that in mind when you treat negative reviews like they have ever mattered in Britney career
  14. BRITNEY: ONE MORE TIME INTRO: Welcome video compilation of live britney videos leading up to now with break the ice playing Work Bitch Hold It Against Me Boys/Radar (Medley) Overprotected INTRO: Kill the Lights Piece Of Me Do Somethin' Outrageous Hot as Ice INTRO: Scream & Shout Me Against the Music I Wanna Go/3 (Medley) Break the Ice/Gimme More (Medley) Slumber Party INTRO: Magic Circus (use the clips of the intro from TCSBS) Circus If U Seek Amy Ooh La La Womanizer Lace and Leather Born To Make You Happy/Sometimes/Lucky (Medley) INTRO: Get Naked (I Got a Plan) Slave 4 U Make Me... Breathe On Me/ Touch Of My Hand (Medley) Toxic Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know INTRO: Anticipating Oops!... I Did It Again/(You Drive Me) Crazy (Medley) I Love Rock 'n' Roll Till the World Ends ENCORE: Britney thanking fans for their support Stronger Baby One More Time
  15. I mean... thats it? where is the commercial for the perfume?
  16. The tics with the hair is only because she isn’t doing anything. She needs choreography like in the new video!!!
  17. Right I dont post much, especially threads but reading exhale has made me need to say something but been a fan for a long time through thick through thin...Some of you really need to give our girl brit a f**king break. You guys are ruthless! poor girl has been through so much! shes still going she could have said bye bye to the industry totally a good while ago if she had fulfilled all contractual obligations and really wanted to! she's a f**king hard working mom! give her a break jesus some of the comments on here are actually atrocious so called fans! i get it you were underwhelmed by the first few dates of the latest tour as its same old same old youv'e that youve seen in person or online for the last 5+ years (i saw her vegas show twice in one week the premier of Piece Of Me 2.0 and the wednedsay iand got a meet and greet) with a couple added songs whith some slightly basic but fun choero.....Anywaysssss shes clearly seen the backlash, (new slave breakdown ect) but what about all the people who couldnt afford to go to vegas? its new to a lot of people, most uk shows for instance have sold out in less than hours pretty much maybe bar a few crappy seats....that is demand hunny!!! we all know now she has much more access to the news, media and social media since she has come such a long way and is in so much of a better place. The fact shes posted a new dance studio reherasal video killing it ,not 100% like when she was 21 for gods sake people need to be realistic shes had to kids doesnt dance rehearse 24/7 like she used to and is less flexible out of major gymnastc stuff for years. but its best piece of dance we have seen from her in a good while shes clearly realised from the backlash or maybe watched back footage seen the or news or whatever! and shes putting effort in). People say oh why is she good in reherasals but on stage shes stiff bla bla bla not putting effort in..... she has ANXIETY this has an affect on dancing.. when youre at home or in the studio for her she is relaxed so she can give it her all.. anxiety is not her fault!!! anyways sorry for the essay.. rant over!!! people need to chill the hell out. if you're legal have a glass of wine my god
  18. Umm, is that what unisex stand for? Does she know men can wear that too?
  19. The Greatest Show

    exhale Movies as tour themes??

    I just watched Moulin Rouge and I just thought that it would be kind of cool if Britney did a tour visually inspired by movies. What do you guys think? What movies would you add?? The Greatest Showman. Would be perfect for a song like Circus and would be perfect for easy acrobatic skills and a new Ringleader Jacket Moulin Rouge: Would be perfect for songs like BOM, TOMH and could be a visual spectacle. La La Land: dont know what songs I would use but visually its stunning and would love to see something inspired by these moments Black Swan. Britney cant do ballet so Idk maybe get a ballerina to start out dancing as the white swan during a song like Everytime and then have her slowly turn into the black swan at the end while Britney is singing. She can even end the song with the same pose as the OHT. The wings would match the song theme too. Flashdance: Would be an epic ending song. Would be cool with Stronger. Grease: Would be cute for cute songs like BOMT and Crazy. Chicago. My Prerogative seems like the perfect fit but I could also imagine Gimme More. Dark and sexy like Blackoutney. Dirty Dancing: If Jessica Biel can do it Im sure Britney can too... Dont know what song tho. The Sound Of Music. Eh probably a ballad lol Wonder Woman: I kind of love the idea of her as an amazonian. The Gladiator. Would be fitting because of her past with Pepsi. Also I would love for the music to suddenly stop and the arena to go dark except one spotlight on Britney as she says this after a super dramatic pause.
  20. Britney can do all the music and music videos and stuff like that and they can get this girl to do all of her live performances and tours. Sure she would need a bit of surgery to look like Britney but she is the closest thing to primeney we've got. She dances and moves almost exactly like primeney and even with her low budget she has better costumes than currentey.
  21. It was a great time to be a Britney fan. I first saw her ...Baby One More Time video in January of 1999, about two days before winter break ended for school. I will never forget seeing the then 16/17 year old Britney dancing in the hallways! Although, from my research, the video had already came out in September/October of 1998. And then she took a break around August 2004. Little did I know, 1998 to 2004 will NEVER be repeated again. Oh well, I had a great 5/6 years seeing her shine so bright that she attracted hate, like honey attracts bees! She had so much charisma that everyone was talking about her! Everyone knew her! For a few years, she was the biggest thing walking on this earth, even Jennifer Lopez couldn't compete with her charisma.