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Found 41 results

  1. I know this has been discussed in the past, but seriously, who the f**k was responsible for this mess of a 'tribute'? I decided to watch the whole thing after many years and I cannot stomach the fact that Britney's ENTIRE, literally ENTIRE speech, was her reading a teleprompter tributing Beyoncé. And what's even more cringeworthy was how the camera directly switched over to Kanye & Jay-Z the second Beyoncé's name was introduced, almost making me believe they were responsible for a part of it. You can even peek queen Adele giving a shady smirk towards both of them, but she had every right because the tribute was shady and inappropriate as f**k for a legend like Britney. My heart felt so bad for Britney that night and you can tell she started to get uncomfortable towards the end and wanted to leave the stage as quickly as possible. I mean, you'd think the VMAs would have pulled their sh!t together and not humiliated Britney by playing her so dirty after the 2007 incident which imo -- destroyed the confident, fearless Britney and all the other times where she was robbed. Even at the last VMAs she attended, I feel like the show director set her up, yet again, by going before Beyoncé. It's almost like MTV Studios thrives on setting her up to fall, ever since the beginning and I find that so unprofessional. And after watching J.Lo's Video Vanguard Tribute and Performance at the most recent VMAs, I really got upset and thought to myself that it really isn't fair Britney's been discredited so much throughout her entire career. Artists from the same caliber like Bey, J.Lo, even JT get praised by the newer generation while Britney is seen as a 'washed-up, talentless hag', yet when Britney was giving it her ULTIMATE ALL for six years straight, nobody appreciated her efforts and it wasn't until after the world had chewed her up and spit her out alive that everyone started kissing her ass even though her spirit had shifted. It breaks my heart because Britney deserved so much more credit than she actually got. She was always more talented than the rest of her pop star peers, yet her artistry was silenced and downplayed for so long. Unfortunately, her personal life took over her professional life and was practically milked until it broke her. In a way, she was really guinea pigged as the first young, successful all-American pop star of the Internet age through a lot of trial-and-error. I mean, the amount of success Britney Spears achieved in the span of only six years at such a young age will probably never happen again in our lifetime and believe me, that requires talent and the reason why she's a national treasure in popular culture. The thing that bothers me the most is while her late 1990s/early 2000s peers were all able to swiftly move on from teen stars to adult professionals and grow as established artists, Britney was never fully able to make that transition due to so much of her past success as a young teenager and in her early 20s. It's almost like she froze in time and never really made a full evolution. Then again, none of her peers really experienced the heavy exposure, stress of the limelight and level of fame that Britney had to deal with.  I just want to end this post by saying rise Britney Spears, rise. We are all rooting for you in whatever decision you make. None of us have ever come close to walking in your shoes and maybe we'll never know. All I know is -- as a fan of yours for so long, I'll continue to stick by your side and by the end of the day, you deserve the utmost happiness because you are incomparable. We love you, always and forever.
  2. The Greatest Show

    exhale look familiar??

    Does this move look familiar to you guys???
  3. Yes you heard that here..Britney Jean had the potential to be her BEST album since In The Zone, had she actually SANG and FINISHED all the songs. The problem with Britney Jean is that it sounds like a rushed, half-assed demo album that didn't even enter any mastering and Britney's team REALLY thought that they could by. THIS ALBUM SERIOUSLY COULD HAVE BEEN HER CAUTION BUT LEAVE IT TO BRITNEY AND HER TEAM TO f**k IT UP. #JusticeForGodneyJean aka the TRUE album that really got away #JusticeForHoldOnTight #JusticeForGodfume #JusticeForNowThatIFoundGod #JusticeForItShouldBeRecordedAboveWater #JusticeForGodssenger #JusticeForBrightestMorningLegend AND SO MANY OTHERS THAT HAD POTENTIAL TO SLAY BUT INSTEAD WE GOT BRITNEY PULLING A MILLI VANILI OVER SOME SHITTY ASS PRODUCTION. AND FOR THAT, I WILL NEVER GET OVER IT.
  4. The Greatest Show

    exhale 2001 vma snake reaction

    I have seen the rehearsal footage before but I have never seen her reacting with that cute sound when she first saw Banana. Thought I'd share in case anyone else hasn't seen it.
  5. After these past few years it appears that Britney has changed quite a bit. Her mindset comes across as less humble and as everyone here in Exhale knows, she is playing the nostalgia act which might have gone to her head. She’s had quite a bit of work done on her face, she performs lazy most nights with no fucks to give, knowing fans spend hundreds on her tickets, she allegedly (I do believe it) treated her fans like sh!t during her M&G’s last summer, she had the audacity to claim she always sings live with a pissy attitude which leads me too also add that she not only lips but uses album vocals from almost twenty years ago. Those are just a few examples that were all currently familiar with, but the question is...Is Britney still the most humble and genuine star in Hollywood? One last note I’d like to add is that her anxiety is apparent along with her ticks, however she has matured quite a bit and instead of a scared girl, I see a grown women with anxiety. So in a sense she has gained some confidence through maturity which is good but also bad as it’s making her look divaish. Even with all the diva antics I just mentioned, she’s still light years ahead of most celebs. Do you agree or disagree? And If not Britney, than who else?
  6. I found this comment on her last BBMA performance. It's really long but interesting and true (apart from the meth part, I never heard that?) "Lane3512 please. She has one of the saddest stories in pop culture. Do you know anything about her 2007 breakdown? Her life was a living hell at that time. Yes she has money and was the most famous person on earth for an entire decade but that doesn't take away from what she went through. 2004-2007, she had a horrible knee injury that ruined her dance career, her parents were getting a divorce, her aunt died of cancer, her and Justin broke up, no other celeb has ever had the same amount of paparazzi as Britney did and they did not ever leave her alone. She was the most photographed woman in the world. She always got asked about paparazzi and every damn time, she cried. She had NO privacy. Not even in her own house. She was going crazy, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, K-Fed married her, had children with her, and cheated on her and admitted to using her for fame and money, she was battling with SEVERE depression and anxiety. Being the most famous person in the world, there was absolutely nothing but rumours and a bunch of bullshit in the tabloids and magazines and everything. After being treated so badly by K-Fed, he stole her babies away from her. Her life was falling apart and the world just kept tearing her down just so we could watch the show and make money and sell her privacy and all of her to the world. No one has ever reached that level of fame when it comes to publicity. All she ever did was be kind and the world destroyed her. To cope with it, she got addicted to meth, and overdosed but thankfully made it out alive. Guess what happened when she overdosed? She was being carried into an ambulance on the edge of death and there was nothing but people asking for autographs and flashing lights for photos to sell to magazines. She also tried to kill herself multiple times. She just stepped into motherhood and guess what? K-Fed filed to have her lose custody of her children and the police and social services showed up at her house and tried to take her babies. She was screaming and crying and locked herself in the bathroom because her newborn babies were the ONLY thing that kept her going at that time. She didn't want to lose them. Then she got them back and the world blew up calling her a bad mother just because she almost dropped her child when she was walking and tripped. A quarter of the world saw that Britney was falling apart but NOBODY helped her. The other 3 quarters of the world saw it as a way to make money and saw it as something hilarious to bully her for. It's terrifying and utterly horrible what she went through and I assure you, you probably wouldn't have made it out alive if you went through what she did. We almost lost Britney forever. Those days messed her up so bad she's not even the same person anymore. Thank god she's still alive. But you know what? That wasn't even half of the things that happened during those years. You should listen to the song "Britney" by Bebo Norman because it basically explains how badly the world hurt her." we kinda do give her a hard time if you reflect on what she's been through. We say there's a lot of mystery behind her anxiety and her team and all but the answer is pretty much right there.
  7. Miss_R

    exhale Picture game

    Let’s have some fun and play for awhile, what do you think? It reminds a little bit “idol challenge”, but every member can say a new “challenge” for a picture. I say “Britney in a black dress”, someone posts Britney’s picture of her in black dress and says the next one. I’ll start. Britney in a black dress.
  8. That song needs to be on stage performed by her! It can easily come before or after Gimme More. Make it a very dark theatrical performance of a song. Something!
  9. GMA talks to Britney behind the scenes of her ABC ITZ Special: Beautiful era. She’s so vibrant!
  10. Mystic Womaney

    exhale Hi! I’M NEW!

    Hi guys! I FINALLY got the courage to make an account on here and talk to my fellow stans, after years of blissfully reading all the different topics. I was first tempted to make an account when I saw someone did a similar post when they joined (holla me because I applaud your strength and everything) but stopped because whenever I’d read a post and be like OH HANG ON I HAVE AN OPINION THAT HASNT BEEN SAID YET... Of coarse someone then did and I loved reading all different opinions and knowing mine are the same. I’ll probably continue to be a wallflower but I wanted to join the community and be more social with my fellow stans. I just wanted to say a little about me, my name’s Leah, i from the U.K., I’m 21 (and I have the same bday as godney 🙏) I’ve been a stan since before I can remember. It’s really shaped my identity. More so the older I get. My dad said when baby one more time came out I was 1 and he remembers me being in love with it. Since being a young child to a young adult I’ve been teased relentlessly for my love towards Britney and people find it weird how I call this amazing biography I’ve had for 11 years now, by Steve Dennis on her, the bible. But it is, she is someone I admire for showing how real and human she is. I have a belief in her she gives me hope and that’s all it is at the end of the day. Her story lets me know things get tough but you get thru. I mostly love her unreleased but of coarse I have every album and listen to it all. But that’s why my name is mystic womaney because mystic man has always been my fav song. Anyone else? I had an interview at a club, when I was at uni in Brighton (of coarse I saw her at pride this year, I loved it, I just graduated uni and MY fav singer came to town. And everyone I’ve known my entire life blew up my phone before even I knew she’d done it...good friends despite all the teasing eh) anyway for this interview I had to make a 5 min presentation to get them to like something and so I did britney and showed them Mona Lisa and explained it’s meaning and was like, you don’t have to like her music but you should like her because she’s such an inspiration and is so much more capable than the media gives her credit for. And they gave me the job and said I know too much but then played britney at this very laddish club because it made me so happy and I love it. I love wherever I go people think of me when they hear britney. But it’s lonely having all the information and such a stan and no one to share it with you and your friends only letting you play one britney song on your bday (and britneys bday also) (I’m not bitter I promise!) Anyway, I’ve had my struggles and she’s helped me 193726181% and I just wanted to make some much needed like minded friends. People who wanna listen and talk about britney and other things too I have other things to talk about but I felt this is a good starting post haha! Hope you don’t find this weird. I wanna know about you all too!
  11. On the HBO Special of DWAD Live Concert, which performance is your favorite? Feel free to explain your choice!
  12. This choreography is not that hard. But still looks amazing. Cuz of attitude of dancers. She can do it easily. Currentney missed her attitude. She needs her bad bitch attitude. Bring back hood Britney! By the way girl with the blue hair gave me life. Watch: https://youtu.be/9L5OPGkyFdw
  13. FatteFemaleStan


    Yes the rumors are true delusional knee stans, Femme Fatale is indeed Britney’s best album this decade. Brenda Jones is a horrid mess and Glory is a really good reject Selena Gomez album
  14. Do you ever have moments while watching other performers where you think "god I wish that was Britney" or if Britney had a moment like that? If so please post and please use timestamps. These are my moments I would love it If Britney had a moment at the end of a song where she let the audiece help her finish her song. I would love it if Britney showed off her athletisism more I would love it if Britney had a moment where she walked through the crowd I would love it if Britney had a C stage at the back of the arena and sang some acoustic songs on there for the ppl in the back I would love a tour opening like this I would love if Britney had a giant screen on her stage I would love it if Britney had a part of a song that is meant for the audience to sing. It just adds so much to a show imo.
  15. I know the differences are very slim but I kinda like how the demo of BOMT has a slightly faster BPM and puts more emphasis on her deeper voice, as well as certain synthesizers/keyboard sounds. I do prefer the original "oh baby baby" pre-first verse instead of just the plain instrumental though. Idk, it would have been interesting to see how much of a difference it would have made. Then again, it's such LQ sounding that you can barely tell the differences. What are your guys thoughts on the demo?
  16. I thought this would help: Britney’s a great dancer in 2018 and she looks very pretty. So the best performance is??
  17. Cappycorn87

    exhale I agree with this

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BqVONfCluI8hzE8J587VCq2ha--BUWG68YhbkY0/ I get it that folks want Britney to become this boring ass, pretentious artist that are super full of themsleves. They want her to become one of those "My art this, My art that" kind of artist Britney has a lot of personal songs but because they are not present in that boring ass, pretentious, overly serious way then they do not take her serious I love that Britney does not conform to what others want her to be and keeps things fresh and interesting as always
  18. Everyone believes that Britney is just done and now just doesn’t give a sh!t anymore but I believe Britney is just censoring herself and trying to be a good girl so she doesn’t get into any trouble hence why she doesn’t talk a lot about her music and other things that doesn’t include Vegas or her boys. I just finished watching Mariah interview on Genius and hearing her commentary on her work and also about how she feels about some of her most iconic songs and it gave me a better understanding of how the industry is. Of course Mariah is one of Britney’s huge idols and looks up to her. Before you guys write me off, hearing Mariah talk about her life and career (aside from a few differences) I always felt both women are kinda like, both felt suppressed and controlled to death with the people around them both are very passionate about their work and are heavily involved in the production of their albums (okay maybe more for Mariah) and despite being a diva, Mariah is sooooo down to earth. Plus I felt that Britney was more honest and upfront like Mariah before the conservators stepped in. Not to mention Mariah is writing a memoir of her life ( ahem mysterious book anyone?) which she hints gives more insight into the untold questions. It was interesting how she spoke about charm bracelet and it had so much pressure to succeed yet it didn’t and you hear in her voice how she felt defeated and how it lead to Mimi where she said it came out the way it did because there wasn’t any expectations or huge pressure to make a hit even personally for her because of Glitter. So watching it I can almost see Britney in that chair talking doing that and giving us more insight into the untold questions we have. Not to mention, Britney’s last eras feels almost like Mariah’s. So that’s why she needs to get out of the conservatory because we would never get the old Britney cuz I know she’s there but I feel Britney now is very cautious ( omg no pun intended) and is editing herself. I can see why the questions are boring because her team wants her to avoid any talk about the conservatorship or saying or implying anything negative about them. The fact that she can’t casually bring it into conversation just shows how shady they are. I don’t know what the exact question was that Jonathan Ross said but it was like about being able to go anywhere or something but for them to edit out the part she saying well not exactly considering my current restraints which I thought is nothing bad or something, everyone knows she’s in one so what’s the big deal to go that extra length to get that small piece cut. Team B trying to do Jedi mindtricks but like everything else, fails.
  19. As of date, Britney has released 13 singles this decade. Which of her singles is your favorite? P.S. I better not see any votes for Pretty Girls.
  20. Let's play this game. I post my favorite picture from year 1998 and next one posts their favorite from 1999 and so on until it's current year. Then the next one restarts and sends their fav pic from 1998 1998
  21. Never have I heard a Christmas song so bubbly, festive and CLIMATIC - all in one. To this day, I don't know a better Christmas song and I'm hoping there will be a day where 'My Only Wish' surpasses 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' in streams/popularity because she is THAT underrated bitch. Rise My Only Wish This Year, rise.
  22. I was thinking the other day -- if I only had to choose 5 and ONLY FIVE Britney songs that she's most remembered by and associated with, it would probably be these listed below: Baby One More Time Oops I Did It Again Toxic Womanizer Work Bitch But I also want to know what the general consensus is. Agreed? If not, please explain what should be replaced.
  23. DignifiedLove

    exhale Showdown vs. The Hook Up

    Both are pretty solid album tracks but which do you prefer?
  24. So I decided to generate a list of what's been known through word of mouth by fans to be regarded as some of her greatest non-singles, a.k.a. the songs that got away, had potential and/or deserved the single treatment. I'd be curious to know what the general consensus is, so go ahead and cast your vote. If the song, is not listed -- feel free to choose other and comment below. I'd be interested to see what the winner is, so you better vote bitch.
  25. Well? We always talk about how we want more mature-sounding material with meaning and I can't think of a better lead to kick off the new era than the masterpiece known as 'Hold On Tight'. Thoughts?