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Found 19 results

  1. Welcome to The People's Republic of Exhale, everyone! In this thread Exchange Express yourself!, I wanted to discuss our favourite album covers for every Britney album. It can be both an official album cover or a fanmade one, just an album cover you love. It also doesn't have to be only one, but also don't post, like, 15. So, without further ado, let's begin! Here are my picks: ...Baby One More Time Oops!... I Did It Again Britney In The Zone Blackout Circus Femme Fatale This is the most covers I'll post in this thread: Britney Jean Glory The covers above are easily my favourite fanmade Britney album cover in existence... it's so amazing. I just wish higher quality versions of them existed... Those are all the covers I can think of right now. I couldn't decide on one, so almost all of the albums have more than one cover posted. Also, congratulations to Babblative Japanophilia for being the only Britney album of which the official cover I consider one of the best.
  2. I dunno why but these always get a laugh out of me: Naomi Campbell Lady Gaga Nicole Kidman.... or is it Bree Van de Kamp? I can't tell lmao Justin Timberlake Lindsay Lohan Oprah Prince William
  3. If you were introducing brit brit’s music to someone new using your own playlist with 10 songs, what would it look like? (not necessarily your 10 fave songs, but what you think best represents Britney) I think mine would be something like: 1. Break the Ice 2. Love Me Down 3. Breathe on Me 4. Blur 5. Get Naked (I Got A Plan) 6. Do You Wanna Come Over? 7. Everytime 8. Gimme More 9. Kill the Lights 10. Inside Out I just feel like these songs would make a good mix together and represent our girl’s versatile and shape-shifting abilities
  4. Hello, everyone! As you probably noticed, recently, a new update recently took place. This update being the inflate / deflate feature. In this feature, you can either inflate or deflate a post. The most inflated post in a thread will appear at the top of the page. You can also sort the messages (or "Exhales") by date, to keep them in a chronological order. Now, this update has been met with a somewhat negative response. Due to this, I created this thread to see what the people actually think of this update and added a little bonus poll. Have fun!
  5. In 2018, towards the end of the Piece of Me Tour, Britney's Instagram posts and the few public appearances she made started to get a little... bizarre. She started looking more and more disheveled (Don't even get me started on the racoon eyes), and her posts made little sense. Then there was the major CRINGE-factor of the Domination announcement event where Britney seemed more like a circus animal who was forced out of her cage and made to appear in front of a crowd of people. It was hard to watch. Britney was clearly not mentally or emotionally into it at all. Then.... 2019 happened. We all already know what happened at the beginning of 2019, so I won't get into that again, but ever since Britney was released from the mental facility and she began posting on Instagram again, something has been very very OFF. Her posts are erratic and very concerning. 1.) It seems that Britney has had very little, if any, contact with her kids. They use to appear on most of her Instagram posts, and now they're nowhere to be seen. 2.) She is CONSTANTLY with Sam, and clinging onto him, and he is CONSTANTLY commenting on each and every post. He is becoming an ominous presence in all her posts, almost like he's in control of her. I use to like Sam for her, but something is really off now. 3.) Britney seems very immature and infantile at this point. She seems less like a 37 year old mother of 2, and more like a 14 year old who just figured out how to use Instagram. It's certainly a regression for her from just a few years ago. 4.) Maybe the rumors of Britney just now being allowed access to a smart phone are true. Instead of just flipping to the rear camera in her Insta stories, she literally turns the entire phone around. 5.) Britney seems really obsessed with her body and weight and how the public sees her - the now iconic, "skinny as a needle" video. It's like she's trying to convince everyone that she's working out and is trying to assure everyone that she will be "skinny" again. I personally didn't see anything wrong with any of the photos in question, but apparently she thought she looked "fat" in them. This is strange for Britney as she's never commented on fat-shaming paparazzi photos of her before (in recent memory). 6.) Many times someone else is filming her talking in her Insta videos, and some of them seem forced. Like someone is trying to convince us that Britney is "okay". In reality, these videos only make her seem more unstable. Look at the comments on her most recent videos... people aren't blind. 7.) Britney seems really scatter-brained, erratic, and forced in her videos ("I rise in the A.M. of the morning".... What?). Britney is just not herself. Something really weird is going on with her. Thousands of people are noticing this and voicing their concerns in the comments of her videos and posts. Is she being forced to post to her Instagram in order to give off the perception that she's "okay"? Could something more sinister be going on with her? What do you think?
  6. Let’s have some fun and play for awhile, what do you think? It reminds a little bit “idol challenge”, but every member can say a new “challenge” for a picture. I say “Britney in a black dress”, someone posts Britney’s picture of her in black dress and says the next one. I’ll start. Britney in a black dress.
  7. Let's play this game. I post my favorite picture from year 1998 and next one posts their favorite from 1999 and so on until it's current year. Then the next one restarts and sends their fav pic from 1998 1998
  8. Britney has been wearing cool shirts through the years. Let’s share them
  9. I know she cut these but do you guys know of any others?? Im sure she cut up most of her ULTRA short dresses from the last 3 years but I havent found pictures of the origninals. Edit:
  10. That pink and cheetah bathing suit and poses with the hands on her hips and handstands? Hi bitch, I mean Britney. Put that hotness and energy into a new summer single and video you hawt bitch!!!
  11. She was SO natural and stunning.... She was almost completely herself and full of personality. She also looked and sounded similar to her prime! 2016ney was a blessing!!!
  12. Me personally is Me Agaisnt The Music when it comes to the Pre-chorus. But other than that her songs are easy cause nearly everyone can do the baby voice. Oh but not everyone can do Baby Boy, Where Are You Now and Passenger.
  13. just curious. How are some of you all dealing with aging and how old are you? I dont know if its because im part of this fanbase but Im obsessed with my skin and terrified of getting wrinkles. (Im turning 29 in October) So far I dont have any wrinkles but my eyebrows have dropped a bit and ive lost quite a bit of fat in my face. I dont see a noticeable different in the mirror but I hate almost every picture im in now. Its like my face but its off somehow. Anyone else? Also I feel like every other day soemthing hurts. When I ask other people my age they dont seem to have that problem and its really frustrating me. I feel like Im constantly getting injured while doing absolutley nothing. I have had 4 minor injuries this year and a major one last year. Nothing is healing properly and even the body parts that arent injured always have little aches. Like technically I can still do a bridge and have great back flexibility but sometimes I physically cant get into that position because my entire back decides to be super stiff for a week or 1 day I have perfect oversplits and then the next day I cant touch my toes. Is that age or was I just blessed with the worst genes? What are your experiences with getting older?
  14. "OK guys so you may be surprised or even shocked to hear my new project but I've decided to enter the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and I'll be taking part in two events - the gymnastics and the 100m swim." "Great news everyone! So as you know I've always been the biggest fan of chat shows and from November 2019 I'll be hosting my very own show. It'll be like Oprah meets SNL with lots of fun sketches and celeb guests. I'm such a big talker so it'll be very very cool." "My new project is a movie called Snaparazzi. It's made by the genius people behind Sharknado and it's a comedy based on the Paparazzi. After years of being followed, I can't wait to have some fun and get my own back!!" "So I'm retiring. #TheyFinallyLetMe"
  15. it sounds like the production is too cheap, the lyrics are cheesy and chiche. the chorus is weak and the bridge is just.... what the f**k? it sounds awkward, and unmastered. i realize that a fair bit of circus is very pop, but at least it's well produced gaga's vocals are too loud. britney sounds like she doesn't even want to sing this song i've never been able to get through it .... how do u go from janetney to blackout... to this lady gaga reject honestly it sounds like it could be on lotus... i do however, love unusual you
  16. Does anyone know where in the Caribbean is Britney vacationing? hotel or city? looks like a really beautiful place!
  17. I’ve always been curious... Do people in your day-to-day life know you’re on Exhale? Or know you stan Brit at all? Is there anyone on here who’s like a closet stan? For example, my friends and family know I love Britney but probably not the extent of it And Exhale is definitely my secret guilty pleasure.
  18. Hello, everybody! As you may have already guessed by the title, this thread is a meme thread. If you enjoy memes, you might be familiar with the "Mom, can we have ___?" meme. Well, this is exactly that, but a Britney-related edition. It's also going to be pretty similar to @Dark.Knight's "EXPECTATION VS. REALITY" thead. To show you how this works, this is my example: Me: Mom, can we have ? Mom: No, we have at home. at home: So, this is kinda what it's meant to look like. Now, it's y'all's turn to continue this thread. Let it begin! Also, did anyone else not have the ability to create spoilers anymore?
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