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Found 4 results

  1. What time will the ET interview air? Today Britney should make a "huge announcement"... what do you think? I still have a glimpse of hope that's going to be about new music because it's too soon for her to announce the new residency. But we already know she's going to announce "the new unisex perfume Prerogative" we already know about UPDATE:
  2. Downvote me now. Hopefully I’ll get upvotes back when you bookmark this... my mate text me earlier to ask if I wanted to go Glastonbury next year & I replied saying “not unless Britney headlines” (muddy fields is not my thing) then about 3 hours later I saw an article saying that the ‘legendary act’ is non-British & female! I’m not at a pool party with insider information but I’m a little bit odd with weird coincidences happening so I reckon now it’ll be part of the 20th anniversary.... like I said, if you wanna downvote, bookmark me and take it back in a years time lol.
  3. The Greatest Show

    event Britney SLAYS Choreography To Janet Jackson's "All Nite"

    Seriously why cant you dance like that in your own f**king show... you know for the people that pay to see you??
  4. BritneyJasonUK

    event UK TV promo?

    While Britney is in UK, will she be doing any TV promo? I would LOVE to watch her on Graham Norton show, would be so fun!