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Found 180 results

  1. I've been to over 10 concerts in my life and am trying to go to more: I've seen: 1. Hilary Duff (A Girl Can Rock Tour 2004) 2. Z100 Jingle Ball concert 2008 3. Vanessa Hudgens live at California fair 2008 4. Selena Gomez at a Fair in 2011 (this was BEFORE she became a huge popstar!) 5. Britney piece of me in 2014 6. Donny and Marie Osmond in vegas 2014 7. Backstreet Boys In A World Like This Tour 2014 8. Ariana Grande Honeymoon Tour 2015 9. Taylor Swift 1989 Tour 2015 10. Justin Bieber Purpose Tour 2016 11. Britney (again!) in 2016 12. Demi Lovato Tell Me You Love Me Tour 2018 13. Mariah Carey in Vegas 2018 (on my 25th bday!) And I am now trying to see if I can get Jonas Brothers tickets and Madonna ones. Im just curious as to which concerts you guys have been to and are u planning on going to any other ones anytime soon
  2. And use it as marketing promo? She could also do it just to psych the world out, like “It’s Britney Bitch.” It would be a big middle finger to the industry. Next, she would release a KILLER album the VERY next day, and her dancing would return like from 2001. She would be killing it, wearing hats and wigs. The world wouldn’t say anything bad about her either because all of the pop stars shave their head and wear outfits now so it wouldn’t make a difference. It would be a real artistic statement from where she’s BEEN, to where she IS. Thoughts?
  3. I feel the only way Britney can get out of the conservatorship is if she studies to be a dentist. That way she would prove to the court that she is capable and ready to live on her own, and contribute to society. Kim Kardashian is studying to be a lawyer, so I don’t see why Britney shouldn’t fulfill her passion of being a dentist.
  4. Madonna clearly used Britney for publicity... she kissed her for publicity (while permanently sacrificing Xtincta), and then “came to her defense” by parading her around on stage to sing with her once... but never reached out or spoke up for her when she was having her breakdown. Why is that?
  5. Chris Crocker hasn’t made a single peep about the queen, so I’m not sure what he’s doing. Is he planning on exposing Team B or is he scared of the lawsuits? I think with such a big platform he could make an impact on the #freebritney movement.
  6. You know what? Because I don’t think any of you actually do. You insult her, maim her image, disrespect her constantly, insult her, pretend to care when in reality you just love the drama. You hate her, and you know it. Admit it. The media taught everyone to hate Britney, and trained everyone to dislike her. Britney saw the worst in humanity, it destroyed her, and you still won’t let up. You prop up your purchased music and claim you bought it because you like Britney; well guess what, you don’t. You bought it because you liked the MUSIC. Now they parade her around like a caged animal and you all eat it up. You’re not saying “freebritney” because you’re altruistic, you’re saying “freebritney” because it makes YOU look good. Stop with the false proclamations of love and adoration and just own up to your own hate and your own bigotry, because you sure as hell have a lot of it.
  7. It was set to bomb from the start, the ticket sales were so low. It was a blessing in disguise that they tightened the rope on her even tighter, and Papa Spears refused to even let her out of the house... (ALLEGEDLY) Any thoughts? By the way, did anyone notice I said ALLEGEDLY? Oh my GOD, please don't sue me!!!
  8. High-profile celebrity members of the Spears-Parnell clan give an insight into their personal lives and reveal various secrets pertaining to their families and relationships. The weird dynamic within the family clearly entertains the viewer to the maximum. IMDb - 9.2 / 10 TV.com - 89% "My favourite TV show! I love how they are very open about their personal life and how the drama evolves" -Obama "If the doctor says I have 50 minutes to live, you know what show I'll be switching on?" -Oprah Winfrey "It just did work" -Larry Rudolph "It's Britney, Bitch" -will.i.am "Chaotic outsold" -Kevin Federline Season 2 Produced by Lou Taylor, KEEPING UP WITH THE SPEARS'S, the 5 time Golden Globe Winner chronicles the frantic lives of the Spears clan, a blended family composed of Country/Pop/Music Queen Jamie Lynn (widely known as Flat Tummy Tea) Spears; Pop Princess Britney Spears; and their mixed brood of spoiled children along with their modelling and cosmetic industry tyrant Lynne Spears and her efficient husband who finds innovative methods to make money with the least work, Jamie Parnell Spears. The children -- Preston, Maddie, Jayden, Ivey and Queen Lexie (who's positioned as the star of the show) are also intervowen into the storyline to intrigue watchers of all ages. A family unlike any other, you can experience a complete indulgence into the everlasting succes and fame of Queen Of Country/Pop/Music-as-a-whole Jamie Lynn Spears as her lesser known sister Britney struggles with an abusive conservatorship placed on her by her own father who claims he has her daughter's best interest at heart, although proved on the contrary and Britney siding with her mother to go head to head against her own father in court; The narrative spins vividly as Jamie Lynn is spotted with Jamie from time to time as Lynne continues to support her eldest daughter by liking posts on social media. The very next day, you can view everyone, including Lynne and Jamie enjoying Independence Day at Jamie Lynne's House having a playful time with Ivey as all enemity is forgotten. It's unclear as to which side Jamie Lynn is on as Britney's boyfriend Sam Asghari joins the show putting up his authenticity as the boyfriend to the question of the fans and viewers. Lynne can be seen supporting a guy Jamie is suing and the very next day she will be spotted having fun with Jamie at their daughter's house, As Lynne's Instagram account is suspended out of nowhere. The show also puts into question the absence of Bryan Spears as he seems to have disappeared with no traces. KUWTS:S2 premiers at 12 pm EST, 7th of July on Netflix.
  9. First person posts a battle, then next person replies with the winner vs. a new song. Example: User 1: I'm A Slave 4 U vs. Work Bitch User 2: I'm A Slave 4 U vs. Overprotected User 3: Overprotected vs. Love Me Down So I'll start... ...Baby One More Time vs. Oops!...I Did It Again
  10. They better be talking sh*t about Lou and Jamie
  11. I feel like she didn’t need plastic surgery and she just needed a better makeup artist (or a makeup artist in general, not just have Michael J. Fox apply your eyeliner for you).
  12. It was for me. Every song was a smasher.
  13. But says Turks and kakos.....odd right ? She clearly got this on Lincoln in Miami but saying wrong location...also the Bible references are continuing and getting very strange
  14. They took her kids away again, so is it that she could possibly be dangerous to other people? I really feel like Loucifer and Overlord Papa Spears are going overtime trying to isolate Britney as much as possible. I think it's a lie. She wouldn't be posting the new instagram videos and acting carefree if her kids were just removed from her (apparently according to court documents they have been). Are they old videos then? Does she even know what's going on? They have her focusing on being skinny as a needle, and not her own personal life. And who else is skeptical of Sam? Not sure what is going on atm... This is bad
  15. Did “ I’m a slave 4 you” intro was a new prerecord with her current voice? It sounds different than the original one
  16. Lizzo Cardi B See? Those belts are in style
  17. It seems rude and sexist nowadays to ask a young child if she is a virgin on national TV. Do you think they could get away with it now?
  18. Jamie Spears, Britney's father, deserves JUSTICE. His entire life, he has had to listen to the entire world commenting on his daughter - how she's sexy, if she's a virgin, if she's "fat," if she's "stupid," if she's mentally ill, if she's Mrs. She's-Too-Big-Now-She's-Too-Thin... It has to be rough on him. He must be going insane knowing that the world is talking about and criticizing his daughter. This is very rough on him in a lot of ways, and I don't think people give him a lot of credit for that.
  19. Okay this is not meant to be shady so please give me the leeway to be blunt about it. But our girl has a hard time speaking without sounding like she’s croaking. How in the world do they make a singing voice come out of that? Real question deserves real answers.
  20. The time is right for her to tour again. She needs new music, is all. She's ready for it. She's allowed to use a phone occasionally, she has a GREAT boyfriend, she can voice her own opinion and she's been killing it in her instagram videos. Why not tour the world? Kevin Felonline won't have a problem with it either - more revenue for him. Thoughts?
  21. Today, 15 years ago (June 08, 2004), Britney startes filming music video for “Outrageous”.  The music video for "Outrageous" was directed by Dave Meyers, who previously worked in the music videos for "Lucky" and "Boys", as well as the Curiouscommercials. It was shot in outdoors locations in Queens and Manhattan, New York City on June 8, 2004. The music video was set to premiere on MTV on June 28, 2004. After completion of the scenes with guest star Snoop Dogg, Spears was shooting dance scenes in Manhattan when around 11:30 pm, she fell and injured her left knee.
  22. Shadow2003

    Delete this fat

    This Exfolation ought to have its existence removed, overweight.
  23. According to this lady she was seen in attendance for her sons middle school graduation. Seems like the timing directly after the video is too convenient for me ...
  24. Today, 10 years ago (May 27-28, 2009), Britney startes filming music video for “Radar”. In June 2008, Britney’s manager Larry Rudolph told The Sun that a video for "Radar" directed by Spears was to be shot in Chelsea, London. The concept would have Spears and her friends chasing a man in different clubs. However, this was scrapped along with the single’s release. The music video for "Radar" from Circus was filmed on May 27 and 28, 2009, at the Bacara Resort & Spa located in Santa Barbara, California. It was directed by Dave Meyers, who previously worked with Spears on her music videos for "Lucky", "Boys" and "Outrageous" as well as the Curious commercials. Meyers claimed the video pays tribute to the music video of Madonna's 1994 single "Take a Bow". He added, “We were looking for a way to take her into a contemporary, classy environment. I felt empowered by referencing Madonna's video. Britney hasn't done anything like that".
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