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  1. why am i seeing this for the first time? and why isn't there a full recording?
  2. dunno if you remember this viral video campaign by iamamiwhoami in 2010 it was around the time everyone thought Xtina was behind this as well or Goldfrapp but i read a comment that someone thought Britney was one of those popstars that they thought she was behind this project. tbh... i would dye if our gurl ever did something like this cause im a huge Jonna Lee fan as well and her audiovisual albums are always spot on
  3. I'M ACTUALLY MAD RIGHT NOW https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/8500242/lady-gaga-touring-earnings-pass-half-billion-mark Why isn't Britney included in this? They say only 5 female artists have done this Madonna Celine dion taylor swift beyonce Lady gaga Why the tour gross isn't reported for selected dates in Femme Fatale tour, nor the Asia tour and the piece of me tour (looking at the English pages from wikipedia- the pages in different languages state something different but don't know if we can trust this https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Britney:_Piece_of_Me#Britney:_Live_in_Concert) Also there is no info for the tours before the onyx hotel tour!!! Can some please fix this and get Billborad boxscore **** team's attention! im tired of people denying britney of her success
  4. https://www.inquisitr.com/5353098/britney-spears-wedding-sam-asghari/ (I’m also aware idk how to spell)
  5. So... back than, me and one of my best- friends have made a Remix for one of Britney's most successful tracks from her latest album, Glory' this remix is featuring Little Mix. Please comment your thoughts about it! Britney Spears- Clumsy: THE REMIX feat. Little Mix [Verse 1] Clumsy But I love how you go down Head first and style it out Again and again Clumsy I keep on bumping into you Bangin' all over this bedroom Again and again [Pre-Chorus] Call me a fool, call me insane But don’t call it a day Closer to you, closer to pain It's better than far away Whoaaa [Chorus] Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh (ohhh) Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh... Oops! [Instrumental Breakdown] [Post-Chorus] Hey, clumsy Hey, clumsy Whoaaaa Whoaaaa [Verse 2] Clumsy 'Cuz I be slipping out this dress Fooling around and then we smash Again and again (come here, baby) Clumsy Never told a soul about what we've done You let it roll right off your tongue Again and again [Pre-Chorus] Call me a fool, call me insane But don’t call it a day Closer to you, closer to pain It's better than far away Whoaaa [Chorus] Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh (ohhh) Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh... Oops! [Instrumental Breakdown] [Verse 3- Little Mix] Perrie Edwards: (Oh your so...) Chummy But you know that I want more, Leigh-Anne Pinnock: let’s get crazy, let's hit the floor. Again and again. (What The ****? Your so) Jesy Nelson: Crazy. You say that you’re just my friend, Jade Thirlwall: now our thing’s about to end. found another crush. [Littel Mix Pre-Chorus] Call me a witch, call me a glitch, but remember, it’s Britney, *****! Im done with you, your done with me, so now I am free. [Chorus- Little Mix] Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh (ohhh) Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh... Oops! [Instrumental Breakdown] [Post-Chorus- Little Mix] Hey, clumsy Hey, clumsy Whoaaaa Whoaaaa [Bridge- Britney Spears] Clumsy Bangin' all over this bedroom C-clumsy, c-clumsy Bangin' all over this bedroom C-clumsy, c-clumsy Bangin' all over this bedroom Bangin' all over this bedroom Again and again and again and again and again and again and- [Pre-Chorus] Call me a fool, call me insane But don’t call it a day Closer to you, closer to pain It's better than far away Whoaaa [Chorus] Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh (ohhh) Whoa oh oh (oh oh) Oh oh oh... Oops! [Instrumental Breakdown] [Post-Chorus] Hey, Clumsy • Little Mix: Hey, Godney Whoaaaa Whoaaaa (Fade out) Britney Spears: Clumsy! THE END. Britney Spears: Clumsy!
  6. 1st of all : Fifteen people have won all four major annual American entertainment awards in a competitive, individual (non-group) category of the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony (EGOT) Awards. Britney already won #Grammy, so it would be very smart to have some impact on her boradways show so she can get nominated, and pray to the baby jesus, win #Tony award. 2020 - she only has to perform at Superbowl, and get an Emmy award for that (remember when Beyonce did for her televised show) and then just do a movie and get an Oscar, easy peasy. Can you see it happening too? CAN YOU FEEL IT?
  7. Out of all of Britney's discography what aomg do you relate to the most? Out From Under is very uplifting and its a song that makes me feel emotional and it's one of many songs that I listen too for comfort whenever I'm not happy and upset.
  8. I recently really got into Lucas’ stuff and find him so funny and I was so happy to see today he put up a britney related video. The way he edits is hilarious and for me is how I talk about Godney i ended up screen recording so many parts because I found it amazinf and want to use it as responses to my friends like when he says “people always say there’s 3 sides, your side the other persons side and britneys side.” thought you may enjoy it too
  9. I think we all know that Glory's album cover was well...... I think that Britney's team and RCA know they messed up BIG with Glory (except the actual music). I think we will get a photoshoot for B10's cover. So what are your guys ideas? We heard that Danja is producing some records for her, so it's most likely more urban and darker than her past couple of albums. I think that the cover should be britney with needle straight hair, sitting on a throne in a kingdom-like room with her chin tilted slightly up with light eye makeup(no raccoon), heavy eyebrows, light lipstick and a black outfit that looks royalish. Obviously not shot by randee
  10. Don’t expect much. It’s not gonna be a long cameo. It’s likely 2 minutes or under. 30 seconds. Don’t even expect a whole scene. The director said he had 10 minutes of her time, and when talking about the scene said they filmed a couple versions of the scene soooo... I don’t wanna hear any bitching about it when it comes out.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Vu28oxDpAg Hey fellow exhalers, Let me know what you think of this interview... Its so sad but so true how her conservatorship is essentially destroying her career. I wonder if her fathers sickness could possibly put an end to the conservatorship or will it be passed onto her mother to control absolutely everything? Give me your thoughts!!!!
  12. What are some typically negative things that only Britney Spears can continue to still look extremely **** and/or badass whilst doing? Ranging from felonies to misdemeanors to mere pet peeves and/or otherwise socially inappropriate behavior, here are my nominations for “Things That Only Britney Can Make Look ****:” First-degree murder (by means of poison): Second-degree murder (via electrocution): Involuntary Manslaughter (Via asphyxiation due to the removal of an astronaut’s helmet whilst in space): Armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, and illegal use of a weapon: Human trafficking: Breaking and entering: Resisting arrest: Kidnapping and reckless endangerment: Becoming a Registered *** Offender and indecent exposure: Aggravated assault and battery: Impersonating a police officer: Bribery of a police officer: Stalking: Reckless driving and/or motor vehicle collisions: Parking violations (I.e., parking directly in front of a “no parking 24 hours” sign): Spilling entire flutes of champagne onto the laps of people who are stuck in that chair and in those clothes for several more hours: Scurrying down a narrow airborne aisle whilst forcibly pushing a cart up against a rotund passenger’s rear end: Death and/or funeral processions: Popping your head out of a sewer: Making a mockery of the importance of public education due to her bored expression, truancy, blatant disregard for authority by violating school dress code via bare midriff and sitting on bleachers clearly marked, “keep aisle clear:” Inclement weather: Leading men on and/or exploiting her sexuality for personal gain: Wearing sunglasses at night and/or indoors: Narcissistic personality disorder: Black Magic: Unfettered nymphomania: Disclaimer: I hope this is evident, but it’s probably nevertheless necessary to clarify that this thread was intended to be a joke. I clearly took things Britney has said and/or done completely out of context for my own amusement, and hopefully some of yours. Can anyone think of anything else that “Only Britney could make ****?”
  13. Now that we know Justin is the exec producer, and we know it's being worked on. What are your realistic predictions? Mine are..... •it is going to be darker and more urban(to a certain extent) than glory to keep the theming with domination. •lead single in august with the album in late november •lead single will be high-tempo and will peak in the top 15 •WE WILL FINALLY GET A THRID SINGLE •suprise release, and vma performance •debut in the top 2, on a slow week •sell between 100-175k I tried to keep it realistic but it may have gotten a little out of hand Anyways What Are Yours? Include Chart placement, sales, theming, promotion etc.
  14. Hi guys I am new here, thought I would join to post some edits I created I know Domination is cancelled or whatever I made it before it was announced. Hope you like them!
  15. I created a fan-made album a year ago and uploaded it to youtube and got quite a bit of views, now I'm bored and want to create another one, I usually start with creating the artwork... I've decided I want you guys to pick the cover this time, here are the two options... + if you haven't seen my previous fan-made album, check it out, it has 6k views on YouTube, I proud of it lmao. OPTION 1 https://i65.tinypic.com/2i9ngqg.jpg OPTION 2 https://i67.tinypic.com/am5i6r.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roID64oqPGM
  16. I noticed when making my list for the trinity that I don't love the same songs I use to.. I guess I'll list one song from each album.. 1.BOMT - I use to skip BOMT and now its my fave and I skip Sometimes now... 2. OOPS- N/A I think I still listen to all these equally 3.Britney- Lonely, I kind of find the instrumental aggravating and loud for no reason. 4. ITZ - Everytime was my favorite Britney song of all time, but now I skip it, not wanting to be sad and **** anymore 5. Blackout- Why Should I Be Sad... (see #4) 6. Riccus - Trouble because they forgot to put it on Spotify the only place I listen to her albums nowadays... 7. No Fats No Fem Fatales- I Wanna Go/Hold it Against Me I would be okay if I never heard those songs again, but loved them in 2011. 8. Faded Bluney Jean- Chillin With You when I realized Jamie wasn't chillin with her sister. 9. Glorious - Electrique Culprit, loved the sound at first, but I don't speak spanish and can't sing along. 10.Domination - The first single that should have been released by now....
  17. Hey everybody Yesterday I finally finished producing a Fan Made Tour Album for the masterpiece that Blackout is Please listen to it and give me your opinion! SETLIST Act 1... Its Britney, ***** #1- Break The Ice (Live) #2- Im a Slave For You (Live) #3- Toy Soldier (Live) #4- Radar (Live) Act 2... In Love #5- Heaven On Earth Interlude #6- Breathe On Me/ Ooh Ooh Baby (Live) #7-Baby One more Time/ Oops I Did It Again (Live) Act 3...Cold as Fire, #8- Everytime (Live) #9- Why Should I Be Sad (Live) #10-Hot As Ice (Live) #11-Perfect Lover (Live) Act 4...Bad Media Karma #12- My Prerogative Interlude #13- Piece Of Me/ Do Something (Live) #14- Toxic (Live) Act 5... Nasty #15- Boys Interlude #16- Outrageous/ Me Against The Music (Live) #17- Get Back (Live) #18- Freakshow (Live) #19- Get Naked (Live) Act 6... The undeniable princess of pop (Encore) #20- Gimme More (Live) #21- (You Drive Me) Crazy/ Outro (Live) This is the first time I've done a fan made tour so im sorry if it s*cks
  18. One more week till actual Christmas, but what about our Britmas yall...
  19. Hi all, can anyone help me find a picture of britney please. Its from the bomt era, she's wearing a pulple top & looking over her shoulder as though she's walking away ❤️
  20. Hi everyone! I made extenede version of "Prerogative" commercial. It's not longer but include all scenes with Britney! Hope U'll like it! Enjoy!!! Comment and subscribe!
  21. So basucally is it rude if I play my music through my spaakers when walking through the cities of London? Like I play Britney most of the time but shoukd it bother people as I'm not going to see them again? Like yesterday I was playing Britney and I was walkign quite fast and this old man ran up to me from behind and said quite rudely "Do you think anyone would want to hear your music out loud". Of course I was quite rude to him back by saying you should mimd your own business and it shouldn't bother you as I'm not going toosee you again". But is it wrong or not? LONDON IS VERY BUSY AND FULL OF PEOPLE JUST TO ADD SO IT'S NOISY REGARDLESS. PLEASE RESPOND
  22. Hey guys, Random question but hoping the B Army can help me out with this. I was trying to find HQ/HD high-resolution pics from the Work ***** video, specifically this scene with Britney cracking the whip (iconic). However I can't find any good pics anywhere online. They're all very low res pics. The pic was going to be blown up for a gift for a fellow Godney fan so that's what I need it for but if anyone has any leads with it please let me know!!!
  23. I would like her to perform The Hook Up, or Hot as ice. They're both two amazing masterpieces. What non single would you like her to perform?
  25. I don't know how to convince you guys to do it, but If Lambily (Mariah's Fans) can get GLITTER a soundtrack album to #1 on The biggest music service in the US. I think we can too (Not even the U.S around the World.) Glory is an amazing album, and it definetly showed growth into her music big-time. Songs like "Liar", "Change Your Mind", "Love Me Down", "Do You Wanna Come Over?" deserves it and you know it aswell. I really think we can do this. Glitter managed too sell 5,000 units just in the US last week. It would be amazing if we can do it. Let'sspread the word by using #JUSTICEFORGLORY and we will start working hard on the day of 30th November. PLEASE LET'S DO THIS. We can also be a bigger streaming force than the lambs as there is more of us aswell! COME ON. SPREAD THE WORD! X
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