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  1. I just found this song, and I couldn't help to find the similarities. The atmosphere is very like ! and I am pretty sure Burns knows it. And it also a jam... Your thoughts ?
  2. Britney Spears suffered a string of meltdowns in 2007 and 2008 before being placed under the conservatorship of her father Jamie On the face of it, Britney Spears had everything. Good looks, talent and millions in the bank before she'd even turned 20. But as would become all too apparent, behind closed doors the superstar was battling a slew of personal demons. During the European leg of her Oops! I Did It Again tour in the winter of 2000, she began having 'massive anxieties' in the middle of the night. "She had trouble sleeping and crying fits. She was restless and agitated. Nights were the only times she was alone and she struggled with that… When nothing was happening, it drove her crazy. Only exhaustion would knock her out," a source previously told The Mirror. Such anxiety was not drug-induced. This was Britney’s natural state, but heightened by fame. Her moods started to swing noticeably, high and happy one minute, sad and brooding the next. She just dismissed it as “silly ole me!”. Such was the level of concern that aged 18, Britney was prescribed Prozac but she treated it like headache tablets, taking a pill only on the days she awoke depressed. This seemed to make her more manic. Then came the series of psychiatric breakdowns in 2007 and 2008 following her split from husband Kevin Federline. During one erratic meltdown, she shaved her head and attacked photographers with an umbrella. According to Rolling Stone, on another occasion she stayed up for 48 hours straight, fearing her mobile phone charger was taping her thoughts. After several failed rehab stints she lost custody of sons Jayden, 13, and Sean, 14, and barricaded herself in the bathroom with her youngest for three hours before being carried out on a stretcher and detained on a 14-day psychiatric hold for her own safety. But what sparked the downfall of one of pop's most promising princesses? Unsubstantiated rumours of post-natal depression and bipolar disorder flew, with others blaming the pressures of fame and her 2002 split from Justin Timberlake. But those who know Britney previously told The Mirror her problems stemmed from much closer to home . Born in the small town of Kentwood, Louisiana to an alcoholic father and a school teacher mother, Britney's childhood is said to have been deeply traumatic. The rows and fights she witnessed left her a bundle of nerves that others would mistake for natural excitement or energy. Her Uncle Willie – Jamie’s brother – bore witness to some of the ugly incidents. He previously said: “One time Jamie was drunk and tried to drive off with Britney in the car. She was no more than five years old. “I tried to stop him. We got right into it there by the car, fighting in front of her. “Britney was jumping up and down, crying. Lynne had to run out to get her inside. “We Spears men are known for fighting. If Britney happened to be there, so be it. “At first, Britney was a scared child and you’d catch her crying but she reached the stage when she just walked off, as if it wasn’t happening. And as she got older, she would scream and curse at her parents, trying to get them to stop fighting.” When yet another row erupted at their modest three-bedroom bungalow, Britney would seek refuge in her aunt Chanda’s trailer, parked nearby. Chanda recalled Britney as sweet but timid. A girl made quiet and withdrawn by all the hollering and verbal abuse – until she had to perform. Britney’s need to perform allowed her to escape the pain and anxiety of home. Although she is prone to over-analysing and appointing self-blame for her past troubles, her parents had their problems long before she was born. In fact, her mother filed for divorce in 1980, a year before Britney was even conceived. Divorce papers were withdrawn in March 1980. But they finally split 20 years later. Jamie’s friends described him as “a man with a big heart, a good soul but a stronger liver”. He and Britney have also had their problems. But after having treatment for alcohol addiction in 2004, Jamie emerged a new man and was determined to be a better father. It was Jamie who rescued his fragile daughter when she was at her lowest point. Meanwhile, money was always an issue for the Spears family, with some periods so dark and desperate that Britney would go to the fridge and find it bare. Mum Lynne and dad Jamie began their married life in a cramped trailer at Simpson’s Trailer Park in Kentwood. Her dad would hunt for food in the woods near their home – that meant eating rabbit and squirrel. In 1998, as Britney got a record deal, the family business went bust with debts including £31,000 in unpaid taxes. A family friend says: “Years of working every hour God sent to fund Britney’s dream caught up with them.” https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/heartbreaking-cause-britney-spears-harrowing-21687469
  3. and lets talk about how pre-2018 Britney never had captions on her photos. it not like her or her Instagram.
  4. Before u lash at me, hear me out. Could it be she's faking it till the boys are 18 so she can finally go to war with her dad? It's known that usually after 1 yr the c-ship is terminated. Of course, B initially went along with it cuz her kids' were collateral for Lou and Jaime. After the 1 yr had passed and they still kept her in the c-ship she must've thought, "damn... This is gonna go on a lot longer than I thought" I'm sure in the first couple of years she went along with it and did what they told her to do and she was improving. But I feel like at this point, 12 yrs down the road, Britney had to have thought "Okay, let me pretend to act that I still need this c-ship because they'll keep saying I won't see my boys" and began to fake everything. Why, you ask? Because she's waiting till the boys are 18 and she can fight for her freedom. She can present all the documents and proof needed to show the judge she had been competent ever since year (for arguments sake) 2011 but they kept abusing their power. Let's not take her intelligence for granted. She might act dumb at times but it could all be an act. I honestly think that this c-ship will go on for another 4 or 5 yrs before we see her battle against her father in her own words. IF that does happen, it'd be a huge bombshell and eye opener for everyone and for anyone that's in a c-ship/guardianship since it's very deceiving.
  5. Ok so, obviously we’ve all watched it I imagine. I’m rewatching it for the first time since the movement started so, I was wondering has anyone watched it since it began? if so, how do you feel now watching it?
  6. So if you all remember, a couple of weeks ago I made a post about how my mom hates Britney. OK, not hate, but just sick of her these days. Well today I showed her!!! Me: *walks into my home after a long day at work. Greet my mom* Mom: What are you wearing? You smell so good. You smelled good yesterday too. Me: Well mom... *With a big smile on my face ready to break the news to her* It's BRITNEY SPEARS! *At this point she's a bit stunned because over the weekend she dissed me for wearing "cheap" perfume like hers and not getting the more expensive stuff like her Carolina Herrera one. Mom: Oh that bi---? Me: Don't ever insult my God again, please mom. You just praised her perfume. Mom: Fine. I guess it's not bad after all. *She walks away defeated I smile in all my glory*
  7. https://chicagoradioandmedia.com/multimedia/audio/6502-java-joel-vs-justin-timberlake-wksc-fm-4-23-03 The interviewer asks him if he ever slept with Christina, Justin starts to studder and laugh nervously. Then the interviewer asks "Who's better in bed Britney or Christina", and Justin says "I wouldn't know how to judge them, I think that might answer your first question," which was if he ever slept with Christina.
  8. I was going through the record store day releases for this year and I was shocked to see Britney has one! https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/11963 kinda a weird release imo . It’s just a few remixes of oops and the B-Sides from all the singles released. Either way take my money team B edit: there’s remixes of oops, stronger, lucky, & dlmbtltk not just oops!
  9. I'm seeing some speculation around her posting saying it's not her...but, why wouldn't it be her? Her captions are concerning my heart❤, but I'm curious as to what is going on lol..can somebody shed light? Thank you!
  10. No, no not actually in my classroom physically. Currently listening to our Queen while I'm waiting for parents tonight for parent teacher conferences lol. I took a break earlier and blasted it in the library. My boss said I'm such a dweeb lol.
  11. He creado una lista para hacer un viaje por canciones de Britney Spears y revivir esos momentos que nos hizo ser parte de su vida. #Freebritney Britney Spears: One More time Lista Spotify. Setlist Oops!.. I did it again Overprotected Big fat bass Early Mornin' Phonography Mannequin Showdown Unusual you And then we kiss Coupure electrique Breathe on me I'm Slave 4 u Get naked Tom's Diner Stronger Kill the Light Break the Ice Hold it againts me Toxic Gimme more ... Baby one more time
  12. Go to YouTube to the video - one of the top comments talks about Britney but it will not let me read the replies to this comment. Why? Does anyone else get this issue?
  13. Listening to Sirius XM and Circus was on. She said "Ugh, her again? I hear her every time I'm sitting in the car with you" I told her she's no longer my mom lol Hope ya'll have an awesome Saturday cuz my mom ruined mine
  14. NOW it gets similar to YOU https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13507143/1/Hidden-Agenda Enjoy peeps!
  15. Did y'all know Out From Under was originally recorded for Bratz?! Just found out tonight listening to this version...holy cow. Idk which version I like better. Thoughts!
  16. Every time I see her IG or FB posts, especially the caption, I can't help but feel both happy she gets this freedom/break from alllll her years of overworking...but also a little sad...❤ Coming from a place of mental health discussion, I'm curious about your thoughts? Also, thoughts on her voice/way she talks now? Drug use can apparently induce bipolar disorder, but...do you think she had it all along? To me, the way I see her, is someone extremely vulnerable and fragile with all that's happened to her, therefore nervous in any form of being in the public eye❤❤ She's like this little baby bird 😭
  17. Cute Godney Thread on buzzfeed, yeah it is from years ago but it’s so funny - especially the yahoo answers screenshot. Thought we all needed some lighthearted Britney stuff in the gloom that is the Free Britney movement atm. Xx
  18. Hi everyone! New chapter is up! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13507143/1/Hidden-Agenda Title: Hidden Agenda Rated: M Chapter: 4 Summary: John learns who Britney's old flame was. And takes matters into his own hands.
  19. Guys I don't know if you even seen/read this article, but it is regarding MJ 2005 trial and how media manipulated GP and kept showing MJ as a crazy. But I think it would be great to see such a article about Britney especially from 2004-2008 how they made GP to believe she is crazy same like MJ. And tell what you think of article! https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/610258/amp
  20. It's up if anyone wants to read it. It gets pretty NSFW from here on out. If you liked YOU on Netflix, then you'll see that this is similar to it. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13507143/3/Hidden-Agenda If we aren't getting any new music any time soon, may as well do this lol.
  21. Okay, I'm a bit embarrassed to do this cuz usually I keep my writing pieces to myself or I submit it via the site since it doesn't say who I am. So for me to share with you guys is killing my anxiety right now. I got bored in December (2 weeks off work and no vacation plans) so I wrote a fanfic involving our home girl. Ya'll know I ship her with John Cena so I went ahead and decided to give that a try. For now the first 2 chapters are up and more will be uploaded day by day. If you liked YOU from Netflix, then you'll like this. I will warn ya, it's a lot of adult content so...... Don't read it at work. If you're able to review and give feedback, go right ahead. I don't mind blunt comments (good or bad) however maaaaaybe tell me personally instead of saying it publicly here. That way I know what to work on and improve it. So, without further ado..... I present to you: Hidden Agenda https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13507143/1/Hidden-Agenda
  22. A snippet of an (unconfirmed) producers' demo from the Britney Jean era has surfaced online, The snippet is quite low quality and nobody knows who produced it as of now. However it is most likely by Danja or Will.I.Am. Britney's vocals are not present as it is unknown if this demo was ever heard by Britney. It sounds quite different to the finished products of the Britney Jean era, if you can even call it an era.. The demo snippet can be heard on youtube here: Do you think this is official? Who do you think produced this? Would you have wanted Britney to sing on this? In my opinion, I like it, but I'm not sure if i would have wanted Britney to sing on it, it reminds me of a demo from 2008 by Fernando Garibay, "Superluva", which was later released by singer Starshell with the same title, which is a song I love. I'd love to know what y'all think of this.
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