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  1. Which one of Brit’s album cuts do you think deserved a video but never got the chance to shine? I have so many but the one that drives me insane is “Inside Out”. I can see Brit looking super hot in some fancy bedroom, waiting for her hot, soon to be ex to come “give her something to remember”. So, what do y’all think? What other potential Brit vids were we robbed of? What do you envision them to look like?
  2. lets open a discord server for the exhale would be fun
  3. Oops the album turns 20 this May 15th. How about celebrating its legacy by making at least a top 10 entry on iTunes? Thoughts?
  4. My phone was stolen & ALL my Britney Concert pics/videos are lost Anyone attended her Radio City Music Hall date 7/24/18 ?? If you did I would really appreciate you sending me your photos and videos from that day-especially if they were from the second row ( I was second row center VIP!) even pics from the vip booth etc I would love to have. It was the first time meeting her and I want everything I can get to remember that day PLEASE It's a long shot but I have got to try. If you got em I'll give you my email, please and thank you!!! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Here's my M&G from that day...
  5. Ok I realized I posted it in the wrong part of this site so I'll just say it again. Since most of us are active here and know each other thru this site, why not do a Google Meet or Zoom meeting to informally introduce each other and talk about all things Britney? Doesn't have to be a long meeting, even 20 mins is good enough. I think it'd be pretty cool to sorta see each other face to face without having to travel. Would anyone be interested? I know we all live in diff time zones so we'd prob have to do on a weekend so it doesn't interfere with our work schedules.
  6. The 2003 MTV VMAs, when Britney Spears infamously kissed Madonna. Christina Aguilera, was also there and alsokissed Madonna⁠—but MTV panned to Justin Timberlake's face during her kiss, so she missed her moment. Missy Elliott closed out the iconic performance with a few lines from her song "Work It".
  7. Guys, a few months back, Jordan posted my artwork with Britney in the Slave 4 U outfit on a cross made of dollar bills. It depicts her as the victim of the industry, her team and her father, all because of the financial potential in her persona. In the hopes of the April hearing to occur uninterruptedly, I re-did the artwork and shared it on Society6 (who print design on different products), so you can have a look and get one if you want. #FREEBRITNEY T-shirts
  8. Hi yall it me, the tasteless boi and this time i came to anger you with album battle. so apparently a lot of you love panic at the disco and I remembered brit and p!tad released albums 2 months apart .( BOTH IN 2013) they both share a similar (i mean both of them have a general concept of pop/(light) rock-) "EDM" sound so lets start: 1. This is Gospel vs Alien 2. Miss Jackson vs Work Bich 3.Vegas Lights vs Perfume 4.Girl that you Love vs It Should Be Easy 5.Nicotine vs Tik Tik Boom 6. Girls/Girls/Boys vs Body Ache 7. Casual Affair vs Til It's Gone 8.Far Too Young To Die vs Passenger 9. Collar Full vs Chillin' With You 10.The End Of All Things vs Don't Cry 11.Can't Fight Against The Youth vs Brightest Morning Star 12.All The Boys vs Hold On Tight 13.This Is Gospel (Piano Version) vs Now That I Found You love you all xoxo
  9. DISCLAIMER: *im from israel *dont want to offend anyone so in Jul 4, 2017; Mrs. spears decided to have her first-ever concert in Israel, performing in Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park. we (israelis) had a blast. beacuse of the BDS alot of artists afraid (and threaten) to come here but Britney did. but then Britney got a lot of backlash for performing in there, mostly from the middle east. so do you think it was a great decision from her team? do you think it would have affected her album sales by the Muslim community? plz answer me! ive wondered that for years and for your knowledge, the ****ty weather that day made Britney sweat the hell out of her
  10. I've been searching for hours All i could find was dubbed ones on Dream Within A Dream tour and other ones also dubbed Did she ever perform anticipating live ?
  11. I don't know if I'm late but have you guys noticed there are Britney Spears music videos in 4K quality on YT?
  12. REEEEEEALLLY hard to see but if you focus on the person in the back, she turns to face them for a quick second before turning back to the door. Can't tell if she's talking to someone there.
  13. Did anyone go to the Britney Spears Piece of Me world tour? I want the denim jacket that says Work ***** but the ONLY one I can find online is on ebay for $1950 - help! https://www.ebay.ca/itm/114169512943 https://www.obscenevintage.com/product-page/rare-britney-spears-work-*****-piece-of-me-tour-jacket-2016
  14. Notice something familiar? About growing up? Wasn't there a post earlier this week about how Britney still acts like a child?
  15. I would have to say when I saw here Femme Fatal concert in Dallas because she sang most of it live! As well as the Britney In The Zone Live in Korea!
  16. Omg... I came across this on YouTube and I LOVE IT!!
  17. Is britney spears alive ??? I feel like shes been gone for a long time and with the current global situation weve lost mindful insight on her. Insta stalling on her "insta" photos and posts that could have been pre-recorded and then posted to give a sense of vitality ???? Is she still with us ?? Love
  18. Does anyone have pictures from inside of the fantasy 10th anniversary box? I want to see if my name is there because I remember to see it but I want to make sure before buying the perfume. If someone could take pictures and send me I would really appreciate. Thank you 🙏
  19. Either she's on here and found out or she really is more psycho than we imagined. I'm blocked now so who knows what that was all about. I was so close!!! I feel like I let you all down, I'm sorry!!
  20. This is NOT a drill!!! Omg I can finally tell her what we all wanna say to her!! BTW, yes, I am obsessed with 90 Day Fiance lol.
  21. Guys, if we want Britney back on the top this is an idea I have that can get her next album to #1 in late 2017/ early 2018! Please don't judge! Okay, I think Britney needs to give up on Glory and start anew at the top of 2017. We need her to release a song with either DJ Snake, Major Lazer, Jack U, or someone on the EDM scene that has a mix of edm and hiphop. I believe if she released a song with one the the heavy hitters it would REALLY reintroduce her to the GP and get her back on track to reclaiming her rightful crown. While on the high of her #1 featured single (she shouldn't be the main artist) she could be recording B10 and slaying the charts without having to heavily promote the song due to her not being the main artist. While finishing up Vegas (hopefully) she could spend most of 2017 recording a trap influenced **** album (not full on trap more leaning more into Tinashe's Party Favors vibe) and remaining relevant by doing a lot of photoshoots and magazine covers etc. She should use 2017 to really and truly reinvent herself while staying partially in but totally out of the spotlight. Personally I would love a single with DJ Snake at the top of the year and then a single with Jack U towards the bottom of the year. (Kinda like Rihanna is doing by having a single with Calvin Harris and while that song is super relevant, she has stayed out of the spotlight and is crafting her next album.) If her singles turn out of be smashes, it would also make more producers want to work with her again and not only make the GP love her but the industry hungry to work with her again like back in the good ole days. At the top of 2018 she could release B10 (executive produced by DJ Mustard and maybe even have songs featuring Kanye West & or Drake (I feel like she shouldn't have any female features this time around unless it's Nicki Minaj!) Hip Hop is in right now and if we want her to see mainstream success (which some of y'all might not even care but if she goes number 1 & gets those sales that could literally mean a Femme Fatale era could be among us with 4 or 5 singles! the record company isn't going to spend money on video treatments on an album that isn't selling!) We need to spam Larry Rudolph and all the DJs because we need that #1 feature before any of this other stuff can even happen! What do you think? Take a break in 2017 with two featured singles, lots of photoshoots (Terry Richardson) and then a complete pop slayage in 2018? She has the body, she has the drive now, all she needs is the music, **** videos (which a Make Me type video WOULD make sense with a hip hop vibe) and the GP talking about her again Let me know what y'all think or if y'all have any other ideas! This probably won't happen but you never know!
  22. I'm a little confused. This is from the Britney album and it JUST got uploaded. Is this their idea of putting out "new" music? *editor's note* : darn it, it was the wrong profile. Not the official Britney YouTube Channel but the unofficial one
  23. https://youtu.be/hxkBrMSCALw just posted a mash-up I made of Hallucinate and Do You Wanna Come Over. Enjoy x
  24. Hi my name is Paula, I'm a Britney fan since I was twelve years old and "Baby one more time" came out, which was one of the first cds I ever bought. I see a lot of people here who, like me, miss new music from Britney during these difficult times and wanted to send lots of love and positive vibes to you all. What have you been doing this quarantine, social distancing, whatever we may call it? I have been streaming Britney's music a lot on Spotify, going through her instagram and I just watched a documentary called "Britney Spears Breaking point", which features one of my favorite psychologists, Linda Papadopoulos. It was difficult to watch her painful moments and I pray for her to be always very healthy and happy, no matter what she decides to do in the future. I wanted to ask you, of all the books she has been reading lately, which seem to be mostly towards spirituality and self care, have you read any and what have you thought of it? I had read "The four agreements", it's a simple and very poignant book based on ancient toltec wisdom and I highly recommend it. It says to be impeccable to your word, don't take anything personally, don't make assumptions and always do your best (not too much, not too little but your very own benchmark of excellence in any given day). Kisses, Paula
  25. I had never heard this remix!! It's bomb!
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