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  1. Like I know she shot both Vegas campaigns and worked on the Femme Fatale era stuff but would that have been why Britney's team approached her in a crisis? I still don't buy it.
  2. Honestly, we should all just calm down. Yes the video was scrapped and it was reshot horribly and yes the video wasn't iconic or remarkable, but what can we do? It's not like all her music videos are masterpieces and it's not her last video to make! Maybe she has better videos on the way? We have a full new album of 17 tracks on the way and we already heard 2 and they're great! Probably the best we've heard since FF! Rumor has it that she's performing on the VMA's. Can we all just focus on the positive side instead of just bashing on the smallest details such as her cover or her first music video of this whole new exciting era? Yeah the video was horrible but we're ******* overreacting honestly. So ashamed of this stupid fanbase
  3. Hello all, i have never posted before but I have something to saw. I know the reason why we are all melting down over this video. Many of you, like me, have been stans since 1999 and know what Britney Spears is really like. Great vocals, thin and ****, always in the news, selling 10s of millions of albums, making other ******* jealous, and just being the biggest pop star in the world. Since 2008 that's not been the case anymore. We've had Gagas and Katy Hudsons and Thiefs that have taken all the attention and are making more quality stuff (admit it.) in recent years we had to put up with Brandy Joanna, POM, arm dancey and drastic changes to her appearance. We've just been holding on to the hope that she would go back to the old Britney someday. And we started seeing that lately, better personality, hot body and renewed national attention. But with this video and the drama surrounding it has made us realize that the old Britney is never coming back. She's not 16 or 21 anymore, she doesn't care about career, she's a 34 yo mother of two who loves her children. She will never be Slaveney or oopsney again like we want her to be. Sadly, this video has finally confirmed to us that the old Britney will never come back, and she never will. And I think with this video, many of us are realizing that, even if you can't admit it.
  4. So you mean to tell me Team Britney ditched an entire video just because she had someone electrocuted? Bye. that is dumbest reach I have ever seen
  5. Madonna's lead single from 9th album (American Life) was also scrapped and replaced by a messy video.. But the original one leaked sometime later.. original/scrapped video official Soo.. what gives? Are 9th studio albums cursed, or what?
  6. Hi Guys! I'm new here but i want to share my feelins. The music video for "Make Me" that was released isn't all that bad, I feel like its actually a smart way to approach this album. sure its basic af and its not even artsy fartsy. For the younger people, The Britney that we love (the dancing one), is an outdated image (yeah sure, its what makes her unique from current pop acts). But that's why they released the second version : to introduce normalney and everydayney to the modern music scene, so that they'll relate to her and consider her as a current act. AND THEN Britney's team will re-introduce the *** maniac dancing banshee persona in a video for the second single or etc, once they are sure they got new people hooked. Just think of the "Make Me" video as Maroon 5's "Sugar" video, its extremely basic and cliche and not shocking but its more appealing and relatable <reaches a bigger audience>. I dont know, just my thoughts, they are subject to change.
  7. Britney drop the video already!! I couldn't sleep last night checking this motherf*cking forum!!!
  8. So yesterday at work I played the new songs through my shop sound system to get some people hearing the new songs and I could hear people saying 'is that Britney? It doesn't sound like her' so I told them yeah it's her new music and told them about glory i was also driving around my city (Aberdeen, in Scotland UK) playing MM AND PS getting them promos in the traffic. Just some ideas for other stans
  9. I'm soooo shocked because although it kills me to say, her fan base here isn't as loyal as the US stans etc (not slating anyone, I'm a Scottish fan) but she's top of best sellers in uk iTunes!!!! I'm so happy!!!!! https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/28480428280/
  10. I just want to take a minute to scream laughing at how generic and bland the terms that Britney's team put out to people on the payroll (Robin Leach) in an iconic interview that should never leave us http://lasvegassun.com/vegasdeluxe/2016/apr/11/britney-spears-selects-new-single-plans-video-nint/ Some iconic Team Britney fed lines that we should really put on tshirts include " a really interesting vibe with a lot of really cool stuff." and "overdrive maximum ****" as well as the most iconic (and probably the most iconic ever) line to describe britney's new music - the apex of vague 'We've asked a journalist to write about Britney and fed him absolutely no further information about the music other than a song title so we had to give him something' aka the entire promotional strategy of Britney in this day and age. "all new, totally different and somewhat unexpected" Like isn't that a ******* life mantra to live by? Walks into an AA meeting, stands up. "Hi, Im Michael. Im all new, totally different and somewhat unexpected." Asked what kind of phone id like in a phone store "Hm...I'd like something all new, totally different and somewhat unexpected" Finds out I caught crabs at pride Doctor: I'm sorry to tell you that you've contracted crabs due to you being a shameless ***** Me: Well this is definitely all new, totally different and somewhat unexpected. 7 Heres to team Vagueney. Never stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes, Team B, we love your generic waffle.
  11. Just saw this on the lesser forum Uni Don't shoot me if its fake
  12. Yeah!!! Make Me is back in the top 100!!! Beating Katy! And OMG PS is in the top 10 at #9 http://www.livepopbars2.com/lpb1024.php?Region=143441&Albums=0&ref=lpb1&t=1470307294
  14. I can't find it anywhere! There was a video a fan shot of britney in the tractor with a bunch of dudes. At one point she sounded upset and started screaming "I DON'T LIKE IT!" "********!" I wonder if she was screaming at LaChapelle? she sounded upset
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