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Found 1,480 results

  1. There were rumors a while back that Bobby was Britney's new manager. he is managing Lady gaga, but since Sam just posted this on his instastory, it makes me believe he might be managing Britney as well. Unless him and Sam are just friends, but still, it's odd to point Britney out as #1.
  2. I just saw an article but don’t recall seeing a thread on it apparently Britney made a throwback playlist check it out she gave her reasons on a few songs too! https://www.google.com/amp/s/people.com/music/britney-spears-favorite-2000s-songs-playlist/%3famp=true
  3. Just casually came across this article with both writers of mood ring on billboard. Check it out, this could build traction for the song. Basically the AMA Jordan did. But with both of them. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/9393539/songwriters-melanie-fontana-jon-asher-britney-spears-mood-ring
  4. if you check her instagram page it has her list of 'highlights' of her instagram stories, now there's a new one called 'Glory 2020' I wondering if this means anything else to do with Glory will be happening? It only includes her stories from the past 17 hours in it. I know I sound delusional, but it's an odd thing to do, let more be coming
  5. "This is incredible! 'Mood Ring' is one of my favorite songs on Glory, it’s so vibey and sexy," Spears tells Billboard exclusively. "I’m so grateful to the fans for pushing for its release, and then for making it go to No. 1 on iTunes. I have the best fans in the world! I love you all!" I love how she describes it as “vibey and sexy” Jon Asher also notes that it was RCA who helped release Mood Ring, not her actual team: “RCA said that Britney's fans have been super active during quarantine and they wanted to basically reward them by releasing "Mood Ring." Also, Britney apparently finished cutting it in an hour. https://www.billboard.com/amp/articles/columns/pop/9393539/songwriters-melanie-fontana-jon-asher-britney-spears-mood-ring?__twitter_impression=true
  6. Never heard of this singer before , but WOW what an amazing and beautiful video! I would DIEEEEEEEEEEEE if Britney did something like this for the Mood Ring (or any other video) The coreography, the hair, the costume. This is giving me life.
  7. I feel media likes Britney Spears now.. Cool to hear when rolling stones admits that OAIDA album is legendary 8) https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/britney-spears-20th-anniversary-oops-i-did-it-again-new-podcast-1006112/ They also posted about MR https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/britney-spears-mood-ring-1007282/
  8. i thought it'd be a really great idea to push the song further into success, it reached #1 on itunes while a really really STRONG album just came out. i love both, but it was a shocker that it topped both Sour Candy and Rain on Me while it just being a random demand. Hilary Duff did a fan demanded version to Sparks. so why not a Fan Demand video at the comfort of her home?! #JusticeForMoodRing and a video MIGHT push it on Billboard.
  9. let's stop free britney for a moment at least for this week? we don't know what's happening to her world right now. we don't know if she wants to work again, Jayden said she might quit music, but that was weeks ago, maybe she's already tired of being on a lockdown? remember she was on this before us regular people bc of rona. maybe she knows she will be free or positive things are changing in her life? maybe she's seeing new management? also she saw her friend Cade who's also in the business so, we don't know she probably wants to come back next. I get this feeling like her posting some current music on her instagram, praising singers and stuff, she and her team are probably lowkey looking forward elaborating on her next project. remember a rumor not long ago that they are booking studios for her this summer... so maybe she's already on her inspiring mode for music. remember she took 2 years recording Glory, so. I THINK IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE HER MUSIC NOW It's a glorious time to reconnect with us fans mood ring is out, a lot of articles everywhere, it will probably reach a lot of people who will look at her catalog and listen to glory and stuff, i think this is lowkey building to her comeback next year. let's leave this free britney conversation for next week or month.
  10. Mood Ring" just topped US iTunes. Britney Spears is the 4th artist with #1 solo singles on iTunes in 3 decades. Her first #1 song was "Toxic" in 2004. 1. Britney Spears (2004–2005, 2007–2009, 2011, 2013, 2016, 2020). 2. Mariah Carey (2005–2008, 2014–2019, 2020) 3. Ladi Gaguis (2008–2009, 2010–2013, 2016–2019, 2020). 4. Katia Perry (2008–2009, 2010–2016, 2020).
  11. I don’t know if you guys have seen Leslies IG recently, but’s it’s pretty amazing. Anyways he posted this today, and I just thought I’d share
  12. Britney SHOWED up to the studio that day feeling herself, and you can tell in the track. She knew what she had to do and she did the damn thing Mods please don't merge These photos deserve its own Featured topic!
  13. Of course with some added bull**** about how manic, scary and stoned she appears to be on Instagram. Not posting the link because they don’t deserve more clicks. Here is the “article”: Britney Spears Sparks Fears In Low-Low Shorts From Her Backyard
  14. I’ve seen some amazing Britney cartoon artwork recently... that I never knew existed.. and I’ve recently joined and wanted to see if anyone made something or maybe has more? Even a better version of the thumbnail?
  15. Welcome to FKKTL - Friday Knight (Kill The) Lights! As we started last Friday, I will be randomly picking a past Britney tour performance for you all to enjoy over the weekend. Today all eyes are on Oops!...I Did It Again - performed at the Crazy2k Tour over the Spring of 2000. I always found this tour to be kind of odd, in the sense that it had less performances and songs than the BOMT tour but it also had 2 OIDIA songs to promote the upcoming album. Thinking about it now, it might have been a way for the management to keep Britney in the limelight since the BOMT tour had ended on June of 1999, and they wanted to keep the flame going. Even though I find it odd, it's probably her most underrated tour in my opinion as it is a nice transition from BOMT to OIDIA. Enjoy!
  16. Let's tweet Ajayii to make a review of the song! That will give it more exposure. She has a lot of suscribers and she talks about new singles.
  17. Someone from the /r/BritneySpears subreddit directed me here to post this. With all of the organized efforts being made to purchase and stream Britney's older albums with a hashtag (#JusticeForGlory, #JusticeForBlackout, etc) and actually providing results (the Glory cover change, the release of Mood Ring), can we get justice for an album that really needs it - Original Doll? If there were an organized effort to purchase and stream Mona Lisa (from the Chaotic EP) with the hashtag #JusticeForOriginalDoll, maybe we might get a response? I know it's probably a long shot but it might be worth a try?
  18. The I Miss Y2K Pop Playlist is featuring favorite tracks from when the Oops! album was released 20 years ago!! Exciting for all the Apple Music users, go! Playlist includes: Oops... I Did It Again Toxic Womanizer ...Baby One More Time I'm A Slave 4 U
  19. OMG Rise Mood Ring Rise hahaha. (Not going to happen but girl can dream) Is like Bad ROmance VS. 3 situation ... love me some Iconic competition Source: https://kworb.net/pop/
  20. Beginning of an era 2015ney-2016ney #singlney #hotney #freeishbritney #Gloryney
  21. Hey everyone, it's been a while (*BTI starts playing*) since my last post here and if some of you guys don't rememeber about me that's ok, sometimes neither do i. That beign said, it's amazing to see a 4 years old song currently selling as much as Gaga's latest singles but the thing is...without decent numbers of streams Mood Ring has 0 chance to even debut into the Hot 100. RCA should take advantage of the situation and put the song onto big playlists such as Spotify etc. but well...we're talking about RCA. Anyway we should ask Romeo tomorrow to play the song, the show is broadcasted in more than 100 american stations so...why not? Let's discuss!
  22. Tinashe’s overdue time is here According to E! Tinashe has signed with Roc Nation after Jay-Z gave her positive praise for her independent release Songs For you. She mentioned They're just always focused on, like, the next thing and hustling and planning for the future," she relayed. "And that is, I feel, so aligned with what I like to do and who I am as an artist." She also mentions Britney “I love Britney Spears, so I will never get over moment. I can talk about it every time I do an interview because it was just...it's a career highlight for me," she explained. "Collaborating with your childhood idol? It doesn't really get much better than that."” https://www.eonline.com/shows/e_news/news/1156699/tinashe-talks-new-music-britney-spears-joining-jay-z-s-roc-nation
  23. He is on Instagram Live right now with Melanie Fontana and they talked about how they wrote Mood Ring right by that poster and how they initially intended to name the song Mood Swings
  24. In a 2019 interview: What are your thoughts on the song landing on the Japanese edition of Glory only? Writing Mood Ring for Britney was never about where or how it would come out. Oddly, I never put too much thought into that. For me, it was always about when the song was coming out. From my understanding, Glory had started taking a more solidified shape after Britney had recorded Mood Ring in June 2015… We are living in a renaissance era for music where all artists and audiences are subject to the Internet. In an industry where Mike Posner’s “Pill in Ibiza” remix can become more popular than the original, or Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” can be included in a complete confection repackage, then hit Top 40 at #1, why should anyone worry? If audiences attach to it, the song will find its way to the top of the pile, yet again. A hit is a hit be it released on a standard edition, Japan deluxe, or a repackage. I am blessed and thankful to have experienced a lifelong dream, come true.
  25. Hi guys, I was wondering... There's someone here with good DJ skills to do the Mashup between Mood Ring and Waterbed by the chainsmokers??? The idea is to make it sounds like the demo that Mrs Fontana showed yesterday. Love it. Would be nice to have it as a remix. What do you think guys? P. S. Remember to stream mood ring on digital platforms let's become this single a massive success 😍
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