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  1. Speed S made an incredible compilation and it literally made me smile throughout. Britney's personality really shined during POM and year on year I feel like we got to see more of her personality and fun side Let me know your thoughts on the below video and if there were any moments that you'd include that were not in this video.
  2. Soooo UK’s biggest supermarket is featuring Oops in their Christmas 2020 advert! This was great until I thought who is actually going to benefit from this!! They must of had to pay a fair bit to feature this in their advert. Great that the song is still being featured but not for the other reasons for us!!
  3. Interesting choice for a Christmas themed advert. Tesco is a big supermarket chain here in the UK. Reminding everyone what a classic the song is
  4. On November 20, 2012, will.i.am released Scream & Shout featuring Britney Spears, the second official single off his fourth studio album #willpower. The song, which had already leaked online on November 17, was written by will.i.am, Jef Martens, Tulisa, Jean Baptiste and it was produced by Martens (also known as Basto) under the alias of Lazy Jay. The club banger references Britney's 2007 Gimme More with the phrase "Britney, *****!" The song went #1 in 24 countries, and it was at least top 5 in almost every other country it charted. In the UK, this was will.i.am's second consecutive #1, and for Britney, it would be her first #1 since Everytime (2004). In the United States, the electropop track peaked at #3 on the BBH100 but it became the first #1 song on the newly created Dance/Electronic Songs chart in January 2013. Britney and will.i.am had already collaborated in 2011 on the song Big Fat Bass, from her Femme Fatale album. In 2012, while Britney was working as a judge on the second season of The X Factor, will.i.am joined her as a guest during the Judge's house stage of the competition. In August she confirmed she had been recording on will's new single. In 2013 they would collaborate again, when will.i.am produced Britney's eighth studio album, Britney Jean, where he also appears as a featured artist on the track It Should Be Easy. At first, the track was rumored to be titled "**** ****" and it was confirmed to be part of will's new album, which was supposed to come out in October. However he pushed the release after several of the tracks leaked online. A music video for the song was shot in October, directed by Ben Mor, and it was released on November 28. will.i.am and Britney have never performed the song live together. However, will.i.am has done it by himself, including a notable performance with French singer Alizée. Britney on the other hand, included the song as an interlude on her Piece of Me show in Las Vegas. In January 2013, a remix was released featuring Waka Flocka Flame, Hit-Boy, and rappers Diddy and Lil Wayne, but this version was more urban, and significantly different as to chart separately on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2018, singer Tulisa won a lawsuit she had filed since 2012 against will.i.am. It turns out, she co-wrote with Jean Baptiste the original version of the song for her debut album, and recorded it as "I Don't Give a ****". The producer of the song didn't give one either, and decided to pass it to will.i.am who re-wrote it as a Britney duet. Despite her vocals appearing on the final track with Britney, she was not credited, thus the lawsuit. After she won, she's now entitled to 10% of the royalties of the song.
  5. I saw Britney posted a couple of pics with a private jet. As per some videos fans believe that Britney own a private jet which cost around 60-70 million. is it true? If yes then isn’t Britney Spears worth is a lot more than $59m?
  6. i like Make Me cause i actually like the video and thevideo made the song grow on me
  7. Interesting! AOC's father passed away and his estate had to go through a lengthy probate court battle. She said she saw firsthand how corrupt these lawyers are by pocketing everything while the family was struggling. I'm pretty sure she's aware of the #freebritney if that's the case. I'm surprised she has done nothing to raise concern in Congress. She lives in my district and I've reached out to her on several occasions to attend a free Britney rally. Would be cool for someone like Ocasio-Cortez to actually do something to help Britney. An appearance at a rally would draw attention worldwide and it'd be even more bigger than it already is. Welp, time to flood her Twitter with tags daily till she finally responds to me lol.
  8. I wonder why such bop wasn't included in the tour. It would have been perfect in the setlist. What do you think?
  9. This is probably old news here on Exhale but I found this tumblr with a britney song sorter (https://jesseepinkman.tumblr.com/britneysong). Basically you'll keep choosing between two songs until it gives you a rank of all songs in accordance with your options. It takes a little of patience tbh and the sorter has a lot of fails (Radar appears 2 times and there is no Glory track, only an option that says "Glory Songs" -.-). Here it is my top 20: 1 - Toxic 2- Everytime 3 - Till The World Ends 4 - Hold It Against Me 5 - Womanizer 6 - Circus 7 - Touch Of My Hand 8 - Gimme More 9 - Heaven on Earth 10 - Piece Of Me 11 - Oops!... I Did It Again 12 - Stronger 13 - Where Are You Now 14 - Break The Ice 15 - Lucky 16 - Baby One More Time 17 - (You Drive Me) Crazy 18 - He About To Lose Me 19 - Work ***** 20 - I'm A Slave 4U Have fun and share your top 20
  10. It’s amazing What are you favorite tracks? Mine are SL, BB, LWT, Sugarfall, Rockstar, and 911
  11. The original account was closed. Anyone knows the new account or how can I contact him/her?
  12. Mariah shocked fans by releasing a video recently for her underrated gem "Underneath the Stars." The song came out in 1996 and she filmed the music video in Europe. This video had never seen the light of day and very few people knew it existed. She released it as a gift to her fans along with several other Rarities. Do you think Britney has any unreleased material like this that we would be shocked to find out in 10 or so years? I can imagine maybe we'll get the Circus tour on DVD one day. Or maybe Britney's part in When I Grow Up? But if it came out that she had a secret MV to Just Luv Me or some Blackout era song I would cry and cry for days. What sort of content that may or may not be hidden in the Britney vault would you like to see or hear? Lets speculate what we might get sometime in the future. Maybe OG Gimme More or Perfume vids? A finalized/completed LaChappelle cut of Make Me how he actually intended it to come out like the Snyder Cut? Hahaha. Discuss.
  13. Hey guys, I just wanted to share a new mix we've been working on based on the VMA Oops performance. We ended up with three versions and you can find HERE Enjoy
  14. Not since David Bowie + R.E.M songs and videos about intergalactic affairs, an artist has released so many singles, songs and videos about extraterrestrial encounters, out of this world adventures, post-apocalyptic, futuristic themes, attacks from A.I. and cloning since Britney hit the musical landscape at the end of the 1990’s. Here is an example of those songs and videos from Britney’s intergalactic dance party. Yes, I know that I am craaaazy. Videos: 1) “Oops!... I Did It Again” (2000) 2) “Pretty Girls” (2015) 3) “Do Somethin’” (2005) 4) “Kill The Lights” (2008) 5) “Break The Ice” (2008) 6) “Hold It Against Me” (2011) 7) “Till the World Ends” (2011) 8) “I Wanna Go” (2011) Singles/songs: 9) “Alien” (2013) 10) “Heaven on Earth” (2007) 11) “Brightest Morning Star” (2013) 12) “Man On The Moon” (2016) 13) “Mona Lisa” (2005) 14) “Outta This World” (2007) 15) “Trip to Your Heart” (2011) 16) “Hot As Ice” (2007) 17) “Swimming with the Stars” (2020)
  15. I really love this look, she looks very chic high fashion, I really like it, what about you?
  16. Hi guys, I just went on the Urban Outfitter's website and it seemed like they took the My Only Wish vinyl off the website and replaced it with Swimming in the stars. Has anyone ordered and received any emails saying that it would be canceled? I personally don't want it but i'm sure there are other fans who have already pre-ordered it. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/britney-spears-my-only-wish-this-year-limited-lp (The link which now says it's unavailable) Update: I looked again and it looks like the vinyl is sold out did anyone pre-order it?
  17. Hey guys ! Andre Fuentes ( Britney’s longtime dancer ) SLAVE 4 U pants are up for sale on Poshmark !! i want them so bad !!! https://posh.mk/eyTjnIrUxbb
  18. Lou is such a star. She graces us with a sit down interview after her successful debut in 08 as Spears family spokesperson on national TV I love how she praises everybody, but Britney. Her biggest cash cow and break into being super successful. Meghan trainor is the biggest artist existing according to her. She just low-key mentions Britney is her client.. And she opened her office in LA in 2008. I wonder who lost her freedom in 2008 and paid for it. I find it interesting there’s never pics of them together. She even copies OOPS I did it again. Her husband thinks she’s never satisfied. She’s a crook, a performer, a vulture, a wife and the daughter of god. She’s Louise Merideth Taylor
  19. Sackboy impressive how they used the song Here is the level https://youtu.be/lCFdtiu4UkI
  20. The only way I know to convey what I mean is by example of a friend. She is a nurse and came to work hungover/still drunk. It was noticeable. She had to comply with a third party company for rehab and stuff and IF she did this, she would not be reported to the board of nursing and have her license revoked. It may very well be possible that Britney has to “elect” to stay in the conservatorship for the courts to not - revoke all custody, for example (but it could be anything else and not even custody). I know she doesn’t see them much anyway, but there could be any number of “side mandates” that say “we can’t force you to not file for termination, but if you do, XY&Z will happen as a consequence, so if you want XY&Z, you must remain under the conservatorship. And that could very well be a separate court order/“suggestion” outside of the conservatorship.
  21. What's your favorite facts ... 🌸😜⭐💋🌹 !!!
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