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  1. So guys we know that Anticipating has it's own official music video, and we know that it's the DWAD performance with a few edits. But does anybody actualy have the official music video? @MSTAR is going to release his edit of the music video in HD or 4K and I can't wait for it. On this link you can actualy see the description of the music video: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=LlU1AAAAIBAJ&sjid=fCUMAAAAIBAJ&pg=508,2422565 And here is my edit of the music video, I hope you will like it:
  2. Her team sure loves November releases On November 21, 2000, Britney Spears released her second video Britney Spears: Live and More! on VHS, and would be later released on DVD in 2001. The video includes Britney's performance at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii from her Crazy 2k Tour, three music videos and her participation on Saturday Night Live. It was a commercial success, peaking at #3 on the US Music Videos chart and getting certified Platinum for 300,000 shipments. Track list: Music Videos: Lucky Oops!... I Did It Again Stronger Saturday Night Live: Woodrow the Homeless Man Britney Judges Dancer Tryouts Morning Latte Oops!... I Did It Again (Live) Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know (Live) Live from Waikiki Beach, Hawaii: (You Drive Me) Crazy Sometimes From the Bottom of My Broken Heart Born to Make You Happy Oops!... I Did It Again Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know The Beat Goes On ...Baby One More Time Special Features: Video Jukebox Photo Gallery Britney interviewed in Tokyo 11 years later, on November 21, 2011, she released Britney Spears Live: The Femme Fatale Tour. This special was originally premiered on Epix, and it showcased Britney's August 13 and 14 performances from her 2011 Femme Fatale Tour, at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. It peaked at #2 on the US Billboard Top Videos chart while reaching the #1 position in Italy and Mexico. The Blue-Ray included the 4 music videos released from the Femme Fatale album: Hold It Against Me, Till the World Ends, I Wanna Go and Criminal, while the Deluxe bonus CD contained 9 remixes plus the Japan bonus track, Scary. Tracklist: Femme Fatale (Video introduction) Hold It Against Me Up N' Down 3 Piece of Me Sweet Seduction (Video interlude) Big Fat Bass (ft. will.i.am) How I Roll Lace and Leather If U Seek Amy Temptress (Video interlude) Gimme More (Drop Dead) Beautiful (ft. Sabi) Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know Boys Code Name: Trouble (Video interlude) ...Baby One More Time S&M Trouble for Me I'm a Slave 4 U I Wanna Go Womanizer **** Assassin (Video interlude) Toxic Till the World Ends (ft. Nicki Minaj) Credits
  3. TASK: post a video where a person's voice has had similar voice to Britney? NO OFFESIVENESS PLEASE, it is just meant as a game or just the thingie where you have thought: OMG SHE/HE sounds so similar to Britney
  4. This is so sweet and kinda sad,because she probably relates to Lucky so much.
  5. Ok, I know there is a lot similar topics... but, if ,from now on, you must pick only one Britney song, what would that be? I choose Hold It Against Me Love this rehearsal edit. I saw some parts, but not the ending https://youtu.be/wRvCGoWm9XY
  6. For this post, I would like to shine a light to Britney Spears songs and singles where she or the featured artist mentions her name. It’s more than the iconic “It’s Britney, *****!” on the “Gimme More” single from 2007. If we analyze Britney’s discography, she has used this trend for several year (since 1999), and in the ‘Blackout’ era was the most direct and avantgarde into the mainstream pop landscape. For me, the songs and singles where she mentions her name, are the most innovative from her career. At least, I believe that it’s used in a very original way and portrays the powerful Britney we all love. In the featured artist or collaboration type of song, is more common to name-check the other artist. Here are the “name-check” of Britney’s name in her own songs/singles: 1) “Soda Pop” (1999)* 2) “Oops!… I Did It Again” (2000) 3) “Lonely” (2001)* 4) “Intimidated” (2001)* 5) “Boys (The Co-Ed Remix)”, Britney Spears feat. Pharrell Williams (2002) 6) “Me Against the Music”, Britney Spears feat. Madonna (2003) 7) “[I Got That] Boom Boom”, Britney Spears feat. Ying Yang Twins (2003) 8) “Gimme More” (2007) 9) “Piece of Me” (2007) 10) “Toy Soldier” (2007) 11) “Why Should I Be Sad” (2007) 12) “Get Back (Main Version)” (2007) 13) “Kill the Lights” (2008) 14) “Big Fat Bass”, Britney Spears feat. Will.i.am. (2011) 15) “Till the World Ends (The Femme Fatale Remix)”, Britney Spears feat. Nicki Minaj & Kesha (2011) 16) “Scream & Shout”, Will.i.am feat. Britney Spears (2012) 17) “Scream & Shout (Remix)”, Will.i.am feat. Britney Spears, Hit Boy, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Wayne & Diddy (2013) 18) “Pretty Girls”, Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea (2015) 19) “Mood Ring (By Demand) (Pride Remix)” (2020) * Added to the list.
  7. Where can I stream online free, the episodes for her xfactor shows? Specifically the Austin dates.
  8. They both powerhouse legendary pop culture figures and born to be on stage, such amazing entertainers, they both sold millions and millions of... records etc Hot 100 chartings artists Good stuff Imagine the fierce performances they'd give us
  9. Is anyone really suprised tho? https://www.instagram.com/p/CH0F5fGl2zm/?igshid=rkd1i1ztsbo8
  10. Hi! Just wanted to share my last video which is a Pepsi commercial featuring Britney, I remastered it in 4K. Hope you will enjoy!
  11. Saturday morning. I'm still in bed and shuffling through old Britney's interviews. The usual, you know! I stumble upon this 1999 Britney interview with MTV Europe where she dances with Felicia towards the end. This made me smile and instantly reminded me of this scene from her 2004 Chaotic series. Our good old silly Brit at her best. Thought I would share to brighten your day! Have a lovely weekend. Ok peace out.
  12. Jamie Lynn Spears was sitting in a car, surrounded by screaming fans, when it finally hit her. Of course, she knew her sister Britney was successful – she had seen her swap family singalongs for pop stardom – but this was next-level. “Something clicked in my head on that car ride,” she recalls, “like, my sister is famous: Mariah Carey famous. She’d created so much power for herself. At that moment I knew I wanted it, too.” From her home in Louisiana, the 29-year-old recounts her own journey to a slightly more modest stardom: from the young child on the road with Britney to being cast, at the age of 13, as the lead in Nickelodeon’s teen series Zoey 101. Despite Britney’s towering fame, Jamie Lynn says she wasn’t jealous. “I always looked at her with pride, and she was my biggest cheerleader guiding me in an honest way.” Spears talks about her sister with reverence, but troubles within the family are widely known. Britney recently challenged the conservatorship that sees her personal and professional life managed by their dad. I am told Jamie Lynn can’t talk about the #freebritney movement and tense wrangling for legal reasons (after we speak, the court ruled against Britney); instead, I ask how she’s been coping. “It’s hard,” she says carefully. “It makes me really sad because I love my family. All I can do is look for the good, not the bad. You can’t open that can of worms publicly.” She pauses: “I don’t think it’s fair to anyone.” https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/nov/20/jamie-lynn-spears-britney-created-so-much-power-for-herself-i-wanted-that-too damage control I see ure not fooling us Juno, stop trying to force the reboot no one asked for down our throats, its not going to happen. Give up, maybe u should help ur sister instead of siding with Lou. Empty words to save ur own *** wont help ur sister you arent "jealous" of
  13. Britney Spears and her father / conservator, Jamie Spears, are estranged. According to a new report from People, the two have not spoken in over a year. "She feels like he has no respect for her wishes. It's a sad situation," the source says. "Jamie has always had a tendency to shut down Britney's requests without any discussion." "Since the drama that happened between Preston and Jamie, Britney has not had any contact with her dad," the source continued. Last year, Jamie Spears allegedly got into a physical altercation with Britney's eldest son. It resulted in a restraining order, barring Jamie from seeing her sons for three years. They source adds that Britney's mom Lynne is much closer to Britney and "wants what's best" for her daughter. "Lynne is trying to change things around though and has asked the court to let her be more involved. She is close with Britney and wants what's best for her," the insider adds. "Britney's situation is very complex, but Lynne agrees there needs to be a change.” On Tuesday, the judge in Britney's conservatorship case added Bessemer Trust as co-conservator over Britney's finances (per Britney's request). However, the judge has not suspended her father yet. The judge will decide that at a later date. Related:
  14. Love these 2. 05:15 mark. Do you agree Exhale ? All I can say is preach sister
  15. On November 20, 2001, Britney Spears released Britney: The Videos, her third video released on DVD. The video was released to support her third studio album Britney. The US version's tracklist is: Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know (music video) I'm a Slave 4 U (music video) I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman (music video) I'm a Slave 4 U (Live at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards) Overprotected (featuring outtakes from the movie Crossroads) Britney Strikes a Pose (Anticipating as background music) The Making of the Movie Crossroads Britney's Joy of Pepsi HBO Presents Britney Spears: Live from Las Vegas Photo Gallery + Credits (Let Me Be as background music) The international version of the DVD replaces Not a Girl music video for a performance live from Sydney.
  16. Okay 8M of subs is still not enough for an official Britney Spears’ channel. But still it’s a really big amount of subscribers! #RoadToThe10MOfSubs
  17. Blackout & Its Relationship to the Tabloid Culture of the 00s https://www.culledculture.com/britney-spears-blackout-10th-anniversary/ any thoughts?
  18. Update: I filmed a reaction video Earlier: Hey Exhale, I wanted to pass this along. I / BreatheHeavy was mentioned in the New York Times' new podcast discussing Britney Spears' conservatorship and the #FreeBritney movement. It's funny, my dad actually called me last night to tell me The NY Times had a new Britney podcast out, but he hadn't had a chance to listen to it. I hadn't either. Then, someone messaged me on BH's instagram and told me about the mention. It's a pretty cool honor and I wanted to share this with you. I won't film a reaction video this time . Let me know what you think! Below is the clip. If you'd like to listen to the 53 minute podcast (worth your time!), listen beneath the Tweet. Or via Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/gh/podcast/who-will-control-britney-spearss-future/id120315823?i=1000499285668
  19. Hey Exhale, I was pretty bothered (more than I thought I would be) when news broke that Jamie Spears likened Britney to a racehorse and said she has to be handled like one. I really felt for Britney on that one - imagine having your father say that about you - and then it's made public. It's not right, so I decided to speak out about it. I created a video about self-worth and worthiness, and how no one can ever take that away from you. I got a little emotional in it, and I almost decided not to upload the footage, but ultimately I decided this YouTube journey needs to showcase the real me. Vulnerability is a very powerful emotion, and I don't want to hide that because I may fear how others might judge me. I want to live an authentic life, so here it is. It'd be greatly appreciated if you watched the video. 🌹 Let me know what you guys think. 🙏 And please also comment on the video and like it! It helps our YouTube channel grow!! Related:
  20. Does no one see that like James P Spears is Britney's Trump?
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