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Found 1,480 results

  1. So I’m laying in my bed studying and my phone has a notification for a new album by Britney called Glory being added to itunes. 😂 What’s going on?! EDIT: Made it sound like I didn't know that Glory was released 5 years ago. lmfao. I stan Glory, I was just confused that iTunes was saying that it was a new album. Uploaded an image of the notification from iTunes.
  2. Ok hear me out I've been on Twitter for the couple of days and I feel like Twitter Britney fans support more than Exhale Britney fans like even Mood Ring there's a thread FEATURED about BOYCOTTING the song. Can't we make her succeed. For the two fans who care about her success and don't want her to flop a streaming playlist https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7lplgW2aakd1Q7F6Aiqs7r also request "mood ring" to radios (links) also shazam the song what i meant was like this generation calls britney a flop and if US BRITNEY STANS don't even support the song to chart ON BB100 (not talking iTunes) then we're asking for her to flop
  3. Britney gave a statement to Billboard about Mood Ring hitting #1! "This is incredible! 'Mood Ring' is one of my favorite songs on Glory, it’s so vibey and sexy," Spears tells Billboard exclusively. "I’m so grateful to the fans for pushing for its release, and then for making it go to No. 1 on iTunes. I have the best fans in the world! I love you all!"
  4. Here are Radio links to North American Radio Statioss where u can easily request a song online and you don't have to call or text: Kiss 92.5 (this one is my personal request it's a huge Toronto Station that covers entire Golden Horseshoe area with 9 Million people, 1/4 of Canada) https://www.kiss925.com/submit-new-music/ Z100 (Portland) https://z100portland.iheart.com/request/?fbclid=IwAR2FbtiVnF4S62r2cfBHNvwr_Lrjp_l7YQszrtBNlRB_QdMpbGLf8GBC9to 103.7 https://1037theq.iheart.com/music-room/?fbclid=IwAR0AlwYP-KXR2IA2jyf2tl_rRNlKuJfkHLW447pECqX_e1OiuMTTcv9MZck Z-104 https://d1gm7n6w0pishx.cloudfront.net/production-b48ec23/index.html?key=WZEE&fbclid=IwAR0yLNFYsDkkjqL5xdzgA9Z2luvIk_mXXvMP1XALVYEovqEmNZVZGpoe_oI I'm looking especially for large USA radio stations that have easy request pages (unfortunately not all do). If you know any u think should be added just post on comments https://power961.iheart.com/contact/ NOW REQUEST!!!!! https://power961.iheart.com/contact/
  5. Listen to this https://www.instagram.com/tv/CAyF-edAsWc/?igshid=17pld8xug4c6p
  6. Does Anyone know If mood ring got any spins yesterday? And also we are trying to request it at Saturday night tonight
  7. I just saw this article by Rolling Stone: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/britney-spears-email-my-heart-1006562/?fbclid=IwAR11LkknpIDSMXswfgg8OdQgzCynaJv1VTupiWihPLqEYoArTzVmfcQUik8
  8. Since I looove this song since 2016, I thouhgt that now is the right time to cover it. You know.. It went to #1 on iTunes, so I think of it as a celebration. Anyway, here are the links: Soo, what do you guys think? Don't hate me please 😂
  9. I have a non-US account I wanna help sustaining it thanks
  10. Why dont they add Mood Ring to the Delux version of Glory? now people are finally interested in listening to the album but its not as good without Change Your Mind, Liar, Better, and Coupure Électrique.
  11. We need Mood Ring to trend on TiKTok and the tempo is not right for a dance video. It needs to be one of those before and after vids where the person changes their look halfway through. The only TiKTok worthy song for a dance from Glory is If I’m Dancing in my opinion. Someone should do one for that too. Lizzo’s Truth Hurts blew up 2 years after its release bc of TiKTok! I would do it but I can’t dance and wouldn’t look good in a before and after video. Just hoping to give someone some inspiration! Anyone willing to give it a shot?
  12. i mean... it's released as a single/promo song/whatever years after it's released i know there are still some people that were in Exhale back in time i'm not even critizing it it's just too curious this situation LIVE LONG MOOD RING
  13. Ok guys I love what has happened today & I'm still Shock by the popularity that moodring has achieved thus far. I got to thinking hmm why has Britney not said anything about this slayage it just seems weird to me. after giving it thought I remember Yahoo posted about Britney checking herself back into a facility of some sort. I know we all concluded that it was an old article from 2019, but the timing of it being posted is a bit weird. Did her team release Mood Ring to distract us from Britney? Britney hasn't given an interview to anyone about anything, so, weirdly she gave one to Billboard. She usually goes directly to her insta & thanks us. I also found this article today from the Blast calling out how strange of yahoo to post that, do you guys think it's Britney trying to tell us what's going on? I might be all the way off but I wanted to pass this to you guys Here's the article from the blast https://theblast.com/131920/report-of-britney-spears-entering-mental-health-facility-sparks- "They think it was actually done by the conservatorship team in response to the LA Times article mysteriously resurfacing.
  14. Hello Everyone! This is little simple thing I made. It's live stream radio with only Britney Spears Songs This Radio includes Every song made by Britney Spears (Albums, EPs, Unreleased Tracks, Remixes) You can check it out! The radio will be on every saturday and sunday (58 hours) so be sure to subscribe so you can see when the radio is on
  15. We are often talking about buying/not buying, stream/not streaming things and how we don't want team Britney to get richer. And if Britney will succeed that will keep her in c-ship.. I think it can be consider otherwise too: success in charts positions means relevance of Britneys name. As many people will talk about Britney, her music, her life, her past and future as many #freeBritney member we shall have. It's like when quantity of humans was 400 000 Million and they thought if humanity will be more they will die cause there won't be enough food or smth.. But now we are billions out there and live better then ever.. My thought is - as bigger will be movement as much solutions we will have, as much exposure the whole situation will have, as much defenders will be in Britneys life (in face of abusers and haters). also what if all this time "they" were trying to make Britneys personality boring/uninteresting. I'm not saying that I'm 100% right but If she will have the fame what she did back then we will take everything on new level, there would be many information about her daily life, documentaries, journalist investigations, followers I mean #freeBritney can be unstoppable.. p.s. Britney already has amount of the money that Loe and some other will never spend (like for official salaries);
  16. Hi. im so happy about Mood Ring. i have 4 years without going in this forum, and now i am here again! thats so good. do you think if The Original Doll releases now, it would sell?
  17. https://music.apple.com/us/album/slumber-party-feat-tinashe/1515545010?i=1515545335 The Apple Music states that The Slumber party in the 13 Track Version of "Glory" is the remix with Tinashe. But upon listening to it. It's not. It's the original solo mix. However on Spotify. It's the actual remix. Kudos to Apple music for further listening to the Brit Army.
  18. Just asking usually other fan bases are always like Britney’s fan bases is only of , so I thought it there r any straight Britney fans over here? Lemme know!
  19. Britney Takes Over Apple Music “I Miss Y2K Pop” Playlist. In The Exclusive Interview With Apple Music Our Girl States “I Can’t Believe Some Of These Songs Are 20 Years Old”. Britney Also Talks About The 20th Anniversary Of “Oops!... I Did It Again”. She Adds, “ For Me, These Songs Remind Me Of The Time Oops! Came Out, Which Was A Special Time For Me.” Her Top Three Picks From The Playlist Are Mariah Carey’s Hit “Always Be My Baby”, Beyoncé’s & Jay Z’s “Crazy In Love”, and Dixie Chicks “Cowboy Take Me Away”. The Playlist Also Includes Tracks From Fellow Pop Legend Christina Aguilera, Her Hits “What A Girl Want”, and “Genie In A Bottle” Are In The Playlist. Forgotten Hits From The Early 00s Such As Blu Cantrell’s 2001 Sleeper Hit “Hit Em Up Style (Oops!)” Soundtrack The Playlist. Britney Also Included A Few Of Her Greatest Hits From the “Y2K” Era. Her Legendary Singles “Toxic”, “Slave 4 U”, “Womanizer”, “Oops!... I Did It Again”, and Last But Not Least, “...Baby One More Time”. Many Other 2000s Hits Like Madonna’s “Music” & Ashley Simpson’s “Pieces Of Me” Are Also Included. What Do You Think Of The Queen Taking Over The Playlist?
  20. on Apple music / iTunes you have to go to a new Glory (2020) to access mood ring. 2016 version (under Other versions in the Deluxe version, with the new cover) does not have mood ring. Could the album really getting a re-release or is this just another mess?
  21. Everyone message @Spotify on social channels and tell them to add it! Even independent no name artists, and big name artists whenever they release new tracks ar added on the list. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DX4JAvHpjipBk?si=pkUioAEiT8KDdv1OkeYIHw
  22. I originally thought because fans demanded it, but now i'm wondering if it's based off that lyric? lol
  23. I'm giving away free copies of mood ring, but your iTunes account has to be belgian / in the belgian store.
  24. Hey Exhale! I Am Wondering What You Guys Think Of This? Mood Ring Is Currently #1 On ITunes And Will Hopefully Stay At That Position For A Few Days. Will “Mood Ring” Debut On The Billboard Hot 100 Or The UK Singles Chart? I Hope So, I Think On The BBHOT100 It Will Debut Anywhere Between #70 & #100 And Will Peak In The Same Position It Debuts At. In The UK, It Will *Hopefully* Debut Anywhere Between #50 & #100 And Again Will Peak In The Position It Debuts At. What Do You Guys Think, Will “Mood Ring” Be The Sleeper Hit We Want It To Be?
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