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Found 1,480 results

  1. Probably should have said something earlier BUT there is a virtual Britney drag show about to happen in a couple minutes on Twitch. BOMT era to ITZ. Let's go. https://m.twitch.tv/kandidishe
  2. Let’s see what everyone’s up to today As of writing this I’m listening to ‘When I Found You’ such a beautiful song from Britney. Previous to this have been streaming Mood Ring of course Tell me what you’re listening to as you’re reading this!
  3. These demo’s really should have been in her catalogue because they are 🔥 .
  4. Around 02:20 mark. Nut sure if she will react to it properly. This is big,this lady is really popular on YT. And this is the first time she had been fully positive about Britneys work.
  5. They actually have an article explaining why she has a gap in her teeth. It’s called teeth bonding https://www.distractify.com/p/why-does-britney-spears-have-a-gap-tooth if we see her teeth fixed in the next few days then we know the MV for Mood Ring is defo coming
  6. You Heard That Right, Mood Ring May Actually Have A Music Video. The Director Of Lizzo’s Music Video For “Truth Hurts”, Jake Wilson, Has Been Teasing The Possible Video Via Twitter Since Yesterday. After Getting Word Of The Worldwide Release Of The Japanese Bonus Track, Wilson Tweeted Out “@BritneySpears It’s Happening”. Following That, Britney’s Account Him On Instagram & Twitter. He Followed Her Too. This Morning, He Posted A Picture Of, You Guessed It, A Mood Ring. What Do You Think Of This? I Wouldn’t Mind A New Music Video, But I Want Our Girl To Be Free & Happy First. Not To Mention I Personally Would Rather A Music Video For A Brand New Single. Let’s Hope Because This Drought Had Been Long Enough.
  7. We are giving away 100 ml size bottles of Fantasy! All you need to do is tweet a picture of you streaming Britney's new song "Mood Ring" with #MoodRingFantasy! Many will enter, only five will win
  8. Just having a little bit of fun.. Damn, i need new music from her like, right now!...
  9. Hey Exhale, this is Jon Asher. I'm one of the co-writers and vocal producers of "Mood Ring." It’s as much of a surprise to you as it is me. Looks like it's finally happening though. "Mood Ring" is showing up on Britney's Spotify channel for the first time! Dance party tonight? Leave me any questions in this Topic and I'll begin answering them today at 5 pm PST. UPDATE: Jon's replies below: @Blaze @Ember @Fire @Flame @Inferno @Phoenix @Solar Flare @Spark @Content Curators
  10. Pop Music activism is trying to get The "Britney" album back on some platforms in certain regions. I guess overnight it disappeared and the singles are blacked out on her greatest hits sets. So tracks like I'm a slave 4 U, overprotected and I love rock n roll aren't available to stream on the platforms at all where the album is removed. They are desperately working hard with Sony music. But according to them it appears her team is buying the masters and Britney might not know it at all. What they are doing.
  11. Obviously this is an IDEAL promo schedule to help Mood Ring chart. If Britney’s team is reading this, i’m not saying you should follow my suggestions, but please do so. First of this weekend she should be getting her teeth fixed, weave fixed, any injectables she needs and her spray tan. Monday- She shoots the Mood Ring Music Video at her home. That afternoon she posts a photo of her on set of the MV looking hot, she captions it “Nothing on my body but this Mood Ring...xoxo” A lyric video with a concept that matches the vibe of the official MV drops that same day. Editing on the official MV begins. Tuesday- She does at home promo interviews for Jimmy Fallon, Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel and other popular outlets in full glam. She talks about how unexpected the demand was for Mood Ring but shes giving the fans what they want in these trying & difficult times. Wednesday- They build her a little stage set up in her backyard. She performs a mini concert consisting of Make Me, Slumber Party, Mood Ring, Slave 4 U & Toxic, they can call it “Britney Spears: At Home & In All Her Glory”. Thursday- She’ll make her Instagram Live debut listening to some of her fav tracks from Glory with fans. She answers some fan questions and speaks a little bit about Mood Ring & what Glory means to her. She’ll also announce that the official music video for Mood Ring drops at 12 am on Youtube during this live. Friday- At 12 am the Mood Ring MV drops. She will further promote the MV on social media & answer some fan tweets & be active on her social platforms. She’ll drop a snippet of her concert special and says it will drop tomorrow at 1 pm. Saturday- She drops the “Britney Spears: At Home & In All Her Glory” concert special onto Youtube. And thats all I have. If only hehe
  12. They boldly say lyrically alone Mood ring throws subtle shade at Chromatica. The timing of releasing it during the return of Lady gaga is just like Katy Perry releasing and Taylor swift re releasing her catalog on spotify at the same time. Plus the add. By the way. I'm still Britney *****. I mean her team knew what they are doing.
  13. He retweeted this post as both Britney and him started to follow each other Please please let this actually happen? could this be pre planned? Maybe they have a mv?
  14. I can see that MOOD ring, daddy. Thanks for THAT masterpiece
  15. So With Mood Ring doing so well, i have a feeling that britney is enjoying music again and could possibly record again, what do you guys think
  16. Pop icon Britney Spears has checked into a “health facility for self-care,” the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday. She is expected to remain at the facility for 30 days. Source: Yahoo! Update: Hello, this is an amendment from Exhale's community leader, @JordanMiller. Without going into detail, I can confirm this report is in fact old. Britney has 100% NOT checked into any treatment center.
  17. He posted the cryptic tweet below about an hour ago... (yesterday, he tweeted Britney directly that he was available to shoot whenver) Is it happening? What do y'all think? I hope so!
  18. I mean it all makes sense, they’re rebooting the album because that’s the only way they can make money out of her without her consent. The next (and final?) step would be the release of the original make me music video, I think this might work.
  19. Well Is It? I Know We Are A While Away From B10, But Considering Brit Is Becoming More Active Now More Than She Has Been In The Past Year Do You Think She Will Make MR A Bonus Track On B10? Maybe As A Promo Single And Not A Real One Like “Radar” But Maybe. What Do You Guys Think? Is “Mood Ring” the new “Radar”?
  20. Can someone pass me a link to download the song Everyday with good quality please. I don't think there's a problem if it's just a previously unreleased song. Thank you so much
  21. tbh i prefer the original one look how this new glory cover is weird compared to her other albums on spotify. i prefer the original make me cover and now it makes sense why they choose it. the new cover would be better as the back of the album pic.
  22. hey does anyone want to sell me some britney vinyl's everywhere online they are so expensive and I've been a huge fan of her for years. I know i should of bought them when they came out but I just didn't ugh i need them
  23. Like it or not, it controls the music industry right now Forget radio thats a waste of time Make dance trends, use it on viral videos, tag tiktok famous people. If someone like Charli, Tony or Addison uses it, instant worldwide success The chart right now speaks for itself, almost every single song is there because of a tiktok trend UPDATE: So i've made a tiktok style mashup, and put some moves to it https://www.tiktok.com/@lordcavell/video/6832324630842248453 duet this, use the sound, do the dance - things spread like wildfire on tiktok so GO (for non tiktok users, this is not intended to be some complex choreo. it's a tiktok style mix I created, with easy tiktok style dance moves that anyone can do)
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