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Found 1,478 results

  1. ...who’s music videos are number 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 16, 66, & 68 on iTunes?
  2. I noticed that Toxic is #1 on itunes for Mv’s and slave 4 u is #3 followed by: #5 Circus #6 BOMT #8 OIDIA #11 Womanizer #15 Gimme more Is there a campaign going on? because I did not know about it #fail If so, what are the plans?
  3. Post someone else's music video that you would like Britney to do something like for Mood Ring. For me, it would be cool if she did something artistic like this:
  4. I won't be listening to it on any streaming platforms. I feel bad since I saw that AMA with the writer who seems like a genuinely awesome person, but everything her team has been doing lately (The Zone, Glory cover change, Vinyls, #Justice for Glory, and now the Mood Ring release) just seems like a desperate attempt to continue to profit off of her and her real fans shouldn't fall for this. In fact, Britney seems to have stopped working in protest to the conservatorship so it is an insult to her to continue to support this scheme in any way. I will continue to listen to Mood Ring, but only through unofficial youtube channels, as with the rest of her discography. Let's not give the conservatorship anything. I will not put a penny into the Britney brand until she is free. We have seen what baloney their claims are (even initially saying she has dementia when she has been continuing to learn pretty intricate choreography for the past 12 years). We have also seen what trash team conservatorship is by how they treat fans (suing them, putting our gay Britney dollars towards gay conversion therapy etc.) #FreeBritney
  6. Tom's Diner for sure! A gem of a song, brilliant production. a non-vocoder version with an MV would slay
  7. I believe she was put on some kind of medication in mid 2008. And most photos from that time till July of 2008 show how meds can affect your body and overall health. For example poor Britster looked like she was pregnant due to bloated ness. I believe they either adjusted her medications or have took her off before Circus era promo. https://www.instagram.com/p/CAwbf-VFFxI/?igshid=ee2uleehpgjx
  8. Just when everybody and the GP was pronouncing Britney an “irrelevant” legacy artist whose heydays are over, Fans decided to start the #Justiceformoodring campaign which has successfully launched the song at no.1 in the iTunes Charts. There is a lot of recent hype for this song, 378k plays for the song, 608k streams, high demand for radio play (over 100k request) and a lot of media attention from (GMA even talked about the song). Rumors alongside also saying that there will be a video for mood ringSo thinking about the success the 4 year old bonus glory track received, is this the comeback we fans have been impatiently waiting for straight 8 years? Is it going to have the impact of the uno reverse card Womanizer pulled out 12 years ago. Once the video drops, that’s for sure, going to seal it. What do you guys think? Lemme know!
  9. At this whole situation. A la Madonna but how? I mean
  10. Check his insta story. Not sure if he is supporting it or is being dumb per usual. Khmmm his opinion on homless people
  11. Unpopular opinion: I like the zone. It feels cool to think it as a “Britney museum” it basically highlights everything in Britney’s career and makes you feel like as if your part of that experience.This was one of the very very very very very very VERY...great things RCA has EVER done You can definitely see that it was a high-budget set-up. It includes her most iconic museum, her most iconic eras, in the zone and blackout...no Britney Jean...what would you want. It’s a fun place for a Britney fan to go to I don’t understand why fans hate it when it was solely made because of us fans but this is my unpopular opinion on it. #JusticeforThezone y’all!
  12. ive never seen this before have you guys!? She spoke sooo well. I haven’t seen an interview like this from her too often. They asked meaningful questions instead of the same ones
  13. Mood Rings praise in comments section though. Headline: - Daily Mail Gagas drags
  14. The show starts at 7PM ET, the most requested songs are going to be played so we gotta flood them with requests like crazy! Tweet them smth around those lines: Hey @MostRequestedLive we want to hear @BritneySpears new song #MoodRing at the show tonight! Its 1st on Itunes charts right now! #MostRequestedLive Dont just copy and paste, write something to make it different otherwise they will recognize its fandom spam and wont play it! Make sure to tag Britney and use #MoodRing & #MostRequestedLive so other stans can see it whenever they refresh their twitter for infos and therefore join us Or yall can go to their page on twitter https://twitter.com/MostRequestLive and comment in the pinned tweet. Soome stans are already there so lets ******* join them! Follow the show here if you want to see if they play it: https://929nin.com/listen-live/popup/ PS: I remember we did that for Make Me, this show helps a lot because the audience is pretty big with more than 150 radio stations.
  15. First part is unpitched, second is pitched so you can hear Britney's voice more clearly. They used some of her old vocals in the official song! I got this from the stems These were on Gaga's LEAD vocal stem too LOL Can't believe Gaga pulled a Britney Jean I'd also like to point out that Britney isn't credited anywhere for her vocals on the official song.
  16. Seeing that Sour Candy has two versions charting on Itunes, I checked for Mood Ring and saw two seperate lisitngs that I was able to purchase.... One ISNT marked as explicit, but Im assuming one of the two must be, since it let me buy both. Not sure how to imbed a screenshot into Exhale (or of thats even possible anymore), but order to buy both, search ‘Britney Spears Mood Ring’ in the US Itunes store and you should see the second copy that you can purchase.
  17. 20 years, yes, we are waiting so long for that one, if we consider we have most recent tracks' acapellas. I've just found a clip from what seems to be an official acapella, the high res quality is there and it's not coming from the famous "create your own Oops' low def clips" we got in 2000 on Britney's website (what a great time). Time to go straight to the point, notice we have the "Oh baby"'s words that confirm it's really out, somewhere.
  18. Hey! Just wanted to share my playlist with ALL of Britney's songs currently available on Spotify. It includes collabs, and all of her b-sides. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5xTdLk3XDuV5iwo5XC8Htp?si=EXnfhaeqSRyr6wQpCclLsA (P.S. If there's anything missing please tell me. Also, I have more playlists like this on my account so check them if you want too!)
  19. It's listed as an official track when you search (for non TikTok users, fans cannot upload these themselves) The other Glory tracks appear with the new and old artwork from what I can see
  20. Hey All, Most Requested Live is a GREAT way for us to give MR exposure across radio stations nationwide. Help us soon starting at 4 PM PT to request Mood Ring so it can get played during MRL. If it gets played, all radio stations owned by IHeart will play the track simultaneously across the US! Here’s how:
  21. Probably should have said something earlier BUT there is a virtual Britney drag show about to happen in a couple minutes on Twitch. BOMT era to ITZ. Let's go. https://m.twitch.tv/kandidishe
  22. Let’s see what everyone’s up to today As of writing this I’m listening to ‘When I Found You’ such a beautiful song from Britney. Previous to this have been streaming Mood Ring of course Tell me what you’re listening to as you’re reading this!
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