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  1. https://www.bsavenue.com/en/music/1914-white-limited-glory-2xlp-reedition-2020.html Like many others, my preorder got cancelled on one of the vinyl websites so i'm just spreading my luck of grabbing a copy from above onto you lot. Confirmed with them that it's the official RCA release - not that I needed to bc they have a very good rep.
  2. Does anyone know/think its being released on CD? I dont have a vinyl player
  3. There was this blury pic of britney holding the BO demo CD 01. “Gimme More” (Danja) 02. “Pull Out” (Sean Garrett & Lil ‘Jon) 03. “Break the Ice” (Danja) 04. “Outta This World” (Danja) 05. “Get Back” (Danja) 06. “Ooh Ooh Baby” (Fredrick & Kara DioGuardi) 07. “Catch Me If You Can” (Danja) 08. “Kiss Me All Over” (Sean Garrett) 09. “Everybody” (J.R.) 10. “Get Naked” (Danja) 11. “State of Grace” (Lisa Greene & Steve Anderson) 12. “911” (J.R. & Kara DioGuardi) 13. “Crucified” (J.R.) 14. “To Love, Let Go” 15. "The Face" 16. “Downtown” (J.R.) 17. “Rebellion” Catch Me If You Can, Crucified, The Face, Downtown and Rebellion are yet to leak in full. To Love Let Go 911, State of Grace, Kiss Me All Over and Pull Out already leaked in full. Rebellion length is 3:26 EDIT 1: CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is possibly PERFECT LOVER Perfect Lover length is 3:04 and Catch Me If You Can is 3:04 as well EDIT 2: List of songs recorded for BLACKOUT 1. Gimme More 2. Heaven On Earth 3. Perfect Lover 4. Untitled Lullaby 5. Who Can She Trust 6. Get Back 7. Get Naked 8. Ooh Ooh Baby 9. Why Should I Be Sad 10. I've Been Loving You Too Long 11. Toy Soldier 12. Hot As Ice 13. Love 2 Love U 14. 911 15. Piece Of Me 16. Outta This World 17. Radar 18. Freakshow 19. Trouble (Intro) 20. Break The Ice 21. Everybody 22. Crucified 23. Pull Out 24. Sippin On 25. To Love, Let Go 26. The Face 27. All That She Wants 28. Downtown 29. Dramatic 30. Hooked On It 31. Red Hot Lipstick 32. Rebellion 33. Secret 34. State Of Grace 35. Boyfriend 36. Cry 37. Wonderland 38. Grow
  4. It’s in Genius, the new Wikipedia of fake news. https://genius.com/Britney-spears-do-you-wanna-come-over-remix-lyrics
  5. According to this person 'Swimming In The Stars' is now coming out in December on streaming platforms and not this week. According to people on ATRL this person is reliable. So it appears it'll be released on December 4th along with the Deluxe version of the album?
  6. Hi Exhalers! My lovely friends Stephanie and Rachel just dropped an episode on their podcast Lifewine (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/45-britney-ever-after/id1494997230?i=1000500191462) that I thought y'all might enjoy. The episode breaks down their thoughts and reactions to Britney Ever After. Some controversial opinions in there no doubt but all around an entertaining bunch to listen to. If you like podCATS or buzzballz, this is also the episode for you. Bonus: I'm a brief guest on the show -- Most of us are familiar with the renowned singer, songwriter, dancer, and all-around popstar icon that is Britney Spears. But what is her origin story? Join us as we discuss a movie that doesn’t even come close to answering that question with BRITNEY EVER AFTER (2017), starring Natasha Bassett, Nathan Keyes, and Peter Benson. Trust us when we say it’s Britney as you’ve never seen her before! We also celebrate Rachel’s birthday eve, see Stephanie’s clumsiness reach new levels by defying gravity, and have a chat with a dear friend of the show and certified Britney stan to provide her take on this apparent biopic. Listener warning: We’re not that innocent!
  7. It was registered this morning on Genius. B-girl is registered as the lead singer with Kim as the featured artist. It was produced by Aaron Joseph and Guess Who? MAX MARTIN!!!! Max Martin of course produced "Baby One More Time," "Lucky," "Cinderella," "3," "Criminal," "I Will Be There," "Seal It With A Kiss," "Inside Out" and "Stronger." The Glory re-release is said to have two new songs along with the "Mood Ring" remixes. We know for sure one of the new ones is "Swimming in the Stars." Is this the second? We’ll shall see I guess.... UPDATE: It’s starting to leak... allegedly. The clip can be found and sorta sounds legit. Take this with a grain of salt. Related: * It's worth pointing out that Britney Spears is not actively working right now. It's unclear whether she has any idea this release is happening right now or not. *
  8. Today, November 23rd, is Miley Cyrus' 28th birthday. To celebrate, she shared a throwback video of her dancing to Britney's "Slave 4 U" as a little kid. It's precious Related:
  9. Both performances are iconic, but his voice deserved better treatment. I wonder why her voice sounds so weak and weird. Is she really singing live or was a playback fail? ...thanks translator hahahaha
  10. First person posts a battle, then next person replies with the winner vs. a new song. Example: User 1: I'm A Slave 4 U vs. Work ***** User 2: I'm A Slave 4 U vs. Overprotected User 3: Overprotected vs. Love Me Down So I'll start... ...Baby One More Time vs. Oops!...I Did It Again
  11. Is anyone interested in a. Free Britney brunch I. Hell’s Kitchen in NYC? I’m trying to plan one before the court date
  12. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays !!!!! I love the fall …. I like hot chocolate and I really like my fire 🔥 place at home …. it’s so nice !!!!! I also adore my kids having THANKSGIVING BREAK !!!!! 2020 has been one big mess for everyone in the world …. it’s honestly an accomplishment to remember what day it is sometimes 😅 …. constantly looking at my silly calendar 📆🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🙄🙄🙄 !!!!!!! It’s okay not to be perfect …. to burn the pizza 🍕 in the oven ….. to cry over a book for an hour after reading 📖 …. to look for your shades and they’ve been on your head the entire time …. to have a messy closet …. to forget where you left your cleaning supplies ….. to have a cheat month with food …. come on folks …. it's the holidays 😋🦃🥧🌽 !!!!!!!! None of us are perfect ….. and a little secret for ya ….. don’t tell anybody but I forgot it was Thanksgiving this week 🤫🙈🙊 !!!!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/CH8xUfUAXyK/
  13. The exact same thing happened earlier this year It's not happening. Get over it
  14. I know people say the movie is rubbish, but I wish she would have done another movie Maybe the movie would have been better with Britney and Ashton They sure had some chemistry on that punk'd episode I wonder if Ashton refused the role once Britney refused hers
  15. Disclaimer: the official Britney Spears website states the video was released on November 24 (though has proved to be wrong on other dates), with other sources confirming it as well, such as this old list made by BRITannica for britney.com. However, other sources claim it was released on November 26, mainly because of Britney's social media posts for its 20th anniversary in 2018, with all the articles from that year pointing out to this date as well, I assume because they took the tweet as the reference. For what I get, that might've been the date when it premiered on TRL, but not necessarily the video debut. "Anyhow", whether it was on the 24th or the 26th, this week we celebrate the anniversary of the video. On November 24 (or 26), 1998, Britney Spears released the ...Baby One More Time music video, the first single off her debut album of the same name, and her first music video ever. Directed by Nigel ****, the video shows her with the iconic Catholic schoolgirl outfit, bored at the classroom while her in real life assistant, Felicia Culotta, plays the role of the teacher. Once the bell rings, Britney and the rest of her classmates go to the corridor and perform a dance routine, with some scenes of her singing by the lockers. We also see them outside, where Britney is wearing a different outfit now and performs some gymnastics moves. Towards the end, they're at the gymnasium where we see her love interest (played by cousin Chad Spears), and perform the final dance routine. The bell rings again and they all leave the gym running against a startled Felicia, when we see Britney at the classroom again revealing she had been daydreaming all along. The video became a huge success worldwide, though on TRL it took it a few months before reaching the top spot in the countdown, since she was always competing with the likes of *NSync, Backstreet Boys and Korn. Nonetheless, when TRL ended in 2008, ...Baby One More Time was voted as the most iconic video ever and it was the last video they played in their last emission. However, it wasn't well received by everyone. It caused controversy among parents associations which found outrageous that a sixteen years old girl was showing her midriff. In a 2000 interview with Britney, she said about her look the following: "Me showing my belly? I'm from the South; you're stupid if you don't wear a sports bra [when you] go to dance class, you're going to be sweating your butt off. It was such a wonderful experience. All these people there, working for you. I had my own trailer. It was an amazing experience." It is very well known that the original concept for the video was something completely different than the iconic piece of art we got in the end. At first, Joseph Kahn was supposed to direct the video, but his idea was rejected. Then Nigel **** was hired, and he also had his own concept for the video. According to Barry Weiss: "Nigel came up with an idea, like, Britney is in outer space. She comes and lands on Mars on a spaceship, and then she breaks into this dance routine. I was like, “Wow, this is great!” And Britney looked at this and said, “This is horrible. No way am I doing this. This is really cheesy. Let me get on the phone with Nigel ****.” In 1999, Britney spoke about this in an interview for Rolling Stone: Nigel comments on the video: Every article of clothing that we see in the video was bought at K-Mart, and everything costed less than $17. Nigel has explained on several occasions, the uniform outfit was all Britney's idea. For an EW article he commented: For Bustle he said: The music video was shot in August 7 and 8, 1998 at the Venice High School in LA, the same school where the film Grease was shot. Randy Connor, the choreographer of the video, says they had prepared the dance routine a year in advance, rehearsing six days a week. The video was nominated at the VMAs 1999 for Best Pop Video, Best Choreography and Best Female Video, but didn't win any of them. In 2014 the video reached 100M views on her Youtube channel, becoming the fifth of her videos to reach the mark, and the first 90s video by a female to receive a certification. However, after a sudden increase in views starting in 2015, ...Baby One More Time rapidly became her most watched video on her channel, currently accumulating over 550M views. A couple of years ago, a Funko based on the iconic schoolgirl outfit from this video was released to commemorate the 20th anniversary. Here you can watch the video that started it all: And some alternative clips
  16. As Britney attempts to remove Jamie from his central role in the court conservatorship that controls her life and career, her former business partner in the restaurant Nyla, which opened and closed in 2002 at the Dylan Hotel, is opening up about his dealings with her dad. Celebrity restaurateur Bobby Ochs told us, “I had a similar problem with Jamie. He didn’t have any say in the business, but a few days prior to the grand opening, out of the blue, he came storming into my office at 9 a.m. with an unknown young man and woman. “He appeared to be either hungover or high, because he was literally bouncing off the walls. In front of my managers and chefs he announced that the young man and woman he was with would be hired as managers for Britney’s restaurant. He was so out of it and screaming, ‘Nobody is going to ruin my little girl’s place!’ He wanted the chefs replaced and a completely new menu. “It turns out Jamie had met the couple he wanted to run Britney’s restaurant the night before in a random New York bar he had been drinking in. I explained to him I was the operating partner, and this could not happen. He was clearly unhinged, screaming and hollering — he was in my face and I was expecting any minute he was going to get physical.” Ochs — who has owned restaurants with Patrick Swayze and Marla Maples — said he calmed Jamie down and added, “I called Britney’s mom, Lynne, and she was not surprised. Her reaction was, ‘Oh no, not again,’ like Jamie had to be kept in check and tolerated.” He said Jamie later apologized, but, “It’s no surprise to me Britney doesn’t want him running her life. I can’t imagine him running anything.”
  17. An insider who goes by "Mr S," who has accurately predicted things in the past, hints at new Britney music on ATRL. She’s apparently coming back soon Photo cred: BeMoreBritney
  18. Hey Exhale. In light of the heated debates we've got going on whether we should or shouldn't support Britney's new song, "Swimming in the Stars," I decided to make a video offering my perspective. Britney is refusing to work right now, so some of us are feeling uneasy about listening to Britney's new tune. I've seen talks of a boycott, which feels weird to me, however I understand the logic behind that. I'd GREATLY appreciate it if you watched this video and left me a comment here AND on the YouTube video (ugh I know I'm asking a lot lol but pleeease?). Hustling to grow this YouTube channel (which has also been growing BH/Exhale's traffic which is super cool). Thoughts? I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Related:
  19. On November 23, 1999, Britney Spears released her first video Time Out with Britney Spears on VHS. It was later released as DVD in 2001. It mainly features a series of interviews about her childhood, The Mickey Mouse Club and the road to the release of ...Baby One More Time. It also includes the music video for the latter, as well as Sometimes and Crazy, along with behind the scenes footage, besides live performances of Born to Make You Happy and From the Bottom of My Broken Heart. It debuted at #2 on the Top Music Videos chart, and eventually peaked at #1. It was certified triple platinum by June 2000. Track list: Intro Growing Up Recording My First Album Making Music Videos: ...Baby One More Time Making Music Videos: Sometimes Making Music Videos: (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix!) On the Road Disney Channel in Concert: Born to Make You Happy Disney Channel in Concert: From the Bottom of My Broken Heart Credits ...Baby One More Time (Music video) Sometimes (Music video) (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix!) (Music video)
  20. Britney just hit 8 million subscribers on YouTube!!!!!!!!!! Let's celebrate!
  21. Sorry if this is ap, but I never saw being posted here before so 4:05 is that a pic with Max Martin?
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