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  1. Britney Spears not only supports the #FreeBritney movement, but wants her conservatorship case open to the public. Britney severely mistrusts her father Jamie, who is currently conservator of her estate. Her legal advocate Samuel Ingham filed docs requesting a trust company replace Jamie and oversee her fortune instead. Her lawyers also filed docs opposing her dad Jamie's motions to seal parts of her ongoing conservatorship case, TMZ reports, because she wants people to know what's going on. They write: "Britney is fighting her dad's move to appoint a co-conservator of her estate [handling business matters] to a lawyer who was deeply involved in her conservatorship for years. She wants someone independent to take the reins." Britney also doesn't feel the court hearings should be kept a secret as there are no medical issues or sensitive issues with her children to protect. She wants transparency. The lawyer says, "... Britney herself is vehemently opposed to this effort by her father to keep her legal struggle hidden away in the closet as a family secret." The lawyer adds, "Far from being a conspiracy theory or a 'joke' as James [Jamie] reportedly told the media, in large part this scrutiny is a reasonable and even predictable result of James' aggressive use of the sealing procedure over the years to minimize the amount of meaningful information made available to the public." Britney's lawyers also included an article about the Free Britney movement and stated she's trying to get some personal autonomy back in her life. They say Britney "welcomes and appreciates the informed support of her many fans." LINK TO THE FULL DOCS BELOW Link Related:
  2. Hello everyone! So i have tried collect alot of information and even ask you guys about this, but i have finally come to this conclusion of Britney Spears album sales in the first years of their release! Albums released by Britney around October-December of one year sales will be calculated with October-December of the next year. For example:- ITZ was released November of 2003, but i will be considering November of 2003- November of 2004 as its first year of release. My sources for coming up to these assumptions are this video (even though the total sales he used were inaccurate ), TRL and MTV videos, old articles from the early 00s and certifications depending on the last time Britney's sales were officially certified. So lets go! ...Baby One More Time- Sold 8 million copies in the US and 16 million copies sold WW by the end of 1999 (2nd Best-Selling album of 1999) Oops!...I Did It Again- Sold 7 million copies in the US and 15 million copies sold WW by the end of 2000 (3rd Best-Selling album of 2000) Britney- Sold 4 million copies in the US and 9 million copies sold WW by the end of 2002 (Really no idea, if someone knows pls lemme know) In The Zone- Sold 3 million copies in the US and 8 million copies sold WW by the end of 2004 (5th Best-Selling Album of 2004) Blackout- Sold 700k copies in the US and 2 million copies sold WW by the end of 2008 (1.8 million copies sold WW by the end of 2007) (33rd Best-Selling Album of 2007) Circus- Sold 1.3 million copies in the US and 4 million copies sold WW by the end of 2009 (2 million copies sold by the end of December 2008) (6th Best-Selling Album of 2009) Femme Fatale- Sold 500k+ copies in the US and 1.5 million copies sold WW by the end of 2011 (25th Best-Selling Album of 2011) Myah Marie Jean- Sold 100k+ copies in the US and 609k copies sold WW by the end of 2014 ( N/A ) Glory- Sold 340k copies by the end of 2016 (N/A ) And there you go! Hope you guys enjoyed? Any questions? Lemme know
  3. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone else would want to see a Britney album following the footsteps of songs like: - breathe on me. - and then we kiss (original unreleased) - touch of my hand. Do you guys feel the dark / **** / mystic vibe to these songs? Do you agree? Are there any other songs you guys think fit the vibe?
  4. We keep telling everyone what our favorite album of hers is but have we really stopped to do the math? Maybe you have a couple of favorite songs on said album that makes you think that's your favorite, but overall, is it really? So do the math, *****. Let's find out your ranking of favorite songs, and albums. Get an album and start grading each song from 0 to 10, adding a 0.5 whenever you feel the need to. After doing that, you add everything up and divide it by the number of songs said tracklist has. You'll end up with your album final score. Start slow. Maybe pick up the one you think its your favorite and start comparing with other albums from there on. If you want to add the bonus tracks, I indicate you do every album with its bonus track version or state whats the bonus version final score and the regular score separate. Will be back here to post my takes and see if Blackout really is my favorite album. Xoxo
  5. French Dance group Justice actually sampled Me against the Music by Britney Spears and Madonna. While the lyrics are original. The way the kids sing it in the intro mirrors how Madonna basically provided the outro of the 2003 international hit "All my people in the crowd, let me see you dance. Come on Britney lose control, make the Music last. All my people round and round, party all night long.. Come on Britney lose control, watch you take it down". The song is legally credited due to how similar both verses are sung, and to avoid heavy lawsuit's. Justice went to everybody for legal clearances. Enjoy the mash up..
  6. Courtesy of Britneyonline [Verse 1] (Backstreet Boys) I taste you in the air Your energy everywhere It’s borderline unfair I can see you screaming my name And if it’s up to me I need you in between My Egyptian sheets You know I can see you think the same, oh [Pre-Chorus] (Backstreet Boys) Oh if they dusted me for prints They’d find you all over me, all over me Nothing ever quite felt like this The fire is killing me The good kind of killing me [Chorus] (Britney Spears) Like playing with matches, matches, matchеs This might leave some damagе, damage, damage The good kind of damage, damage, damage Like playing with matches, matches, matches Like playing with matches [Drop] (Britney Spears) Playing with matches [Verse 2] (Britney Spears) I like the way you dress And then how you undress I can hear it on your chest No there ain’t no better place to catch my breath, yeah [Pre-Chorus] (Britney Spears) Oh if they dusted me for prints They’d find you all over me, all over me Never ever quite felt like this The fire is killing me The good kind of killing me [Chorus] (Britney Spears) Like playing with matches, matches, matches This might leave some damage, damage, damage The good kind of damage, damage, damage Like playing with matches, matches, matches Like playing with matches [Bridge] (Backstreet Boys) Oh, oh, oh Want you good in the worst way Oh, oh, oh Want you good in the worst way
  7. Why is this? I get her miscarriage is a big deal but so is Britney’s issue and sadly only Fox News has given info on Britney to this point. How can we fix this and get into MSM?
  8. Apart from seeing our girl get her freedom back and hopefully living a happier life, I don’t we will get anything different. I don’t see some big documentary about her life during the c-ship or loving performing again or releasing new music and being more confident in interviews. She doesn’t seem like the person who wants to tell the world about her personal life. Even For The Record was pretty vague in what actually happened in those years. Basically, I don’t think we should expect anything apart from a better, happier Britney.
  9. That new interview with the celebrity restaurateur on her father Smart move Britney and her lawyers
  10. Something tells me she absolutely DOESN’T seeing as we all know she has stated she doesn’t want to ‘perform’ right now. I personally believe ‘perform’ means work at all. Not a PEEP on her Instagram. thoughts?
  11. Let’s be real. An artist of Britney’s caliber should have ICONIC and memorable album covers... yet Jive and RCA always and I mean ALWAYS disappointed. Album covers are meant to provide insight to an album, the colors chosen are important, the photo that is chosen is important, font choice, etc etc Britney’s best album cover is In The Zone. The blue tint they used feels moody like most of the album is. Her face especially her beautiful eyes give off the appearance of vulnerability, which she displayed with songs like Shadow and Everytime. I think the Oops cover is iconic too - she looks beautiful. Blackout album cover is weird - we all hated it when it came out but now it somehow fits the era so well. Besides those 3, I find the rest of her album covers to be disappointing. The OG Glory cover being a still from the Make Me music video is pathetic honestly... what were they thinking. And why? It looks JUST like the FF and BJ covers but different hair and outfit. Boring as hell. Anyway, what do y’all think?
  12. I can totally see an insta post on her birthday saying "Even though it's my birthday, i'd love to give all my amazing fans a gift, thank you for all your recent love for Glory. On Friday 4th December i'll be dropping Glory 2020 Deluxe Edition with two brand new tracks" Thoughts? I think it's in the realm of possibilities because she has released albums on her birthday, so I can see her acknowledging the new music on her birthday and state it is a 'present' for her fans.
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH8RimzFs7d/?igshid=36s3zzb3d9l5 Im glad that each day more big pages support Britney and try to humanize her to gp
  14. The singles section is not complete and there are missing songs on the albums like: You Got It All, Girl in The Mirror, Quicksand, Rock Boy, Trouble, Scary, Scream And Shout Remix... They should add those songs like they did with Mood Ring.
  15. https://www.ascap.com/repertory#ace/search/workID/882347291 Found this on ASCAP no performer is listed though. It’s probably a song she wrote for herself and just coincidentally has the same title but who knows.
  16. Hi Exhale! It's me again for a very special Roxxy Edition of This Day in Pop! 💛💜 Thank you @PokemonSpears for always considering me to do these threads! Let's get to it? 19 years ago today, Britney COMPLETED the first ever trinity with the release of her record setting third studio album titled BRITNEY. According to her, she picked this title because "it's more me" and did she lie? ALL YOU PEOPLE LOOK AT ME LIKE I'M A LITTLE GIRL, WELL, DID YOU EVER THINK IT'D BE OK FOR ME TO STEP INTO THIS WORLD? Never has a Britney record been so bipolar. The record is a mix of sultry smexy R&B bops via lead single I'm a Slave 4 U and underrated disco pop gems like Anticipating. The album pretty much switches from smexy and sweet, and then have edgy and emotional moments. The record truly reflects BRITNEY SPEARS, Pop Princess, at her core... bad girl, good girl. The album is a transitional record for Britney. It's the first record she made where she co-wrote more than half of the album. At the time, she said that she is truly proud of this record because she had a lot more creative control than with her previous two records. We all know, B2 was just handed to her and recorded in 2 weeks and it went by that fast, she didn't have time to really pick the songs. The album also was her first record to feature an adult sound and image with the lead single and Boys. The album's mission statement: "i'm not a girl, not yet a woman" That's track 4 for all you basic bieches. FIRST FEMALE ARTIST IN SOUNDSCAN HISTORY TO HAVE HER FIRST 3 ALBUMS DEBUT AT #1 The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart with 745,750 copies sold on it's first week in the US. This also earned her the second highest debut sales for an album in 2001, behind *NSYNC's Celebrity. The album also went to #1 in Canada, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. TASTE! The album has accumulated sales of 10.2 million worldwide. When will your faves. The record also earned her two (2) Grammy Nominations in 2002 Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for Overprotected Best Pop Vocal Album It is her last LP to be nominated for a Grammy.
  17. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIB6VijgjgH/?igshid=wb4srtup762y So apparently Britney is a vampire!
  18. Is there a thread of all the songs that have leaked that belong to each Britney album era (leaks, demos, B-sides)? If not, can someone supply a list? I'm trying to compile lists for each album, so I can burn all the mp3's for back up. I have a lot of songs already, but I'm not 100% on which era they belong to.
  19. To be honest guys, I'm kind of getting tired of this. I want to make a Britney Spears Singles ranking and man, Britney's discography is questionable. So I need your help! Besides the "official" singles (39 of them) we have some regional and singles without a video. So let's start! My Only Wish (This Year) This single was just a promo single in 2000 but this year it got a digital re-release and a physical vynl for sale so it is now probably an official single. Anticipating Yeah, this one is a 100% official regional single so i don't even want to discusse it. PS guys I have found the official video so if somebody's intersted, just ask. That's Where You Take Me This one is just like Anticipating. We even have the official video on yt and my friend @MSTAR remastered it recently. If you have this video in better quality than 480 p please tell us so the remastered video would be better. Unusual You Yeah, this one is the biggest problem. A lot of people says it is fake but I found some sources that say it is an official. Here is a link: https://australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Britney+Spears&titel=Unusual+You&cat=s You can view the cat number and if you search it it will show you a lot of sites that confirm that this song is a single. But I realy need someone from Australia or NZ to confirm or deny this!!!! Mood Ring In my opinion it is an official single because it had a digitial release and it was sent to Italian radio. You can see that in this link: https://www.earone.it/radio_date/search/artist/history/britney/ So it has a digital release and a radio-play in certain countryes. It doesn't have a music video but that's not important. It doesn't have a physical release but now is the digital era so that doesn't matter either. Do you think that this one is official or is it just a promo? Swimming In The Stars So I believe that this one is alredy a single lol. It has a vynl release and it'll have a digital release. They will myb make a lyrics video and for the radio-play, I'm not sure. B as the featured artist 1. What's Going On 2. S&M Remix 3. Scream & Shout 4. Tom's Diner 5. Hands Should I consider these as official Britney singles and add them to my list? Please share your opinion and send me information that is 100% reliable! Love you guys! ❤
  20. Okay it wasn't easy for this one, I tried to restore this music video (released only in Philippines), sadly that's the best results I had due to very (but very) low quality source (there's even no TV rip or DVD release of it). Still better than the ones uploaded I guess. Upcoming major videos like MATM, Toxic, and the rest will be in the best quality out there, I managed to remaster them with powerful codecs with new upscaling methods (AI + Avisynth) and it gave me huge files but 4x better quality! I hope you will still enjoy this one: If you have missed previous remasters:
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