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  1. It was always rumoured that there was going to be a collab with Gaga on Myah Jean. Meaning it probably would've been Myah and Gaga. Maybe that's why the collab never actually happened. What does Gaga know about who really recorded Britney Jean? Either way, i think if a collab was definitely possible, Britney's team wouldve tried their hardest to make it happen, such as getting Britney to actually sing on the album. If I'm not mistaken, the song they were supposed to collab on was Alien. I know Will.I.AM teased it a little. Britney did talk very lightly on it when being interviewed by Alan Carr and she didn't react like the question came out of no-where or was unexpected. The conversation starts at 4:20. Cool time considering what today is. Gaga has always been a fan of Britney and even went to her Vegas show. Anyway, i'm just wondering what you all think. Was there a collab? Was it ever recorded? Did it fall through because of Myah? Would love to know your guys opinions on this. (Not sure if this thread was made in the past, but has always been something i've thought about)
  2. I find her demeanor here strangely irresistible. Does anyone know if there is a longer cut?
  3. Ooh Ooh Baby is a song that most definitely NEEDS to be performed again I'd love to see Britney perform Showdown, and a solo version of I Got That (Boom Boom) without the Ying Yang twins maybe there could be a medley of MATM, IGTBB & Showdown? I'd love to see a performance of Just Luv Me too, where Britney is on with one male dancer, and there doing this particular style of dancing, I don't know what it's called but it looks super intimate but they're also running around? I would live for a medley of Kill the Lights & Toy Soldier Thoughts?
  4. I dont know about you guys, but I LOVE when Britney delves into dream pop territory If she wanted to, she could make a flawless dream pop record that would give Lana Del Who a run for her money and thats just facts I'd like to start a discussion on her dream pop tracks, and also to compile a list here of all her tracks that have at the very least touched on dream pop. And Then We Kiss- this is her ultimate dream pop masterpiece, especially the Junkie XL Remix (which is better than the original). One of my favorite Britney tracks ever. Full on dream pop. Sometimes- low-key dream pop, mostly in the instrumental, but still enough to be included imo. Born To Make You Happy- a crossover between dream pop and 90s mainstream pop. Contains many elements of dream pop, both lyrically and instrumentally. Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know- super low-key inspired by dream pop. Mostly to do with the vocals I think? Breathe On Me- definitely dream pop territory. From the breathy vocals to the delicate production. Touch of My Hand- contains elements of dream pop, mostly in the vocals. Everytime- definite dream pop ballad. Especially the mixing and mastering of the track puts it into dream pop territory. Heaven On Earth- they were obviously going for a dream pop vibe with this track. It is the ultimate example of quintissential dream pop. The lyrics, the vocals, the production, ughhh.... Break The Ice- dream pop mostly in the element of falsetto vocals throughout. Perfect Lover- dream pop mostly in vocals and vocal-manipulating + production in chorus + post-chorus. Unusual You- hands down her 2nd best dream pop masterpiece not far behind ATWK. It's amazing Blur- subtle element of dream pop that they were clearly going for due to the subject matter. Mostly heard in the instrumental. Rock Me In- Britney fully venturing into indie/dream-pop territory. Has always been one of my favorite tracks of hers. Beautiful dreamy falsetto in the chorus. Amnesia- more indie sounding than dream pop, but the two are often used synonymously, so Ill include this here. Out From Under- definitely contains elements of dream pop, I think it's the melody? I Wanna Go- mostly full on pop, but contains many dream pop elements, mostly production-wise. Seal It With A Kiss- I wanna include this in the list but not entirely sure what about it is reminiscent of dream pop? Criminal- 50% pop, 50% dream pop. Probably due to the flute riffs. Alien- dream pop. Not very good, but still dream pop. Brightest Morning Star- dream pop, surprisingly one of my favorite Britney songs (dont tell anyone I said that) Hold On Tight- mostly dream pop in the instrumental. Invitation- full on dream pop. From the vocals to the production to the effects. Very well done. Just Luv Me- contains elements of dream pop, mostly in the vocals. Coupure Electrique- definitely dream pop. This song has grown on me tbh. What are your favorite dream pop tracks by Britney? Any that I missed?
  5. Do you think Britney Jean Spears would have been as successful and iconic if she never went blonde? It seems most main pop girls go blonde at some point (Madonna, Beyonce, Miley, Selena G, Rihanna, Demi, Ariana, Dua, ect). If Brit never did, do you think she would have had the influence on the newer girls that is so apparent and have had the iconic controversial moments that has been a testament to her career?
  6. crazy how they treated her early in her career . Say what you want about Jamie but she definitely has not had to work this hard post 2007. Also interesting they didn’t air this on making the video but it definitely was the end of Nigel **** and Britney Britney Spears received four stitches after a piece of equipment fell on her head during a video shoot. Part or all of a camera fell on the young singer while she was shooting a clip with director Nigel **** for "Oops... I Did It Again" on March 18 in Universal City, California. Britney's mother posted a message on the singer's official Web site (at www.britneyspears.com) that says the singer began bleeding from the head and that a doctor was called to the set. Spears' mother goes on to speculate that the singer had a concussion and says that after four hours of rest she was able to return to work on the video. Spears' mother adds that after the shoot, the young star flew to Grand Rapids, Michigan and slept for 17 hours before performing there on March 19. "These are the times that I worry most!" Britney's mother Lynne writes on the site. "I worry about her pushing herself too hard because she's a perfectionist. I worry about those freak accidents that seem to occur when you work crazy hours. I obsessively worry about her flying so much. And, of course, all of the above happened this week." Spears' record label, Jive Records, had no official comment yet, and representatives for MTV's "Making The Video," who were documenting the shoot for an upcoming episode, were not immediately available for comment. That episode of "Making The Video" airs on April 10 at 10:30 p.m. https://www.mtv.com/news/1434387/britney-spears-suffers-head-injury-on-video-set/
  7. So i came across this Britney thread about her conservatorship. I was wondering, if you want to look through it, what are your opinions on it? To me it seems like they're really trying to misguide people. For example, they're blaming her "teams neglect" on when the rope snapped during Toxic when she was performing her Piece Of Me show. Accidents happen. Something like that has nothing to do with them mistreating her in some way. As an example a similar thing happened to P!ink. In another tweet, they make it sound like Britney's team forced her into standing in the ring of fire while she performed Circus and that her team just put her in dangerous situations such as that one. I'm just wondering what your opinions on this are. Misguiding people on something like this seems like the worst thing to do.
  8. A biographical docu-series that details the entire conservatorship from 2008 to now, combined with behind the scenes footage of how her life was during these times. (C'mon, we know they have some. At the very least there's unused footage from X-Factor and I Am Britney Jean that they could pull from, if not home videos.) Maybe interviews with Cade and Lynne, and new behind the scenes footage shot by the crew of Britney wrapping up all the loose ends after the conservatorship is closed. We all know that would slay the world harder than any murder mystery involving feeding some tigers.
  9. Guys! Tomorrow there is a day of a Status Hearing and as we know currently both Jamie and Jordy are temporary conservators and I guess tomorrow they will discuss if their conservatorship will be extended. As due to Covid19 there can't be any protest held outside court let's Trend again on social media! And all information regarding this hearing please post here.
  10. Back in 2004 a young 22 year old Britney Spears invented what is now known as reaction videos. This is now extremely popular on YouTube and reactors have been able to make profitable careers from it. Britney has always been so innovative, but she was again, ahead of her time. Lets reminiscence on her first reaction video. p.s. This digital quality tho...slay me baby one more time.
  11. I'm bored outta my mind and playing Sims on my phone. I needed to create another character so I decided to make her and create celebrity Sims world. Lemme tell you, it's not easy creating her! I've played around with every setting and I got this... Closest thing I can do. So if anyone has any advice on how the heck to fix this up, I'm keeping it at this lol. I have no choice lol
  12. I took pics but I can't figure out how to put them in here. It looks like you can only insert images from a URL? Wtf lol. Anyway, let's not turn this into a BJ album discussion. Just the vinyl lol. I got 2 today (I play one, I collect one). The album is bright pink as expected which doesn't really make sense lol. Also, does anyone else's vinyls come damaged from Urban Outfitters? I've gotten all of Britney's albums from them and half of the time the cardboard is damaged and I have to get a replacement. _______________________________________________ Hi! I embedded the pics for you. TEEHEE 💜 Roxxy 💋
  13. There is a bunch of songs from others artists that I would love or imagined being Britney's For example , I've always thought Girl Gone Wild by Madge would have been a great hit in the hands of Brit as well as some hits by Gaga (Lovegod or Just Slay) or Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani
  14. So0o0o a bunch of artists, including Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande, sang a classic Disney song as part of their Family Singalong special. Basically, to reassure us that the world isn't imploding amidst this pandemic. It made me wonder... if Britney sang a Disney song, because I am here to remind you she is a singer after all, what would she sing? What Disney song would suit her best? I would love a cover of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
  15. Kinda hesitant to post this because either I'm going to look crazy or Lou is going to take notes and start posting captions similar to her old ones, but here we go... Let's compare her Instagram captions before and after she went to the facility last year. Britney frequently posted with 3 emojis, and often would use them as the caption if she didn't post word captions. She tended to post short captions. No weird spacing or capitalization or punctuation. At most, she used a lot of exclamation points at times, but mostly there's not a lot of extra punctuation. One of the biggest things to note here is that if she used emojis, she always put them at the end of her captions, after punctuation. Also, she pretty much never uses actual smiley face emojis, only object/non-human emojis. Even when she wrote long captions, the styling, punctuation, etc. was totally different from now. Even commas were included to mark pauses in sentences. It just seemed a lot more logical. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, let's look at her most recent IG posts. Britney uses ellipses and excessive periods a lot, uses excessive spacing before punctuation, doesn't use commas in sentences, and uses improper punctuation. She uses emojis throughout the caption, uses smiley face/human emojis, and puts emojis before punctuation rather than after. She uses run-on sentences. If she's not using too much punctuation, she's having a lack of it: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So it looks like someone else is writing Britney's captions for her, right? There is one weird thing though. The first time we started wondering if the captions were someone else was around the time of the facility. The first post that made us wonder was the 10 second video of her saying "all is well" and that her family is going through a hard time, while the caption was all over the place about Sam Lutfi's emails and everything else. It seemed like the video was just a generic video recorded while the caption went into much greater detail about something maybe Britney was "protected" from. The problem with this analysis of "her writing style is different so it must be someone else writing for her" is that that caption from that post that first made us suspect someone else was writing captions was written pretty coherently and similarly to how she used to write her Instagram captions: Her style of writing definitely changed, loud and clear, and pretty quickly right after getting out of the facility. I have a few lingering questions though: Is someone writing Britney's captions for her? Is someone writing Britney's captions and trying to make her look less intelligent or less stable, while still trying to appear similar to her previous captions (still using 3 emojis at times, still using lots of exclamation points)? Is it Britney's captions, but something with her experience in the facility made her mental health/stability deteriorate? Is it Britney, and she's just more carefree about trying to be "perfect" now? Is it both a mix of Britney's captions and someone else's captions?
  16. Is this true? Apparently Carpool Karaoke cut out a bunch of other songs they did and even a song where some of her POM dancers were in the back seat? This actually seems realistic to me.
  17. So I love Britney, but all the girls (Christina, Jessica and Mandy) came out after her and everyone’s team was making them into the next Britney. Which I think was kind of sad, especially in the case of Jessica Simpson. She had this big broadway/ gospel voice before her official debut album, she could have done Broadway but she went the pop route, which I think destroyed her vocal ability. She still had it in 1999 but it seems like they were pushing her away from her own sound and we’re trying make her sound and look more like Britney. That’s not Britney’s fault of course. I remember ( I think it was on newlyweds) and she was talking about recording music and they told her that she sounded too gospel like and no one would be able to sing along. I think she took the wrong career path with pop, but I feel like at the time nobody wanted anything authentic, they just wanted the next Britney Spears. I think with Christina Aguilera she didn’t play that game especially after the first album, Not that they didn’t try to, they always compared Britney to Christina. With Mandy and especially Jessica Simpson though. I think with Jessica it’s kind of sad, she had all this RAW talent and she lost it all. Her technique is so bad now after years of trying to sing how they wanted her to. What are your thoughts on this?
  18. How many Britney cds y’all have? What albums are they on? What is your favorite booklet from them? What’s your fav artwork from them? Which song is the best hearing from the CD? Which is your favorite backcover? which album cd do you listen to, the most? When did you buy the CDs (what year you got them)? Are they rare, special or deluxe editions ? Which one is the most eye candy to just stare at?Can you sell me one
  19. I've been searching for hours All i could find was dubbed ones on Dream Within A Dream tour and other ones also dubbed Did she ever perform anticipating live ?
  20. okay so i was listening to chillin witchu (don’t judge me) and i noticed britney’s voice (i know shocking) at some parts that i hadn’t noticed before. So after listening to the same parts a thousand times i concluded that Britney’s voice and myahs voice have been layered together at certain parts so it does sound like britney but not quite a lot. for example “i laughed so much that i cried” the “cried” is both voices together “i danced so much till i was tired” same here with the “tired” ”i’m feeling alright” sounds like myah and like britney together. is it true or am i losing my mind ??? 🙄😦 we shall never know friends !!!! 😘🦁👛 ps. i know we have talked about this many times ....but hey the album is genius !!! great work will.i.am !!! ❤️😝✨🤫
  21. Hello everyone! I do not normally write here or post anything I just read you in the shadows haha. I don’t know if it is already posted but, I just watched a movie called Popstart on Netflix. It is a really fun comedy and I really liked it, many pop starts have a little role and I think it is hilarious. HOWEVER Justin Timberlake appears in the film shading “Mona Lisa”. The main character of the film has a song about Mona Lisa (the painting supposedly) in which it says Mona Lisa is “garbage”. Later on the film, Justin Timberlake acting as a chef and singing that same song. I thought it was very disrespectful, what do you think? Here you can watch it
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