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  1. Does anyone have the HQ version of New Millennium? or atleast a remastered version that makes it more listenable?
  2. On November 28, 2012, will.i.am released the music video for Scream & Shout, featuring Britney Spears. It was premiered during The X Factor, where Britney was participating as a judge at the time, and it was later uploaded to his official VEVO channel. The music video was directed by Ben Mor. It was filmed in October in Los Angeles. will.i.am described the concept for the video as "uber fresh fashion". He originally intended the video and the song to be released at the same time, but due to the song leaking, they had to officially release it a few days earlier. The music video doesn't really have a storyline but it's more about the imagery and symbolism of the song. We see will.i.am and Britney in front of white and black backgrounds, in different poses and activities, as well as some extras and shots of several objects. Ben Mor, who would work with Britney the next year for her music video Work *****, told MTV News that he had one word in mind for the production of this video "iconic". He said: He also commented in the relationship will and Britney had with each other on set: About the disco ball in flames: Ben Mor would also work with will and Britney in early 2013 to shoot the remix video of the song. Before the release of the videoclip, Britney Spears commented on working with will.i.am through an official statement: "There are few people on the planet who inspire me like will.i.am does. I couldn't be more excited to work with him again. I can't wait for people to hear the song and see the video." The music video became a hit. To this day, it's got over 800M views, making it the most watched video on YouTube of both artists. Related:
  3. On November 28, 2008 Britney Spears released Circus, her sixth studio album, in several European countries. It was released in the United States on December 02 that year, on her birthday. Executive produced by Britney's manager, Larry Rudolph and Theresa LaBarbera, who had collaborated with Britney on Blackout, the predominantly pop album incorporates a lot of rhythms and styles, from sweet ballads such as Out from Under and My Baby, to dance mid-tempos like Unusual You and Shattered Glass, to pop-rock tracks like Rock Me In. The record enlisted many of the collaborators from Britney's past career, like Max Martin, Danja, Guy Sigsworth and Bloodshy & Avant. Other producers were Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco, The Clutch, Fernando Garibay, Rob Knox, The Outsyiders, Nicole Morier, among others. Lady Gaga co-wrote the bonus track exclusive to selected countries, Quicksand. The album topped six charts, including the US BB200 and the European Top 100 Albums, while being Top 5 in 10 other countries. It was also Top 10 in the majority of other countries where it charted. Four singles were released in total: Womanizer, Circus, If U Seek Amy and Radar, the latter of which was a bonus track that was originally included on her previous album, Blackout. Kill the Lights received a promo release in a limited edition bonus disc that came with the perfume Circus Fantasy, along with a Circus remix. An animated video was made, with a shortened version of the song, after the concept for it won a fan contest where they had to choose a track of the album and elaborate a storyline for a potential video. Unusual You was rumored to be released as a single in some parts such as Australia and New Zealand. The Discogs website lists an unofficial release for the song, that also included Shattered Glass as track 2. It was never confirmed by Britney's team nor record label the legitimacy of the single. The Deluxe edition of the album includes 15 tracks, Radar included. The bonus tracks released across the different versions around the world are Rock Boy, Amnesia, Trouble and Quicksand. There's two CD + DVD editions that include the Womanizer and Circus videos, the making of these and some photo galleries. In the summer of 2008 it was confirmed that Britney was working on her "comeback album". In an interview for OK! Magazine, Britney described the album as being "more urban" and "her best work to date". One of the first producers to be confirmed for the album was Rodney Jerkins, he commented to Rap-UP TV that the two songs he was working on were "very dance-y, really up-tempo, in the clubs, real aggressive, catchy and very hook-friendly. I'm trying to reinvent her and reinvent myself with the project. I think it's about to be her time again". Another producer confirmed at the time was Sean Garrett, he told EW about working with Britney: "We’re trying to take her stuff to the next level. I’m going to come up with something crazy for her. I like to work on an artist when they count them out...and bring them back". None of these producers' songs made the final tracklist. Other collaborators confirmed but that also didn't appear in the final album were Lil Jon and Taio Cruz. Britney mentioned this had been the longest she had worked on an album. She described Circus as being "lighter" in comparison to the previous record Blackout. On her birthday in 2008, the day of the release of the album in the US, she performed Circus and Womanizer on Good Morning America. Other promo performances for this era were the Bambi Awards in Germany, Star Academy in France, The X Factor UK and in Japan Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ and NTV Best Artist. She performed Womanizer in all these appearances. Besides that, in 2009 she embarked on The Circus Starring: Britney Spears tour, however only the 4 singles and Mannequin were included on the setlist. Lace and Leather would be later performed at her Femme Fatale Tour in 2011.
  4. I thought this would be a fun and entertaining thread Let's post singers who attempted (or not) to emulate Britney's voice during certain brief moments in their careers I'll start with this, she kinda sounds like Britney in the chorus Slayyyer's whole career is basically a Britney tribute lol This sounds like 90s Brit And of course...Myah lol
  5. Everyone here knows "Toxic" and "Womanizer" are two parts of one storyline. What they might not know is that those aren't the only parts of the storyline. The unreleased director's cut of "Perfume" followed Britney as an assassin. The same assassin that she plays in the above two videos, per Joseph Kahn, who directed all three, plus "Stronger". Since three of his four videos focus on the same heroine, I lump the fourth ("Stronger") in with them as the "origin story". And "Break the Ice", whose concept was conceived by Britney, was pitched as an action-packed animated video featuring the same heroine from "Toxic", meaning "Break the Ice" is a midquel between "Toxic" and "Womanizer". One could even argue that the same heroine is the character that Britney portrays throughout the "Femme Fatale Tour", as she is implied to be some sort of immortal assassin being chased through time by some evil stalker. (In one of the video interludes he directly namedrops her as being Mata Hari, who was born over 140 years ago.) So what are everyone's thoughts on the main storyline weaving throughout Britney's videography?
  6. On November 27, 2008, the Bambi Awards of that year took place in Offenburg, Germany. Britney Spears performed there her latest hit Womanizer, the lead single off her sixth studio album Circus. This marked Britney's return to the European TV, but it was also her first televised performance since she performed at the VMA's in 2007, a number that was heavily criticized by the public and media. Before this, she had only recently performed as a guest at Madonna's tour. In this ceremony, she was also honored with the Best International Pop Star award, which was presented to her by fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who passed away in February 2019.
  7. Sorry if this is already discussed! I was talking to couple of my friends and surprisingly a lot of them (not Britney fan) think she is not done yet and expect she have a long way to go in her career! what do you think if Britney is done or she will come back and dominate music industry again?
  8. ..' The first half of the movie shows Junie’s come up as a Hollywood starlit. Even from the age of three Junie is depicted as having strings attached to her, showing how she is both literally controlled by her mom, but also figuratively held captive by both her mom and society as a whole. Junie’s first relationship is also arranged for her by a PR team, and when her first boyfriend Zachary Wilderness rapes her and releases the footage online, he is held to zero account for his action, meanwhile Junie is treated as a **** for engaging in ***ual activity before marriage. Not only is Junie treated like an object to be controlled, she also has virtually no control over what she says publicly. In all of her interviews as a kid, she is given a script by her PR team where she mostly appeals to god as a way of getting out of public scandal. A lot of this is meant to closely mirror the real life experiences of Brittany Spears and Lindsey Lohan, and it arguably does so to pretty good effect...'
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIBXGtOr3iJ/?igshid=1vl3ptwchhrvt ITZney is that *****, when will ur faves
  10. Hello everyone! So i have tried collect alot of information and even ask you guys about this, but i have finally come to this conclusion of Britney Spears album sales in the first years of their release! Albums released by Britney around October-December of one year sales will be calculated with October-December of the next year. For example:- ITZ was released November of 2003, but i will be considering November of 2003- November of 2004 as its first year of release. My sources for coming up to these assumptions are this video (even though the total sales he used were inaccurate ), TRL and MTV videos, old articles from the early 00s and certifications depending on the last time Britney's sales were officially certified. So lets go! ...Baby One More Time- Sold 8 million copies in the US and 16 million copies sold WW by the end of 1999 (2nd Best-Selling album of 1999) Oops!...I Did It Again- Sold 7 million copies in the US and 15 million copies sold WW by the end of 2000 (3rd Best-Selling album of 2000) Britney- Sold 4 million copies in the US and 9 million copies sold WW by the end of 2002 (Really no idea, if someone knows pls lemme know) In The Zone- Sold 3 million copies in the US and 8 million copies sold WW by the end of 2004 (5th Best-Selling Album of 2004) Blackout- Sold 700k copies in the US and 2 million copies sold WW by the end of 2008 (1.8 million copies sold WW by the end of 2007) (33rd Best-Selling Album of 2007) Circus- Sold 1.3 million copies in the US and 4 million copies sold WW by the end of 2009 (2 million copies sold by the end of December 2008) (6th Best-Selling Album of 2009) Femme Fatale- Sold 500k+ copies in the US and 1.5 million copies sold WW by the end of 2011 (25th Best-Selling Album of 2011) Myah Marie Jean- Sold 100k+ copies in the US and 609k copies sold WW by the end of 2014 ( N/A ) Glory- Sold 340k copies by the end of 2016 (N/A ) And there you go! Hope you guys enjoyed? Any questions? Lemme know
  11. On November 27, 2007, Britney Spears released Piece of Me, the second single off Blackout. It was written by Christian Karlsson, Pontus Winnberg (Bloodshy & Avant) along with Klas Åhlund. The electropop song talks about Britney's relationship with the media. Despite the unwritten rule of not writing songs that talked about Britney's personal life, the producers recorded the song anyway and sent it to Britney, who loved it and decided to record it. Piece of Me was actually the last song of the album to be recorded. According to Winnberg, she learned the lyrics of the song in her car while she was heading to the studio, where she finished the song in less than half an hour. Robyn, who also recorded a demo of the song, provides background vocals, alternating with Åhlund the "piece of me's" that we hear in the chorus in a robotized voice, while Bloodshy & Avant sing the "Extra! Extra!". After the album release in October, Britney talked about the song in a small interview she had with Ryan Seacrest over the phone The song peaked at #18 in the BBH100 but hit the #1 on the US Dance Club Songs chart. It was Top 10 and several countries, including #1 in Ireland. She's performed the song in her Circus Tour, Femme Fatale Tour, and her Vegas Residency, which was named after the track, Britney: Piece of Me. In 2008 a Remix EP was released The music video wasn't released until December, so we'll "celebrate" that later
  12. Kelis - Milkshake (Official Music Video) - YouTube This would have been perfect with Britney's voice This would have been on In The Zone i think ? It's way better than Outrageous Why can't i embed youtube videos anymore
  13. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone else would want to see a Britney album following the footsteps of songs like: - breathe on me. - and then we kiss (original unreleased) - touch of my hand. Do you guys feel the dark / **** / mystic vibe to these songs? Do you agree? Are there any other songs you guys think fit the vibe?
  14. French Dance group Justice actually sampled Me against the Music by Britney Spears and Madonna. While the lyrics are original. The way the kids sing it in the intro mirrors how Madonna basically provided the outro of the 2003 international hit "All my people in the crowd, let me see you dance. Come on Britney lose control, make the Music last. All my people round and round, party all night long.. Come on Britney lose control, watch you take it down". The song is legally credited due to how similar both verses are sung, and to avoid heavy lawsuit's. Justice went to everybody for legal clearances. Enjoy the mash up..
  15. BritneyOnline claims Britney herself came up with the idea of the Glory re-release and fully supports it. I believe this is true and Britney will announce it soon as a birthday present! BritneyOnline also claims these are the lyrics to one of the new songs, "Matches":
  16. Courtesy of Britneyonline [Verse 1] (Backstreet Boys) I taste you in the air Your energy everywhere It’s borderline unfair I can see you screaming my name And if it’s up to me I need you in between My Egyptian sheets You know I can see you think the same, oh [Pre-Chorus] (Backstreet Boys) Oh if they dusted me for prints They’d find you all over me, all over me Nothing ever quite felt like this The fire is killing me The good kind of killing me [Chorus] (Britney Spears) Like playing with matches, matches, matchеs This might leave some damagе, damage, damage The good kind of damage, damage, damage Like playing with matches, matches, matches Like playing with matches [Drop] (Britney Spears) Playing with matches [Verse 2] (Britney Spears) I like the way you dress And then how you undress I can hear it on your chest No there ain’t no better place to catch my breath, yeah [Pre-Chorus] (Britney Spears) Oh if they dusted me for prints They’d find you all over me, all over me Never ever quite felt like this The fire is killing me The good kind of killing me [Chorus] (Britney Spears) Like playing with matches, matches, matches This might leave some damage, damage, damage The good kind of damage, damage, damage Like playing with matches, matches, matches Like playing with matches [Bridge] (Backstreet Boys) Oh, oh, oh Want you good in the worst way Oh, oh, oh Want you good in the worst way
  17. Like it’s so funny to me how the majority of her old Making the Video and MTV documentaries/specials such as Diary, Total Britney Live, All Eyes On, etc. haven’t been digitally released aside from VCR rips. Not to mention, I can’t imagine the hours and amount of unseen Britney Spears footage Viacom/MTV has in storage. Can someone start a petition on like change.org or personally reach out for them to start releasing these things? I know for a fact people, including myself, would actually pay good money to see vintage, uncut Britney footage of her just killing the Stronger chair choreo or being backstage at a TRL appearance. Imagine finally being able to see the full uncut VMA rehearsal footage of her 1999-2003 performances. Please, we need this to happen and we need it to happen now. Don’t be shy MTV.
  18. Apart from seeing our girl get her freedom back and hopefully living a happier life, I don’t we will get anything different. I don’t see some big documentary about her life during the c-ship or loving performing again or releasing new music and being more confident in interviews. She doesn’t seem like the person who wants to tell the world about her personal life. Even For The Record was pretty vague in what actually happened in those years. Basically, I don’t think we should expect anything apart from a better, happier Britney.
  19. I was watching the Shawn Mendes documentary "In wonder" on Netflix and it reminded me a lot of the "Stages" documentary that Britney released in 2002, but better produced, in my opinion, sorry Why don't they put at least the DWAD tour there (is it because it was broadcast by HBO at the time and thus belongs to the HBO streaming platform? Does anyone who owns HBO know if this tour is there?) Or the documentary "For the Record?" Her team is missing out on so many opportunities to show the new generation her history... It's good that when she returns with the B10, her team decides to make a good documentary that focuses on the recent trajectory of her life, how to get free c-ship and its studio recording sessions, but at the same time review her trajectory until today and everything it has achieved and her legacy in the Pop history.
  20. I can totally see an insta post on her birthday saying "Even though it's my birthday, i'd love to give all my amazing fans a gift, thank you for all your recent love for Glory. On Friday 4th December i'll be dropping Glory 2020 Deluxe Edition with two brand new tracks" Thoughts? I think it's in the realm of possibilities because she has released albums on her birthday, so I can see her acknowledging the new music on her birthday and state it is a 'present' for her fans.
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