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Found 1,480 results

  1. So I've seen a lot of various posts and perspectives on Britney... from fans claiming they know what is good for her legally (better than she what she knows), how politically active she should be, what kind of music she should release, how much dancing she should be doing, how much promotion, etc. It honestly makes me very uncomfortable. Yes, we feel like we know Britney because we've listened to her music for years (some of us decades), and have followed her journey since she popped up on the pop scene. Yet we don't actually know her and to be as critical and controlling as some of you are is just (no pun intended) toxic. If I had a friend who was as opinionated about my life as some of you are regarding hers, I would not be their friend. This is largely tied to the general population's relationship with celebrity in general and the unhealthy relationship we tend to have with them. We forget that they're real people, that we don't actually know in real life, thus giving us no right to try and dictate on how they should be living their lives. Britney is her own individual and as long as what she is (or is not) doing is not directly harming anyone, she has the right to live her life the way she sees fit. We as fans have no claim over Britney the individual and it is unhealthy to project our limited perspectives onto her situation and attempt to decide what is the right way for her to live. If a lot of y'all carried this behaviour into your personal relationships, I'm sure they would not last very long. Britney Spears is the only individual who should get to decide how Britney Spears lives (and yes this is a not so veiled criticism over the conservatorship, I couldn't help myself.) If y'all don't like what she is doing, go stan someone else. This is the Britney we got. So appreciate it, or don't. Your choice.
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-November-2003-Britney-Spears-Entertainment-Weekly-Magazine/313090137769?_trkparms=aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20200513093106%26meid%3D1ef5f1b341974f9f9d94192ea404ac94%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D6%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dpf%26sd%3D383531227025%26itm%3D313090137769%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3DSimplAMLv5PairwiseWebWithBBEV1Filter&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 take a closer look
  3. according to Kworb Mood Ring is no.3 and has a red update https://kworb.net/pop/ one Margarita is super close to us and has a green update
  4. Can someone explain Neyde Spears to me?? I’ve never ever heard this and I’ve been a fan since 1998, but just ran across this post on Instagram. All I know is I hate her hair here...
  5. We help Gaga and Ariana fans and soport their fave and we help each other? If we combine three fan bases with steaming and buying the song. We all are going to be on the top of the charts! I suggest a playlist with Gaga - Rain on Me and Mood Ring ! And share that with the other fan bases!
  6. WELCOME Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/mood-ring/pl.u-oZylYNZIoplx1R Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0rLlS0Q8pEmcF6aaEHSHaW?si=fo9AXKMQTXi2fvQ6C9Cfww
  7. I don't want to make any controversy. But there's people calling Britney racist unfairly because this SNL sketch. We know that's not true. As fans we have to defend her.
  8. In your opinion what do you think are Brit’s most forgotten songs? This could be any song that you actually liked and listened so many times, however these days, you don’t really listen to it anymore... My opinion is definitely My Prerogative and Do Somethin’, don’t get me wrong I absolutely love these two songs, but somehow I keep forgetting they exist.
  9. Which album do you like better? Britney or Glory? The reason I created this poll is the discussion in another thread of whether Britney should be in the trinity, and the amount of absurdity is just simply nauseating. Just one thing to think about - Why would you wanna compare a pop classic to a selena-wannabe?
  10. When the single Oops i did it again came out many pointed out how similar the beat and music was similar with Baby One more time, with time the single stood the test of time and even became a more loved song than BOMT and earned it iconic status for the Titanic breakdown and the red catsuit.. But beyond the similarity Oops i did it again album had many songs that were hit eligible like - Don't go knocking my door What you see ( is what you get) and, Can't make you love They were edgy hard hitting beats and very dance songs . The album was more mature lyrically the music was more evolved than BOMT. if there is a list of best sophomore albums Opps shud be on it cuz lived up to its predecessor and even outdid it in some ways .
  11. what an iconic and weird ride that was now that it reached #1 i say that's a HUGE success seeing the release date being "2016" and we did it! now it's up to the GP in general and to take it even further it could be a TikTok hit as in "Mood Swings" challenge.. however.. she's dominating the video top 100! #1 Toxic #3 Slave 4 U #5 Circus #7 Baby One More Time #8 Oops! #11 Gimme More #13 Womanizer
  12. Inspired from @Britney_Love_Fan with her Irish chart history for Britney, I decided to also do a commercial performance history of Britney. So here’s a quick run-through the Indian music market: The Indian music market is a hard market like China to break through, as Bollywood soundtracks and music are in the upfront of the Indian music market. Physical sales in India have not had a bad downfall, but faced a slight decline through the years. So for western artist, like Beyoncé who are very famous in Western, don’t have as much as popularity in the South-east Asian markets. However, artist like MJ, Madonna and Britney have successfully managed to break through that market. So here are the album sales of Britney in India:- Baby one more time- 75k (5x platinum) Oops I did it again-55k (3x platinum) Britney- 35k (2x platinum) In The Zone- 25k (Platinum) GH: MP- 25K (Platinum) Blackout- 3k (Gold) Circus- 4K (Gold) TSC- 2k (Gold) Sources for femme fatale to Glory I couldn’t find but she has sold over 200k albums in India. Pretty good for a western artist and has performed far better in India compared to her fellow peers.
  13. 1. Britney was the first and one of only two females this millennium to have scored four Number 1 singles in less than 12 months over 2003-2004. Ariana Grande managed the same 15 years later. 2. Britney scored more Number 1 singles than any other female artist in the Noughties, with 5 (Me Against The Music, Toxic, Everytime, My Prerogative, Piece Of Me). 3. Tied with Rihanna and Madonna on eight, Britney is the female artist with the most Number 1s ever in Ireland. 4. Britney has scored more Number 1s in Ireland than in any other European country. The only country has had more chart-topping success in is Canada, where she has claimed nine Number 1 hits. 5. The pop princess' most streamed song? It's her 2004 chart topper Toxic, which has racked up 3.17 million plays since the Official Charts Company began compiling data for Ireland in 2017. 6. Despite peaking in the Top 10 the world over, the only country that Piece Of Me reached Number 1 in was Ireland. The track climbed to the top spot in its fourth week on chart in January 2008, dethroning X Factor winner Leon Jackson. 7. Britney’s next single Break The Ice also charted higher in Ireland than in any other country, peaking at Number 7. 8. Britney has had three Irish Number 1 albums: Mr Prerogative (2004); Blackout (2007); and Glory (2017), with Ireland being only one of three countries (alongside the Czech Republic and Italy) that the latter topped the charts in. 9. Although it didn't top the Official Irish Albums Chart (it peaked at Number 2) Circus is Britney’s fastest-selling album. It shifted 7222 copies in its first week in November 2008 and was held off Number 1 by The Priests’ self-titled album. 10. Britney’s fastest-selling Number 1 album is greatest hits collection My Prerogative. 5,430 copies were picked up in its first seven days on sale in 2004.
  14. TTWE has never been more relevant, Global Corona Shutdown, Major US riots and looting. Let’s bring back TTWE and use the apocalyptic mood rn to make it rise again! It’s already back on the top ITunes MV. Spread challenges on IG and Tik Tok and let it riiiiise. Spread the wooooord.
  15. The incredible Britney Online youtube channel has uploaded a rare Italian performance of a young barely 17 year old Britney Spears slaying vocals and choreo. I've never seen this and I like to think I'm a BIG stan. So enjoy to all those who have not seen this, but also those who have seen it. Let's all watch and do the choreo in our rooms! Stream Mood Ring on Spotify today
  16. Have we not discussed this yet? Am I not seeing the thread?
  17. Hello guys, good night ... Well, I am the owner of GossipBritney, a Brazilian fan site that supports our Pop princess, Britney, and has been promoting and extolling it for over 7 years. We made a lyric video of the song "Mood Ring" (which is my favorite) and I wanted to share it with you, because it was a job that we did with great affection. Imagine if the queen saw? We would be very happy, so anyone who can give a strength by enjoying and sharing would be of great help. PS: Sorry if the post's English is wrong, I translated it by google translate. Britkisses ^^
  18. https://www.instagram.com/maddojdj/ Hi ya'll! decided to show some of my thought processes on insta / yotuube. I have a few mixes and making more that have a lot of B in them because I Stan, and are just a classic 00's time. Enjoy and please let me know what you think!
  19. Look y’all, whether you want to admit it or not, CHROMATICA is an AMAZING album and it’s just what the world needs right now. The production and lyrics are otherworldly and really amazingly executed. It’s just a really good , successful era so far for Gaga. Would you guys be here for a 90’s modern euro/house pop record from Brit? would it be as critically acclaimed as Chromatica? I’d be here for a 90’s disco album tbh. also, I don’t wanna hear any BaByLoN SoUnDs LiKe VoGuE mess. Babylon is the best song on the album and one of her best songs of all time.
  20. #1 single on iTunes since release. Pretty much dominating the top ten musuc videos chart.. I hope Britney re thinks about retirement.. I hope she sees this and realizes that She still is loved and people want new music in their life. There is still a demand for Britney. The American dream
  21. Personally, I Love Both. “Circus” & “Femme Fatale” Are In My Holy Trinity Britney Albums (The Other Album Is “In The Zone”). The Era’s Are Equally As Dashing, Both Had Their Up’s and Down’s, But Overall, Were Flawless. We Start With The “Circus” Era: “Circus” Era (2008 - 2009) “Circus” Opened Up It’s Era With “Womanizer”, A Rhythmic Pop Song That Was An Overall Smash. Jumping From #96 To #1 In A Single Week, “Womanizer” Became Britney’s 2nd #1 In The U.S. In The U.K., It Peaked At #3. It Was A Worldwide Hit, Selling Over 12 Million Copies To Date. It Was Nominated For A Grammy For “Best Dance Recording”. “Womanizer” Was A Legendary Comeback For The Queen. Following That, Brit Released The Album’s Title Track, “Circus” As It’s Second Single. This Marked An Other Success For Britney, Debuting And Peaking At #3, It Marked Her 7th Top 10 Hit In The United States. Following This Huge Success, She Released Her Highly Anticipated Album, “Circus”, It Debuted At #1 In The U.S., Selling 505,000 Copies In It’s First Week. This Marked Britney’s 5th Album To Reach Number 1, Making Her The Youngest Artist To Have Five Number 1 Albums On The Billboard 200. With This Success Under Her Belt, She Launched Arguably The Biggest Comeback Tour Of The 2000s, “The Circus Starring: Britney Spears”, In Just 97 Shows The Tour Grossed Over $131.8 Million. In March Of 2009, Britney Released The 3rd Single From Her Record, “If U Seek Amy”, To Lukewarm Success. The Track Peaked At #19 On The Billboard Hot 100 & #20 On The U.K. Singles Chart. Although Not Being A Chart Success Like It’s Predecessor Singles, It Did Become A Fan Favourite. The Fourth And Final Single Was Released In June Of 2009, “Radar”, Originally Released On 2007s “Blackout”, Was Met With Modest Success, But Remains As One Of Her Best Works. The Single Peaked At #88 In The U.S. & #46 In The U.K. To Add To The Excitement Of This Spectacular Era, Britney Released Her Second Greatest Hits Compilation, Titled “The Singles Collection”. It Spawned One New Single, “3”, The Track Debuted And Peaked At #1 On The U.S. Billboard Hot 100, And #7 On The U.K Official Singles Chart. “3” Has Sold 4.9 Million Copies To Date. Overall, “Circus” Marked Brit’s Official Comeback As A Main Pop Girl, And Cemented Her Position As The Queen Of Pop, Yes I Said It, The Queen Of Pop. Personally, This Era Is Among Her Best, But Not Her Best, It Lacked Togetherness. There Were So Many Things That Could Have Been Done Different During This Era That Would Have Made It So Much Better. (7.5/10) For Me Personally. Moving On..... Let’s Take A Look At The “Femme Fatale” Era: ”Femme Fatale” Era (2011) After The Success That Was The “Circus” Era, Britney Started Her Next LP Project. “Femme Fatale” Started On January 11th, 2011. The Albums Lead Single, “Hold It Against Me”, A Thumping Dance Club Anthem That Was A Record Breaking Smash. The Single Debuted And Peaked at #1 On The United States Billboard Hot 100, Selling 411,000 Copies In It’s First Week. The Track Hit #6 In The U.K. And Was A Success In Many Other Territories. The Song Was A Global Smash, Marking Yet Another Triumph For Britney. Following “Hold It Against Me”, Brit Released “Till The World Ends”. Arguably The Biggest Hit From The “Femme Fatale” Era. The Remix (Featuring Nicki Minaj & Kesha) Peaked At #3, And Stayed On The Charts For 24 Weeks. After Seeing Massive Success With The Singles, Brit Released Her 7th Studio Album. “Femme Fatale” Debuted At Number 1, Selling 275,000 Copies In It’s First Week. Marking Britney’s 6th Number 1 Album On The Billboard 200. Just Days After Her LP Reached Number 1, Brit Teamed Up With Pop Princess Rihanna (Fun Personal Fact: Rihanna Is My Favourite Artist Besides Britney) . There Remix Of “S&M”, Peaked At #1 On The Billboard Hot 100, Marking Britney’s 5th Number 1 Single. Her Second Number One Single Of 2011. Her 3rd Top Ten Of The Year. The Remix Has Sold 1.8 Million Copies To Date. Following That, Britney Released Her 3rd Single From “Femme Fatale”, “I Wanna Go” Was Her Biggest Solo Radio Hit Ever. “I Wanna Go” Peaked At #7 On The Billboard Hot 100. Then Britney Started Her “Femme Fatale Tour”, Throughout 79 Shows, Which Grossed Over $68 Million, The Fourth And Final Single, Was “Criminal”. The Song Received Small Success, Peaking At #55. For Me, “Femme Fatale” Was Spectacular. This Time Around, It Lacked Britney Herself. She Clearly Was Not Happy During This Time, But She Did Serve Looks. I Always Loved Her Looks From The Videos, She Looked Great. (8/10) For Me Personally. What Do You Think? Which Era Was Better? Sound Off!
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