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  1. i dont know if this is true or not but apparently this song was passed to Britney After Dani Recorded it. again i dont know if its true. this was like 10 years ago.
  2. For those who don't know, Diet Prada (@diet_prada or dietprada) is a huge account for calling out problems within the fashion industry (so watchdogs), and has a following of 2.1 MILLION on Instagram. Today they posted on their stories of Jason Alexander saying he should be jailed and #FreeBritney! EDIT: I CAN'T FIND IT ANYMORE IT GOT DELETED DID ANYONE SCREENSHOT?! Also related @Tetris: https://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/forums/topic/781392-dietprada-shares-viral-post-about-conservatorship/&tab=comments#comment-16776260
  3. Let’s try and keep this more specific rather than ‘y’all have no clue as to how huge Britney really was’. Let’s do more of tiny news articles or interesting interviews or records she’d broken then. Information that isn’t really discussed today!
  4. Hi everyone! Really excited to share this project I've been working on, hand illustrating Britney's iconic looks through the years. Let me know what you think! I have prints available here if interested.
  5. So guys I have made a list with all unreleased tracks recorded by Britney. The only thing I don't know is if these releases are fanmade, or were actually planned: - Guilty (Quentin Harris REMIX) - Kiss You All Over (RMX feat. Sean Garret) - Burning Up (Nick* RMX) DISCLAIMER: For the OG tracks, I know that some of them are recorded in ITZ sessions but there were rumors that they were considered for OG so I put them in that album. BOMT: 1. It's Britney Spears, Baby! (Intro) 2. Let Me Take You There 3. Luv The Hurt Away (feat. Full Force) 4. I Have Nothing (LQ Snippet) 5. Sweet Kisses (LQ Snippet) THE JINGLES COLLECTION: 1. The Joy Of Pepsi 2. New Millenium 3. I've Got The Urge 4. Monday Night Football BRITNEY: 1. When I Say So 2. She'll Never Be Me 3. Am I A Sinner? 4. Mad Love IN THE ZONE: 1. And Then We Kiss (Original Version) 2. Instant Deja Vu 3. Guilty 4. Get It 5. Pleasure You (feat. Don Phillip) 6. Rock Star 7. Sippin' On 8. Strangest Love 9. It Feels Nice 10. Guilty (Quentin Harris RMX) ORIGINAL DOLL: 1. Welcome To Me 2. Conscience 3. Take Off 4. Money, Love & Happines 5. Ouch 6. Look Who's Talking Now 7. Peep Show BLACKOUT: 1. Trouble (Intro) 2. All That She Wants 3. 911 4. Dramatic 5. Hooked On (Sugarfall) (feat. Pharell Williams) 6. Red Hot Lipstick 7. Rebellion 8. Pull Out 9. Kiss You All Over 10. Love 2 Love U 11. Just Yesterday (Little Me) 12. To Love (Let Go) 13. Baby Boy 14. State Of Grace 15. I've Been Loving You Too Long 16. Sippin' On (Remix) (feat. AC) 17. All That She Wants (Remix) (feat. Ace of Base) 18. Kiss You All Over (Remix) (feat. Sean Garret) 19. Secret (Snippet) CIRCUS: 1. Abroad 2. Dangerous 3. This Kiss 4. Every Day 5. Telephone THE SINGLES COLLECTION: 1. Telephone (Remix) (feat. Lady Gaga) FEMME FATALE: 1. Burning Up 2. Unbroken B IN THE MIX, VOL 2 1. Burning Up (Nick* Remix) COLLABORATIONS: 1. I Feel So Free With You (feat. Pitbull & Marc Anthony) 2. Hey Ma (feat. Pitbull & Romeo Santos) 3. Tilt Ya' Head Back (feat. Nelly) (Snippet) Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. If some of these songs weren't recorded by Brit and if I have missed some please write it down. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
  6. 1. After Stronger What U See Don’t Go knocking On My Door 2. After Boys Cinderella What it’s like to be me 3. After Everytime Breathe On Me 4. After BTI Radar Get Naked 5. After IUSA Shattered Glass Kill The Lights 6. After I Wanna Go Up N Down Inside out 7. After Slumber Party Better If I’m Dancing Love Me Down
  7. I’ve just come across this demo on YouTube of our Britney featuring a former X Factor UK finalist Mason Noise. A little bit of an odd collaboration but I’m kinda here for the vibe it, the song is very Justin Timberlake in style I feel does anyone agree?? Anyway, I wonder how this collab came to be and when it was recorded, anybody have any ideas? if the link gets removed it’s Britney feat Mason Noise - Evocation what do y’all think? It must be pretty recent
  8. Hey guys, Disclaimer: This is gonna be very long! I've been an exhale user for ages but the last time I was active was around 10 years ago, since then I've just been lurking around reading Britney news. But I've just finished watching the Deep Dive documentary, and I really want to vent my emotions and share some thoughts that I just cannot hold inside of me (not a big social media user, so this is as good a place as any, so bare with me). I know this forum is not really the place for long discussions, so if you don't care about my thoughts, just pass by, don't be mean I've been a Britney fan since the beginning, when I was a kid a few years younger than her. When I think about it now, I can thank Britney for most things that I appreciate about myself as a person today - speaking English (I learnt the language singing along), making music, being comfortable in my womanhood. Most of all, she gave me comfort when I needed it most. Between the Britney and ITZ eras I stopped religiously following her as I was coming of age, my music tastes broadened, I got more into indie stuff (which is a testament to the quality of Britney's music, despite what most people think about her as an artist - I grew up on her music, and it instilled a very good music taste in me). But when I was going through a bad breakup, already as an adult, in around the Circus era, I needed the comfort of her music again and started inquiring about her life and registered here. This was the introduction into my Britney story. Now thoughts on the whole breakdown/conservatorship situation. In 2007-2008, I read some news about what was going on in her life back then, distantly, and it truly shocked me. But not why you'd think. Now, it might be that I live in Europe and here we are more chill about this stuff, but I truly, really truly did not understand what the big deal about her behavior was. I started reading all these articles in American media how she's crazy, how she's an addict etc - you know what I mean. But when I actually inspected what she was up to, I just couldn't see anything that a normal 20-something person wouldn't do. Especially in her position, surrounded by these crazy paparazzi, during the divorce. I just couldn't understand what was so crazy about her? To this day, it baffles me. I watched this DeepDive documentary, and everything that they showed - I still think there was nothing wrong with her behavior, considering the circumstances. Is it an American thing? I truly don't understand. So this brings me to my next thought - why on earth would she need a conservatorship in the first place? I know that many of you say that it was "necessary" back then but not anymore. But in my opinion (acknowledging my limited knowledge and our lack of access to medical data, so this is pure speculation based on years of observation), nothing that she did, the "crazy things", would require such a drastic measure. We have this procedure of guardianship in my country as well, and a friend of mine put one on his elderly schizophrenic father who cannot even bathe himself. But what I couldn't understand then, and can't understand now, is how all her actions - to me, they seemed very normal, healthy reactions - could lead to this. I thought it was an abuse back then and still think this to this day. So she partied, so she drank, so she took a few drugs (allegedly), I'm sorry, but who didn't? Kids in college in the US do so many much worse things. Personally I had already quit drinking and smoking by my sophomore year, which gives you an idea on when I had started. And her motherhood "incidents" were also ridiculously mistreated - all parents mess up somehow, it's just a matter of time, and most babies are just lucky to survive our incompetence. Finally, although I've always known it, but after seeing this documentary in one sitting, I have to point out the narcissistic abuse Britney suffered from her father and possibly others. I am currently coming out of an 8 year abusive toxic environment at my workplace with a narcissistic psychopathic boss. Only after three years of therapy, I was able to quit the horrible job in politics (where narcissists thrive, just like in showbiz) and see the gaslighting I've been subject to for years. I am talking about it because I am seeing a lot of posts here and elsewhere asking why Britney doesn't speak up, or why her instagram is so weird. I'll tell you why. Manipulations that narcissists are capable of are just insane. Her father, an alcoholic, is a textbook narcissist - controlling, abusive, manipulative. For years, I couldn't quit my job because my boss manipulated me into thinking that if I quit, the whole organization will go down and over 50 people will lose their jobs because of me. The boss also made sure that whoever quit on their own couldn't get another job in this sector, showing me what they will do to me if I, the closest confidante, will quit. And I truly believed that in my gaslighted mind. I know the word now, but for years, I just thought I was losing my mind, going crazy, because someone was constantly telling me the reality is not real. Now, I can only imagine the scale of this manipulation when it's not just about some coworkers and friends but about your own kids. And you might think that he is doing it for the money. Maybe his allies and enablers are. But I think he truly believes that he is saving her. Knowing this kind of abuse from inside out, studying it now for over a year, I am almost sure that he thinks that everybody owes him, that he's the true victim and that without him she's nobody. And these are the kind of thoughts that he has made her think for years, gaslighting, diminishing her, making her feel devalued, second-guessing herself, shaming her for her supposed "sins". I've only dealt with this for a couple of years, and in a workplace - and I am still pretty damaged. Imagine that on a whole different level, and with the pressure of the whole world looking. I don't think that her instagram is weird. I think it is not weird enough, after everything. Her anxiety is a very normal psyche reaction, as a coping mechanism. To think that she was able to work so hard and so well after and during all this is just extraordinary for me - I am lucky if I can get out of bed at all, as of now. I think she had the healthiest possible reactions to the events of her life, to people taking advantage of her goodness and kindness. Kindness is a modern sin. So there are my thoughts. Sorry for the long read. I would appreciate a discussion and, perhaps, an explanation of how exactly such normal actions and reactions by a 20something year old woman be perceived as crazy. I just can't wrap my head around it. btw, the best source describing manipulation techniques that these people use is the channel of Dr Ramani on youtube - I think it would be great to ask her to do a video on Britney's situation, she talks about TV shows sometimes: https://www.youtube.com/user/DoctorRamanDurvasula. She explains very well why children of narcissistic parents are magnets for abusers, especially when they are empathic like Britney is. Please be kind
  9. Apparently she was offered all these songs: 2017 March: Hey Ma (with Pitbull & J Balvin) 2018 Summer: I Feel So Free With You (Pitbull & Marc Anthony) Oct: Say My Name (with David Guetta & J Balvin) Oct: Kiss and Make Up (with Blackpink) Not to mention if they had re-released Glory in 2017 and released Mood Ring, Swimming In The Stars, and maybe even Matches that year. I'm not saying all of these songs are amazing (except the Glory songs are!) but it would have been cool to have all of those releases. She would have been everywhere.
  10. "Toxic" is officially Britney's most-streamed song on Spotify ever. It just surpassed 500 million streams on the platform. Related:
  11. Calling all Sometimes fans! Hey guys, a new upload on my channel for any of you who care A stripped back, acoustic version of Sometimes, more mellow with beautiful synths which the original doesn’t show clear enough Check it out! Let me know what you think below (I will be uploading a few different versions of the mix soon, Instrumental - Solo Version - Lower Key Mix) Let me know what you think!
  12. Okay it wasn't easy for this one, I tried to restore this music video (released only in Philippines), sadly that's the best results I had due to very (but very) low quality source (there's even no TV rip or DVD release of it). Still better than the ones uploaded I guess. Upcoming major videos like MATM, Toxic, and the rest will be in the best quality out there, I managed to remaster them with powerful codecs with new upscaling methods (AI + Avisynth) and it gave me huge files but 4x better quality! I hope you will still enjoy this one: If you have missed previous remasters:
  13. I do not know if it has been published and I do not know if it is real. Opinions?
  14. Saw this on Tiktok. I don’t know her but thought it was interesting https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJneA2yC/
  15. So yeah, @Blackout2006 inspired me. I'm a Britney fan since the beginning, Britney's first 4 albums are very nostalgic to me. So I tried to create some new art works for those albums, with pictures that really resemble every era. Cause why not? The only thing i wanted to be the same is the album fonts. So here we go! 1. Baby one more time I just couldn't choose between both pictures. I remember the second picture so well, it was literally everywhere back in the day. And of course the colours: pink and blue. 2. Oops I did it again Purple obviously. I do think i used a picture from early 2001 tho. Hope im wrong. 3. Britney 4. In The Zone By the time in finished the 'Britney' album i was kinda bored with it already, so not sure what happened here with those ITZ covers.I used the 'icon font' that's also used in the origin album. Apparantly it spells 'Britney'. Let me know what you think! Or just ignore me, i had fun anyways.
  16. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=3645770745510271 cant' embed but there's the link
  17. Has anyone posted this article? I haven't read anything about "Baby One More Mark" on here at all but maybe I missed it. Not really new info but I wonder if this social media management "company" might have already been looked into Link: https://www.yourtango.com/2020339485/what-baby-one-more-mark-britney-spears-trademark-label
  18. I know Work ***** was recorded in May 2013, Perfume in July 2013, and I heard Alien was recorded in August 2013. Anyone know when the other tracks were recorded? Or the first or last songs recorded? Thanks! And let's not make this about Myah or how much you don't like the album. Stay on topic please.
  19. We all assume that Britney Jean's original direction was allegedly supposed to be quite different (remember those Blackout 2.0 tweets from 2012?) after the success of Scream & Shout her team decided the scrap the whole project and call will.i.am to make an album in the same vein as Scream & Shout i think that's why Britney didn't finish recording the album allegedly, they called Myah to finish the track cause Britney prob HATED the new direction Femme Fatale also had a different direction originally i think but i'm not sure anymore , if anyone could clarify on that ?
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