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  1. I'd tell her: I dont know what you've been and what you are going through now but just know you've changed and touched lives of millions of people and made them better!
  2. The year was 2000 and a young pop star turned phenomenon was barely 18. All eyes were on her and every young teen wanted to be like her. People across the world tuned into her every move and were eager for what she would do next. Before infamous downfall and before the snake performance along with her mega famous relationship with Justin Timberlake there was the question of her virginity. How can someone who exemplifies being an angelic virgin also radiate ***? Shes an angel one minute and a lolita the next. Is she or is she not a virgin? Back then people were so obsessed with this that someone offered Britney Spears 7.5 Million in exchange for her virginity. The kicker? Her then label Jive Records made her aware of this offer. Why? To help stir controversy? Move records? See if they could get a higher bidder? After Jive brought the offer to Britney this was her reaction: "It's a disgusting offer," she told one newspaper. "He should go and have a cold shower and leave me alone. It's outrageous how a man like that can offer something which is totally unacceptable." Before Britney and Justin broke up there were signs that Britneys carefully created image was beginning to crack under pressure. Once their relationship was over and Justin stated he “hit” that the world seemed to turn on Britney. At that time it seemed like the public took out the trash (Britney) and left her on the side of the road to be taken to the recycling plant so we could consume someone else until we were ready to spit them out. So much has happened in showbiz since this article was published in 2000 (metoo movement, Taylor Swift, womens rights) but so much more is still left on the table. Men still run the world and women in music are pushed to “bare all” or expect to fizzle out. My question is this. Did the world find Britney expendable once they found out she wasn’t a virgin? Check out the full Guardian article here:
  3. Like 200_ thru 201_? She doesn’t seem to, anymore. —J
  4. Lol does anyone else remember this. I totally had this VHS 💀
  5. Is it just me or do the Britney Demos of the official songs sound waaaaay much better (*insert Baga Chipz voice here*) I absolutely love the full versions that are online from Do You Want To Come Over: Make Me: Alien: Break the Ice I love the beats part instead of the humming we got in BlackOut, very Michael Jackson. Toms Diner Telephone
  6. Hi guys, I just want to know what do you think Is our Queen getting vaccinated? Is she pro vaccine or anti vaccine? I think she is pro vaccine but maybe the cship won't allow her to do it Jk.
  7. does anyone has whatever scans from this release? Please? even the smallest ones are good
  8. It's well known that Chaotic is not appreciated by the majority of the fan base. & that seems to stem from the GP's perception of it when it first came out in 2005. Shockingly, I've found out a substantial number of Britney fans have never even seen it due to the cringe the GP felt about it in 2005. & some fans just don't like it. I CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY (for the most part). They talk about how immature she acts....so does that mean you don't like Britney's personality? It's Britney being raw, unfiltered, herself, and in love...and she's FREE. It was the real her. I don't see how that turned people off, except for maybe they just couldn't stand her being so lovey-dovey in a new relationship (but she's a relationship girl, and the happiest when she is falling in love). & Yes, she's VERY SILLY in it....but that's her! I LOVE that part about her and I thought most of her fans did, too! Britney will never open herself up like that again. Britney will never be that real and raw and unfiltered with her fans ever again. I don't know how anyone doesn't consider this an absolute treasure to the fan base. I'd love to hear your opinions on it...especially those who watched the WHOLE series and still disliked it. (PS, the way Kevin acts is irrelevant in this, no one cares about him. Don't dismiss the show just because he is in it) I respect everyone's opinions. All opinions welcome. I'd love to know everyone's thoughts on it. Do you like it? Do you cringe? How you never watched it? I suggest people watch the series at least once. You won't regret our angel having the freedom to be herself...I'd love to hear all opinions! Like, ignore Kevin. But how can you not appreciate this real side of Britney? (she's so happy when she's in love) I cherish all of this so much since I do not feel like she will ever give her fans anything like this again. She is, understandably, way more guarded now.
  9. Loving her commentary on the album: We were not worthyyyyyy. We STAN. Serving In the Zone promo VIBEZ. What's your favorite Glory track?
  10. Everybody has amazing memories about her and coincide about how humble and sweet she is despite being the most famous pop Star in the world.
  11. A short clip of an uncut beauty shot of the Stronger music video, transmitted way back then on MTV TRL. Wish it was longer, but she looks amazing.
  12. Hey Exhale, now that we've had some time to digest what happened amongst some of our go-to #FreeBritney advocate accounts, including BritneysGram, @lawyersforbritney and FreeBritneyLA, among others, I decided to make a video about it. The situation kind of bummed me out because it felt to me like it slowed down the momentum of the Free Britney movement. I spoke with BritneysGram and LawyersForBritney to try and get a better understanding of what went down (from their perspectives) and recorded a video about it. In my video, I refer viewers to this topic here on Exhale. A big component about this saga deals with what appear to be pages from Britney Spears' Piece Of Me Las Vegas residency contract posted by LawyersForBritney on their Instagram account before it was mysteriously disabled. Because there was so much buzz regarding the accounts feuding with one another, people lost sight of how the fire was sparked in the first place. It was in part because of these pages from Britney's contract. Below are the documents per LawyersForBritney. As for the video above, I'd love to know what you think. It's definitely one you need to sit down and carve out a few minutes (18 to be exact heh) and absorb. There's a lot of information (but it's a darn good video if I do say so myself). Mucho love and respect to the Free Britney accounts mentioned above and to all Britney fans. Related:
  13. Sometimes it's easier to solve puzzles when the facts are laid out in chronological order. Can we begin posting key dates, and I can update this post as we go? __________________________________ Aug. 5, 2006 - Lou M. Taylor, President of Tri Star, is by now representing Jamie Lynn Spears, who appears at the time in the TV show "Zoey 101." Nov. 7, 2006 - Britney Spears files a petition for divorce from Kevin Federline. Feb. 14, 2007 - Britney is taken to rehab in Antigua by manager Larry Rudolph. Within 24 hours, she checks herself out and returns to Florida. Feb. 16, 2007 - Britney nearly misses her flight from Miami to Los Angeles. The walkway is re-extended so she can board the plane. Feb. 16, 2007 - That evening, Britney shaves her head. “Right before Britney went into Promises, after she shaved her head, I got an anonymous call from a man while I was driving in Los Angeles. There are drugs planted in Britney’s Malibu home,” he said, going on to tell me that it was a conspiracy between Kevin and Britney’s assistants to make my daughter look like a bad mother.” (Lynne Spears, "Through The Storm," page 165) Feb. 20, 2007 - Britney checks into Promises rehab center in Los Angeles. Feb. 21, 2007 - Kevin Federline is granted an ex parte (emergency) court hearing over custody of their two young sons. Feb. 21 2007 - Britney checks out of Promises and drives to meet with Blair Berk, a prominent criminal defence attorney. Feb. 22, 2007 - Britney checks back into rehab for the third time. She enters Promises for a one-month stay. Mar. 21, 2007 - Britney is released from rehab. Apr. 13, 2007 - In a taped rant, Britney says, "My management totally knew what they were doing when they sent me to rehab - they were so right." Apr. 19, 2007 - In a statement to Page Six, James Spears sticks up for Britney's manager Larry Rudolph - who was fired by Britney last Friday. May 22, 2007 - Lynne Spears attends the season finale of Dancing with the Stars with Sam Lutfi, as well as discusses shoe and jewelry endorsements with him. (Lynne Spears, "Through The Storm," page 167) June 28, 2007 - Britney visits the set of Zoey 101 to serve her mother with a faux restraining order regarding the boys. Oct. 1, 2007 - A judge grants Kevin Federline the sole right "to retain physical custody of the minor children." Federline's attorney petitioned for Monday's unscheduled hearing after Spears was spotted shuttling her two children around LA over the weekend, less than two weeks after she was busted on charges of driving without a license...Calling Spears a "habitual, frequent and continuous" user of controlled substances and alcohol, Gordon last month ordered the entertainer to undergo twice-weekly random drug and alcohol testing..." Oct. 1, 2007 - The Dr. Phil show contacts Federline's family members asking them to be guests on an upcoming show about the custody battle. Oct. 29, 2007 - Lynne Spears has signed a book deal with a Christian imprint. The book is to be based on her spiritual journals. Nov. 15, 2007 - Britney must attend court after a positive drug test. The cause is thought to be a prescription for Adderall. Jan. 4, 2008 - Britney is placed on a "5150" hold, which can last up to 72-hours if it is determined she is a threat to herself or others. Jan 5, 2008 - Dr. Phil McGraw is invited into Britney's hospital room by her family. Britney walks out after he enters, and checks out of the hospital. Jan. 31, 2008 - Britney is placed on a second "5150" hold. She tells her doctor that she has been taking Adderall. Feb. 1, 2008 - The Superior Court of California places Britney Spears under a temporary conservatorship (Case # BP109096). Feb. 3, 2008 - Court-apppointed attorney Samuel Ingham III visits Britney unannounced at the UCLA Medical Center, determining that she didn't understand the court proceedings, and that "she lacks the capacity to retain counsel." Feb. 4, 2008 - In a court hearing, lawyer Adam Streisand of Loeb & Loeb attempts to represent Britney. He is denied. Feb. 5, 2008 - Lynne Spears files a declaration to obtain a restraining order against Sam Lutfi, claiming Lutfi was drugging Britney. Feb. 6, 2008 - Adnan Ghalib drives Britney to Adam Streisand's office for a meeting after she springs herself from the hospital. Mar. 31, 2008 - Larry Rudolph is rehired for the third time as Britney's manager. Apr. 13, 2008 - JFXOnline reports that Adnan Ghalib has been stabbed after being attacked. Sept. 16, 2008 - Lynne Spears releases "Through The Storm," detailing how James Spears and Lou M. Taylor planned the conservatorship. Oct. 21, 2008 - JFXOnline insinuates that Britney and Adnan may be back "on" after photos arise of her wearing his ring. Oct. 28, 2008 - Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz rules that Britney's conservatorship will become permanent. Nov. 19, 2008 - "For The Record" is released, in which a crying Britney claims her life is like Groundhog Day and "too in control." Dec. 11, 2008 - Rolling Stone editor Jenny Eliscu, after interviewing Britney, says of the conservatorship: "It's a problem for her now." Jan. 16, 2009 - Adnan Ghalib and Sam Lutfi work together to deliver Britney a cell phone at a Beverly Hills hotel. Jan. 21, 2009 - JFXOnline releases a taped message Britney left for lawyer Jon Eardley: "“Hi my name’s Britney Spears. I called you earlier. I’m calling again because I just wanted to make sure that during the process of eliminating the conservatorship that my father has threatened me several times, you know, he’ll take my children away. I just want to be guaranteed that everything will be fine with the process of you guys taking care of everything that things will stay the same as far as my custodial time. That’s it, bye.” Feb. 3, 2009 - Sam Lutfi files a lawsuit against Britney and her parents for breach of contract and defamation. Feb. 25, 2009 - Adnan Ghalib is charged after hitting a process server with his car while trying to escape delivery of a restraining order. Mar. 3, 2009 - The first date of the Circus Starring Britney Spears occurs in New Orleans, LA. Mar. 18, 2009 - A three-year restraining order is issued against Adnan Ghalib and Sam Lutfi. June 16, 2011 - The first date of the Femme Fatale tour occurs in Sacramento, CA. Sept. 28, 2011 - James Spears is made Manager of the Femme Fatale tour, earning him over $1-million via a 2% cut of Larry's 10% commission. May 30, 2013 - Atara Tours, Inc. is registered in Nevada with James Spears as President and Andrew Wallet as Treasurer. Dec. 27, 2013 - "Britney: Piece Of Me" launches as a residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada. May 2, 2016 - Britney faces Lutfi across a table for four hours as she testifies for his lawsuit. By all accounts, she is cool and collected. Sept. 7, 2016 - Lutfi settles his lawsuit against Britney and her parents, with Lutfi receiving in the low six figures. July 12, 2018 - The Piece of Me: Exclusive Limited Tour launches at an MGM Resort in Maryland. Aug. 26, 2018 - Britney ejects a fan from a meet and greet at a London POM tour date after the fan lightly touches the back of her sweater. Aug. 28, 2018 - Britney is accused of being uncommunicative and disrespectful to fans at a Paris date of the POM tour. Oct. 19, 2018 - Britney announces the Domination residency in Las Vegas, but leaves the scene before speaking to the crowd. Jan. 4, 2019 - The Domination residency is put on hold as "Britney" announces an indefinite work hiatus due to James' ruptured colon. Mar. 4, 2019 - Lawyer Andrew Wallet resigns as co-conservator of Britney's estate. Apr. 3, 2019 - TMZ reports that Britney checked herself into a mental health facility a week earlier to help her cope with her father's illness. Apr. 3, 2019 - Atara Tours undergoes a name change; Britney is named President, replacing James P. Spears. None of the other LLC's are changed. May 8, 2019 - A five-year restraining order is issued against Sam Lutfi, ordering him to stay away from Britney Spears, her parents, and two children. May 10, 2019 - An evaluation is ordered after Britney appears in court alongside her mother Lynne, who is attempting to gain access to medical records. Sept. 3, 2019 - A restraining order is issued against James Spears, ordering him to stay away from Sean and Jayden following an altercation. Nov. 11, 2020 - Judge Brenda Penny refuses to remove James Spears as sole conservator, but approves Bessemer Trust as co-conservator of her estate. UPDATE: A detailed timeline by Leanne Simmons which covers many of the more recent details can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vTG3tRPhVjPfcwmYNudft9VoRTw8u9LZAfWMfneRiM8Tv2l2jAY9tJc8zFgA1ESFufSd132Pqa9oBWz/pub
  14. On January 10, 2011, Britney Spears released Hold It Against Me, the lead single off her seventh studio album Femme Fatale. It was wrote and produced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke, with additional writing by Bonnie McKee. The EDM track with dubstep elements, was originally offered to Katy Perry, but the producers didn't think it really suited her. The song debuted at #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming her fourth song to achieve this. With this, Britney Spears became the second artist in Billboard's history to debut at #1 with more than one song, and to do so with a second consecutive single (her previous single 3 also debuted at #1 in 2009), both records behind Mariah Carey. She also became the seventh artist to top the chart in three consecutive decades. It was also #1 in Canada, Denmark, Finland and New Zealand. It also topped the US Dance Club Songs, Dance/Mix Show Airplay and Digital Song Sales charts. The song was made available a day prior to the original release date, following a tweet A demo by Bonie McKee had been leaked on January 06 However, the song wouldn't be performed live until March 25 at Rain Nightclub in the Palms Casino resort in Las Vegas. Here's the rehearsal, btw Then she performed for the first time ever at Good Morning America on March 27, though it aired on March 29. She also performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the same day. Hold It Against Me was also the opening song from her Femme Fatale Tour later that year. She hasn't performed the song again ever since the tour ended in late 2011. A music video was released in February, directed by Jonas Åkerlund and choreographed by Brian Friedman, following the modest amount of 14 teasers but we'll celebrate that anniversary later. It's worth mentioning, after the song was released, the pop/country duo The Bellamy Brothers complained about the song being too similar to their 1979 single If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me. Max Martin, Dr. Luke and Bonnie McKee sued them for defamation and libel, but the case was dismissed after the duo apologized. In 2013 Bonnie explained in an interview for Hollywood Reporter how the song came about:
  15. I need this video please. I got to show it to friends. It’s from POM Tour at Tokyo Japan.
  16. A bit of a random one, but what Britney songs mean the most to you and why? Mine personally is Born To Make You Happy, it has such a deep meaning the way I found it and is so touching to my family which I’m not gonna go into detail because it’s private, it makes me feel so connected to someone who passed away years ago and it always has done ever since I discovered it!! Feel free to share any of your stories! We all need to be kind to eachother during this absolute crisis
  17. Flop fan moment. I have never seen this before! I am so in love with this woman. She is beautiful, ****, perfection... and most importantly she exudes ROCKSTAR energy. P E R F E C T I O N Has anyone else seen this before, or am I super late to the party?! I wish the whole video was like this.
  18. Can someone PM a HQ version of the song with Tinashe. I can’t find it anywhere anymore 😭
  19. Because... it’s crazy to think someone in a conservatorship can have a child if she is disabled or suffering an extremely condition of mental health If she can deliver a child and raise them mmmm... she could do whatever
  20. Is it correct to assume that in 3-4 years time the whole drama about now being able to see kids etc. is going to be over, since Britney's kids will be 18Y. Hence, they will be able to make their own choices around who they want to see, when and how.
  21. https://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/tv/a30469861/penn-badgley-you-season-two-playlist-interview/ The flawless man known as Penn Badgley included Toxic on his Spotify playlist and I’m just now seeing. Fun fact, I was in the same section as him for the Circus tour in Jersey and he was loving it. here’s a photo of him on a skateboard that i wish he would use to bash me over the head with : https://ibb.co/bsKsXx7
  22. Does anyone have the Piece of Me VIP poster as like a stock image by itself? I want to get a poster made up with it as I didn’t want to support her merch team while attending piece of me but can’t find an actual image of the poster anywhere; just photos people’s have taken of theirs! Thanks so much.
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