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  1. Britney Spears’ Swimming in the Stars has re-entered the Recording Industry of Malaysia’s Top 20 Most Streamed Songs Chart, re-peaking at #3! An international hit yall Britney did that without lifting a finger.
  2. On January 13, 2003, the 30th American Music Awards took place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles (not to be confused with the 31st AMA's which also took place in 2003). While Britney Spears was completely snubbed from nominations, she was there to present Shania Twain. Related:
  3. On January 12, 1999, Britney Spears released her debut album …Baby One More Time. Recorded from 1997 to 1998, the album which is credited as the revival of post-millennium teen pop, counted with the production of Max Martin, Eric Foster White, Per Magnusson, Jörgen Elofsson, David Kreuger, Kristian Lundin and Rami Yacoub. These producers were also the songwriters of most of the tracks, with additional collaborators such as Andreas Carlsson and Mikey Bassie, the latter of which co-wrote Soda Pop where he also made some vocal appearances, though he wasn’t credited as a featured artist. That wasn’t the case for Don Philip, who does appear credited in the only true duet of the album, I Will Still Love You. The All Seeing I were commissioned to produce a cover of Sonny & Cher’s 1967 song The Beat Goes On, wrote by Sonny Bono. Another cover was I’ll Never Stop Loving You, originally released by J’Son in 1996, and it was included in some of the international versions, as well as a B-side of (You Drive Me) Crazy single. The only song co-wrote by Britney herself was I’m So Curious, the B-side of Sometimes single, which only appeared in a bonus disc of the Korean edition of the album. After Jive Records signed her in 1997, she was appointed to work with Eric Foster White with whom she recorded 13 songs, including the unreleased tracks Luv the Hurt Away, Let Me Take You There, Nothing Less Than Real and Wishing on a Falling Star. Another song that came from those session was You Got It All, a cover from The Jets which would be included on her second studio album, Oops!... I Did It Again (2000). After recording this material, Jive ordered a full album, and in 1998 she was sent to Sweden to work with Max Martin, Rami Yacoub and Denniz Pop (who would pass away a few months later). Max Martin would show Britney and her team a song that was originally intended for TLC but they rejected, “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. Britney and the label thought they had found a smash hit there, though it was precisely the word “Hit” in the title that made some of the executives at Jive a bit concerned due to the violent connotation it could have given a misinterpretation of the phrase. The song was retitled as …Baby One More Time, and it became Britney’s debut single, and would also become the title of the album. According to Britney in an interview for Billboard: The album is mostly Teen Pop with a bit of Dance influences. It includes mid-tempos, ballads and some up-tempos too, and the lyrics focus mostly on teenage love, infatuation and heartbreaks. In an interview for Rolling Stone, Britney revealed the album wasn’t quite the genre she had envisioned: After the album was finished in June, she started to promote the album with her L’Oreal Hair Zone Mall Tour where she performed six of the tracks. She would also become the opening act of the second leg of NSYNC in Concert tour later in the year. It wasn’t until June 1999 that she embarked on her very own tour …Baby One More Time Tour, followed by the (You Drive Me) Crazy Tour (also known as Crazy 2k Tour) in 2000, which would also serve as a prelude to her second record and upcoming world tour. Five singles were released in total to promote the record: …Baby One More Time, Sometimes, (You Drive Me) Crazy, Born to Make You Happy and From the Bottom of My Broken Heart. …Baby One More Time is Britney’s best-selling album to date, and one of the best-selling albums of all time with more than 25 million copies sold worldwide. It debuted at #1 on the US Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 121,000 copies, though the fifth week would be the best selling one, with 229,000 copies sold. The same week the album topped the Billboard 200, the single …Baby One More Time also reached the #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Britney Spears became the first new female artist to have a #1 single on the BBH100 and #1 album on the BB200 charts at the same time, also the first new female artist to achieve this with her very first single and first album, and the first new artist in general to go to the number one spot the same week that the album debuted at number one. In its first two months of being released in the US, it had already sold 1.8 million copies. Before a year had passed, the album was certified diamond by the RIAA, making Britney the youngest artist to receive this award. She also became the best-selling female artist of 1999 and the second overall, only behind the Backstreet Boys’ Millennium. …Baby One More Time spent a total of 103 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart, and to this day it’s been certified 14x diamond for over 14 million copies sold in the United States. The album was Top 5 in almost every country it charted, with its lowest position being on the Finnish Albums chart at #11. The album won Female Album Artist of the Year at the Billboard Music Awards 1999, Choice Album at the Teenage Choice Awards and it entered the Guinness World Records in 2000 for Best Selling Album in the US by a Female Artist and in 2003 as the Best-Selling Album by a Teenage Solo Artist. In 2016 it was ranked 41st on the Billboard Top 200 Albums of All Time. On December 25, 2007, the album was released digitally in the United States and in 2017 it was released on vinyl for the first time through Urban Outfitters.
  4. On January 13, 2004, Britney Spears released Toxic, the second single off her fourth studio album In the Zone. The dance-pop anthem with Bollywood influences was produced by Bloodshy & Avant and it went on to become one of the most recognizable tracks by Britney Spears among the general public. The same day it came out, the music video for the song, directed by Joseph Kahn, premiered on MTV's episode of Making the Video. Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg (aka Bloodshy & Avant) co-wrote the track along with Cathy Dennis and Henrik Jonback. The techno-pop song with elements of bhangra music incorporates instrumentation such as drums, synthesizers, violins and surf guitar, as well as the iconic strings that were sampled from the Hindi song Tere Mere Beech Mein from the Bollywood film Ek Duuje Ke Liye (1981). Cathy Dennis revealed in 2020 that the song was originally created with Janet Jackson in mind, but she couldn't finish it in time during their time together: The song was later offered to Kylie Minogue, which had already recorded other songs made by Dennis, such as Come into My World, and most notably, Can't Get You Out of My Head. However, the Australian diva passed on the song. Side note: Can't Get You Out of My Head was also rejected by S Club 7 and Sophie Ellis-Bextor before it went to Kylie. But before Britney could take the song for her, Sarah Whatmore almost got away with Toxic, as she revealed in 2017: Britney recorded the song in Sweden in 2003. In December of that year, MTV reported that Toxic would be released as the follow-up single to Me Against the Music, after trying to choose between (I Got That) Boom Boom and Outrageous: Britney has stated in numerous occasions that Toxic is one of her favorite songs. It won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording. It peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100, but it went #1 on the Dance Club Songs, Mainstream Top 40 and Hot Digital Tracks charts. It was also #1 on many international charts, such as European Hot 100, UK, Australia, Canada among others, and it was Top 10 in almost every other country it charted. It's been recognized as one of the best songs of the 2000's by different publications like Rolling Stone and NME. In 2021, Toxic surpassed the 500 million streams on Spotify. Britney has performed Toxic on many tv shows during the promotion of the single, as well as in the 2016 performances. She's also performed the song on every tour/residency she's had ever since The Onyx Hotel Tour in 2004. The Music Video The music video for Toxic was directed by Joseph Kahn, who had previously worked with her for the Stronger video in 2000. Toxic was the most expensive video of hers at the time, at the cost of $1 million. In the video Britney plays a secret agent that starts disguised as a flight attendant. She takes a passenger to the bathroom and kisses him, peels off his mask and takes from him a pass that helps her later to steal a bottle of green poison (she's a red-head by this point of the video). After escaping the vault where the poison was, she has to evade a laser trap with a series of complicated moves, including a back handspring. She then climbs up a building, now as a brunette, to enter the room of her cheating boyfriend. She throws him to the floor, kisses him and pours the poison in his mouth. She escapes through the balcony, and we see her again in the airplane with her flight attendant outfit, as she winks to the camera. Throughout the video, we also see scenes of her where she's naked, and only covered in diamonds. Britney told MTV Joseph Kahn also talked to MTV in 2009: In 2021 the choreographer of the video and long-time collaborator of Britney, Brian Friedman, confessed he was the one that came up with the concept of the video, despite Britney and Joseph Kahn saying otherwise all these years: Joseph Kahn only tweeted After the premiere of Toxic on Making the Video, the video debuted on TRL the following day. In 2004 it was nominated at the VMA's for Video of the Year, Best Female Video, Best Pop Video and Best Dance Video, but didn't win any of the awards The video is her second most watched solo video on YouTube, where it's about to hit the 500M mark, and the iconic flight attendant outfit is set to receive its own Funko figure.
  5. Jason Alexander started to get on fans' good graces after attending a Free Britney rally last year, however it appears he undid his good deeds by showing his support for Trump by storming the US Capitol. Disgraceful.
  6. Wikipedia: "Overprotected" reached number one in Mexico and was the best-selling single of 2002 in Mexico. It was top five in Italy, Romania, and United Kingdom, top ten in Belgium , Finland, Ireland, and Norway. In the USA "The Darkchild Remix" peaked at number 86 on Billboard Hot 100." ------ I think her "Britney" singles performed poorly on the Hot 100 because she was banned from US radio during that era. The Clear Channel ban because her team chose Pepsi to sponsor her tour instead on Clear Channel-- someone should confirm this though lol
  7. On January 11, 1999, the 26th Annual American Music Awards took place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles hosted by Brandy and Melissa Joan Hart. Shania Twain had the most nominations (5) though Will Smith was the biggest winner of the night, with 3 awards. This also happened to be Britney Spears' first red carpet appearance. She had just released her debut single ...Baby One More Time 3 months earlier, and her debut album was 1 day away from coming out. At the time she was the opening act of the second leg of NSYNC's NSYNC in Concert tour.
  8. Great article from 2019: How Britney Spears Changed Pop With ‘Baby One More Time’ Her debut LP introduced the world to a small-town teen with a radically futuristic aesthetic Happy 20th birthday to Britney Spears’ debut album …Baby One More Time, released on January 12th, 1999 — a truly avant-garde full-length that permanently changed how music sounded. The Backstreet Boys and ‘NSync were having hits already, but they were doing straight-up mainstream pop compared to the alien apocalyptic robot-disco stomp of Britney. You could argue the BSBs’ “I Want It That Way” was the last gasp of 20th-century pop, just as “ …Baby One More Time” was the first gasp of the 21st. She’s been predicting the future ever since. Not bad for a small-town Louisiana teen making her first record. Max Martin wrote and produced the title hit, but it wouldn’t have meant a thing without the menacing way she growls “ooh, baby, baby.” As Britney told me in 2000, she spent the night before the session listening to Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” (“what a **** song”), her model for the vibe she was going for. “I wanted my voice to be kind of rusty,” Britney told me. “I wanted my voice to just be able to groove with the track. So the night before, I stayed up really, really late, so when I went into the studio, I wasn’t rested. When I sang it, I was just laid back and mellow — it sounds cool, though. You know, how it sounds really low in the lower register — it sounds really ****. So I kept telling myself, ‘Britney, don’t get any rest.’” It makes all the sense in the world Britney was aiming to sound like “Tainted Love” — the breathy New Wave decadence of a U.K. art poseur flouncing like a Motown diva. But she took that erotic-cabaret sound somewhere new, with her own down-home growl. “I was praying every night,” she said. “ ‘God, please, help them play it on just my radio station at home.’ And then they did. Then all of a sudden, it’s playing on all the big radio stations in New York. And everything just started happening for me, and I was just like, wow, you know?” The title hit is such a classic, it’s easy to overlook how weird and disturbing it sounded when it first hit MTV in time for Christmas 1998 — so flamboyantly artificial, so post-Mentos inhuman. Who was this? Was she Swedish or Swiss or Icelandic? Was she just Not of This Earth? You could tell the lyrics were written by somebody who’d barely met the English language — oh, that irritating ellipsis in the title. (I ignore the ellipsis whenever possible, because as Brit would say, it’s my prerogative.) But there was something otherworldly about it. TLC later claimed they turned down the song, but it would have been all wrong for TLC or any other certified grown-ups. Can you imagine a worldly-wise adult like T-Boz selling a teen-psycho line like “When I’m not with you, I lose my mind”? No way. Only Britney. The whole album was packed with hits. “Bops” and “bangers” were not invented yet, but I move that “Soda Pop” get grandfathered in as a bop — a bizarro reggae move as irie as Sugar Ray. “E-Mail My Heart” is the most-mocked track (justifiably, I admit), but it stands as the last great dial-up love song, a ballad of desktop-computer romance from the age of Angelfire and Geocities. Britney spends the song hitting refresh, looking for some sign of validation from her crush — is that so different from how we all spend our time now? Yet another future she predicted. “(You Drive Me) Crazy” blatantly used the exact same backing track as the Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life” — Max Martin, have you no shame? — but somehow that just made us all love both songs even more. (“Larger Than Life,” the boy band’s girl-almighty salute to their fans, was the perfect feminist turf for them to share with their Brit-muse.) “Crazy” became the theme for the Melissa Joan Hart/Adrian Grenier rom-com and its MTV video, where she and Melissa immortalized their all-too-brief BFF status. (The world deserved more “Brit pretends to be a waitress” videos.) The ladies bonded in her iconic guest turn on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Sabrina: “You’re always surrounded by people!” Britney: “Sometimes that’s the loneliest place to be.” Too real. But the lost classic is “Sometimes,” which became her all-important second hit. (In 1999, a year full of one-hit wonders, the jump from one-hit to two-hit status was tougher than the jump from zero to one.) “Sometimes” is weirdly forgotten today, but much more than “ …Baby One More Time,” it defined the Britney persona the world would come to know and love over the years. She sings in the voice of an ordinary American girl with too many feelings — everything she spent her first hit pretending not to be. In the video, she mopes around the beach sighing over the cute guy (she creep-peeps him via tourist binoculars). Nobody understands except her squad of elfin dancers, who frolic around her in a heart-shape on the pier. “Sometimes” made her a mainstream star and pushed what could have been a one-shot into a franchise wearing Vegas plates. Blink-182 got famous parodying it in their career-making “All the Small Things.” This was also the hit where Brit debuted her signature video move, rolling up her eyes at the camera. The Sensitive Upblink became her trademark, and she owned it until Ariana Grande came along — in Ari’s “Problem” video, she finally shattered Britney’s record for upblinks-per-minute. Britney ends the album perfectly by making her explicit claim on the grand pop tradition, covering Sonny & Cher’s “The Beat Goes On.” Brit and Cher had a deep connection — she was just a little kid when she started belting “If I Could Turn Back Time” on the state-fair circuit. It began the tradition of Brit’s awesomely sacreligious cover versions, from the Stones’ “Satisfaction” (on her next album, changing “how white my shirts could be” to “how tight my skirt should be”) to Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock & Roll.” “The Beat Goes On” sums up everything Britney does on this album — inserting herself (and her audience) into the story of pop music. Like the song says, “History has turned the page.” La-di-da-di-di. La-di-da-di-da. The beat goes on. After “The Beat Goes On” fades out at the end of the CD, there’s a spoken-word thank-you from Brit. “It means so much to me that you enjoy listening to my songs as much as I love singing them!” Then she gives a preview of the upcoming release by her labelmates the Backstreet Boys: “Hit it, guys!” In other words, her debut album ends with an ad, which is perfect in itself. The CD single “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart” had another message, one to put on your answering machine: “Hi, this is Britney Spears and sometimes my friend can’t come to the phone, and this is one of those times. So leave your message at the beep and baby, they’ll call you back one more time!” “So much attitude in that song,” Britney told me in 2000, recalling the moment she first heard the demo of her first hit. “I was so happy because there’s a lot of good songs out there, but it’s rare when you can take a song and really put your name all over it and put your personality into it.” That’s what she achieved on her debut. She’d go on to make more albums, score more hits, inspire more scandalous headlines. But on …Baby One More Time, she proved she was here to stay. https://www.rollingstone.com/feature/britney-spears-baby-one-more-time-anniversary-rob-sheffield-777564/
  9. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th and 9th are def rare. Ive never seen any of those before https://www.instagram.com/p/CIWLiPkJ3Uu/?igshid=3g1g5herkrmd
  10. This is crazy! Britney could never really move away from music, even if she had to do it secretly! I cannot believe I noticed she actually made a brief appearance in rain on me as a back up dancer? How did she manage to do that with everything going on? Do you think she was paid?
  11. Toxic by: Britney Jean Spears Released: January 13th 2004 Over 500 million streams on Spotify, nearly 500 million views on YouTube, Grammy award winning, renowned signature single of Britney’s, incredibly impressive recurring stats, the STANDARD for Pop music videos, the ultimate definition of aging like fine wine. Happy 17th birthday legendary!
  12. Just out of curiosity, how well did you guys expect her albums to perform prior to their releases? I’m particularly interested in learning what people who were fans before ... Baby One More Time (the album) was released have to say!
  13. "Don't tell me they're letting my audience stand around out there like that." "I thought they were gonna ******* vamp!" It's nice to hear her so passionate and advocating for us. She wasn't having it! She was there to SERVE. I don't know if she is still like this but one thing that I noticed at least Circus and Femme Fatale (idk about PoM) she was always on time and sometimes even earlier than when the show was supposed to start. She never pulled that arriving an hour or two later than start time. So I still think she lowkey cares about at least being considerate to the stans. Apart from the last couple of meet and greets but we don't talk about that. How many of y'all have heard this before? Some of the newer fans may not have.
  14. I don't know what's the tea or what it's been going on, apparently some chilean account got the idea. The post got 37,8k comments (the other ones got less than 10k) Why the shirtless pic tho?
  15. So January has been the month were several of her perfumes were announced: January 07, 2014 - Fantasy the Naughty Remix and Fantasy the Nice Remix January 12, 2017 - Fantasy in Bloom January 08, 2018 - Sunset Fantasy January 21, 2019 - Rainbow Fantasy January 11, 2020 - Glitter Fantasy what new Fantasy will we get this year?
  16. So I received a package in the post today and I had no idea what it was! I opened it and saw the Britney 'Baby One More Time' Doll in great condition and I was in absolute shock! I've never really thought about collecting her dolls or anything but it turns out my best friend who knows I stan Britney found this and sent it to me! It's so sweet and i'm even more hyped because it's the BOMT doll and in great condition and really rare! It has never been opened and is still sealed but the microphone fell off during delivery but it is still in the box! Do any of you guys have any of the dolls?
  17. On January 09, 2002, the 29th American Music Awards took place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Britney Spears performed live her single I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman. Lenny Kravitz, Usher, Cher, Snoop Dog, Shaggy among others, also performed that night. Thanks to Britney Online for the video @CJMCH
  18. More pics like this. She looks adorable. With that being said. She has short hair here. So this one is either old or the one with her boys is old.
  19. I'd tell her: I dont know what you've been and what you are going through now but just know you've changed and touched lives of millions of people and made them better!
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