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  1. So Adam Leber came into the picture in 2008 right? Is he still around? And then Robin in 2013. When did Lou come around? And who all are still her managers it's hard to keep up lol.
  2. we know Britney's Best album is the all time queen called Britney Jean. her amazing low vocals and most personal album ever im going to talk about the disaster that called Tik Tik Boom. this song isn't bad. the T.I. verse... but when you compere it to its demo (I cant tell if its Myah or Britney in this- maybe 20%-80%) the demo is good. sound like a nice club banger sounds lass robotic and more sensical. the horrible PETA verse is gone in this. I know its Will.Woll.Wull falt but like... how can a DEMO sound better then 40% of your album lol so what do you like more?
  3. She can make it in her house with her iPhone for all I care. I just need a new music video.
  4. I reread her first Rolling Stone article and I don’t remember this part. Down south it’s sometimes their norm to drink early, but she must’ve been 14/15 around that time her brother was getting her drunk. I recall someone who worked on that shoot saying Britney was drinking with Lynne when they arrived because she was nervous. Britney literally stood no chance and had no real role models. Such a shame
  5. Check out a pretty hilarious spoof SNL did of Britney in quarantine via her Instagram! ___________________________________________ For all our Exhalers who can't view this Youtube video cause it's not available in your country, watch this one.
  6. I'm really starting to wonder how this account manages to get away with uploading all this copyrighted material. They just uploaded the original Make Me video, it has been edited and changed a little though. They also managed to upload, just as an example I Feel So Free With You, without any copyright claim or anything. It now has over 370k views. They also uploaded the entire Femme Fatale tour. They uploaded Hey Ma ft Britney instead of the racist. is there any speculation as to who is actually running this account?
  7. Join In Our Britney Discord Community https://discord.gg/VrvnABP Join Now And Discuss With 150+ Members (About Britney)
  8. Everyone knew about Harvey Weinstein for decades. It was common knowledge. A "secret" in plain sight. All of a sudden, dozens of people coming out with allegations, saying they had knowledge of the situation... Will the same be the case for Britney's CONservatorship in retrospect? Once the conservatorship is dissolved, will all these celebs and big names come out and claim to have had knowledge of the situation, despite not doing anything? Will we discover that Britney's abuse was an unguarded secret this entire time, yet nobody did anything to help her? It seems that will be the case. David La Chapelle has already said as much. Plenty of big names supporting #FreeBritney. I suspect once this abuse is over, tons of people will come out with insider info on how they knew about this for more than a decade. I just wish they werent so afraid of the repercussions, they can help her right now!
  9. Which one is your favorite scent and what do you think it smells like? Which ones do you own and do you wear them regularly? Doin some shoppin
  10. It needs a campaign. One of the best songs she ever recorded. We sould use the hype.
  11. I just wanted to have a look and see where 'Glory' was holding up on the UK iTunes charts Low and behold it was nowhere to be seen. Heck, Britney doesn't make an appearance on the Pop Chart until we get right to the bottom, and it's with 'CIRCUS' It's sad because to me it feels like Britney is very much a celebrated and loved character in the USA, and here she has no real relevance anymore despite being one of the most famous and talked about people from probably 1999-2009. hmmm what can we do folks? I want to see that new album art up there!!
  12. Was browsing on Web archives and came across this... not sure if it’s genuine or not but it’s supposedly the original tracklist for Oops!... I Did It Again Including OVERPROTECTED which I have heard previously was intended for Oops but was saved for Britney. Thoughts?
  13. Ive always wondered this, since he was supposedly her backup dancer, but Ive never actually seen him in any old performances Im actually pretty curious to see if he was even talented or not. Maybe it can give us clues on what Britney saw in him to begin with
  14. I almost didnt even recognize Britney with that beautiful hair ♥ Why no pics of her nephews? ALSO WHY SO CLOSE TO ....?
  15. I'll preface this by doubling down that this is a rumor, but it deserves its own thread. There's buzz that a Platinum Edition of Glory is on its way, hence the new album cover appearing on all of the streaming platforms simultaneously. It is said to feature three new songs(!!!). Apparently Britney wants to thank the fans for getting Glory up the iTunes Charts. IF this is true, and this does indeed happen (which obvi I hope it does), this will spark some REAL momentum for her and her music again. Think about it. If she's rewarding fans for showing up, it's only going to encourage that kind of participation even more. Exhale was built for this. Let the games begin! Come through, Britney!!!
  16. Time for Round 12 Last rounds favorite was Perfect Lover by 39.06% of the votes and least favorite Track 11 was The Beat Goes On by 32.81% of the votes So originally I was going to exclude albums that did not have a Track 12 in their standard editions, but I'm just going to use the first deluxe track from each respective album to make up their Track 12. (so yeah I'm aware that Deep In My Heart is NOT a Track 12, but for this poll to include every album it's the next track after The Beat Goes On in North America. My favorite Track 12 is What It's Like To Be Me and least favorite Track 12 is Dear Diary even though it's closely followed by My Baby Again, thank you for all who have participated in previous polls
  17. I know how y’all feel about blind items but given the recent discovery that Lou Mary Taylor has purchased 33 domains related to ending the CONservatorship, I think this is relevant.
  18. The tides are turning and team Con is THIS close to drowning 😁 *hopefully no one already posted 🤷🏼‍♂️ https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2020/05/blind-items-revealed-5_9.html?m=1
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