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  1. Has anyone posted this article? I haven't read anything about "Baby One More Mark" on here at all but maybe I missed it. Not really new info but I wonder if this social media management "company" might have already been looked into Link: https://www.yourtango.com/2020339485/what-baby-one-more-mark-britney-spears-trademark-label
  2. I know Work ***** was recorded in May 2013, Perfume in July 2013, and I heard Alien was recorded in August 2013. Anyone know when the other tracks were recorded? Or the first or last songs recorded? Thanks! And let's not make this about Myah or how much you don't like the album. Stay on topic please.
  3. We all assume that Britney Jean's original direction was allegedly supposed to be quite different (remember those Blackout 2.0 tweets from 2012?) after the success of Scream & Shout her team decided the scrap the whole project and call will.i.am to make an album in the same vein as Scream & Shout i think that's why Britney didn't finish recording the album allegedly, they called Myah to finish the track cause Britney prob HATED the new direction Femme Fatale also had a different direction originally i think but i'm not sure anymore , if anyone could clarify on that ?
  4. EDIT: SO GUYS WE HAVE CAME TO A CONCLUSSION THAT UNUSUAL YOU HAD NO PHYSICAL COPYES! IT WAS NOT AN OFFICIAL SINGLE! IT WAS A RADIO-ONLY SINGLE IN AUSTRALIA! So the next quesstionable single is a beautiful ballad from the album Circus: Unusual You! This one is so mystirious, here is some info that I found: - Allegedly the single was released on the 15th of September 2009 only in Australia and NZ. It's B-side is Shattered Glass. - I have read a lot of reviews and some of them claim that the physical single is fake, while fiew of them said that they went to a store and bought the CD single. - Some people say that it was released as a radio single in Australia & NZ, but that all copyes are fake. - So the main pages that claim that are these Hung Medien pages and all of them have this single as official (myb because they share data). For example here is a German one: https://hitparade.ch/song/Britney-Spears/Unusual-You-532732 And here is the Australian: https://australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Britney+Spears&titel=Unusual+You&cat=s A lot of people say that they are pretty accurate (The only false thing I found is All That She Wants & IFSFWY on Britneys songs page but they weren't any released versions of those songs). I've tryed to find more pages that claim that it's official so I went to Discogs and there are a lot of versions that say that it's unofficial, while this one it doesn't say that: https://www.discogs.com/Britney-Spears-Unusual-You/release/1936757 Even if it says that it's unofficial, it doesn't need to be true because for TWYTM it also says that it's unofficial and we know that isn't true. I think that the only people who can help to find out if this physical single is official are the ones from Australia & NZ. Did anyone from there ever saw this release in stores? So guys here is the supposed booklet: And here is the front artwork:
  5. Even though “Now That I Found You” is one of the better songs on Britney Jean, it still matches the rushed/unfinished nature of the album by not having a proper 2nd verse. I randomly felt inspired, so I decided to write lyrics to a 2nd verse - keeping close attention to the tone/theme/rhyming scheme of the song. Full song lyrics provided below, with my 2nd verse contribution in bold. What do y’all think?? —————————— On a shameless night In a nameless place I thought that love was a hopeless case Til I found you Til I found you Lived a wasteful life In a hateful city There was no love, just pain and pity Til I found you Til I found you And you don't know how you saved me And you don't know what you gave me And you don't know how you saved my life I can see the light I have flown away I have come alive I am blown away I have felt the love I can see the truth Now that I found you Now that I found you I can live my life I believe in faith I have found myself I have lost the hate I have felt the love I can see the truth Now that I found you Now that I found you I was aimless but You were blameless here Never knew someone could be so sincere Til I found you Til I found you I was fearful of All the tearful moments Didn’t have someone, couldn’t read the omens Til I found you Til I found you And you don't know how you saved my life I can see the light I have flown away I have come alive I am blown away I have felt the love I can see the truth Now that I found you Now that I found you All my life I've waited For this day I've waited for you Now I adore you All my life I've waited For this day Have waited for you Now I adore you I can see the light I have flown away I have come alive I am blown away I have felt the love I can see the truth Now that I found you Now that I found you
  6. The Billie fans won as we always do Billie Eilish mega-hit single from her monstrous debut album "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" has finally crossed the 1 billion range and has become her first video to ever cross such a milestone Lovely is a close follow-up with 997 million views and third is When The Party's Over with over 667+ million views!. Ha power The song was released the same day the album came out, and quickly transcended from a cute viral hit to the worlds top selling single of 2019 Gathering 2 awards for the 2020 Grammys, and selling over 27+ million units around the globe I will admit as a mega-stan, this isnt Billie's best song in light-years, but its so happy to see her rise and rise Watch the music video if you have missed it! So what do you guys think? shocked? lemme know
  7. Has anyone here heard this song before and if so do you know when Britney recorded this? I just discovered this about a month ago on YouTube! I can’t believe Britney covered a Otis Redding song from 1965! Man she sounds so damn good on this song. I always say that Britney is at her best when she does R&B ... Jive/RCA has really held Britney back a lot over the yrs. Britney has been trying to make a R&B/Hip Hop influenced album every since Circus and every time she’s always shut down. If this song is anything to go by I don’t know why they never gave Britney 100% creative freedom on her albums ... I hope once Britney gets out of her conservatorship that she’s able to make the music that she truly wants too. Britney can do so much more than just Pop music she can do R&B, Blues, Hip Hop, EDM, Pop Rock etc yet her label love to keep her in that Pop box. I remember back in the day Jive wouldn’t let her do Tilt Ya Head Back with Nelly. She even recorded her vocals and everything and Nelly had to get Xtina at the last minute. Sorry for going a tangent guys. 😭 I just get a lil passionate over this particular topic. Has anyone heard I’ve been loving you too long? If so do you know what album sessions this is from too?
  8. EDIT: After talking to you guys, I've comed to this conclussion: ISBE was released as a promotional/radio single outside the USA. Official remix package was released, but only for clubs. (Not for purchase). That being said it wasn't being selled so it was just promotional. PROMOTIONAL SINGLES FROM BRITNEY JEAN: 1. IT SHOULD BE EASY 2. TIK TIK BOOM 3. ALIEN RADIO ONLY SINGLES FROM BRITNEY JEAN: 1. NOW THAT I FOUND YOU (ASIAN MARKET) 2. TIL IT'S GONE (FRANCE) After we disscused about Matches being 5th single I consider it as an official single. So the next one is It Should Be Easy from Brenda Jones. So the info that I found: - Three songs from the album recieved official remix packages and these songs are: Alien, Tik Tik Boom and ISBE. At this point they were all just pormoional releases and nothing more. - After that Now That I Found You was sent to South Korean radios and Til It's Gone was sent to French radio. At this point they are only radio singles. - After that ISBE was officialy sent to Contemporary Radio by RCA and was treated as the 3rd single from Britney Jean. You can find that info on this link: https://www.earone.it/radio_date/search/artist/history/britney/ - Britney uploaded only 2 songs from BJ on her VEVO in 2014 and that were NTIFY (released as a radio single in South Korea) and ISBE (released as an official single in Italy and possibly in other European markets) - Even Wikipedia states that ISBE is BJ 3rd single: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/It_Should_Be_Easy Here are some articles that claim this statement (some even in Italian): https://www.rnbjunk.com/britney-spears-ft-will-easy-terzo-singolo/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/archivio.biccy.it/britney-spears-it-should-be-easy-e-il-terzo-singolo-ecco-i-remix-ufficiali/amp/ https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/89051741.html?page=2 And here is the official artwork:
  9. Hey Exhale! While the fanbase was imploding and the "Toxic" music video origin being debated, your unproblematic fav () filmed some new YouTube content rolling out Mondays and Fridays moving forward. I recently made a video opening the "My Only Wish" vinyl. In the video, "Mood Ring" co-writer, @JonAsher, saw I mentioned not buying the Glory vinyl because of everything going on in the Free Britney movement. He decided to take it upon himself and surprise me with it for Christmas When I opened my front door and this box was just... sitting there I was like It's the only Britney album I didn't have on vinyl. I'd love for you to give this video a watch and let me know what you think! Any engagement you have with the video on YouTube would be extremely appreciated! It helps my channel grow. Oh, and you know you gotta leave a comment here too Happy New Year and happy new week! Thank you again, Jon! Greatly appreciated
  10. After deciding that they were going to ruin LFB's reputation with absolutely no proof whatsoever on New Year's Eve, (claiming that LFB was attempting to hack and take down all of their accounts.) The gram girls have decided to remove all proof of messiness on their end probably because of threatened legal action in the name of peace. See for yourselves: Yes, because deciding to take down an incriminating post and refusing to back up their outlandish claims is easier then having to actually answer any questions. They do not encourage negativity or discourse even though they all planned and coordinated in unison to take down an account, even down to having banners and graphics at the ready to crucify @lawyersforbritney. How did they honestly think that was going to pan out for them? Now after playing dirty the gram girls want to solely focus on positivity so we can focus on #FreeBritney. Folks, I hope you realize when you're being gaslighted. I am absolutely done with these condescending...(insert kind and respectful comment here.) I absolutely cannot deal with the audacity of these two. Thankfully I am sure they're ready to go on their regularly scheduled six month hiatus from the movement.
  11. We need a proper Britmaa FYI this legendary member leaked Everyday, Abroad, Strangest Love and Dangerous when will your faves
  12. Who is responsible for these trendy thangs?! They all have the #FreeBritney hashtag!
  13. It might seem odd, but the coincidences on this backdrop and what happened in 2007 are very strange. Not saying that she knew, but it's weird how art imitates real life sometimes.
  14. Hey guys Its me again with my 3rd topic released in the same day as the past 2 threads I decided to for fun reload Britneys album covers and give them a different design and what they deserve So i will be explaining each one in just a concise summary since i am very lazy now So here we go! 1. ...Baby One More Time The debut album of the pop princess! this was released around the late 90s when teen-pop was massively popular and it become a massive success around the globe. So I decided to go for a more mature-but teen look that resembles the innocence, cheesiness and 90s beauty of this album and i think its really good! What do you guys think? (ignore the small white bars, i was screenshotting and cropping these pics lol) 2. Oops!...I Did It Again So lets get this straight. The OG cover is ICONIQUEE and is such a memorable and legendary cover in her discography and stands apart from the other albums. So i decided to keep the cover...however i decided to remove the text from the album, because i think the album cover looks PERFECTO without it as it by itself shouts "EARLY 2000S " nostalgia and is simply a cover you just have to show to a persons face, and they will instantly recognize it Thoughts? 3. Britney So i basically think i am part of the 5% of the fandom whom thinks the OG cover for such a masterpiece is HORRENDOUS Its just all over the place and Britney's face just looks so weird in it. So i decided to also go for 180 change for this album. I wanted to make a cover that could perfectly define this album and era as a transitional record so i decided to pick one photo from the photoshoot that i thinks does the job. Like it? For the deluxe edition of this album, I decided to use the same picture but treat it in a different manner. I put it in a white frame and simply put the title on top it, which gives the sophisticated and transitional feel of this record that i wanted to showcase, and Kanye West album cover for "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasies" was the inspiration for this one. How does it look? 4. In The Zone I decided to do what i did for the OIDIA cover and not change it at all. However, I was inspired by Jessie Wares 2020 "Whats Your Pleasure?" Album cover and wanted to use that direction for the In The Zone cover. I decided to keep the original picture because it really gives the arouse, mature, and very thermal environment of this era but i decided to just remove the text since it looks fine by itself Looks cool? 5. Blackout I love the OG Blackout cover. However, most of the fandom wouldnt agree with me So i decided to go for a look that made Britney look different. I wanted the cover to be fierce, thrilling and sassy, and help show off the weird, techno, and innovative nature of this album. I decided to go with this cover which I think really encaptures that feel, because when you look at it, you know you are going to be listening to something interesting Is it cool? 6. Circus Before i start, i want to say the picture used is not mine (even the others but this one has been basically made) so all credits to Tag Hartman-Simkins for this photo! This was Britneys comeback record, so i wanted it to be "triumphant" and look like it is the rise of a fallen star! basically like the cover of Emancipation of mimi! So i decided to use Tags photo and add the title on it Nice? 7. Femme Fatale I think WE ALL can agree it looks horrendous So i wanted to design a cover that actually DEFINES the word "Femme Fatale". I think it looks really great and i actually like it more than the OG one Is it faded? 8. Britney Jean EP In a world where these were the OG covers, i think BJ would have been an EP so i decided to go for a very basic and generic, yet cute aesthetic for this cover. How is it? 9. Glory For such an amazing album, i dont think the OG cover does it justice and i feel that the reissue cover is a lil' vulgar so i wanted to take this cover with a more elegant, beige, mature and classy look. This is my most fave pic from the photoshoot and i think it suits the era perfectly. Is it great? So what do you guys think? if you dont like them, its fine to still comment i appreciate constructive criticism ? do you like it? lemme know
  15. So I was watching the new show on Netflix, called "History Of Swear Words" which Nicolas Cage hosts. In the first few seconds, he goes " **** you, **** you, you are cool, I am out". Isn't that the intro of Britney's "I Wanna Go" song? I know its nothing but anything remotely Britney related gets me excited.
  16. Her happiness is radiating in these. I wanted to share my joy of seeing her joy.
  17. Director, producer, and iconic choreography KING @brian friedman just posted his original concept he created for Britney’s Toxic music video on Instagram, which was originally released almost exactly 17 years ago on MTV’s Making The Video on January 13, 2004, costing $1 million to make and being Britney’s most expensive video to date at the time. The video was directed by Joseph Kahn, who had just received his first Grammy in 2003 for directing Eminem’s “Without Me” video, and would go on to work with the likes of Janet Jackson, The Backstreet Boys, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and so many others. According to Friedman, there has been misinformation circling around the pop culture community about the music video’s origins, and he wants to set the record straight. Here’s what he has to say: He wrote this on his Facebook page: As a fellow Exhaler, I found this super entertaining to read, especially the parts that didn’t make the video - (i.e. - Ashton Kutcher & Brad Pitt... the early-aughts fantasy we weren’t prepared for!) Most of us stans are aware of the Toxic origin story, but regardless, I appreciate that our king of flawless choreography is taking the time to make sure we are all well-learned in the subject of Toxicology. For a more detailed account of his story, visit his FB page, and to start your 2021 off right - watch the Toxic video below! Related:
  18. Never seen a discussion thread about avatars that resemble Britney in The Sims. Some are amazing, some are... Fun Feel free to post and discuss any Britney-sim found on the internet. I hope somebody's going to share a "Britney" they made. Wait for my version! Here's some "Britneys" I found. Aaaand this one...
  19. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qRHFknA-JLU I’m sure a lot of you have seen this already, but this is Britney singing Stand By Me. Oh my god, those runs are absolutely gorgeous!
  20. Does anyone have any pics of the geometric wall in the back of the store that had the shapes and her pics?
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