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  1. I'm looking for PROOF of this conspiracy theory that Myah Marie sang most/all of the vocals on Britney Jean. As in, actual factual evidence that this is supposedly the secret truth. Saying "I'm a fan, I know her voice" is not proof, it's opinion. Saying "Britney doesn't sound like that" or "The lyrics obviously aren't her style" is also not proof, it's more opinion. Please do not waste your time spamming this topic with your feelings and emotions and hunches. I want receipts, kiddos My opinion: I do NOT think that Myah Marie had as big a part in these vocals as most people say. When I hear Myah Marie's own songs and the demos that she makes for Britney, it's clear to me that their voices are similar but not identical. I'm not sure why everybody is so quick to completely forget power of electronic engineering of voices and pitch adjustment and all sorts of really nifty technology (e.g. Auto-Tune) used all over the music industry to intentionally modify the original vocals. Britney Jean was obviously heavily edited vocally and in its overall production. I don't find this as a reason to entertain this ridiculous theory that Myah Marie is the main vocalist here. But if your claims can be fact-checked, then let's hear them.
  2. Guest

    Honest question

    Private show or britney jean?
  3. Hey guys, here is the "live" version of Alien, I tried to make it sounds live, sorry about any mistakes, about my bad English and I hope you guys like it!! http://www98.blocked.com/v/qQqDgqyb/file.html PS: my Soundcloud can't upload the track If that link goes down, here's other download link: http://www.blocked.com/file/8a2ylhll2tb2h8a/Alien_Acoustic_by_louieney.mp3
  4. RCA gave the go-ahead to release 'Britney Jean'. And ,whether you guys know it or not, Record Labels have the final say over whether an artists music video gets released/scrapped/re-done because the RECORD LABEL is paying for it. That is out of Team Britneys control. So blame Perfume getting scrapped, the Original Make Me... video getting scrapped/completely redone, and Britney only releasing 2 videos during the Britney Jean era.... and that cheap *** Work ***** video on RCA. They are at fault. Stuff like this did not happen under JIVE records and they had to deal with Britney during her worst years. RCA is also in charge of that Glorys screencap album cover! That is THEIR album. They put the money behind it and have the final say on what goes on their product! So now I ask, are we going to get a video for whatever 2nd single RCA (Britneys record label) decides? I would be shocked if we did. PREPARE YOURSELVES!
  5. The peak of which álbum: 1# ...Baby One More Time/ Oops!...I Did It Again/ Britney/ In The Zone/ Circus 2# Blackout/ Femme Fatale 3# Femme Fatale (Top 3 with 8 Studio Albums) And here we have a sequel of the first 5 weeks of the last 4 studio albums: 2007 - 2# - Blackout (N#2 = 1 Week) Week 1 - 02# - 488.000 Week 2 - 06# - 177.000 Week 3 - 12# - 140.000 Week 4 - 16# - 110.000 Week 5 - 17# - 092.000 2008 - 1# - Circus (N#1 = 4 Weeks) Week 1 - 02# - 814.000 Week 2 - 02# - 414.000 Week 3 - 01# - 412.000 Week 4 - 01# - 413.000 Week 5 - 01# - 163.000 2011 - 2# - Femme Fatale (N#2 = 2 Weeks) Week 1 - 02# - 432.000 Week 2 - 02# - 162.000 Week 3 - 03# - 105.000 Week 4 - 04# - 091.000 Week 5 - 05# - 071.000 2013 - 3# - Britney Jean (N#3 = 1 Week) Week 1 - 03# - 218.000 Week 2 - 25# - 078.000 Week 3 - OUT Week 4 - 32# - 055.000 Week 5 - 29# - 031.000 Week 6 - 35# - 019.000 (I had to do the 6 one cause BJ went out on the third week) Any predictions?
  6. The fact that Sean Preston, a 10 years old kid, did to Glory so much more than Will.I.Am did to Britney Jean says a lot. Let's praise the royalty of music for a sec. Sean is a truly prince and he's definitely talented and gifted! He gave us Glory!
  7. I don't know if this is AP (don't drag me) but Til it's Gone is #17 on Billboards Dance Electronic Digitals chart!!! After 3 years! Not Godney Jean coming for Glory's weave!!! She just won't die!!! http://www.billboard.com/charts/dance-electronic-digital-songs
  8. It's just AMAZING. David Russel, the Sia manager (and friend of mine) just published on his instagram a Britney Spears handwritten lyrics to "Brightest Morning Star" Queen of writing
  9. Guest

    BJ vs Glory

    I tried doing a poll but it wouldn't let me so comment below which you guys think is better: or
  10. I wasn't around exhale when Britney Jean was released so I only knew the stuff that was happening through social media at the time. What exactly happened that era and do you think if this album flops that she should've retired after Femme Fatale?
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