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  1. Congratulations are in order to to Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj! Their "Say So" remix hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking the first time either Doja or Nicki have claimed a #1. That's right, this is Nicki Minaj's first-ever #1. Nicki shattered the record for the longest wait for a first Hot 100 No. 1, by total career entries, as "Say So" is her 109th charted title on the tally (which is also a record amount of entries). Megan Thee Stallion and Beyonce's "Savage" remix took #2. Some stats from Billboard: Let's celebrate to women ruling the Hot 100 this week!
  2. The BeyHive is wondering whether Nicki Minaj is taking a jab at Beyonce on one of her verses featured in the new "Say So" Remix she did with Doja Cat. There's several reasons why fans believe Nicki might be shading Beyonce: 1.) A version of the remix leaked prior to the one that dropped on Friday. The official version featured a new verse that wasn't included on the leak, leading fans to believe Nicki added it in the eleventh hour because it makes mention of a lyric featured on the "Savage" remix Beyonce did with rap's fastest-rising female rapper, Megan Thee Stallion. Beyonce's lyric: "If you wanna see some real @$$ baby here's your chance" Nicki's lyric: “Why you talkin’ about who ‘body fake, with all the fillers in your face you’re just full of hate. Real @$$ can’t keep ya n**** home, now you looking silly, that’s word to silicone.” 2.) Before the final version was released, Nicki made it a point to tell fans to "make sure you listen to the outro." The outro features the newly-added line. 3.) Some thought it might be about Wendy Williams, but Nicki denied it. If Nicki is indeed coming for Beyonce, this won't end well...
  3. Beyonce jumped on a remix of Megan Thee Stallion's massive hit, "Savage." It's completely re-worked. I already know the comments are going to say Beyonce is trying to cling to relevancy, but there's no denying her star power. Megan is also a streaming juggernaut, so this is smart for both women. Looking forward to seeing Bey back on top! Are you here for this remix?
  4. Beyonce joined the likes of Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera to perform a classic Disney song as part of the Family Singalong special. It's the first time Beyonce has said anything since the pandemic started. It's nice to see her again. 'Don't give up hope, we're gonna get through this. I promise," she said.
  5. Britney posted an inspirational, self-loving quote that says: "Accept yourself as you are. And that is the most difficult thing in the world, because it goes against your training, education, your culture. From the very beginning you have been told how you should be. Nobody has ever told you that you are good as you are" She also captioned it with some fiery words of her own: Queen The way she dragged us for complaining she posts the same pics over and over. She mentioned Beyonce's song "Flawless." Look at some of the lyrics: I know when you were little girls You dreamt of being in my world Don't forget it, don't forget it Respect that, bow down, b-----s I took some time to live my life But don't think I'm just his little wife Don't get it twisted, get it twisted This my ****, bow down, b-----s Bow down, b-----s, bow bow down, b-----s (crown) You wake up, flawless Post up, flawless Ridin' round in it, flawless Flossin on that, flawless This diamond, flawless My diamond, flawless This rock, flawless My Roc, flawless I woke up like this I woke up like this We flawless, ladies tell 'em I woke up like this Her Lemonade is coming!
  6. The New York Times wrote an article about how Gaga pushed Beyonce out of her cookie-cutter pop persona with the iconic "Telephone" music video. "Post-“Single Ladies” but still years away from the avant-garde image reinvention that was her 2013 self-titled visual album, “Telephone” gave Beyoncé one of her earliest opportunities to get weird. Though it’s hard to imagine now, at the turn of the last decade, Beyoncé was still seen as a risk-averse, play-by-the-rules pop perfectionist." Do you agree? Did Gaga take Beyonce out of her comfort zone artistically for the first time in Bey's career? It does appear Beyonce stepped up her game after this collab. Agree or nah? Here's the full excerpt:
  7. This is my first post, so please take it easy on me haha. I do stan Beyonce...obviously I stan Britney WAY more, but Britney, Beyonce and P!nk are my core pop gals (ironic AND iconic they did that pepsi commercial together). Anyway, I am wondering where is Beyonce? It seems that most pop stars have said something about COVID-19 and Bey? Nada. Her last instagram post was on Feb 2!!!!! She has 144 million insta followers and has not said anything since then...It just makes me think hmm...One thing that is bothering me is that COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting the African and Latino American community. Has Beyonce said ANYTHING?? I mean besides Tina talking on camera about whatever and Beyonce approving the Beychella screening party (again its about her). I have not seen or heard any words of wisdom from her. C'mon GIRL. The reason I bring this up is because it has been said that Beyonce rises to occasion when it suites her. I have questioned it, but never held it against her. Now...I'm questioning it again and possibly going to hold this against her. No one is perfect though and maybe she is trying to figure out how to address her fans because her platform is so massive. Maybe she's about to drop a massive project? What are your thoughts on this?
  8. There's a post about Beyonce on Reddit that got THOUSANDS of comments and tons of points. The OP says she's a terrible person and simply goes in on her. One of the top comments is also super rude as well. Wanted to see if any of you agree? I personally don't. I think Beyonce is an incredible performer/artist. There definitely appear to be times where she borrowed (maybe stole) certain ideas and didn't give credit - don't love that - but are we really about to take down a woman who's proved to hold immense power and influence in popular culture just cause?
  9. Well, ooh lala charted at #54 Beyonka's new LION KING song charted at #98 LION KING The biggest animation movie title And BEYONCE , the one that is considered a "goddess"
  10. Even Beyonce is bored. She RARELY uses Twitter, let alone RTs a member of the Beyhive, however Beyonce felt inspired to get fans together for a watch party of her award winning Netflix documentary, Homecoming, a film that captured her stellar Coachella performance. The watch party is taking place tonight (March 18 at 9 pm EST).. Below is the Tweet she RTed. Looks like I have plans tonight! Are YOU going to tune in? UPDATE: The initiative caught so much traction, it became a #1 trending topic on Twitter. Superpower!
  11. Serving a slay but she looks like Beyonce to me???
  12. Legends only! Madonna, Beyonce and Taylor Swift are the only pop girls to land on Time's women of the past century list. They put together a list of 100 women who've influenced culture over the last 100 years. “Many of the women on this list exercised their influence at the margins, in defense of the marginalized,” says the magazine's former editor-in-chief. Madonna Beyonce: Taylor Swift: You can see the full list of women here. Thoughts? Anyone missing from the list?
  13. Nothing gets passed the Beyhive. A page on Beyonce's official website randomly popped up online. It links to the tag 'emerald.' Tags are typically used to categorize keywords on websites. When you search for the term 'emerald' on Beyonce.com, a bunch of images from different events pop up where she's showing off a ring containing an emerald stone. There's buzz that Emerald is the name of her new project. Take this with a grain of salt. I typed the keywords "ruby" and "diamond" in her website's search field as well, and it produced results. However, Google doesn't appear to produce a search result for her website with those terms... just emerald. You excited for new Beyonce music? Or...?
  14. Beyonce's secret song could eclipse one of the greatest soundtracks of all time. Lebo M, who co-curated the original soundtrack for The Lion King, as well as the new one, believes Beyonce’s contribution could outperform “The Circle Of Life,” which is arguably one of the most-famous songs of all time. In a new interview, Lebo was grilled to divulge information regarding the new Bey track, which is still unnamed. Though he wouldn’t reveal anything, he’s confident it’ll be massive. “I can be ambitious and say I have a feeling the song just might be bigger than ‘Circle Of Life,’” he said. The TBA song is track #14 on the forthcoming soundtrack (our July 11), which would place it in between “Reflections of Mufasa” and before “The Battle for Pride Rock” – a perfect time for Nala to sing to Simba before he heads to battle. Check out the full tracklist here. The Lion King director, Jon Favreau, had this to say about Nala’s expanded role: “In the original film, her role is not as large as in the stage production, and we definitely drew inspiration, and that was one of the areas where we were going to expand this.” The Lion King hits theaters July 19.
  15. Beyonce curated a new album for The Lion King titled 'The Gift.' The record, which drops July 19, in addition to the film’s soundtrack, features global artists set to the sounds of Africa. “This is sonic cinema,” said Beyoncé of the new album in a statement. “This is a new experience of storytelling. I wanted to do more than find a collection of songs that were inspired by the film. It is a mixture of genres and collaboration that isn’t one sound. It is influenced by everything from R&B, pop, hip hop and Afro Beat.” “I wanted to put everyone on their own journey to link the storyline,” she continued. “Each song was written to reflect the film’s storytelling that gives the listener a chance to imagine their own imagery, while listening to a new contemporary interpretation. It was important that the music was not only performed by the most interesting and talented artists but also produced by the best African producers. Authenticity and heart were important to me.” Beyonce’s new song, “Spirit,” is anthemic, and larger than life. One of the film’s composers says it’s even bigger than “The Circle Of Life.” The singer voices Nala in the forthcoming film. Listen below:
  16. Hi guys, I would like to ask for your help if there's anyone here that can verify this list if it's true... Best selling female artists of all time... Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/rihanna-is-not-the-best-selling-black-female-artist_us_57f1957be4b095bd896a12a5? Madonna (400 million) Celine Dion (300 million) Mariah Carey (300 million) Whitney Houston (280 million) Rihanna (260 million) Britney Spears (260 million) Janet (200 million) Beyonce (190 million Solo/270 million total w/Destiny’s Child) Lady Gaga (190 million) Taylor Swift (180 million)
  17. I will be giving my first speech, which could be about any topic. I chose to do "why Beyoncé isn't better than Britney" and there's a huge Beyoncé Stan in there so this should be fun
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