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  1. Glory has dethroned Blackout and In the Zone to become my #1 Britney album. Imagine releasing your best album 18 years into your career and after your worst one. Wow.
  2. It’s just really insane how much Britney vibes Harley in Hawaii has. the vocals are very Britney-esque and the song has Hawaii in it Anyone listened to the song?
  3. I’m obsessed with these Two songs and Mona Lisa these days
  4. Minimal choreo, but executed perfectly. Sharp. Amazing body. Amazing song. Confidence and attitude. So glad many of us appreciate this post breakdown Britney And I love how we get to see more of the moves from this angle as the GMA cameras tended to cut away every time there was in-sync choreo almost like Larry said to do it in case timing was off. But she looked great!
  5. So you know how Beyoncé had Sasha Fierce or whatever her name was? Britney teased at Mona Lisa being a persona. Do you think the Do Somethin video is “Mona Lisa” and not Britney? especially since the name flashes
  6. First of all this is not a shade to Britney. I've read somewhere that Britney wrote some of her songs and I would like to know more of them and also does she play instruments etc?
  7. So.. today i decided to watch old videos and I came across Do Somethin'. Y'all have to watch it: She was having so much fun i nthis video, it will bring a smile to your face. I wonder if this Britney will ever be back P.S. I also watched the Perfurme video. LOL I hated it! It's so bad, Will.I.Am f**ked up what could have been a decent britney era...
  8. You better listen ***** https://soundcloud.com/jacod/work-*****-jacod-runway-remix-preview
  9. As always, courtesy of Clitney https://hitmelikeafreighttrain.tumblr.com/post/188365491120/and-you-been-givin-me-headlines-we-makin-the
  10. I AM LIVING FOR THAT. ALSO WE CAN CONFIRM SHE WAS 100% LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I was wondering about this, because all of Britney's album names seem really spot on and it'd be a challenge to try and improve on them. With that being said, how would you rename each of Britney's 9 studio albums? My opinion: #1- Britney (BOMT) I think having her first album be self-titled, ala Madonna, Cher, Dolly Parton, etc. would've been a cool introduction for her to the world, and would've introduced the central irony in her career - that everything we think is "her" according to her brand actually isn't her. #2- I'm Not That Innocent (OIDIA) At this point, people were already starting to pick up on her developing sexuality as an artist, so why not go right out and make a tongue-in-cheek reference at it for the album overall? #3- Slave 4 The Music (Britney) Again, by this point Britney was pretty far-developed as an artist that performed provocatively and had lots of innuendo in her music, including the lead single from this album, "I'm a Slave 4 U." However, she said in one interview that she was referring to being a slave to "the music," so titling her album as such would overall set the tone for how *she*, at least, viewed its music. #4- Exhale (ITZ) Honestly, In the Zone was such a good title for this album, and it was hard to think of another! Thinking about the era as a whole, though, this was when she fully matured into her sexuality, both in her music and in the Onyx Hotel Tour. Breathe On Me, which was full of vocal "exhales," is a standout track from this album, and exhaling in general can be used in a ****** way. When people/comedy shows were imitating Britney around this time, I distinctly remember them always exhaling excessively ala Slave 4 U, so... her most ****** album, Exhale! #5- It's Britney, ***** (Blackout) Again, Blackout was the PERFECT title for this album and contextualized the era as a whole. The first three words she uttered in this album, though, "It's Britney, *****," are arguably her most iconic to date. Naming her album after them would parallel both the sense of control she had over this album, to where it really was "Britney, *****," and the way her personal life was unfortunately spiraling, to the point where she'd curse in her album title. Just an idea! #6- Superstar (Circus) Also the first word she sings in this album in Womanizer, and at this point, it was pretty indisputable that she was a verified superstar. This was her comeback era after 2007, and it was a complete success. She played the role of the seductive "ringleader" in a nearly sold-out tour. Superstar is the best word I can think of to describe Britney, and thus the title of her album, during this era. #7- Electricity (FF) This one was hard! The album is very thematic, revolving around her being a "femme fatale." Thus, I wanted to focus more on the actual music when thinking of another title, and what kind of music is this album full of? Dance pop, EDM, etc. There's also a double entendre with this title as well, namely the "electricity" between her and the man she is seducing. #8 - Myah Jean (BJ) I don't want to explain this one, let's move on... #9 - Do You Wanna Come Over? (Glory) I always thought Glory was a weird name for this album - it evokes this deep spirituality, when the album is full of songs about hooking up and ***. Thus, with songs like Slumber Party, Invitation, and Private Show, I get this image in my head of Britney inviting a guy over to be seduced in numerous different ways - thus the title, "Do You Wanna Come Over?" What do you all think?
  12. I make it hot https://soundcloud.com/jacod/circus-jacod-remix-preview
  14. He is doing remixes for Domination. Check his IG stories https://instagram.com/t2thay?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1ndtac23ee8dq
  15. Blow my mind. Best choreography for "Hold it against me" so far. I mean that breakdown. Britney could never. And also justice for HIAM. It was a game changer no 1 hit. https://youtu.be/9ukTlYki0cE
  16. The song will make headlines everywhere and bring spolight in the freebritnry movement. I bet team b are destroying every Rebellion's copy out there
  17. With 2019, a new decade of new Britney music comes to an end. So, what is, in your opinion, the best song Britney has released in the past ten years? On the poll, I included singles and which I consider Britney's most remarkable and loved fan-favorite songs of the decade. Sorry "How I Roll" haters!
  18. https://metro.co.uk/2019/10/08/britney-spears-music-break-last-10-years-uses-life-transition-focus-mental-health-10881747/ Surely that cant be right, how can it take 10 whole years?? there would be no point even coming back in 2029 as she would have lost all her fanbase by then really hope this isn't true
  19. Can you guys recommend some of Britney's best remixes?
  20. I don’t really know what this is, but apparently Britney started a podcast on Spotify which includes Make Me (solo) and Mood Ring
  21. 3 was released on October 6th of 2009. The song is already a decade old! Times flies by. Celebrate by streaming! To me this is an underrated song in Britney's catalog. Obviously it debuted at number 1 in the US but its popularity hasn't hold up all that well, yet it's probably one of Britney's catchiest, most club-ready songs. It really served as bridge between the Circus and Femme Fatale eras sonic wise.
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