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  1. I know that this completely off topic and that it has nothing to do with Britney. But sometimes I wonder how someone like Eminem can say all of this problematic stuff, and yet he is still praised by the GP and gets away with his problematic behavior, while Britney is still considered crazy for shaving her head a decade ago and I’ve seen a lot of people claiming that she should be “locked up” based on her Instagram posts. The world has become a strange place hasn’t it?
  2. Is anyone selling one of the limited edition blackout vinyls?
  3. https://britneystore.prestashopready.com/fr/accueil/1004-vinyle-blackout-tirage-limite-2019.html I’ve just seen it on the britneystore so we will soon be able to order it on UO.
  4. I just found this song today on Soundcloud, would have been so cool for a Britney comeback song! https://soundcloud.com/adamofficial/superpower
  5. Brit sounds amazing with a funk beat behind her tho! wish she had more bass guitar in her songs and did more disco seque vibes
  6. Saw this today, thought of sharing it in case someone hasn't seen it! That outfitt THOOOOO
  7. I seen a video with clickbait title for another song of Britney's but just so happened to be song was....rebellion? It actually was Britney singing and had spoken words and more lyrics. I tried to go back to it a day later but it had been taken down. I did manage screenshot the lyrics in the description (it was the same). Why do they keep taking it down tho? But anyways, here's the lyrics. Spoken; (coming through exposing some fake **** out. Yeah I feel like I'm the only big one fighting) You might not believe it But trust me this is true You fall for their poison And become a part of their crew I'm in a rebellion And I'm up against the truth So will you join me? Or will you be taken too? Yeah, I feel like I'm the only one You'll find it in rebellion Your body starts breaking in They're not believing what they're seeing 'Cause you're rebellion You'll find it so compelling 'Cause everyone's yelling 'Cause your soul you're not selling 'Cause you're rebellion Be wary of others The ones closest to you The poison they feed you And the voodoo that they do But in rebellion there's a sparkle of truth Don't just stand there Do what you got to do You'll find it in rebellion You'll finally start breathing They're not believing what they're seeing 'Cause you're rebellion You'll find it so compelling With everyone yelling 'Cause your soul you're not selling 'Cause you're rebellion The eye that is deceiving is the one trapping us in I'm fighting a losing battle and my patience is wearing thin But in rebellion there's a sparkle of truth And nobody claims the crown without some sacrifice You'll find it in rebellion You'll finally start breathing They're not believing what they're seeing 'Cause you're rebellion Y'all gonna have to do better I can't believe what I'm seeing All this **** going on The industry is deceiving All of the masses You won't believe until you see it You'll find it so compelling 'Cause everyone's yelling 'Cause your soul you're not selling 'Cause you're rebellion (Ooo did that strike a nerve?) Spoken; (Be resistant. Be brave. Don't back down. Join the fight...I gotta gripe with the media and the labels that know what they're doing...join me!?)
  8. Circus vinyl must be coming 🎪 get your coins ready sis 10/30 UPDATE
  9. Just ordered my copies! Will look amazing in gold
  10. Is it just me or does it seem like glory is the final Britney album we will get from her? There’s no demand for her anymore so what chances does she have at a good selling album again if she does comeback? But idk I just feel like she’s done honestly...
  11. i tried unpitching her vocals.... don't come @ me it's my first time lol. part 2:50 sounds so much more like her now
  12. Hi Everyone, I have a couple of new extended mixes if you want to check them out The Scary mix was for Halloween lol....and Make Me I can now upload to YT!! Yay! Scary Criminal Make Me
  13. i tried my best to filter britney's vocals on "I Feel So Free With You" and here's what i got fav parts: 0:26 , 0:49 (saay) , 0:56 , 1:10 (aayeee) also, she seems so happy lately:
  14. “Blackout” is the fifth studio album by Britney Spears. It was released on October 30, 2007, by Jive Records. It was originally scheduled to be released on November 13 in the United States, but was rush-released after being leaked online. It debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 290,000 copies after a last-minute rule change, and became her first studio album not to debut at number one in the United States. Spears began recording at Studio at the Palms in Las Vegas in August 2006, while she was seven months pregnant with Jayden James. Recording continued at Spears' house in Los Angeles, three weeks after she gave birth. Hilson commented that "She gave 150 percent. I don't know any other mother that would do that."
  15. I don't remember if this has already been addressed but at some point in the song 'Man on the moon" brit is talking in some weird language, have we find out which one it is? Sorry if i'm a flop
  16. https://soundcloud.com/jacod/work-*****-jacod-runway-remix-preview-3
  17. Selena Gomez just released the best pop song of the year with "Look At Her Now" - great minimal production, stunning MV, simple but effective choreo, deep lyrics but easy to sing live as the chorus would all be backing track AND... AND to make it even worse - Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels wrote it so it literally could've been Britney's. It could've been on her 10th studio album if Glory had a follow up in the usual 2/3 year cycle. I don't blame Britney. I blame Team Spears for imprisoning her in a financial web and ruining her life and career. But Selena stans are lucky. Hands To Myself, Kill 'Em With Kindness are also stunning songs which should've been Britney's. I can just imagine Brit's deep live voice nailing the latter.
  18. Hey guys! Just got home from the club and was feeling old school dance jams and TRAGEDY by STEPS came to mind. It was a B-sidr to a Britney single that I can't remember at moment. Do any of you smart, **** exhalers remember?! Love you all.
  19. Hey, somewhat of a longshot, but does anyone happen to have the first pressing of The Talented Mr. Leslie by Ryan Leslie? It has "Exclusive Rap Freestyle" ("Sin City"/"Punk'd Rap"—whatever you want to call it) and an alternative version of "The Answer." I want to rip these in lossless from the CD. Thanks!
  20. --it was deleted-- the link on the other topic is not the full song
  21. Just an old "remix" i've just re-uploaded and did a while ago. Here it is: Hope you guys like it!
  22. Is Britney’s best song. That is all.
  23. This is by far the best review I have ever read. Ill highlight some parts https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/britney-spears-blackout-a-salute-to-her-misunderstood-punk-masterpiece-121525/ On Tuesday, October 30th, 2007, when the world was trying to write her off as a joke – not for the first time, not for the last – Brit dropped music way too weird for the radio, all alien and distorted, warping her Southern drawl into a surly electro-punk sneer. Within a couple of years, everybody was trying to sound like this. It’s Britney, *****. Blackout is an avant-disco concept album about getting famous, not giving a ****, getting divorced, not giving a ****, getting publicly mocked and despised and humiliated. It’s an album about dancing on tables in a cloud of glitter and Cheeto dust. But mostly it’s an album about not giving a ****, which is why it sounds perfect for grim times like these. Especially since America in 2017 is less sane or stable than Britney was in 2007. If our girl could emerge from the wreckage with an album like Blackout, there’s hope for us all. Nobody has ever been able to explain how Blackout happened – how a star in mid-meltdown managed to document it all so vividly. It’s not like anybody sat down and decided to make a great album. Blackout had an all-star team of circa-2007 hitmakers: Danja, Jim Beanz, T-Pain, Bloodshy & Avant, Freescha, Fredwreck, Henri Jonback, the Neptunes, the Clutch. Yet they all outdid themselves. Sonically, the abrasive robo-screech was years ahead of its time. It’s almost as if the producers and writers were using Blackout as a beta test, trying out their craziest ideas on the assumption that the album would bomb and nobody would listen. But it’s ironic that of all the turmoil Britney went through in 2007, the one thing people remember today, the thing that turned out to be lasting, is the music. As the lady once sang, she’s got nine lives like a kitty cat. The trilogy of Blackout, Circus and Femme Fatale is the summit of Britdom; in so many ways, it’s comparable to Bowie’s Berlin trilogy Pop artists keep building whole careers on the Blackout sound “You wanna piece of me?” sounds like she’s either pimping herself out or taunting you into a bar brawl. Either way, it’ll cost you. No wonder Taylor Swift quotes this song (“another day, another drama”) in “Look What You Made Me Do.” “Piece of Me” remains the template for every pop girl who decides it’s time to wreak her evil vengeance on a world that made the fatal mistake of pissing her off. Are you sure you want a piece of Britney? After ten years, Blackout still makes that sound like a thrillingly dangerous question.
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