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  1. Enough with the collabs with Sabi, TI, Iggy, G-eazy, Tinashe Britney is the f**king princess of pop, she's pop royalty! Just imagine Britney, Madonna and Justin joining forces sampling a MJ song. The Queen, the Princess and the "prince" as people say, sampling a song by the King of pop. We need authentic pop music and not mainstream radio "pop". Stop ruining Brit's legacy by using her as a promoter for other artists. Ok just that, bye
  2. I can't take it anymore, someone leak something
  3. I've just listened and watched Christina's new single for the first (and probably the last) time. I'm not a hater, I've never understood the need to pit one artist against the other when there's enough room for all of them... but this was just horrible. I'm not even sure what have I just listened to. So at this moment I just want to say how thankful I am for Glory, especially after seeing every other thread lately bashing Britney one way or another. She really stepped up her game musically after BJ and delivered an album that is critically considered one of her strongest. And doing that 20 years into your career, especially with such strong discography like she has, it's saying a lot. Even though it is considered a commercial flop, I'd rather have quality over quantity. And I just hope her next material is going to be just as good (if not better) as Glory was.
  4. What would you have chosen and which order would they have been released? My picks: Better Do You Wanna Come Over? Love Me Down Change Your Mind Make Me Yours?
  5. christina fans have been waiting forever and since both the ladies have there 20th year in the industry coming up, who do you think will release new music first, do you think we will have britney, justin and christina all releasing music in 2018?
  6. so I've made a cool mash up, I myself hate shape of you and honestly can't listen to it anymore since it's being played million times a day everywhere since 6 months but this one's cool I think I marked my territory , lol tell me what r ur thoughts on this , don't mind the picture and the end is a bit messed up loud but I can cut it . don't mind the pic.
  7. vlexbvker


    I just came back from 10 years into the future and I'm happy to confirm that Britney will do 4 more albums, have 3 more #1 singles AND "Crossroads 2: Cross Harder" is happening!! I got to take a picture of Britney and bring it back with me! I can confirm that this is a 100% REAL photo of a 45 year old Britney in the year 2027! The plastic surgery has gotten out of hand, y'all!
  8. So sometimes when I have my phones of my friends I go to their Apple Music and always add Glory and Blackout in the hopes that they secretly come across a britney song while in the shower or something and love it! Soemtimes it works too! And I also made my friend who's a straight athletic guy listening to blackout in it's entirety in exhange for me listening to the Kevin Gates album.... and a *******... jk ... I wish.. but yea the commitment is real when your a true Britney fan
  9. For me it was when Brit performed "He About To Lose Me" on the FF tour. I was not expecting not one nor two Bonus tracks from FF to appear on that tour. She had at times seemingly live vocals and the performance slayed. Needles to say ladies, I was shook. What Brit moment left you feeling the unworthy?
  10. Every year my school does the anniversary in which the students (us) have to do an amount of creative activities. One of them is RECREATE A MUSIC VIDEO on an scenario!! This is without a camera or cut scenes, is LIVE and it has to be inside the school itself (with props and lights and etc)! The only requirement for this test is that the MV has to have Choreography (and it has to be popular and not a ballad song), and almost 15-20 students have to be part on the music video. So I need your HELP guys, post here all britney's videos or ANY ARTIST's video that we could recreate! This are examples: (this is easy cuz is on a school so you don't have to use a lot of props and scenarios, we can find it here ) other examples are thriller, turn up the music by chris brown, candyman, etc etc (all of them have been recreated on the past years!) So I have to find videos that doesn't have cut too much the scenes (that would be hard to do), a lot of choreography (this is ESSENTIAL!!), not too much stages and with a lot people (that's why we can't do single ladies, cuz there are only 3 women in the vid), you get my idea? I had the idea of Oops, but britney does a 102920 somersaults and that is impossible 3 doesn't have a lot of scenes but it's too much skin so if u find a mv that has the requirements please post it here! No matter if it's a britney or artist
  11. What's your favorite and least favorite Britney album? Mine would be favorite: Blackout, least favorite: Britney Jean
  12. Criminal of Britney is fantastic, very good rhythm, good sound game, impeccable lyrics that reflects the criticism of our britney against their ghosts of the past. And of course the voice of the immortal Britney
  13. Hi, So i recently just lost alot of my music transfering and lost my unreleased britney song files. I was up to date as of recent, is there a file with all the songs up-to-date i can download. hope so. thank you in advance!
  14. Uh-Huh (Womp woomp, Womp, Chicka-Cha') wut? Yesterday my day was the BADDEST. I came home after work (*****) and my husband and I discovered that my car had been broken into. We had my dad's old falling apart briefcase in the backseat so the crooks smashed the back window (Yoncé style I assume) and took it! This was not what scared me though. There was nothing valuable in the briefcase BUT THERE WAS something valuable in the car - MY ENTIRE BRITNEY CD COLLECTION. 1-9 Y'ALL! Without letting the shock consume my entire Bod-eh, I quickly opened up my glove compartment and to my amazement THEY WERE ALL STILL THERE. TBQFH, I didn't know if I should be relieved or insulted! They (as in these crooks) had the opportunity to get their hands on the most immaculate audio collection known to the human race, and they didn't take it. I am glad that I still have them but part of me keeps imagining the sense of pride I would have felt if they were all stolen. If they were stolen it would all be forgiven. As Holy Scriptureny Stateth: Thou shalt be thankful for the opportunity, whether it be the good or the baddest, to share the divine word of the Holy Spearit with the unsaved. AHH, men. But in reality these *Duckers* just took my briefcase that I was never going to use that had nothing in it. And my BJ collection was safe in my glove compartment. Thank Brit. Has your Britney collection ever been compromised?
  15. mfanbs


    Anybody with the instrumentals of the Glory tracks? i can't find anything i tried to make them myself but these free audio programs don't work actually I'm making a medley from Glory for live performances or something
  16. This is my first ever topic on here so I hope it goes well...also sorry if this has been posted 100 other times...I just like to see everyone's opinions and these are fun Here's mine 1. Thinkin' About You It's a crime how underrated this song is... 2. What U See (Is What You Get) 3. Cinderella Imagine a music video for this song 4. Touch of my Hand & Breathe On Me 5. Hot As Ice & Toy Soldier 6. Unusual You & Mannequin 7. Don't Keep Me Waiting & Seal it With a Kiss 8. Brightest Morning Star & Passenger Sorry.... 9. Love Me Down (it's gonna be single 3 anyway) Hope this doesn't flop
  17. Hi! Made by me, for u Hope u like it. You can follow me on : Personal Account: https://www.instagram.com/nachogonzalezrico/ Designer Account: https://www.instagram.com/ignaciogonzalezrico/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/nachogonzalezrico9/
  18. The fact that Sean Preston, a 10 years old kid, did to Glory so much more than Will.I.Am did to Britney Jean says a lot. Let's praise the royalty of music for a sec. Sean is a truly prince and he's definitely talented and gifted! He gave us Glory!
  19. Whatttttttt. The... ****. The moment I heard the first millisecond of Glory I was bracing myself to drown in my apartment because the music was producing an excess overflow of *** and tearrs. Thankfully I cracked opened a window and threw on a life jacket so I could comfortably listen to the rest of the Album. First off let me say that Holy ******* **** I can't believe she did it again. #ToBHonest I was not too upset when Britney Jean came out a few years ago. To me it kind of felt like a disc that contained Work ***** with a lot of interesting non-fully produced B-Sides. Work ***** was seriously enough to hold me over for three years. The other songs on BJ were just little trinkets that the Beej would give us before releasing her proper album, Glory. I know somewhere in that Tower on Mars that Brit lives in she was concocting us a Master Piece (of her) for us all. With BJ she let us eat cake, but with Glory she wanted to take time making this album, for it indeed would be a four-course & nutritional meal. Okyoyyy??? Glory - an ****** two and a half years in the making. Track #1: Invitation - To me, this song is the moment when Britney gained the ability to sing out of her ******. The Chorus is true Vaginal heaven, and out her snooze she sings one of her most heavenly choruses of her entire career. I love her mouth singing in the verses but the ****** singing in the Chorus is what makes me believe there is indeed a God out there. I imagine she was in the recording booth - the producer says, “what’s that, Britney”? Britney looks down and sees that her pants are glowing and the rest is History. Track #2 - Do You Wanna Come Over? - the first line of this ******* song seriously makes me feel like such a slutty and **** *****? Can you even think of a more beautiful/skankier way than telling someone that you heard that their day was THE BADDEST?!!?? What - The - ****. That is the sexiest phrase I have heard in my entire life. I didn't even need to hear the rest of the song, the first line slays me enough. What follows is just pure Brit heaven. She's taken a drop of Acid and is getting penetrated by Six Alien Clones of G-Easy. We are totally not worthy. Track #3 - make me - okyoyyy. This sing took me a month to enjoy but now I lahve it. I actually really do enjoy the G-Easy (Eazy?) verse. I think he has a good flow and he’s nice to look at. What else does a girl need? Track #4 - Private Show - Brit in this song reminds me of Petri from Land Before Time, except he’s been dead for 1,000 years (yes hunties, just 1,000), dug up and turned into a half pterodactyl half robot signing machine. I lahve it. Track #5 - Man on the Moon - Brit gives us a clue of what it would sound like if they let her #curate the soundtrack for a new Live Action Lion King Movie. #LionKing5, Every Lion King must have a Lion Queen. That role would obviously be played by Jamie Lynn Spears, but the music would be entirely made by Brit. AaAAnyways - this song gives me major Disney I believe in Magic type of feel. It’s magical, it’s elegant and it has a chorus that flows like a river full of all Brit’s different perfumes. Track #6 - Just Luv Me - This one is taking a while for me. I obviously love and am not worthy, but I just haven’t learned the right way to appreciate this song just yet. I’m not going to ask for a sip when I’m thirsty, you know? Brit just gets it though with the lyrics on this song. Can I get my grind on to it? NO - but I can hear Brit out? YES. It’s like she’s invited us to a heart to heart on the stoop to her apartment that she low key lives in sometimes in the South Side of Chicago. We are not worthy. Track #7 - Clumsy. This song is all about accidentally spilling Mayonaise all over your man. It truly took me a while to understand. The song seemed kind of rough to me, like literally rough. Like I felt the pain when she talked about how she was bumping into things. I was like oww Brit get some glasses. BUT THAT IS WHEN THE ***** THREW ME. She was If-You-Seek-Amy-ing our ***** except this time it was actually clever and not a stretch. Yeah I said it. After many replays of trying to understand where my queen was coming from I finally understood it. Geeze Brit. Slay a bit? Track #8 - Slumber Party - HOLD THE PHONE. This song just ***** me up. Just like wow. That is all I can say… I feel like I’ve prank phone called God, but then she just dials me back and when I hear her through the phone this song comes out...Like a Slumber Party. Track #9 - Just Like Me - I am loving your voice Brit. I am loving the Guitar. The chorus is taking me a while to enjoy. I obviously love it don’t get me wrong, but again, I just have not developed a deep appreciation for it like I have to most of these tunes. But I know Someday I will understand. Track #10 - Luv Me Down - Holy ******* ****. This song just turns me into a bag of tomatoes. I lahve it. It is just the perfect I’m feeling mad but ***** song. Only Brit knows how to give us one of those and no we are not worthy. It’s like Inside Out’s little sassy ***** of a sister who thinks her older sister is a boring *** overrated *****. That’s what Luv Me Down thinks… Not ME Track #11 - Hard to Forget Ya - Something About Ya… It’s hard to forget ya. I love it. It takes me back to the early 2000’s. Brit’s making it ok to feel nostalgic for a time where no one really knew what was going on and everyone was ugly. Thanks Brit. Thank you for letting us know we don’t need to feel ashamed about a decade we lived in. Track #12 - What You Need - Petri is back and better than ever. Brit’s bouncing around the house in her moon shoes while drink La Croix on ice spiked with *******… I lahve it. Track #13 - Better - I love it. Brit you didn’t need to give us this much material. You spoil us ******* poof. The chorus is cute, real and catchy all at the same time. Again, this would go on the Lion King 5 soundtrack Brit would #curate for us all one day. Brit lives for us in this song. Some may argue that it could have gone to any basic ***** of an artist because it’s of the now and it’s catchy, but when you hear it from someone you love it’s so much better. Track #14 - Change you Mind - Slayed that **** all over. Brit gaves us the best multilingual song of our generation. Thanks Brit. Track #15 - Liar - this one needs to grow on me. Sadly it kind of makes me think of Pink - not in that it sounds like a pink song but I don’t know. What I do know is that I will love it one day.. Slay. Track #16 - If I’m dancing - this is the song of my lifetime. This is the weird Brit **** that I have always known she has had inside of her. This song is just ******* magic. It takes me back to the 1400’s while simultaneously taking me ahead into the distant *** future. I just can’t. This song is a timewarp and I don’t think the feint of heart can handle. When Brit gets to talking about the candy coated heart shapes I am like ***** ******* stop you are like literally saying the things I have dreamed of you saying for 8 years now. AND THEN THE ***** TAKES IT FURTHER - she dares to take me into a land where DMT is handed out like Advil. She then invites us to sit around the campfire with her as she chants to us about her chakras. WHAT THE ****!?!??!?!??! I was not ready for this. I always want to know what color my chakra is now. THE **** BRIT?!?!? You have ****** me up for good with this one. I literally cannot. LIKE - what the ****. This song just seriously destroyed me. The best ******* song ever. I love how she does not give a **** about it not really making any sense. It is a beautiful song and yes Britney, the jewels and furniture can go but baby he stays. JUST SLAY ME. Track #17 - Blackout - yeah I ******* said Blackout. This song is just so cool because it in a way talks about a time in Brit’s life that we don’t hear too much about from her. To me this song makes it seem like it was Blackout the album that got her through the rough times. When people criticized her for making a music because she was deemed as mentally unwell, the ***** must have ignored them with good reason. Blackout was therapy for Godney and now she can look back on that album with love and affection. The one good thing about that time for her, and for us. I KNOW SHE LOVES IT. THIS SONG PROVES THAT. GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH
  20. Hi guys, Do you know that? Tbh, I couldn't find the info and they don't answer my e-mail. So what do you know about it? Must the guest be UK resident? Thanks in advance
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