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  1. Guys I don't know if you even seen/read this article, but it is regarding MJ 2005 trial and how media manipulated GP and kept showing MJ as a crazy. But I think it would be great to see such a article about Britney especially from 2004-2008 how they made GP to believe she is crazy same like MJ. And tell what you think of article! https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/610258/amp
  2. We all know Britney was presented with this song. I wish she had released her version. Did they keep Britney's vocals in Kylie's released version? What do you think?
  3. There's only two types of people in the world. The ones that use Spotify and the ones that observe. I'm biased. I LOVE Spotify. Apple Music always seemed more confusing to me and less user-friendly. But then I talked to one of my friends who thought that exact thing about Spotify. Are you a Spotify user? Apple Music? Something else? Drop a line in the comments! Related:
  4. Was just wondering, been apart of this forum since before Blackout, I’ve seen every fan meltdown, every let-down, every rumor, just everything. Was wondering, how would people feel if we got a femme fatale 2.0. I remember complaints of it being generic pop, but it was for sure one of her most successful albums with the most successful singles. Axe Dr Luke obviously, who regardless of what a monster he is, he’s on the level of Phil Spector for producing, bring back Max Martin, and boom. Back on top. Do we want her back on top? Does it matter? I just revisited femme fatale again today, it really is a wonderful collection of songs, especially the bonus tracks. Just want opinions!
  5. In an article with Entertainment Weekly titled, Britney Spears: Nobody's Angel, she states she was hoping to start her own record label. AND That Japan conference she had during the In The Zone era is my favorite music interview of hers because she stated she wanted to produce the entire next album by herself. Obviously, after all of her struggles with Kevin, she decided to let the other producers just create the album without her input in a sense of being the main songwriter/producer but if that didn't happen, she would have taken over the production aspect and said she would have only worked with one other producer to teach her/for guidance. At 4:37 I just thought it was interesting. We might not get the same Britney as a performer but whatever amount of albums she decides to release from now until she maybe wants to retire, I am sure we will be getting it even better. I think we are safe in the general musical aspect of things.
  6. This is a video from 2008, but... I think it's still up to date in a way, you know I don't think that people around Britney tell her the truth. That's one of the reasons why things with her career are so ****** up. The Queen of disco knew what should be done.
  7. I know its not totally Britney related but the last years people were praising performances of gaga and others and wishing britney would be inspired by her... I 100000% prefer Britney performances than this MESS. So keep those "inspirations" If u want to cringe watch: Britney won.
  8. Tori is such a stan and one of the nicest girls in the industry. She probably doesn't know about the non-sense behind the scenes... but I do appreciate she's promoting Brit:
  9. I've mixed the STEMS (see other topic) to create the official instrumental. DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/84ta2f83xhnfjvp/Piece Of Me (Instrumental).mp3?dl=0
  10. Which one do you she should cover? I think she would done justice of ''I Want Your ***" song IMO. It would really fit on her voice too. https://youtu.be/r3AP26ywQsQ
  11. As the title says, when and only when she is free (for you Loucifer Reading this, we know you’ve got some little monkey reading exhale) What are your hopes for B10? i want Danja & Pharrell working on it, Britney at the helm of the album doing what SHE wants (think, blackout and glory rolled into one beautiful but **** album) Ellen Von unwerth photographing the album shoot and I want the industry to bow to her - I mean all of it. Like they should have done since she first came out. (Always want Lou and Jamie in prison by this point too)!
  12. Leaked info revealed Britney would perform a piano ballad-version of BTMYH. I did my best to recreate what that would possibly sound like. I used Jackson Taylor's piano version of the song, Michael Official's filtered acapella, and many elements of Nick*'s 2019 Retro Ballad Mix
  13. Do you think Britney is the one that wanted it scrapped? Maybe she felt too sexualized or didn’t want to appear inappropriate for future conservatorship reasons? Do you think her team scrapped it? David Lachapelle specially said Britney wanted to be shown in a cage, and then that never got released. Do you think it got scrapped because it genuinely “didn’t work?” I’ll agree that the plot line isn’t coherent from the leaked video we got, but it wasn’t finished technically, and both released versions of the video (Official version & American Dream version) had very little plot line anyways. It wasn’t like they couldn’t have just edited it for beauty shots or some sort of plot line. What are your speculations on the story behind the original video, its scrapping, and the creation of a new video? Do you think they made the right choice?
  14. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/chart-beat/8549585/sheppard-solomon-interview-paris-hilton-britney-spears
  15. Hello from Russia! Please check this russian rock cover of Britney's song Toxic
  16. here is the best audio quality for britney's cover 'something to talk about' an iconic moment! https://soundcloud.com/musicfiltered2/britney-something-to-talk-about
  17. “React” was supposed to drop today, yet didn’t. Has anyone heard anything?
  18. Also saw some personal experiences people had with her, so posting the screenshots. Again those claims could be like the pool party so grain of salt is needed
  19. Hey Y'all here is a couple of mixes you might not have herd.... ..
  20. I need another Britney and Nicki collab once Britney free
  21. Post your M.R of 80s. To me I goes like this MJ/Prince/Madonna/ The 4th place is hard to fill but since I have to, any from this 3 below can be a contender. George Michael, Whitney Houston and Bruce Springsteen
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