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  1. Okey, let's try another discussion. I couldn't decide between these two questions, so let's play both ways. 2020 started very veeery badly, so we can’t rule out an eventual alien attack, right? For that we must be prepared and if we have learned anything, it's that we can destroy them with **drums please** that’s right, MUSIC! So here's the thing, you can answer one question or both, maybe the same song can be used for both answers.. who knows? Let's see what happens! A) What song do you love so much but it gives others a headache? (Guilty pleasure) B) What song do you think can save the world and blow up aliens brains at the same time? Watch this video I made very quickly so you can understand a little bit better! EDIT 1: They blocked the video, I'll try somewhere else VIMEO: FLICKR:
  2. Jimmy Fallon caught up with the current Prince of Latin X music, Maluma! Check it out
  3. My cover of I dare you for the contest that cover nation's hosting with Kelly Clarkson! If you could please give it a watch and maybe a like if you enjoy it! It doesn't impact the decision but I'd really appreciate it It was a challenge to learn some pronunciations but all in all I'm pretty proud of the result! Thanks and have a nice day
  4. Jon Bon Jovi recently uploaded an incomplete song about what's going on right now and asked musicians to finish it. I'm pretty proud of how this turned out, I hope you like it My part starts at the 1 minute mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8hup7NPGo4
  5. What are, in your opinion, the best voices in music history ? I'm talking about artist that changed in a way music forever, artist that will NEVER be replaced for me Whitney Houston amazing iconic performance Michael Jackson He is probably the best artist in the world, His voice is 10/10. Just listen to his voice here, how can it be so perfect? I miss him so much Celine Dion In the studio, recording session for " The Reason". From 2:05 is pure heaven, those belts
  6. Just imagine something like maneater and Gimme more with a powerful beat and hot vocals
  7. I know I'm going to get dragged for this... But I've never liked this song. The message and controversy behind it was genius but the song sounds too cheesy for me. However, I did really like the theme of the music video. I would've preferred to have 'Shattered Glass' as the third single. Thoughts?
  8. i’ll go first 1.blackout 10/10 2. glory 9,50/10 3. femme fatale 9,45/10 4. in the zone 9,40/10 5. circus 8/10 6. britney 7,90/10 7. bomt 6/10 8. oidia - 5,90 9. britney jean 3/10
  9. I always wanted to make music with one friend of mine, like, since a year ago, but I'm very lazy and I don't know THAT much about music and notes and all of those things. Which is a free and easy for beginners program you would recommend me?
  10. As per Instagram post : Black Diamond! I am excited as I really enjoyed her last album she recorded while she was still married to this Qatari billioner and living in Qatar. And Made for now was a great song!
  11. madonna wrote this song to her mother who died when madonna was 6, i just want to see something like this from britney, is that too much to expect?
  12. And like 15-20 more songs, but it will get too long
  13. Hello my name is Paula, I'm new to this forum. I'm a writer and singer from Portugal and I recently wrote a song called "Quarantine" about my emotions, thoughts and feelings in these turbulent times we are living in. I don't play any instrument as of now so I decided to just record it acapella on my pocket recorder and upload it to youtube. It's very raw and there's surely room for improvement if I was ever wish to release it in the future (I would need an actual instrumental of course lol). For me it's just a simple way of expressing myself and release some steam. I hope you can relate and enjoy it. Let me know what you think please. Sending you lots of love!
  14. I'm a little confused. This is from the Britney album and it JUST got uploaded. Is this their idea of putting out "new" music? *editor's note* : darn it, it was the wrong profile. Not the official Britney YouTube Channel but the unofficial one
  15. I am loving love again, I love the song it samples. Your women by white town is one of my favorite 90s songs of all time. I am keen to good in bed because it reminds me of my relationship with my boyfriend to the T. So I would say it's a tie between those two. What's yours?
  16. https://youtu.be/hxkBrMSCALw just posted a mash-up I made of Hallucinate and Do You Wanna Come Over. Enjoy x
  17. Would you be hyped if they finally worked together ?
  18. Dua Lipa released a remix of "Physical" with K-pop star Hwa Sa. The production and Dua's vocals are identical to the original. The remix is a duet with Hwa Sa, who also handles some of the verses solo style. What do we think? Besides it obviously being pop perfection.
  19. Just came across this in my recommendations. I know Toxic is pretty reductive now but nice to hear people giving her music cred. Also makes me realize how deep the song is.
  20. According to a French website that sells only Britney stuff, a NEW cassette of Britney's first album is set to be released very soon through UO. It appers to be a white cassette with pink letters. I already spent my coins! https://www.bsavenue.com/fr/accueil/1348-cassette-audio-baby-one-more-time-limited-edition-usa.html
  21. What would be your Greatest Hits Volume 2 tracklist? It has been 15 years since Volume 1!!! So Volume 1 had 14 hits and 3 new tracks - what 14 tracks would make your volume 2??
  22. Here for The Pussycat Dolls and Nicki Minaj collabs. Is Meghan going to stay afloat in 2020? How are we feeling about Treat Myself? PS - check out the music video for "Nice To Meet Ya" with Nicki Minaj 🔥
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