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  1. If you were hoping for a Katy Perry x Taylor Swift collab, I have bad news: it's not happening. There were rumors floating around that the two pop titans had plans to collaborate together, but turns out... Katy Kats and Swifties read too much into things. Katy explains that yea, no Taylor collab is happening on KP5, though she's open to it one day. Here's what I previously posted about it:
  2. Katy Perry just released her leadsingle of her upcoming 5th studio album. American Idol, where Katy is a guest judge, posted several tweets about Katy Perry's new song WITH Taylor references. First they said they will play the song 1.989 times which is a reference to Taylor's acclaimed album "1989". This led some fans to believe that Katy's song would feature Taylor but it didn't. Now American Idol posted some emoji's about the finals this sunday where Katy is supposed to perform "Daisies". The emoji's included the daisy along with 2 blonde girls and a heart emoji. Katy is now blonde and so is Taylor. This immediately led people to believe Taylor might join Katy during her performance. Thoughts?
  3. I'm not a huge fan of chart and streaming data, but I AM a huge proponent of girl power. This is why everyone is like, WhErE's R9 Kinda surprised about Halsey. Anyone missing?
  4. August 14th. Alexa spilled the beans. Why is she waiting so long? JUST DROP IT
  5. Katy Perry has some of the most creative and fun marketing out of all the main pop girls. Her latest campaign is super cute (I'm not being paid to write this lol I just think it's worth sharing / I love marketing). Her new website, KatyDaisies.com, mimics a flower shop selling different bouquet arrangements. When you send a bouquet to a friend, it reveals a lyric - presumably from the new album (or perhaps just the song "Daisies"). Here are the lyrics right now (btw, can someone send ya boy some flowers so I can experience some romance during this gd pandemic kthx): 1.) What do y'all think of the lyrics? Adorable? Cheesy? 2.) And seriously, are you going to send me some flowers? https://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/forums/topic/771683-katy-perrys-new-song-smile-featuring-p-diddy-surfaces/
  6. Katy Perry might be Las Vegas’ next big resident performer! It was once assumed artists go to Vegas to lay their careers to rest, but those days are long gone. Celine Dion, Elton John, Mariah Carey and Britney Spears paved the way for fellow A-list artists to make Sin City their second home. Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Ricky Martin, Cher, Bruno Mars, Drake, Cardi B, Marshmello, Xtina, The Backstreet Boys, and many more are the latest to light up the Vegas strip, and if the reports are true… next is Katy Perry. Perry not-so-subtly hinted that she'll be headed to Vegas sooner than later. During a live chat with fans, someone asked about the project she'll kickoff a residency in Vegas. Perry directly acknowledged the fan by name and winked. It's unclear when this will go down. Vegas' iconic strip took a hard hit amidst the pandemic. Hotels closed and laid-off/furloughed thousands of employees, including performers in the shows. All residencies are postponed until further notice, however MGM properties plan on allowing ticket sales to resume on June 1st pending no further wide-sweeping changes. Vital Vegas on Twitter, who have accurately reported Vegas-related news before an official announcement hit, claims Katy is eyeing a residency at Vegas' up-and-coming monster hotel, Resorts World, opening in 2021. Last year, the Las Vegas Review Journal claimed Katy “informally” appeared at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace to tour the venue for around an hour. Caesars Entertainment officials reportedly joined Katy on the walk-through to discuss a possible residency at The Colosseum. The prospect of Katy calling Las Vegas her second home is pretty interesting. Would you go see Katy in Vegas?
  7. Music not the bling. Katy Perry says she's not quitting music. The pop star, who is expecting, reassured fans in an Instagram live stream. Gotta respect the mindset. Perry, who experienced insurmountable success on the charts earlier in her career, barely makes a dent on the Hot 100 when she releases new music. Despite that, she's carrying on. It just proves she loves making music cause it's her craft, not because she gets high on chart success. Stream Harleys in Hawaii.
  8. The way MIA snapped on social media lately I- She posted this caption about harassing your inner power... then the very next photo is how her album Matangi is better than Gaga's ARTPOP, Miley's Bangerz or Katy Perry's Prism. I have to laugh. Is Matangi better than the Trinity she mentioned?
  9. Hi guys, this time I bring you a concept that I did a while back from "Bad Blood" with well-known singers, a video that YouTube shut down this year from my channel unfortunately, but allowed me to do it again and now it looks much better than before. I edited the hell out of it, so let's hope they don't take it down again. Hope you like. Enjoy it, and thanks to the users who tried to help me with the names for each singer.
  10. Katy's 2008 track Thinking of You has reached BPI silver status (200,000) shipments. Still to this day The British phonographic industry is the only recording institute to offer the Silver Cert. Albums 60,000 is silver Singles is 200,000. For a while in 2015. Discussion was going around the social media that The RIAA should adopt the Silver cert. Since most albums even with streaming numbers were getting hard to cross 500,000. It's even more rare to go Platinum. Halsey is still the only act to achieve Platinum status this year for Manic. I really think we should have a Silver cert for crossing the 250,000 threshold. This is usually where all the pure sales acts. Madonna, Britney, Janet and Mariah stop at on current releases. So it should be adopted. In most respects
  11. It could have been “Rank the singles or top 3s from TD” but that would be also include The One That Got Away and Wide Awake and it’d be too long. So like, rank the #1s From Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection Mine: E.T. California Gurls Teenage Dream Firework Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) Part Of Me
  12. Katy Perry might be Las Vegas’ next big resident performer. It was once assumed artists go to Vegas to lay their careers to rest, but those days are long gone. Celine Dion, Elton John, Mariah Carey and Britney Spears paved the way for fellow A-list artists to make Sin City their second home. Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Ricky Martin, Cher, Bruno Mars, Drake, Cardi B, Marshmello, Xtina, The Backstreet Boys, and many more are the latest to light up the Vegas strip, and if the reports are true… next is Katy Perry. Perry not-so-subtly hinted that she'll be headed to Vegas sooner than later.
  13. Generous queen. Katy Perry announced she will donate 10% of each show and handbag sale she makes between now through the end of May. She's facing some backlash because it just seems like MEH ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Gaga raised $35 million already and it's hard not to compare. A dollar is a dollar though!
  14. I'm asking this not just because I'm a Katycat because even KatyCats wonder about this. How does she pull in so many views on YouTube? Hot N Cold, a generally forgotten song compared to the much bigger I Kissed A Girl, is about to reach 1 Billion views Dark Horse was the first video by a female artist to cross 1 Billion, and is about to hit 3 Billion Roar was the first video by a female artist to hit 3 Billion Views. Taylor's Shake It Off was a much bigger phenomenon when it came out but SIO only pulls in 350k per day while Roar still gets around 800k per day, almost a million a day! This is How We Do has 700M and it didn't crack the top 10. Birthday LYRIC VIDEO has more than 300M Last Friday Night still gets over 350k per day and has 1.2 Billion views. Firework also has 1.2 Billion views Wide Awake is also at 920M views, about to hit 1 Billion. That's 3 videos from 1 era hitting 1 Billion! Part Of Me has over 800 million too! E.T and California Girls both over 500M Then we come to the FLOPPIEST era Witness. Bon Appetit peaked outside the top 50 and still gets over 600k per day!!! It is predicted to hit 1 Billion this December! It got almost 2 billion a day in 2019 To put this into perspective, Look What You Made Me Do only gets 300k per day despite being a much more impactful song released in the same year as Bon Appetit Chained To The Rhythm and Swish Swish both has about 600M End Game, Delicate and Ready For It combined doesn't defeat Bon Appetite despite Reputation being much more iconic than Witness Currently the second biggest YouTube channel (second to Justin Bieber) and the biggest female channel, how did she manage to pull in these massive YouTube numbers even in her older songs which remain consistent till this day
  15. Hello and welcome So flashback to April 2019. Taylor Swift just released her highly anticipated lead single of TS7 "MEH!". The whole pop world is disappointed as the song is subjected to negative reviews from critics and casual listeners alike. The hype from Ariana's thank u, next era was also fading with "break up with ur girlfriend, im bored" was receding from the charts. And then boom! Katy Perry announces a fan event and speculation of a new track floods the internet. Not long after, she introduces the world to "Never Really Over" *the alleged lead of KP5 at the time*. Coming fresh from an unflattering era and a stint on American Idol, hype for the song was a surprise to most. Would this be finally her way of telling the world that she's never reall over or would this be another Witness reminiscent? "Never Really Over" gained 16 Million views on YouTube in the first 24 hours since it's release. The song receives massive critical acclaim and it felt like the General Public was finally here for Katy's music. A masterfully produced pop track, especially that of Katy Perry, getting such a reception was not a frequent sight given 2019's music scenario. The song also briefly served as a meme on Twitter, with its electrifying chorus leaving many in awe and the explicable songwriting of using the term "over" in 5 different ways. Debuting at #15, it becomes one of Katy Perry's most recognisable songs with ease. Alas, there might be a pivotal place for Katy in the music industry after all, contradictory to the predictions that arose from the Witness era. It didn't end there; the potential the song had could have landed it a top 5 spot, with Katy's last one being "Chained To The Rhythm", the lead from Witness which peaked at #4. But what did Katy Perry do you ask? She paid the song dust. With no major promo other than playlisting, the song was left to fend for itself. The song's first live performance wouldn't be for months, and that too at a local music festival which didn't help the song get any traction. "Never Really Over" slowly fell into the top 20s and then farther down when it was confirmed that no album would be followed by the song. Katy had the golden opportunity with that song. She could have made her grand return to the music industry with a song that was probably the most well received song of her career in a long time. Months later, "Small Talk" would be released, scraping the bottom of the barrel at the #80s lf the Hot 100. The interest was lost again. In 2020, she explained that she did not release any of her 2019 droplet singles with the intention of making them chart high. She was merely experimenting with different sounds to see the reaction from her fanbase, so as to decide the best sound and direction for her upcoming album, releasing this summer. But to this day, I firmly believe she missed an option big time by not giving the push "Never Really Over" needed and letting it die easily with none to minimal promotion. Also worth noting that the Grammy's snubbed the song by not even nominating it for Best Pop Solo Performance and Song Of The Year, both of which the song was submitted for. But this wouldn't be new in the case of Scammys and their history with Katy Perry. Easily one of the best songs of the year, and my favorite song of 2019 periodT Another gem to a flawless videography as well. Thoughts?
  16. Here's a bit of good news! Katy Perry's new album, dubbed KP5, is reportedly finished. The Director of Marketing for Capitol Records confirmed so, describing the record as "mature." I'm not sure what that means, but it *should* sound different than her previous works. Katy usually releases colorful, bright, tongue-in-cheek songs/videos. Mature will be a departure from her past stuff, and I think it's welcome. Are you excited for Katy's mature new album?
  17. Welp. Katy Perry's new song, "Never Worn White," a ballad that also doubled as her pregnancy announcement, missed the Hot 100. It debuted at #12 on the Bubbling Under chart (so, 112th). It's been a tough road for Katherine. Her most recent song chart placements: "Small Talk" peaked at #81 "Cozy Little Christmas" peaked at #53 "Harleys in Hawaii" peaked at #110 The downfall I- At the same time, it's not a proper lead single. Just something cute for the fans. But still... what are the Katy Kats doing instead of helping their fav? Ultimately I don't think a song's chart placement means it's good or bad. Especially in 2020. What do you guys think?
  18. No one comes for Queen Katy. A judge reversed a ruling made last summer that said Katy Perry's song "Dark Horse" infringed on another song, Variety reports. A jury had previously decided that “Dark Horse” included an eight-note ostinato ripped off from “Joyful Noise,” a song by the Christian rapper Flame. The jury awarded Flame $2.8 million in damages. Katy submitted an appeal, and a judge sided with her, claiming there was not evidence to support the claim that Katy's song stole from "Joyful Noise." “It is undisputed in this case,” the judge wrote, “that the signature elements of the 8-note ostinato in ‘Joyful Noise’… is not a particularly unique or rare combination.” The judge added: “A relatively common 8-note combination of unprotected elements that happens to be played in a timbre common to a particular genre of music cannot be so original as to warrant copyright protection.” Talent wins What do y'all think of Katy's victory?
  19. I just posted about Madonna thinking the Italians were singing "I Rise" on their balcony, then stumbled upon this edit but with Katy Perry's "Roar." She also thinks this is real I-
  20. Ryan Tedder recently made headlines for commenting on his work with Lady Gaga and her forthcoming album Chromatica. He's also collaborated with Katy Perry on her new record, out this summer. He tells Official Charts Katy is a world class vocalist and says she's got some of the best songwriters in the industry working on the album. It's worth reminding you RT is an amazing songwriter himself (Beyoncé’s Halo, Ella Henderson's Ghost and Leona Lewis’s Bleeding Love). “I was working with Katy two weeks ago," explained Ryan. "She’s in a really cool headspace. I’ve only cut one song with her but I’m in love with it. I hope it comes out," he said. “I haven’t heard much of the album but the writers doing it are two or three of the top writers in the world. I’ve worked with them on other stuff I have coming out for other artists. She’s got a 'best of' team assembled and what I’ve heard I’ve been very impressed with.” “Her voice sounds better than I’ve ever heard it. You forget how good a singer Katy Perry is. Katy is a world class vocalist and I don’t think she gets enough credit for that.” My body is ready! Are you guys excited for KP5?!
  21. A pregnant Katy Perry is in Australia right now working hard and performing. She performed "Never Really Over" at a benefit concert in Bright. Before anyone drags her for the low-budget looking stage... the show's purpose was to cheer locals up and put Victorian tourism back on the map after the small town was devastated by the recent fires. I forgot how much "NRO" goes off. Katy out there promoting while others are cancelling left and right bc of Coronavirus. Thoughts on her performance?
  22. She talked about how she was experimental with her droplets last year to see how the fans reacted to it and how KP5 won't be experimental and will be based on last year's releases This explains why she didn't promote much. More NRO like bops and less Small Talks Katy will join ProjectTV for a live chat AND PERFORMANCE (Possibly Never Worn White ) tonight
  23. This is so emotional Ann never got to see babycat... Also that video of her telling Grandma Ann that she's pregnant #RIPAnn ♥️
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