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  1. If you are anything like me, I refuse to drink the pop star kool-aid. What exactly does that mean or entail? I have no doubt that the media and music critics choose a pop star to tear down every so often, after they once built them up, vibed with their music and genuinely praised them. It happened to Gaga, Britney, Nicki and Demi to name a few. I personally consider myself a grown *** man and able to make my own decision as to what music I personally enjoy and what music gets a hard “nah son” from me. As of late, the scrutiny has been focused on Katy Perry, her pop persona and her music. While I do believe she will benefit ultimately and will start to create buzz like she once did, once such pendulum returns to her good side. Ms. Perry will eventually get the recognition and praise that her music, lyrics and talent deserve. Katy has written many pop bangers that solidify her place in the popverse and after her most successful era, which was her “Teenage Dream” era, an album that earned her five number one singles, many wrote her off and were satisfied with that peak... As contrary to popular belief Ms. Perry has delivered some pop gems after such era that are worthy of praise and these are my picks: 1. Act My Age: while this pop gem did not make the “Witness” album it was packaged as a deluxe song, it certainly had enough personality to make it a super successful single. This song is very reminiscent of songs off “ Teenage Dream” and the lyrics and chorus are the epitome of an ultimate Perry song. Such a fun pop anthem. 2. Walking On Air: The song that keeps on giving. This song, the 90s beat, Perry’s vocals, every single damn thing about this song screams hit. Very sad that it was not chosen as a single, because this could’ve kept “Prism” afloat a while longer. Anything 90s just makes me happy 😃 3. Never Really Over: This is one of those songs that just like a broken record, gets stuck in your head. Justbecauseitsoverdoesntmeanitsreallyover. I mean, that spit fire lyric delivery has anyone trying to keep up with Katy. Produced by Zedd, this song simply told the world that Katy still has it in her to deliver enjoyable and good pop music. 4. Bon Appétit: I will never get tired of saying this, but this pop masterpiece did not receive the recognition it deserved. This song was so underrated and so slept on, it should be considered a crime. This would’ve sounded so great playing in gay clubs, lights down low but as they glimmer all over your body while you secretly sing it to your crush who is across the room, while you try to make unsuccessful eye contact ...ok let me stop right there. Also check out the 3LAU remix of this song, because it is straight fire 🔥 5. Harleys in Hawaii: this song is such a different sound for a typical Katy Perry song, but boy oh boy, is this a win for Ms. Perry. Her silky voice over a more mellow, laid back breezy beat while she sings about riding Harleys in Hawaii ( an odd tittle for sure) is sure to make you want to pack your bags and ride something in Hawaii. A great example of Katy’s writing skills, where she can turn a silly memory into a pop gem. These are my top five, do you guys have any songs that think should’ve made the list? Let me know on your comments below. Related:
  2. Katy Perry teased a bit of a new song titled "Tucked" during her latest Smile Sundays episode. The audio is low quality because it's a rip from the live stream, but it sounds like a BOP. Originally, I thought "Tucked" was going to be a drag queen anthem, and it still might be, but it sounds like a pop banger about hiding your emotions. Too real. Katy also shared a bit of a new song titled "Champagne Problems." It sounds like another upbeat, sugary sweet song. Are you satisfied with these little previews, Exhale? Related:
  3. Britney and Taylor have always been my two favorites, but I did and still do (at times) go through phases where I just really bop to Katy. But my question is... what happened to her cultural and pop relevance? Like, I think I know for some reasons (like taking too long of a hiatus in between albums), but since this is a music forum I figured maybe y’all would have some better insight.
  4. Katy Perry says she and producer Dr. Luke, who's entangled in a years-long ****** assault lawsuit with Kesha, says she always had good encounters with him while recording together. In 2017, Katy was deposed for the lawsuit. In the unsealed transcripts, Katy said she feared speaking up in defense of Dr. Luke because she worried she'd be labeled “the one woman that is against women.” In a new interview with the LA Times, Katy said: “I knew both of them at the time. It sucks when you know both of the players I can only speak for my own experience, and my own experience [with Gottwald] was a healthy one. I believe in due process. And I also believe that only they know the truth.” Thoughts, Exhale? Should Katy have spoken up no matter how people perceived her? Related:
  5. Katy Perry opened up about a new song off her forthcoming album titled "Teary Eyed." "It's really about just dancing through your tears," she said, adding that it's very relatable for her at the moment. It goes without saying this is exactly what "Rain On Me" is about, so I can already feel this song being DOA because of those obvious comparisons. Katy sis, I'm really rooting for you. Listen to a preview below plus a teaser of "Cry About It Later": Related:
  6. There's an inside joke amongst Katy Kats regarding #Witness track, "Roulette." Fans pushed hard for the song to get the single status treatment, but Katy ultimately decided to pass. She even made light of it during a concert saying "it's not a single." Other times, she would mimic what fans would say "make 'Roulette' a single!" She was well aware. Kind of a kii. During a recent live stream, a fan asked her to make it a single and she responded. Maybe it's not too late to save the KP5 era with a KP4 track? Are we here for "Roulette," Exhale? Update: Fans are still pestering her about it lmao. "Not justice for 'Roulette. That is over.' Her face.
  7. Katy Perry's new performance of "Harleys In Hawaii" for Sirius XM is... interesting. She definitely took creative liberty and transformed it into something unlike the studio version. I will say this... MAD props to Katy for performing and promoting this far along in her pregnancy. She obviously could be just at home with her feet home, but she seems to genuinely enjoy singing and performing. You can't convince me otherwise - that her label is forcing her to work while this pregnant. But yea, this performance was a choice. I appreciate that she's singing 100% live though. Total whip lash here. Thoughts? Related:
  8. Hey Exhale! Because it's a slow weekend I'm wondering what your favorite debut single is of the 20 mentioned ladies: Britney Spears , Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Ariana Grande, Kesha, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Dua Lipa, Ava Max, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift , Hilary Duff, and Meghan Trainor. Sorry I was limited to 20 choices and I think these all either have solid debuts or are icons I couldn't leave out. Was going to make it multiple choice but what's the fun in that? Obviously my pick is Britney and Baby One More Time AKA the best debut single of all-time Welcome to the first round. Favorite 2nd Album leading single coming next. This is the female edition with a male and group edition coming soon
  9. The tracklist for Katy Perry's forthcoming album Smile has hit the net. It features her biggest recent hit, "Never Really Over," "Harleys in Hawaii," "Small Talk," "Never Worn White" and of course "Daisies" and the album title track. I'm looking forward to hearing what's likely to be a gay club drag queen anthem, "Tucked." Check it out below. Any of the track titles stick out to you? 1 Never Really Over 2 Cry About It Later 3 Teary Eyes 4 Daisies 5 Resilient 6 Not The End Of The World 7 Smile 8 Champagne Problems 9 Tucked 10 Harleys in Hawaii 11 Only Love 12 What Makes A Woman 13 Small Talk 14 Never Worn White 15 Daisies Acoustic 16 Daisies Oliver Heldens Remix Related:
  10. Another post I was just reading asked a great question... whether or not 'Chromatica' would age badly? It REALLY got me thinking. A lot of artists have the gift of talent, and release tons of incredible albums throughout their careers, but I'm starting to wonder... Do popstars (specifically) ever release more than 2-3 that become iconic? I mean the reality is fanbases will state every album is iconic, but I'm looking at the fact that the general public eventually loses interest. It doesn't mean albums stop being good, or new albums released aren't good as well, but I feel most artists are lucky to have 2-3 solid albums, before ultimately it's 'Greatest Hits' style nostalgia only from that artist.... Look at Janet Jackson.... 'Control', 'Rhythm Nation', 'Janet' and 'Velvet Rope' were all iconic... yet Janet's released 4 albums since the latter, and none have had the impact. Madonna had 'Like a Prayer' and 'Like a Virigin in the 80's, 'Ray of Light' in the 90's, 'Confessions on a Dance Floor' in the 00's that gave her a resurgence, but the other albums all just sort of fade into each other? You could argue the same for Britney now, and Christina Aguilera after 'Stripped' and 'Back to Basics', Lady Gaga after 'The Fame' and 'Born this Way'... Katy Perry after 'Teenage Dream' and 'Prism'.... thoughts?
  11. A very pregnant Katy Perry graces the new issue of People magazine. Glowing and gorgeous! The headline on People.com reads: Katy Perry on the Resilience She Found After Surviving Her 'Darkest' Days: 'It Was All Worth It' Thoughts on Katy's new cover, Exhale? Related:
  12. Katy Perry came to Ellen DeGeneres' defense amidst the talk show hosts' imploding career scandal. There's allegations Ellen's work environment was toxic. Ex employees claim they were intimidated and faced racism. Ellen issued an apology and said she was "committed to ensuring this does not happen again," but the damage is done. Katy spoke out: "I know I can’t speak for anyone else’s experience besides my own but I want to acknowledge that I have only ever had positive takeaways from my time with Ellen & on the @theellenshow," wrote Perry. "I think we all have witnessed the light & continual fight for equality that she has brought to the world through her platform for decades." She added, "Sending you love & a hug, friend @TheEllenShow ❤️." Thoughts, Exhale? Related:
  13. Katy Perry unveiled several alternate covers for her forthcoming album, Smile. One worth noting is the fan-made cover. A KatyClown re-designed the cover just for fun a few weeks ago, and it caught Katy's attention. She Tweeted about it and told the fan she'd reach out for future artwork. Looks like she wasn't willing to wait... Katy made their re-design an official cover!! I loooove this. Fans always make better edits than the official team. These are all super cute covers. You can check them out on her website. Which one's your fav? Related:
  14. Katy Perry reportedly had plans to release "Legendary Lovers" off her fourth studio album, but changed her mind last-minute and went with "Unconditionally" instead. This song is a serve. Do you think her career would've changed at all had she ran with "LL" instead? Related:
  15. Guys, someone recreated Katy Perry's smile album cover, and I think it's 100% better than the original I LOVE IT I think Katy has to change it to this one. What do you guys think? xo
  16. Katy Perry revealed she turned down the opportunity to sing on "Titanium" because the original, which featured Sia, was perfect as is. In a live stream chat with some electronic music producers, including David Guetta, who produced Titanium, Katy reflected on what could have been: "Do you remember when, like almost 10 years ago, you sent me 'Titanium'?" she asked, "Oh my god! Did you turn down the record?," Guetta replied. "So you sent me the song, right?" Perry continued. "And this is when you had Sia, obviously from Zero 7, you know, who had already had the coolest success -- she had demo'd that record. And you'd sent it to me and I remember specifically listening to it on the plane, I was like, 'Oh my god, this song is so good. Who is the person on the record? They should stay on the freakin' record. This is a hit record; don't put me on the record! Keep Sia on this record!' 'Cause I was already such a huge fan of Zero 7, and so I wrote you back an email...and I just said, 'You're crazy. I don't need to be on this record. Keep Sia on the record.' And there is 'Titanium.'" Can you imagine "Titanium" with Katy's voice on it instead of Sia's?
  17. Katy Perry delayed her forthcoming album Smile by a couple of weeks. It was originally scheduled to debut on August 14th, but due to production delays, it won't actually hit shelves now until August 28th. Only a couple of weeks, but in 2020 that matters Katy confirmed the news: Related:
  18. Katy Perry's forthcoming album Smile might feature Anitta and Lali on a song titled "Champagne Problems." There's no solid proof just yet, but where there's smoke... there's fire. Also, I tend to believe it because literally everything regarding Katy's new album has hit the Internet before any official announcement (including the album title track, cover art and tracklist). I'm SUPER here for a Katy + Anitta + Lali collab. Katy aiming for a "latin hit" could be a little thirsty for a hit, but good. Give the good sis global streams. She deserves to hit the charts again. Related:
  19. Katy Perry reveals "Passenger," a song that landed on Britney Spears' eighth studio album, Britney Jean, was her favorite song that she wrote but gave to another singer. "Passenger" was initially intended for her 3rd studio album, 2013's Prism. "I loved when Britney did 'Passenger,' which is a song I wrote with Sia and Diplo a long time ago... I liked that song. It's a song about control and letting go... which is a constant message I have to tell myself all the time because I'm a control freak, and in these times I'm just spiraling." She also mentions Kelly Clarkson's "I Do Not Hookup" and a Selena Gomez track. The demo:
  20. Well.. I don´t see this helping the song at all What do you think? Related:
  21. On the cover of Katy Perry's forthcoming album Smile, Katy is a sad clown. She threw on a red nose and called it a mf day. To celebrate the new music, Katy is renaming her fanbase from KatyCats to KatyClowns. I- Are we here for it, Exhale?
  22. Katy Perry released a new song titled "Smile." The track originally hit the Internet back in February - that version featured P Diddy. The track is vibrant and upbeat. She sings about being thankful and grateful. It is definitely a ray of sunshine in a world that feels very doomy gloomy. It's written by Anthony Criss, Benny Golson, Starrah, Ferras, Josh Abraham, Kier Gist, Oliver Goldstein, Vincent Brown and Katy. Abraham, Oligee and G Koop produced it. I read some fans hating on it because it sounds like a Prism reject, but I disagree. Sonically, it's not innovative, but it's VERY radio-friendly. It'll get stuck in your head all afternoon, and for Katy that's very important; she hasn't had luck charting in a hot minute, but "Smile" could be that pop gem Katy needed to debut back on the Hot 100. Diddy's verse is pretty fresh, too. He doesn't overdo it. I can't link you due to copyright reasons, but it certainly exists. Coming to save pop Related:
  23. DISCLAIMER So I was casually listening to a "2010s pop" playlist on Spotify when Dark Horse came on and wow hearing it after a long time brings so many memories. Let's go over the statistics: - Fastest song to be certified Diamond in history (6 months). To put things into perspective, Shake It Off and Dark Horse was released in the same year; SIO was certified Diamond 6 years later in 2020, DH was certified Diamond in October 2014 - Spent a whopping 22 weeks in the top 10. - One of the few songs that spent a whole year, 52 weeks, in the hot 100 chart. - Most streamed female song combined youtube, Spotify etc. - Highest selling female digital single of all time. - First music video by a femal artist to hit 1 Billion views. Currently 2.8B views, soon to be the 2nd song by a female artist to hit 3B. - Went #1 on its 11th week of release and held the position for 4 weeks, WITHOUT the music video. - Katy's 9th #1, Juicy J's 1st. - Brought trap-pop and anti-chorus songs into the mainstream. - Grammy nominated, but with the Scammy's history of snubbing Katy y'all know how it goes down. - VMA for best female video. - An iconic classic of the whole 2010s deacade that sounds fresh to this day. Whether you like Katy or not (and I know you don't), you can't deny the power this song had. I know some of yall will bring up her current state but keep in mind this is an appreciation thread for DH and not the current songs. I don't even expect much replies, except from the last remaining KatyCats on here and some of my friends who supports me in every thread but anyways sound off <3
  24. We all know Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora's version of "Black Widow," but it appears Katy sunk her fangs into it first. Katy's version surfaced.
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