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  1. Hey guys, I wanted to share my two cents in a separate Topic outside of the #JusticeForBlackout Topic. There's a lot of confusion and also I'd like to use this platform to spread kindness and hopefully persuade you to agree that the #JusticeForBlackout campaign should be delayed. A Britney fan decided to organize a #JusticeForBlackout campaign slated for June 8th. I love love love the idea of a #JusticeFor initiative for this epic LP, but NOT under these circumstances. Do you know what Fighters have been planning for weeks? A #JusticeForBionic campaign on, you guessed it, June 8th, the day the album turns 10-years-old. One notorious Britney troll, who has a history of causing conflict on the Internet, gained some momentum with this and decided June 8th would be an ideal date for the Blackout campaign ONLY because they want to try and screw over Xtina fans. It's not right. Hell, their #JusticeForBlackout campaign made it to the front page of Exhale, but it was quickly discovered that the campaign had an ulterior motive - an attempt to block 'Bionic' from going #1 on iTunes and re-energize a feud between both fanbases. Guys, we are literal adults. We should be supporting BOTH living legends versus trying to tear them and their fans down. There's enough room for both women and fanbases. I propose Britney fans agree to delay the #JusticeForBlackout campaign until a later date and allow Xtina fans to celebrate in peace without this stan war. I fear a post like this might throw gasoline on the fire, but I would like Exhale to draw a line in the sand. We can't control what stans do on social media - if they want to continue to promote #JusticeForBlackout for June 8th, so be it, but I think we should seriously consider putting an ax in these plans because IT'S SOLE PURPOSE IS TO CAUSE DRAMA AND CONFLICT. So, even if in a magical world, 'Blackout' hit #1 on June 8th, at what cost? At bringing others down? What a crappy victory. Let's reschedule. BreatheHeavy / Exhale can properly promote a real #JusticeForBlackout campaign with an AMA, social media, takeovers etc. I'll personally help make it extra special here, but I won't be a part of this June 8th date except to promote Bionic. I had mixed reactions to my Tweet about this. It's also what inspired me to begin rolling out a Christina Aguilera Club sooner than I anticipated, because I want Fighters to have a home on Exhale, too. What are your thoughts? Drop a line in the comments.
  2. Christina Aguilera opens up about working on new music during quarantine nation. She says she's doing a lot of experimenting as she explores her home-studio. X found some extra inspo by playing her Rhodes piano. Balladtina is coming! TBH, I want some more bops. I'm a little nervous artists are going to begin releasing an avalanche of sad songs about the pandemic once things loosen up. Like, I don't want to relive this with my faves. Just gimme the bangers Thoughts?! Are you excited for Xtina's new tunes?
  3. A user on Twitter, Rated Xtina, tagged BreatheHeavy in their thread about Britney and Xtina's relationship from the early days till now. I wanted to share it in Exhale cause I thought it was super cute and appreciated the time and effort that went into it. I also love that it's designed to bring both stanbases together versus pit these living legends against one another. Read the entire thread then leave a comment!
  4. Christina Aguilera - Genie 2.0 / Keeps Gettin' Better MTV VMA 2008 medley is probably her most critisized performance. But watching it in HQ it's actually good. I like that rendition of Genie it sounds so much better than original one. And her costume and make up is on top. I think they were talks she was copying Lady Gaga at a time but who cares. Also she is in her best shape IMO-not too skinny but also ****. Of course it's not much of the live vocals but it's sounds even better without her screaming. What do u guys think of that performance. I think KGB era is so underappreciated.
  5. Christina Aguilera's music video for "Not Myself Tonight," the lead single off Bionic, just hit #1 on iTunes. Fighters joined in on the ongoing #JusticeFor campaigns and helped get Xtina a win. It's also timely considering this is the 10th anniversary of the record that was ahead of its time. Other #JusticeFor campaigns include rallies for Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and Madonna (see those at the bottom of this post). Congrats, Legend X! Bionic truly is a masterpiece.
  6. Christina Aguilera And Miguel turned on the Spanish heat in a special performance for the “Disney Family Singalong: Volume II” special. They sang "Remember Me" from the film "Coco." It won Best Original song at the 2018 Academy Awards, featured on the film's Spanish-language soundtrack album. Xtina sounds really great here! I'm glad artists are still doing something, but this at-home stuff is just not the tea. Thoughts on the performance?
  7. So, we know there is the sort of iconic quartet of blondes that became famous at the end of the 90s/beginning of the 00s. as the nostalgia wave hits, there is renewed interest in all four of them, and for the first time, they've all been active musically (except Britney but obvi reasons + she has a huge catalogue as is and is still in the media) in the past ~1-2 years and we have heard about them in the news. they were given a rough go back in the day, but some retrospective appreciation is being thrown their way as of late. so my question is, as images became more important than ever, who had the best aesthetic? BRITNEY - the archetype of the group and style of teen pop. definitely the most sort of laid back, casual American style. very natural at first, but even when she was done up more often she retained a natural look for the most part. her music was the litmus test for the style and changed from an originally more adult sound to a much more teen friendly, danceable album by the time it was released (her debut, it is). eventually we saw her perfect teen pop, move into ******, moody dance-pop, graduate into the ambient dance sounds of ITZ, eventually giving way to electropop and etc continuing to evolve, with a pretty huge output in music. CHRISTINA - the "voice" of the group. had a much more done up style than britney, always sporting makeup and donning pink dip dye hair by 2000. she flipped her image much faster and more drastically than the others, sailing from being considered britney's more diva-esque, soulful understudy to a full fledged *****-pop, dance-rnb queen with stripped, eventually moving on to a very unique swing-pop sound before adopting electropop down the line as well, but retaining her aggressive, rnb-laden sound. she often had a sort of teen girl hip hop-lite style, with the bandanas and all. her music was definitely more rnb tinged than britney's, and is personally my favorite debut of the four. though less successful than britney, she was a major force commercially and easily one of the top female performers of the decade despite a pretty scant output JESSICA - the supposed "alternative" that was supposed to be more wholesome. she was oft marketed as an all american queen of abstinence. she was always more ballad heavy than her counterparts, reflecting her influences being less madonna and janet and more celine dion and mariah carey. she could certainly belt, even though her technique was not the best and got worse over time. her debut was less successful; contrasting the equivalent sales of britney and christina (something like 30+ and 17+ million copies respectively), sweet kisses pulled realistically less than 6 million equivalent sales, most likely. however, she was still popular--a double platinum debut before you're 20 is still pretty great, and she was incredibly famous for a decade or more MANDY - definitely the sort of fourth musketeer, she was substantially less successful and is probably known more for being an actress now--but she stayed in the spotlight, showing she had starpower just like the other four. she was considerably younger than the rest, so her style was very cutesy, very teen girl, and less sexualized than even jessica who was marketed as chaste and pure. her music was probably the most heavily produced, but interesting moved in an odd, folksy direction as her fame as a musician quickly fell off. BONUS!
  8. Adam Lambert revealed he and Christina Aguilera had plans to tour together, but before they could announce it, COVID-19 ravaged the world. He said: Also #JusticeForBionic Related:
  9. Christina Aguilera sang the iconic Lion King song from the comfort of her home as part of The Disney Family Singalong. It's a little special created simply to raise our spirits amidst this scary time. Ariana Grande performed too. Xtina sounds amazing! Thoughts on her performance?
  10. I love this montage! Would you be excited for a reunion with all three of them?
  11. I repeat: Christina Aguilera is set to play Charlotte Pickles in the 'Rugrats' live action film. Golden Globe incoming!
  12. Ava Max just released a new music video for "Kings and Queens." She also revealed who some of her influences growing up were. They include Britney, Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey. She also says some artists that inspire her sound today include Mimi, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. No mention of Gaga anywhere. Thoughts?
  13. Christina Aguilera performed her new song, "Loyal Brave True" from the forthcoming Mulan soundtrack at Jimmy Kimmel Live. I've grown pretty fond of this ballad. It's nice to hear a ballad from Xtina where her vocals are a bit purposefully restrained. We know she loves a good shout/growl. Check out her performance below. What do you guys think? Is she slaying it or does the song fall flat for ya?
  14. Christina Aguilera attended the premiere of Mulan at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on Monday. She recently released a new song for the film titled "Loyal Brave True." Thoughts on her lewk?
  15. Why cant she always sing calm like this? So beautiful. Also the tv sound wasnt that great. Sounded better in the arena.
  16. Christina Aguilera premiered the "Fall On Me" music video with A Great Big World. So perrty! Thoughts?!
  17. https://hornetapp.com/stories/the-entertainer-and-the-artist-the-future-of-lady-Gaga/ saw this shared by a friend in facebook so i reckon it may be worthwhile to discuss it here (let me know though if AP) author made interesting points in explaining how Madonna was able to overshadow Cindy Lauper, the same with Britney to Xtina, and now with Katy to Gaga. To summarize it, the entertainers (Madge and Britney) tend to have longer careers and bigger popularity than the artists (Cindy, Xtina) because less is expected of them, at least in terms of talent and delivery. While those that are labeled as serious artists had high expectations on them (to which Gaga categorizes herself to) that's why when they don't deliver the expectations, they fail. i don't understand though why he has to leave out Janet, Beyonce and Rihanna in a different category, but I guess that's a result of stereotype - that pop is more associated with white acts as r&b is to black. Sounds a little racist, but i guess that does exist in the system.
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