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  1. If only shipping overseas are cheap. I’d love to frame this Related:
  2. Oh wow this is great Also Boys is super underrated and one of Britney's best songs and you better deal
  3. Making a thread because it went viral: Other non-Britney related: OT: Gaga memes in the spoiler while we're here:
  4. Wow... let's take a moment to analyze these photos. Time flies, awww... Was her wannabe little sister jealous since day 1? Her face tells a lot. Meme material
  5. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9175571/Carey-Mulligan-reveals-lip-synced-Britney-Spears-scene.html I know nothing. Discuss.
  6. Random question. Does anyone know where to find the Happy Birthday video that was made for Britney of her fans around the world wishing Britney a happy birthday?? This was probably close to 10 years ago and I think it was uploaded to YouTube in 2 parts, but I can’t find it anymore. Does anyone have this or know where to find it?? I submitted a video of me and my (at the time) 4 year old nephew wishing Britney a happy birthday and I’d like to share it with him. He’s now a teenager and I recently introduced him to the #FreeBritney movement. He ended up watching all the Deep Dive documentaries on YouTube and is now actively following the movement/ FreeBritney news. He even ordered his own #FreeBritney t-shirt online and sent me a pic of him wearing it! 🥰 Anyways, I’d really like to show him the birthday video for Britney that he starred in years ago if anyone knows where it can be found!! Thanks in advance!
  7. Create your own B10 formula. Let's see what we all want and expect. You can only talk about music genre, vocals, songs themes, producers, writers and production. For me: Music genre : Pop, Hip-Hop, RnB, Acoustic Vocals : I want Britney to use her deeper register only and ditch the baby voice completely. Vocal Production : Less produced vocals. Themes : Love, Freedom, Revenge, Spirituality Producers : Mark Ronson, Frank Dukes, DJ Mustard, Max Martin, Benny Blanco, Andrew Watt, Finneas O'Connell, Greg Kurstin
  8. Flop fan moment. I have never seen this before! I am so in love with this woman. She is beautiful, ****, perfection... and most importantly she exudes ROCKSTAR energy. P E R F E C T I O N Has anyone else seen this before, or am I super late to the party?! I wish the whole video was like this.
  9. He said this about Britney in his post: “You always read a lot of stories about Britney but I have always found her to be a very friendly girl. Always cooperated well, pointed out her bodyguards when they acted unkind or unreasonable, always took the time for her fans and was also just very funny. Would love to have her in front of my lens again, too long ago!” Beautiful
  10. So what are some opinions about Britney you have that most of her fan base or GP normally don’t agree on? I see myself having a lot of unpopular opinions based on what I read here. Here’s some of mine - Glory is overrated - Break the Ice video is good - The Happiest Britney ever looked was in Chaotic - Work B was actually one of my least fav songs from BJ. I used to like most of the tracks of the album the first couple years after the album release - Brave New Girl is one of my fav songs from ITZ anyways this is some of mines, please don’t kill me! Let me hear yours
  11. I wanted to create a thread that doesn’t incite hate and negativity. Only love and light ✨ Everyone who comments must say something they like, admire, or appreciate about a member of Team CON. I’ll start: I LOVE and appreciate the magnificent Scram Sam Asghari for how hardworking and self-made he is. The fact that he doesn’t need to ride the coattails of anyone to be successful and how he puts Britney first and foremost in every situation possible — people should only be inspired by this. At least I am. ✨
  12. On January 19, 2002, the NRJ Music Awards took place in Cannes, France. Britney Spears was there to perform I'm a Slave 4 U, and she also presented the award for Best International Male Artist. Earlier that day she also had a press conference
  13. We can see that Gaga is so into politic, and some other singers like Taylor was so vocal when it comes to streaming royalty. I know she has no channel on social media to do so (#FREEBRITNEY), but if let say she is free to use her social media and free to talk during a talk show or magazine interview, would like to see her vocally express herself? Because sometimes I do want her to be vocal. But sometimes, being loud will invite more criticism especially from haters. What do you guys think?
  14. I’ve been trying to find which interview this iconic Britney quote is from. If anyone knows, that would be super helpful. Thank u!!
  15. It looks like Dan Schneider might be a lil creepy... This video is really good and I recommend Y'all watch it! They mention the spears family too and how they were possibly complicit or assisted the cover up of what ALLEGEDLY could have happened too. Puts a bit more weight onto what happened to Britney between 2006-2008 and shows there may be more that happened that we will never know.
  16. - Outsold BOMT & Oops - She certified herself as a bonafide *** symbol - She had more creative control over the album - Her dancing and choreography was fire - Topped Forbes list - She arguably looked her healthiest, as well as her ***iest - Her image was inescapable Any further questions?
  17. Britney was the 3rd most streamed pre-2000 female artist in the US last year. 1. Mariah Carey – 812.4 million 2. Shakira – 483.5 million 3. Britney Spears – 430.8 million 4. Whitney Houston – 407.3 million 5. The Chicks – 387.2 million 6. Enya – 382 million 7. Mary J. Blige – 324.5 million 8. Madonna – 296.1 million 9. Destiny’s Child – 294.1 million 10. Jennifer Lopez – 272.3 million https://www.rollingstone.com/charts/artists/year-end/
  18. The New York Times is releasing a documentary special on Britney called "Framing Britney Spears." It's out on Feb. 5 on Hulu and FX. Here is a synopsis via Rotten Tomatoes: Are YOU watching, Exhale?
  19. Go to 2.28 and look at the way Jamie (in the red hat and white shirt) is just watching her like a creeper - I only noticed because someone in the comments mentioned it and it’s super creepy the way he’s staring at her 🥴😣
  20. Hi, so I'm starting to download some cool remixes and I wanted to know if these were officially released, or leaked, or myb just fanmade. So what do you guys think? 1. Break The Ice (Urban Cyborg Remix) ft. Fabolous 2. Gimme More (Remix) ft. TI 3. Scream & Shout (Trap Remix) ft. Pitbull 4. Till The World Ends (Remix) ft. R.Ke**y 5. Piece Of Me (Extended Cut) ft. Robyn I couldn't find any of them on Discogs, but myb they were released online or something like that. What do you guys think? PS. Tell me if you know some other cool remixes that feature other artists. 🙂
  21. Hi B-Army, Do you know what happened with some accounts about Free Britney on IG like @freebritneyla ? a new rally is coming on febraury 11 and also the FX documentary is in the corner but there's no pages supporting Britney at this time. #FreeBritney Ps: All info will be well received. *I guess this is my first post. Please be kind otherwise this thread will be closed
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