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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Exhale! It's been so long since I last created a thread. I just came back from my hiatus less than a month ago. And no, it's not cause I was exhausted after running a show on Exhale for 31 days straight. This topic is something close to me. It's very controversial but an important transition in BreatheHeavy / Exhale history. This month marks the one year anniversary of the now defunct BreatheHeavy Community a.k.a. Exhale 2.0. It opened on October 7, 2019. Last year, Jordan wanted all Exhalers from here to move to BHC cause it's the "new and improved" home of Britney stans and he made it a Pop Culture forum where all fandoms are welcome. Today is also the day I registered on BHC. October 16, 2019. I know, cause I checked my e-mail. So today is the 1 year anniversary of my Exhale career. I've never been to Exhale despite having an account here dating back to 2012. So I had no idea how it is to be an Exhaler or what are the charms of this forum. BHC was my first taste of a Britney forum. BHC was a small community because not everyone on Exhale migrated there. We were mostly new users there. I know not a lot of the old and legacy Exhalers wanted to move there because it's VERY different from this forum. And if you've been a member of Exhale for years, I get that you might not want to leave your Platinum and Diamond accounts to start a new life on a new forum. First of all, it's WHITE. I know not everyone liked it cause even on BHC, some people were complaining that it was too bright. My eyes were ok with it tho cause like I said, i've never been on Exhale so I didn't have an issue with it. We also didn't have emotes on BHC and there were no reactions. When you make replies, it's like Facebook / Instagram where you can reply to a comment and there's like a separate column or thread. But we did have clubs there. And I was a member of 16 clubs on BHC. Including the secret Britney Spears BLACKOUT club. It's very different from THIS Exhale. It's not as active as this Exhale but BHC had it's charm, for sure. I know if only Jordan was able to sort some of the issues on BHC like the loading time, and incorporated the Exhale experience like emotes and reactions, it would be thriving. I made some friends on BHC too and I'm friends with them too outside Exhale. Hi @VCTR ! πŸ’›πŸ’œ I also got to see and interact with some of the now Exhale staff, like @Urbanney, @Isla ! I recognize a lot of Exhalers who were on BHC and I'd just like to say HELLO! πŸ’›πŸ’œ I wish Tom and Dzemil were here too cause they were also my friends and they're also nice and sweet to me. I remember there was a time when BHC went down and I DM-ed Jordan on Instagram that BHC wasn't working and we spent like, I don't know, 3 hours trying to fix it and I was his tester. It was scary. We even had a Britney Spears birthday event tournament-ish and I won 2nd place. #whenwillyourfaves So in late January 2020, Jordan decided to close BHC and there was an announcement that we all had to move here, to Exhale. And I remember being so scared like omg I don't want to leave my account. But I got to speak to Jordan and he encouraged me to try Exhale. So on February 5, 2020 I finally made the move and become an official Exhaler. 17 days later I became your first Moderator. TEEHEE I just want to say I LOVE BreatheHeavy Community and I will always be proud to call it my home. It's where I came from and i'm very proud that I got to start my Exhale career on a small but charming forum like BHC. So for some of you who were here during the latter part of 2019, who heard of BHC and the planned "migration", did you migrate to BHC? Do you have any memories from this very divisive time on Exhale? What were your thoughts? Hopefully, by sharing and unloading all of those feelings on this thread, Jordan and the Exhale staff can learn from this (and I believe Jordan has already), move on, and put to rest that very awkward transition in Exhale history. MY ANNIVERSARY SECTION I love you, Exhalers! I'm so thankful for all the love you have given me! I'm so glad to finally be back after a 50 day hiatus! Thank you to all my husbands @C0CKy @Easy There @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @Alex_1991 @rodrigobjs @Mattyj7883 @Sinned_88 @Midnight @Geralt_of_Rivia @iAlwaysSingLive @reecejwilson @IonutM @ColdAsFire88 @Adriannn @BUWYGF @King Sleezy Style @Groundbreaking @Alxatc @Slayer @nwonder ! The girls of child of destiny @blackoutbixxh @AmorProhibido All my friends @Invitation @Prime @ShatteredBoy @Alestaos @aleomg @Nickey @Lukas1896 @IgorMarleyBasic @ILikeChillinWithYou @Shadow2003 @Shadow. @MSTAR @Damon @illuminatiney @SlayOut @MissSpearsSaysSo @Xfactor Sam @Daddy O @Britney'sBish @THE BAJAN VIBE @HardToForgetYa @jennyj @Iconic 4 U To @Born2Die and @Dark.Knight I miss you two! To rik - hey bish! THANK YOU for all the good times we spent when I was new here. I'm glad we were able to talk before you left Exhale. Thank you to everyone who supported Exhale 30 Day Song Challenge! It was honestly one of the most fulfilling projects I did on Exhale! To my co-Moderators! I'm glad to have you all as my equals! I'm proud of all of you and thank you for being here with us and for being there for Jordan when I wasn't! @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @PokemonSpears @Puppy @Slayer @Urbanney and last but definitely not the least! To @Jordan Miller ! Thank you for the opportunity! There's nothing more I can say that I haven't said to you. THANK YOU for the opportunity! THANK YOU for the trust! THANK YOU for the faith! THANK YOU for the love! I'm so frocking grateful for my Ex-halers! Thank u, next! CHEERS! πŸ’›πŸ’œ TEEHEE, Roxxy Exhaler / Super Moderator / BreatheHeavy Community
  2. Queen of Making an Announcement for an Announcement! She's so big, there HAS to be an announcement for her announcements. Like, how can you not? It's imperative that she does this. These things are normal when you're the legendary Britney Spears. Seriously, who does that? #whenwillyourfaves #yourfavescouldnever #BritneyTingz
  3. Because although Cinderella is one super bop like all the songs from the Grammy nominated Britney album #whenwillyourfaves it's actually a little embarrassing to sing a song with a fairy tale theme singing lyrics like "you'd call me Cinderella. All you had to do was yell and i'd be there for you." It's a bit child-ish and that wasn't where her head's at in 2001. She was at the time not a girl (anymore), not yet a woman so it wouldn't make sense for her to be promoting a song with an ultra cringe title such as 'Cinderella'. It just wasn't the vibe then.
  4. Have you ever walked into a cafe on a Wednesday and heard Begin Again? Cause I have. #whenwillyourfaves
  5. The lies they tell but Britney remains unbothered. #19YearsOfImASlave4U #grammynominee #whenwillyourfaves
  6. I miss when Crazy was her concert opener. Now it's her finale. The range of this global #1 single. #whenwillyourfaves
  7. Can I join the shattered glass committee because that is my jam!
  8. Wow i take a nap and this is what I miss. I just want to say that... she literally has a song about haunting and she chooses a song by another artist. #JusticeForShatteredGlass #OutpeakedMyStanSongOnTheHot100DespiteNotBeingASingle #WhenWillYourFaves #ShatteredGlassPromo
  9. I read yours too! Definitely seems a lot like you. Do you agree with your results? β€œPeople with this personality type tend to see helping others as their purpose in life. They have very strong opinions and will fight tirelessly for an idea they believe in.” My #FreeBritney dedication explained.
  10. Right? And omg lovey i read through all of it, and this does sound a lot like you. And this. #WhenWillYourFaves
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