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Found 36 results

  1. I went "State Of Grace" because I just love it. When I listen to it I just feel it. Like forreal feel it! but I was so close to voting "Strangest Love" because it's such a groove. Such a sensual vibe but ultimately I had to chose State Of Grace. #JusticeForBlackout ...it should have made the final track list. (I inserted it on my digital library's Blackout track list between "Hot As Ice" & "Ooh Ooh Baby" ...it flows nicely there for me. Y'all should give it a listen in that order...euphoria awaits you! ...you're welcome)
  2. Hey!!! in twitter are starting to organize #justiceforblackout i think its great go to this account and participate they are planning to start this, please help!! EDIT: 27 JULY #JUSTICEFORBLACKOUT
  3. We're boycotting the Britney Brand to fight against Britney's Team so does it mean the #JusticeForOverprotected and #JusticeForBlackout campaigns are cancelled? Or the boycotting will take effect after those two campaigns since the dates are near?
  4. hi babe!!! follow us on twitter: justice4blac marcella araica "incredible lago" liked by DM on instagram #JUSTICEFORBLACKOUT and ask us to tell her more about the movement!!!
  5. I request that Jordan Miller refrain from posting anything about Britney that is not related to Free Britney on the main page of www.Breatheheavy.com. I request that all fans refrain from posting anything about Britney anywhere that is not related to Free Britney. By all means, Jordan, please keep posting news about other celebrities - I want this site to thrive - but there is no more room #JusticeforBlackout, the release of Lucky, Britney reaching 25 million followers on Instagram, or the Britney Jean megarate. DO NOT PURCHASE BRITNEY MUSIC, MERCHANDISE, PRODUCTS, ETC. LIMIT YOUR DISCUSSIONS TO FREE BRITNEY. It's been 12 years. Please do your part in ending this conservatorship as soon as possible. Our Queen needs us. Let's be louder than ever. For Britney, Free Britney.
  6. I have to agree, although I think Blackout does deserve "justice" in some ways, especially with the general public, this is just not the right time. Maybe in October for the anniversary, but not right now. This is going to make our fan base look kind of dumb and inconsistent. We make #FreeBritney trend and then start a campaign that's going to effectively put more money into the pockets of her conservators? it's also likely to cause resentment on twitter, with the BLM movement and #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #JusticeForElijaMcClain and #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor campaigns, a #JusticeForBlackout campaign about an album from 2007 just feels a bit tacky and kind of insensitive. we should read the room.
  7. we DM MARCELLA ARAICA "iINCREDIBLE LAGO" #justiceforblackout and she liked!!!!!!
  8. Hello! Long time member, just using a new account I'm aware of the genesis and history of the #FreeBritney movement, as well as the "justice" weeks that have happened at the same time. I'd like to point out, and I can't stress this enough, #justiceforglory and the Mood Ring release do not justify the continued purchase of Britney's products. I made the mistake of buying several copies of Mood Ring. I was excited to see something released by Britney for the first time in years and I gave into it. But I realize this was wrong. The situation Britney is currently in is dire. Britney needs our undivided attention and our unwavering support. Everything we say or do in relation to Britney must be to grant her freedom. She's expressed a desire to get out of the current restraints and we would be doing a disservice to not help in that goal. I urge you to reconsider your stance on this. Purchasing her music sends the wrong message to her handlers. We will not support the conservatorship. We want to see Britney's freedom. I hope you'll refrain from buying her music and merchandise and convince others of the same. For Britney, Free Britney.
  9. hi babe!!! and welcome!! saw you are newbie we are from latin america!! mainly from argentina and brasil, also peru etc. who start #justiceforblackout again on twitter. and connect . we think its a good idea, i try to explain here the reasons. in the other hand, when #justiceforglory happened same with mood ring we all fans of britney was fighting for her freedom. #freebritney as you all now doesnt start yesterday. however those campagns happened (mood ring and glory) . personally i dont buy nothing that time. understand your point. and the money. we ask in a poll what to do, most fans wants to do #justiceforblackout 21july. we was not confortable with that. but truly sure with the idea of the campagn. so decided to do it 27 july after the hearing. Blackout is the most personal album from her. we want to do this for her, for us and for all non fans that doesn't know this masterpiece. From our point of view the conservatorship that start because whats wappend 2007 we want to make loud about it. the era when britney was free and at least fired larry for example. i wish could explain better. The result is that in britneys life her team , cship win. taking too much "pieces of her" i understand if you dont agree, and respect the points of views. especially if came from fans that support not only britney music and also want her free. we want the same. love you from another fan
  10. The fact that exhale decided to censor you while you write a paragraph about the injustice happened to Britney cause apparently the word “ o r g a n a z i n g” has “n a z i” in it
  11. you so sweet!!! sometimes its hard to write!!but i keep learning!! both campaing support each other @BritintheZone we will support overprotected !! we was orga****ng before and decided to do #justiceforblackout after the hearing. yes i understand your point but we re trying to make loud to what happend in 2007 , the gp remember the vma, britney shaving her hair , think she is crazy so its a """"conspiracy""" . now we have for example more feminism, you see the lyrics of piece of me and think how britney was treated and lose the custody of her babies for example and all the gp mocking . (wish to explain more but my english ... you understand ) and whats the result? """"she has demencia???"" (its me being ironic cause i cant explain) the same gp that thaugt "yes she is extremly fat, ridiculous " look at her at the vma, now maybe look things different. they revisit their ideas about britney and fight for her freedom. everybody was treating her like garbage : justin timberlake in his concert saying to rehab etc. anyway, still think the message can be strong!!!!! we will put more effort in write better about this
  12. It’s neither my native language so no need to worry and your English is fine anyways But I think it’ll just make team con think “oh let’s remake Blackout” and songs like Mona Lisa, Overprotected are more direct references to make GP understand as if we were teaching dumb people about freebritney, you get my point? Also I believe we should focus and spend our energy on promoting the petition everywhere without distracting people with other campaigns till August 8 (8 was the deadline for it, right?). So that’s why I’m not thinking of participating
  13. i really like to explain better but i feel super limitated cause i dont speak english. i ll try my best , sorry guys. we re very supportive #freebritney. since the beggining. britney is in an abusive conservatorship cause the start of it its 2007. using mainly this. and they turn britney life in hell. so we re sendind a message. its the same propose like overprotected. we support this too. in the case #justiceforblackout we try to make noice about the era britney was more free. hope you understrand what im trying to say!!!
  14. hi!!! made a topic for #justiceforblackout we decided to make it 27 july , join us!!! we re on twitter
  15. and we are on instagram too!! follow us! to support #justiceforblackout https://www.instagram.com/justiceforblackout/
  16. thats why we think to support #freebritney the best option is #justiceforblackout join us!
  17. thanks for follow on insta and retweet!!! you so lovely!! haha eva peron sometimes i think i have to send some exhalers dulce de leche, cause i learn english first because of britney and second for you. haha please @Jordan Miller tweet about #justiceforblackout and all britney fans join us!!
  18. Thank you. I love dulce de leche. I retweeted your #JusticeForBlackout promo tweets. My love to all Britney fans in Argentina, Brasil, and all Latin American countries. I stan Evita Peron.
  19. YOU SO SWEET YOU DESERVE DULCE DE LECHE!!! WE are doing a LOT EFFORT and we wont stop!! if you can tweet about that it will be super awesome roxy! lots fans dm us asking about exhale. join us britney fans!!
  20. You're welcome. Just want to support good people. 💛🧡💜 I followed the Instagram and Twitter accounts and liked all the posts. Good luck and #JusticeForBlackout
  21. hey !!! i made a topic that is featured, join to support #justiceforblackout and thanks sweet @Roxxy for the patience because my horrible english. we made yesterday an instagram for #justiceforblackout We are fans of argentina, brasil .. and are talking With fans of other places. expecting you post something about it said! cause we want to do this! here the twitter: and instagram:
  22. new post!!! details of #justiceforblackout share this guys!!!! @Jordan Miller
  23. recent post, details of #justiceforblackout share guys!!
  24. @BABY BEATRIZ does this event mean we just stream it on the music platforms to get it to chart?
  25. thats why we start #justiceforblackout , date: july 27 I made a topic here. PLEASE WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! other fans in twitter ask us if you are going to participate! This is the twitter: @Jordan Miller could you please tweet the date ? hope we all support this!
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