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Found 163 results

  1. I'm sorry to say it, but I believe the girls behind Britney's Gram have shown great disrespect for their audience and the Britney fanbase as a whole by dropping of the way they did. I was always a big fan of their work and have been beyond patient and understanding about the fact that they have lives and careers outside of #FreeBritney, but to completely disappear without a word shows what level of regard they have for their listenership. As far as they did in uncovering the injustice and leading the movement, you would think their loyal and supporting audience would have earned the respect of at least being notified that there would be an extended hiatus. Obviously, they are free to do as they wish and it's their prerogative how involved they want to be, but their sudden drop off not only a strikingly unprofessional way to handle such a decision, it raises serious questions about the reasons behind this sudden shift. And for these reasons... I am unfollowing Tess and Babs on social media and giving the Britney's Gram podcast a 1-star rating. Who's with me?
  2. They’ve done more for the #FreeBritney movement than some other Britney podcasters... yet some of y’all won’t cancel them
  3. Exactly! I think so too. And if an A list celebrity like Kim would be brave enough to come forward in helping britney, I’m sure a lot of other celebrities would be more open in their support of #freebritney too.
  4. It's a first footage of Knee going off at James/Lou/Jody/Larry once judge tells her she is a free woman. #FreeBritney
  5. Omg. I just heard about it, on this Tik Tok video: https://www.tiktok.com/@britneyspears/video/6842828637922774277 Someone said on a comment: "Britney, if you need help, wear yellow" And the next video: Can someone verify if it's true or not? I don't have Tik Tok so I can't verify myself. But if it's true, it's so scary. Have you heard about this story or not? Proof of what I'm saying: https://tiktok.com/v/6845447731985632517.html?u_code=d2keidfgce8c0k&preview_pb=0&language=nl&_d=d2kek4c1g099f9&share_item_id=6845447731985632517&timestamp=1593975057&user_id=6615971612666314757&utm_campaign=client_share&app=musically&utm_medium=ios&user_id=6615971612666314757&tt_from=copy&utm_source=copy And #FreeBritney is highly trending now on Twitter.
  6. Thanks, Jordan. It's been less than 6 months since we heard from them and the world is a weird place right now. Let's cut them some slack! It's obvious that they're very passionate about the movement and just because they haven't been vocal lately doesn't mean they're not continuing the fight. I'm not expecting to hear from them immediately after the next hearing because I think they're smart girls and they want to lay low until the right time. If that's in a few months...great! If it's next year...better late than never! We can't give up on them so soon. I find it very interesting that although they're quiet and MAY have been silenced by Team Con, their podcast is still out there and they haven't rescinded anything. Just because they're not releasing new episodes, doesn't mean we can't continue to publicize the podcast to get the GP up to speed. Just a thought...
  7. i'm surprised how exhale didn't shut down yet not gonna lie make sure to backup your forum daily girl
  8. Patience is a virtue that this fan base lacks. I understand that some may feel abandoned but I could sense their passion and tbh they put their own reputations on the line for this movement. What can others say? I mean sure some have gone to protest or used a hashtag but these ladies have legitimate careers that could be tarnished because they spoke out. #FreeBritney
  9. Not loving the vibe of this topic. They are both super intelligent, sweet and pro #FreeBritney. I spoke with Tess two-three weeks ago on the phone. The sentiment in the OP is appreciated, but it is very inaccurate. Give them some time. I don't feel super comfortable speaking for them, but due to the nature of this topic and its responses, I feel it's important to clarify that they are working on some things for the movement.
  10. #FreeBritney started trending on Twitter today. A Tweet re-post of a TikTok detailing the dark sides of Britney's conservatorship caught fire and inspired the trend. Tinashe, who collaborated with Britney on the "Slumber Party" remix and was featured in the music video, Tweeted the hashtag #FreeBritney. She also Tweeted: "I worked with Britney Spears several times and she is an angel and a STAR. Respect her. #FreeBritney #endconservatorshipabuse" Thoughts?! This is a pretty big deal. Update: She deleted the Tweets. Related:
  11. I didn’t mean the video of her coming out of the mental facility, I meant the whole topic as a whole because it shows the way she so mistreated badly. The story from how we as fans were told she chose to go away for her own ‘me time’ or whatever it was and then finding out later she was in there since January etc and against her will. That’s what I meant. ☺️ I just thought it was a massive part of the timeline of what hS been happening.
  12. Why just the 2019 mental facility video? That's just one and doesn't really explain the need to #FreeBritney There's literally a lot of videos on Youtube that discuss FreeBritney at length. Or better yet make them watch For The Record. Anything is better than some video that makes Britney look unstable and/or "crazy".
  13. Britney’s Gram recieved a very worrying voicemail regarding her cship how it’s handled and regarding her mental facility stay Source and place to listen the podcast https://britneysgram.com/2019/04/16/free-britney-episode-75/
  14. I’m not quite sure what they would have to update fans with considering there’s a significant gap between court dates. If they have projects maybe they are still working on them. Documentaries take a long time. These women were not a credible source prior to that voicemail and they did not have to share that with the world. They took a huge risk doing so. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t have any more tea to spill but I never got my hopes up anyways. You shouldn’t either. Just be happy with any important news you do get. Unfollowing them and leaving a bad review is unnecessary. They’re literally the reason the #freebritney movement started. Be a little thankful and stop acting like they owe you more because they don’t. It’s too soon to say they gave up on us anyways.
  15. I searched in youtube #freeBritney and this is the first video I saw. it was uploaded several hours ago but has more than 11k views. I will add some thing and use her word from documentary like "even when you go to jail there is always time you know when you go out but this situation is never ending. there is no excitement there is no passion. you can see the cruelest part of the world" << those words always breaks my heart : ( The comments are mostly supportive so spreading a word is a good idea..
  16. You mean this tweet? I doubt it has anything to do with #FreeBritney. I even doubt it's about Britney lol.
  17. 100% feels like a ploy for attention on his channel now that you mention it. He looks down a lot at some type of notes or cards. Either way, #FreeBritney
  18. Yeah and he wasn't even sure what album the VMAs were for. I feel like he had a lot of help from fans. Like, maybe from Twitter and IG. Sent him a lot of videos and info he could use. So I appreciate the effort in giving a very informative video. But i'm still iffy that he's not a fan like I feel like he's only doing this to ride the #FreeBritney train cause he said it himself, he saw it trending yesterday on Twitter and that made him want to make this video.
  19. I like that he's concerned that the video can ruin his chances of working with Brit Informative though
  20. So he's not a fan. He said "she was my favorite singer." But thanks for making this video, I guess. #FreeBritney
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