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  1. It was very off brand and a poor career move. It made her seem like a has been killing all the momentum she had just built from the successful Femme Fatale era.
  2. Absolutely. 2016 Britney was honestly inspirational again. As a performer. As a human.
  3. Whatever. The "privacy" has become Britney's prison. This isn't the olden days where it is considered shameful to have a struggle with mental health. In therapy you're encouraged to be open and honest about your diagnosis. It's for your own good and a healthy part of accepting and understanding yourself. If Britney is in denial that the world is aware she struggles with mental illness, then she needs help with that. It's been such an elephant in the room for far too long. Keeping secrets is not healthy.
  4. I have long suspected that Britney was given a drug or medication that caused her significant damage. As a person who casually once took acid at a party myself and has never been the same since....I just always felt someone inflicted damage to Britney and it's very disturbing.
  5. I too believe team B bad this forum closed and also had the Britney thread moved to the Comeback Corner on Popjustice.
  6. I think it's becoming clear britney has played along due to the custody agreement but basically outside of committing her against her will to another "wellness facility" there's not that much the team can do to actively control her. Her kids aren't babies and she knows they can survive without her so if it's a case of "play by the rules or you can't see the kids" I think she's like "well if I can't see my kids then I'm going on vacation".
  7. That was my first Grammy experience. Britney looked absolute;y exquisite. Her mother was her date and Britney performed on the Grammy stage for her one and only time. We all thought for sure she would win Best New Artist, since she performed right before it, but to the shock and disappointment of many, Christina took the gold--IMO truly inciting the Britney vs. Christina movement. I'm so proud of Britney for singing live at the Grammy Awards. Her mic feedback will forever haunt my soul though.
  8. When did the Rose Mcgowan support happen? Surely that''s fairly huge too. This has all been so intense like the world is just not the same anymore.
  9. Anyone re-evaluating the whole "Girl on the run from scary man/cops" theme of the Femme Fatale Tour now?
  10. Obvious bop and in my imaginary realm she performed this version on The Onyx Hotel Tour
  11. As fun as it is to indulge in elaborate fanfiction, I'm more inclined to believe she's getting a full cosmetic surgery overhaul, based on history.
  12. This is what I recall. Some kind of technical problem rendered the footage unusable.
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