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  1. It's just tough to not look upon anyone who has been in her inner circle and is permissive of how she had been treated and/or is on the payroll as at least complacent with the mistreatment Britney has endured. Furthermore, it's these peoples job to be nice to you. You run THE biggest Britney fan community and they are her online representatives.
  2. Honestly, I am almost posted on Britney's "I am the best I have ever been" video that she needs to just go ahead and address the elephant in the room and just put everything to bed already then. I honestly don't see why she can appear in a concert setting in front of thousands but not in front of 50 or so in a court room. I don't claim to have all the facts but this entire thing has been emotionally distressing to us fans and I do wish she would just be direct and address things properly because I personally do think she's more than capable of doing so and it makes me wonder what the **** game this all is.
  3. I think it would be kind of amazing. She's obviously self conscious about her live vocals and pre-disposed notions towards her ability and I think something like The Masked Singer could really help her to build her confidence and help the public get over any preconceived notions about her vocals. Even though some legendary vocalists have done the show, I realize it might be viewed as beneath her, but I still think it would be a great way to reinvent herself as a vocalist should she want to. Thoughts?
  4. Well they have virtually lost me after well over ten years as a member after seeing how they've treated Britney. The Forum was once respected and taking a stance for someone as influential to pop music as Britney Spears could have helped her cause. Instead they literally killed and buried her Thread. They claim they don't want people speculating about artists personal lives but they also complain if you only talk about their music as it is considered "repetitive". Britney Spears' situation is unique and most importantly not a conspiracy theory. Ignoring it and claiming it's none of our business is at this point perpetuating a violation of her civil rights. If not #freebritney than #metoo because a woman is being abused right in front of our eyes. Stop looking away or waiting for someone else to do something about it!
  5. It really bothers me that Popjustice Forum removed the Britney Spears Thread (after moving her to a section of the forum for has-beens known as 'Comeback Corner') well over a month ago because they don't want people speculating about Britney's conservatorship. I feel like they're totally contributing to silencing a message that is absolutely 100% no longer fanfic. I suspect they are on Team Britney's payroll because they've had some exclusives with Britney in the past and I always felt moving her Thread to Comeback Corner was probably in response to Team Britney requesting it. Sorry if this isn't the right place to say this but I just needed to vent it and didn't feel it warranted an entire thread. #FreeBritney
  6. I admittedly find this all very difficult to follow, but isn't it a major victory for Britney/us that James' request for sealing was denied? It's progress, albeit slow progress. It's actually amazing how far this has come.
  7. I pull my mask off my nose the second I exit a business. Please take away all my human rights. I'm not ready!
  8. I haven't even followed the allegations against Ellen because I had my own terrible experience as an audience member of her show once YEARS ago, and had a friend go through something very similar in spite of my warnings in 2019. I don't know who is responsible but at the end of the day it's her name.
  9. I always forget about this. Unless this girl is the best actress of all time...it all feels VERY real.
  10. You know who nobody is mentioning these days? Larry Rudolph. What was his role in getting Britney into the conservatorship?
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