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  1. I had a fucking spectacular time last night. 

    It was so hot in that standing section, I was stood to the left of the catwalk and thought I was going to melt. 

    Pitbull was fun, a little too chatty for my liking but it was cool to see him live. 

    The show itself was great, even though I’ve followed it for 5 years I still found parts that were new to me. 

    She’s so beautiful and her facial expressions whilst performing just show that when she’s not thinking about it she really loves to perform. 

    Can’t wait to see her again in Manchester.

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  2. It was going well till you mentioned a weird Halloween and Christmas ep and then a covers album and then it was downhill swiftly  :iwin:


    What’s realistic :cackling: is a GH3 release with the tour (Basically what they did with the special Japanese edition of Glory) with the new buzz single and another new song on it. 


    When the tour tour ends, I agree, start properly working on the new album. Spend money on a good A&R again and have a vision. I’d like her to be a little more experimental with her sounds and genres. I’m okay with another high quality escapist pop album 20 years into her career. 


    What I really want though, is film at least 3 videos before the era starts. The way Kesha handled her Rainbow release would be a good blueprint for Britney. A new song and video every couple of weeks after the album is announced up until its release. 


    Jonas Akurlund or a female director for the lead single would be a good start to a new era I think. 


    I’d love for her to do something like Radio 1s live lounge... strip back Toxic, sing a cover and then she can lip to some prerecorded vocals to her heart’s content. :snarky:

  3. 16 hours ago, BrittonJeanSpears said:

    I’ve never understood that. Ireland is a unified country. Yet its Northern corner is also part of another country? :huh: 

    Aren’t Northern Ireland and the Republic Of Ireland separate countries? So the north is part of the commonwealth and the rest is its own nation? I mean I’m not too sure I’m not well versed on it lol 

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