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  1. Omg are y’all delusional? WTF with the cloning theory? People change over the years, some more and some less. She’s the same Britney Spears.
  2. Gente, eu quero super ajudar e participar, do que vocês precisam? Falo inglês fluente, o que vocês acham de fazermos um grupo no Whatsapp?? De quais cidades vocês são? Quero protestar na rua nos dias das audiências dela, na Paulista ou na frente do consulado americano em SP. Sou de Presidente Prudente / São Paulo Vocês?
  3. If she’s happy, WHY ON EARTH, would you guys want him out of her life? STOP IT. she’s clearly happy with her boyfriend, you need to respect that. You guys need to know there are boundaries and lines we can’t cross.
  4. Welcome to Tuesday! Would you like cream, sugar or Valium in your coffee?
  5. OMG I love these scenes from BBMAs! Exactly! She knew she was slaying that bodaaay again! She must have worked out REALLY hard for this performance, that costume was also ICONIC!
  6. I truly love Circus at the GMA, that performance is also so FIERCENEY!!
  7. I wouldn't mind having one of the 3 Sam's in my bed. Send me one sis.
  8. Yes, but that's the first time they removed from YT since it's release in 2008! I know because I used to watch it once in a while. That's why I'm highlighting this occurrence.
  9. Here! I made it available on my Google Drive so everyone can download it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1StN75tCzK6xa7X7yhP-EopxveFRfrksF/view?usp=sharing
  10. Anyways, here is the link 4 download!! Captions are in Portuguese - Brazil. https://www.blocked.com/file/qs358dqnpx2xtgy/Britney_-_For_the_Record.rar/file
  11. I've downloaded today and I'm trying to upload somewhere! Tried on Vimeo, but the file is about 2GB and it exceeds the limit for a non paid account. Where else can I upload it, so everyone can watch it?
  12. I can't seem to find BFTR on YT anymore!! Tried to upload a complete version and YT blocked the video! *********
  13. LOL this is definitely Britney on her 60’s 😂 That’s Maitê Proença, a Brazilian famous actress, she’s 62.
  14. Didn’t know TMZ were into real state.. Just wondering the commission they’ll receive.
  15. Uhggg I hate how you guys see this as a negative thing.. Are you all blind?? B Team must be stealing her money just like taking candy from a child, so Momma Lynn wants to know everything that’s going on inside B’s finances! Maybe it’s easier for her to spot a fraud inside her finances and then ask the judge to end the cship with a solid reason, like, “THESE RATS ARE STEALING MY BABIES MONEY”.
  16. Am I really reading this question? Are you on drugs sweetie?
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