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  1. AlottaWarmHeart

    other Will Britney ever headline the Super Bowl?

    Hologram Britney into a Super Bowl performance. Everyone’s happy.
  2. So, this Brazilian Psychic called Mãe Dináh (Mother Dináh) who is already dead, predicted important future events until the year of 2070. She’s taken very seriously in Brazil, because she predicted a serious of events and it happened. She predicted the re-election of the past President Dilma and also her impeachment, which happened. She predicted that “Ronaldo/Ronaldinho 9”, the soccer player, would be caught with a transsexual, it happened. Here are some of her predictions to come: She predicted that Brazil’s ex President Lula, who is in jail for corruption and money laundering, would die now in 2018, on the eve of Presidential elections, which will happen now on the end of the month. His death would turn around the elections result. She predicted Silvio Santos (87), a former TV Star and owner of Silvio Santos Group, SBT Channel, would die in 2019. She also predicted that the cure of AIDS would be discovered in 2020 and on this same year, she predicted that one singer, who forged his/her own death, would come to the public. And for last, she predicted Madonna would be murdered by her boyfriend in 2025. Please let her be right about the cure of AIDS and about the comeback from the dead from this singer, who I believe it might be MJ. I truly never believed he actually died. Please let her be wrong about Madonna.. Madonna, release those tracks bitch! We are actually DYING to hear it! Stay away from men, they’re all dogs! Here is the link, unfortunately it’s in Portuguese: https://www.portalmixturando.com/2018/10/vidente-afirma-que-morte-de-lula-ira.html?m=1