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  1. AlottaWarmHeart

    other Remember when Britney drew her abs on

    I don’t think so.. well, there was some low lighting that night.. check her abs on rehearsals https://www.laineygossip.com/Britney-Spears-keeps-out-of-spotlight-during-Circus-tour-rehearsals-but-posts-photos-of-her-hard-abs/12278
  2. AlottaWarmHeart

    other help me find a vid of wb where she sings over the tracl

    She sings on the beginning of Slave 4 U and then stops at “JUST LISTEN” On the breakdown she sings “LIKE THAT”, you can hear it, but the volume is very low, it’s not like on POM.
  3. Well.. This has been for a long time a big mystery to me. I’m here to share these audios and maybe get a conclusion about this! This account on YT has some Britney’s MIC FEED audios, some are DEFINITELY FAKE, but these two made me wonder.. if aren’ the real thing.. It comes from Apple Music Festival. I’ll explain why I think these MIC FEEDS are REAL, and if I’m wrong, please correct me! Let’s start with “Freakshow” 0:30 “Freakshow Freakshow Freakshow” 1:12 “Make it up Freakshow Freakshow” and then I have the most controversial one: ”Till The World Ends” 0:40 “no more” 0:53 starts singing “oh oh oh” but then stops! 1:45 “till the world eeeeeeeends” 2:02 “oh oh oh oh” Just reminding, these doesn’t seem to be taken from recording sessions and mixed with POM audio. The point is. DOES SHE REALLY SINGS OVER THE TRACK AS SHE STATED BEFORE? ANY THOUGHTS????
  5. AlottaWarmHeart

    other help me find a vid of wb where she sings over the tracl

    Sorry sis, this never happened.. I also thought it had happened, but it didn’t....... There are NO LIVE VOCALS from POM, except from “Happy Birthday” / “STTA” We’ll have to live with that
  6. AlottaWarmHeart

    other Remember when Britney drew her abs on

    I’m sorry, but GMA 2008 and POM 18? Where? I don’t recall at all!!
  7. How iconic is it? Britney performed on the middle of Times Square back in 2003. She had just released ITZ and it was her first time performing “Me Against The Music” and “Boom Boom (I Got That)” She served simplicity, no props, ass kicking, top notch choreography, great outfit, beautiful hair & make up and LIVE VOCALS! That’s how promo should be done! She simply STOPPED one of the busiest places on earth, Times Square! She was perfect, her MIC was loud enough for the crowd to hear her breathing. There’s not a single album promo performance better than that one.. The girl definitely knew how to guarantee herself! That was legendary!
  8. AlottaWarmHeart

    music Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) No Auto-tune Version

    This acoustic version was actually made by NICK*, it’s awesome!
  9. AlottaWarmHeart

    socialney Britney And Sam Asghari Broke Up: Rumor

    How can you date someone who has no control over her own life? I mean, if I were Sam, I’d definitely break up with Britney after a while. When you date someone at her age, the least you expect is that the person has control over her own life, which is not Britney’s case. Decisions are made for her, her “Daddy” decides most of her life’s choices, so it’s like the same as dating a teenager. I mean, she has to ask permission to do this and that, can you imagine what it’s like to be in the middle of all this? Don’t you think her team were trying to control him as well? I have no doubts about that!!! Unfortunately, I don’t see Britney having a successful relationship with someone if she stills under this c-ship! truth must be spoken
  10. So.. it FINALLY happened, how it’s supposed to happen! After several attempts, she finally learned how to do it. Take this