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    other Photoshootney

    Just watch Private Show commercial. She’s still there when she wants to be. Although it’s not candid like these.
  2. Tetris

    music Best unreleased track

    Strangest Love Hooked On (Sugarfall) 911
  3. Tetris

    music Did We Talk About This Yet?

    At this point, I think the only thing that would bring her back properly into the mainstream - and NOT as GP nostalgia - would be a feature on a Drake track, a la S&S 2.0. And the music video & live performances would require flawless dancing & some sort of live/prerecorded vocal that isn’t just the studio track. How they would be able to leverage a guaranteed hit like that into continued solo success for her, I really don’t know. Especially since that collab in and of itself is unlikely to ever happen.