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  1. 5 hours ago, richluv0715 said:

    I feel like part of the reason fft had pre recorded vocals was because they knew she was heavily medicated. So she was kind of out of shape and moving slowly and not really dancing. So they had to give a reason why she was doing that. And that reason was she was "singing live"

    I honestly think it was simply because of the aggressive backlash to the CD vocals used on Circus tour. Team B trying to pull a fast one on negative press, because even with using the same live-sounding vocals, no professional critic was going to multiple shows for their review, and would thus not be analyzing the vocals and noticing that this same live-sounding track was used on every date. It would sound live to the critic, so the critic would take it at face value and write that it was live. 


    It was truly clever and successfull, considering how long it even took die hard fans who were watching clips from every show to recognize/accept that it was actually the same pre-recorded track. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, stefihilton said:

    i love femme fatale so i am throwing no shade :joanne:

    It’s Britney Jean shade! Which I love!

    Cause when the phrase “it’s the best since...” is used, it’s in reference to superiority over multiple things that happened in between example 1 and example 2. So I thought it was really funny to say “it’s the best since FF” when the only album after FF and before Glory is BJ.

    f**king BJ...

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  3. 9 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:






    I love that candid one - so naturalney and cute. Never seen the iHeartRadio one either!


    7 minutes ago, LostInAnImage said:






    The FFT cutouts are SO GOOD.


    I kind of want to have something like that for my birthday party. Although...it wouldn’t be as funny if I’m the one bringing it. Kinda needs to be a surprise from someone else. Alas...

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  4. Clearly this girl invaded her personal space in a way that made Britney feel entirely disrespected and/or violated.

    Even when people get too close or request things she doesn’t want to do, she is able to vocalize her rejection. We have  evidence from plenty of filmed interviews - and the occasional fan stories of her not being in the mood to do a “special pose.”

    (Which - btw - I get the harmless intention of wanting to have a novelty pose documented to make your 45 seconds with Britney feel more special. But I honestly can’t relate to the underlying audacity of requesting that someone I’ve never met before pose a specific way for my entertainment - like a circus monkey.)

    Britney has been doing paid for m&g photo ops for 5 years with POM alone (not even counting FFT & and previous times) and this is the first we’ve ever heard of this level reaction.  

    Sure, it’s easy and guttural to defend our Queen against any negative hearsay. But overwhelming statistics show that this chick must have completely crossed the line.  

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