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    tour Who’s going to see Britney in nyc ??

    Just browsed some local bars’ Facebook pages, and not seeing any specific Britney after parties. A lot had done album release parties when Glory came out though (Rise, Atlas Social Club, Barracuda). Maybe someone just picks a bar in Hell’s Kitchen and we all show up after the show(s).
  2. Slay! I hope she keeps this new jacket too. I’ll be there both NYC nights. Maybe we’ll cross paths.
  3. Tetris

    rumor Theory about the Advert - There's more to come

    I understand the reasoning for your theory, but I don’t personally believe they are even prepared to be covering all that at the moment - let alone involving those things with Elisabeth Arden campaign materials. I think the various things on the screen are honestly just for simple, easy to execute visuals that show different sides of her personality & masculine/feminine tones. The camcorder comes into play literally because there’s a theme of voyeurism with her watching over all those screens - so I think it’s just a prop.
  4. I’m really happy about this! I f**king hated the old jacket that was literally two of the same store bought thing sewn together - and the one they altered to make the bottom half/tails like wasn’t even lined. Plus, since the whole thing was so form-fitting and only black, there was literally zero visual drama. For. A. Circus. Costume.
  5. He already released Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For You & Some Girls/SDMLAX (which has new vocals). Bring It All Back 2015 was literally a dream come true (pun intended) for me.
  6. Yes!!!! I hope they include all the prerecorded vocals too.
  7. Agreed. Plus, now the print ads don’t match the overall tone of the video clips. This LOOKS like the kind of product you’d get at Wal-Mart, while the videos look like expensive high fashion. Alas...