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  1. I can't rave enough about that song. The lyrics are extremely relatable for anyone going through a heartbreaking breakup. The music video gave me shivers. I wish there was more quality music out there like this.
  2. wow. Point proven yet again. Side note.... The 1975 - Somebody Else is one hell of a song More songs with real MEANING like that one would be appreciated.
  3. I think it’s not only pop music but music in general sucks these days. It’s almost as though every single beat and lyric has been used and nothing feels original anymore. Someone or something needs to shake things up because everything sucks.
  4. Sharkney

    tour POM Meet and Greet Evolution

    These 3 legs are by far the worst. She is unrecognizable in some of these. The wigs are a new level of atrocious. I can’t believe what I’m seeing.
  5. I spy with my little eye the hair elastic on her wrist. Ponytail tour prop!
  6. Or simply turned up the heating. Too cheap I guess. This is team B so that theory is probably correct.
  7. Sharkney

    socialney so what was that?

    It just didn’t work