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  1. Sharkney

    tour THIS is dancing. (Brit video)

    After watching this go and watch a recent POM performance and try not to cry
  2. Sharkney

    tour London stage WILL have catwalk

    And she WILL chest explode, knee tap, and air the fart on it!
  3. Sharkney

    other Favourite Britney song?

    Make Me. It will always be Make Me. I have so many memories attached to it. That bird cawing or wtv animal noise that plays throughout the song still gives me chills to this day. It also contains my favourite Britney lyric ever “you’re the spark that won’t go out my heart’s on fire when you’re around” Its a shame we never received a music video for such an amazing single.
  4. No one is more tired of POM than Britney is
  5. Sharkney

    other So I’m in Vegas right now..tell me why.

    Make sure to attend all the pool parties while you’re in Vegas!
  6. Sharkney

    Britney's WTF POM outfits/looks

    It’s tattooed on by now