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  1. I hate both mentioned platforms and I find it so funny that they actually have done some good in this world.
  2. They have zero facts. Only one comment said something that was correct to what she is actually going through.
  3. I always got the impression that Scam is highly unintelligent. He probably doesn’t actually know the difference between a hospital nurse and a cosmetic nurse
  4. Yup. Expect the break up to happen soon I guess. I can’t see this circus show going on for much longer. Everyone is onto them now.
  5. I wonder if he will « break up » with her soon in case her team gets exposed. Surely he must be aware that he’s part of a sinking ship. If/when they do get exposed then it would become apparent how fake he is since the authenticity of their relationship would also get exposed. He will be on the receiving end of so much hate when this happens. I can’t wait. So much for his acting career in Hollywood and wanting to be the next The Rock
  6. This was infuriating to watch. Shame on these people. Karma is a mother
  7. Make sure to use lots of bleach to really get all the Loucifer out
  8. Same! Britney and Taylor are unstoppable in my eyes. Love them both.
  9. What a soft world this place is becoming. All the frantic public statements, apologies, cancel culture etc. Politics should not be in a fast food establishment... and I hope to see the day when people are confident enough to stand their ground and not issue apologies over something that they are in the right for.
  10. I believe the rumors that this is a fake relationship. I mean, Sam faked being a football player and a cop. Doesn't seem like too much of a stretch for him!
  11. Nyla was scrapped and has joined many others in scrapped heaven
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