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  1. So proud of Britney to take a stand for children and young adults that don’t deserve to get sent back to countries that they know nothing about. They contribute to this society and pay their taxes. They’re as much American as anyone that was born here. This was a big statement on Britney’s behalf.  :sendinglove:

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  2. 8 minutes ago, Requiem said:

    i take it you didn't know they are sex workers?it's ok if you didn't know but apart from that i don't see why it was necessary to you to degrade her like that just because shes a stripper?otherwise you would have called her just a 'rat' if your pure intention was to point out only her behavior on the show you know what i mean?  :) 

    I guess I see what you mean. Strippers aren’t beneath anyone nor are sex workers for that matter. My comment was based off Cardi B specifically, not speaking for anyone else that has that as their profession. If I wanted to make a comment towards her being a stripper, I think I would have went into more details, but clearly that was not my intention because I don’t care what someone does with their bodies. 

    So with that said, just to be clear, I don’t have an issue nor judge strippers nor people that provide sex for money. :) 

  3. 6 hours ago, Requiem said:

    why do you bash sex workers?stripper rat really?rude and disgusting as hell :britstare11:

    Lmao she’s a sex worker? I thought she was a stripper. Strippers don’t have sex, they dance for money. I have nothing against that :wyd:

    I called her a rat due to her behavior on the show. Always would snitch and hide around doing sneak stuff.  Sorry? :bigkiss:


  4. 2 minutes ago, ovoxo said:

    She started out as a stripper from the Bronx. Her personality made her famous on social media, then she started making music. I don't think she's really a great rapper but people love her because of how she made her way to the top starting from nothing. 

    Well you missed the big part that she was on Love and HipHop NY which is the actual way she got famous. She was the stripper rat trying to make it with her music but never could. Bodak Yellow was a blessing for her. :mhm:


  5. 6 minutes ago, asitalian12587 said:

    whether its a diss or not i have an important question, why/how is cardi b famous? her song was pure sh!t. she has 0 talent and shes sounds like shes got a few screws loose when she speaks. can someone please answer this? seriously, i dont get her at all :weirdmeout:

    She’s probably over after this collab because she sucks, like really bad. Nicki literally destroyed her on this song lyrics wise. She had a cute hit and now she’ll disappear :shameless:

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