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  1. Cool. They’re good to little girls. They should be good to everyone. I stand by my comments and I am not jumping through hoops to enable lowering expectations for migos. However I am not criticizing them as people personally to allow them to know their behavior, but still learn from it. Problematic. You can feel opposite. That’s your prerogative. But you don’t tell women what’s not sexist. You don’t tell racial minorities what racist. You can be gay or trans and disagree, but shut the hell up sis because the majority of the group has spoken. So many racists “have black friends” and work with black ppl so don’t be naive. Hell sometimes they even bang them, but will turn a blind eye when sheetz goes down. They arent obviously this level of malicious but need to get over their discomfort working with trans ppl . It will happen with further exposure or obviously they will have a hard time progressing in their career. Black ppl are against using the N word. I can’t decide what’s right or wrong for them. They don’t want it being said, so sorry not sorry jlo take it out of the I’m real remix. (She did back when the song was new) But shut up with your privilege if you’re not a black trans woman whose life expectancy is only mid 30 because of men not that different from migos. There’s my two cents to you (more like full wad of cash). The world is not about you or your friend. Simultaneously, I’m glad they respected your friend and gave her a good time. Otherwise I’d pull the pitchforks out too for being rude to a little girl. No I don’t think that was annoying for you to mention. You’re just sharing your experiences. Fair
  2. Ahahahaha. I felt they were longer. Maybe it’s becsuse the video interludes obviously catch your attention more.
  3. She’s doing arenas abroad. The shows in the us are curtesy shows for those who couldn’t fly to Vegas. Most Americans had 4 years to go to Vegas. This is not about us rn. She should be focusing on her international fans. Who knows when or if she will go back to some of these places abroad. She hasn’t seen them in ages. Exhale is getting obnoxious expecting so much out of show in year five when we know a new one is obviously coming. That one should be all new no excuses Idc about the others artists and their arenas. Best of luck to them lol.
  4. Yeah she might need longer intermissions to give us more unique looks. Some of them are nice, but when you think back to her other shows she’s had some very memorable and iconic looks. All of these outfits have been rather forgettable. Maybe the vs yellow top and green shorts that say kisses or kiss me. Plus the ringleader jacket but that’s nothing in comparison to for example the outfit she wore to the intro of the circus tour. Not that all of the costumes have to be over the top. I just can’t say I really remember most of them tbh. Just the general shape since they’re all rather similar.
  5. There were A LOT of pregnant women at the Friday show. Like very pregnant. Third trimester. It was so weird. Never seen that many preggos before in my life. Must be Christmas and New Years babies. That sounds about right. Migos is homophobic. Homophobia is migos.
  6. Yeah I’m pretty sure I heard a few gays drop dead in the audience. Rip.
  7. She probs didn’t pay for a meet and greet then and was trying to sneak in.
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    news The Washington Post Review of POM Tour

    Hmm. This article seems repetitive. We know she lips. Of course point it out once. I think we all been saying sometimes she looks nervous on stage or picked up some odd mannerisms where sometimes it seems like she should just chill. Like chill fixing the bun. She did it in night two after work b. She can be chill and sensual during breathe on me and touch of my hand. This is a mixed review. The toxic intro is definitely idk hoe to say it. A little off without the tree spinning in slowly. They should rework the intro to it and use the bbma choreography again. I wonder why they took it out. I think we all agree that’s better. But it’s not like that’s a hard fix. Overall the show is good though. I’m worried if she does decide to take a xanny that we’ll get femme fataleney and I prefer jitterney. Also, Willie needs to shave ha legs too lololol.