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  1. Well sorry, but a similar thread was already posted. I’m sure she didn’t mean to offend any men. Have you sampled it?
  2. Soooo... do you have multiple accounts? This thread has already been merged. It didn’t take.
  3. Kisle


    You’re kidding, right? It’s been knew. New fragrance (with HOT VID!!).
  4. Men have enough ego as it is, I guess? But really, you know she didn’t mean to offend. Why nitpick?
  5. It’s ok, you’re not wrong. It’s a mostly western marketing strategy - cologne for men vs. perfume for women.
  6. Actually cologne and perfume are different and both can be, and have been, worn by either gender. It’s just both now have a stereotype and are marketed the way you describe. Edit: everyone, just google it.
  7. Kisle

    socialney positive thread.....Britney's laugh

    @ around 3:34... lmaooo gets me every time
  8. Kisle

    socialney positive thread.....Britney's laugh

    I love her laugh too. That interview with Mario Lopez on POM set when she busts a gut... omg it’s so contagious. I laugh every time.
  9. Ok I just want the perfume commercial in full?? What song is that btw?
  10. It’s not like this is a legit performance, they’re clearly having fun in the studio. Who knows how many times she even rehearsed it before the video? But as for comparing her to other artists... mmm, maybe in recent years she doesn’t quite hold up. But at her best? She was just as natural and fluid.
  11. Kisle

    music The music in PREROGATIVE adv

    Someone posted a YouTube vid of a song that sounds similar to it. Unless you mean another post I haven’t seen yet.
  12. So what was with that other outfit she was wearing with her dancers? Another part of the commerial orrr?
  13. Magic happens when our girl gets in front of a camera. Looks amazing!
  14. Omg hahaha she’s so f**king cute. Love the one with the flower!
  15. I knew the meltdowns would be epic for this tour!! You guys did not disappoint. I didn’t want to comment before watching the show, but here’s what I expected: - POM in various venues minus props - A couple of changes So I watched and thought “yup, it’s Vegas on the road.” Was pretty stoked to see CYM and Clumsy added. Definitely missed potential with CYM choreo, but Clumsy is fun. Kinda bummed she botched Gimme more with timing as I love that performance, but it’s only the first show. And she looks absolutely gorgeous, not that that makes or breaks a show. What was everyone expecting though? It’s just POM, but we knew this.