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  1. Whitney won 1985-2000. She was on top the longest. The best part was where she left the in the dust for 2 years straight. Lol
  2. History was a double disc. Each copy sold counted twice. I think history ended up selling like 20 million copies.
  3. Whitney, Toni, Britney and Rihanna.
  4. He just put out a full album with people that are alive. He’s not gonna have another smash like that because it’s not with Whitney. He need to redo another one of her unknown songs. People love Whitney. the last 2 singles he redid were huge hits already, he should have redone unknown songs by Tina and Donna. but again, HL was a Whitney song.
  5. This sounds like it samples The Boys Of Summer by Don Henley.
  6. His Fame album had so many hits. He has so many videos with over a billion views. He’s a global superstar. He’s charting multiple songs at a time on the billboard charts and topping them. I must admit that I tough he was hotter about 2 years ago, before he started working out more and showing so much skin. ive googled his nude pix every day for the last 2 years hoping to see him naked. But nothing yet. id let him bust inside and all over.
  7. My favorite to listen to is Erotica. So many hot singles and videos. Also fond memories about that whole era. Ray Of Light is as good as that.
  8. She’s not wearing one of usual tops. She’s covering her belly.
  9. Toni Braxton also debuted at #163. SMH! She’ll probably be out of hot 200 next week. Sad.
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