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  1. Britney didn't remove him, her father did.
  2. The BBMA's performance wasn't in regard to her biggest achievements, it was clear she was there to get an award and perform POM routines and songs. The BBMA's were in Vegas and so was POM. If the performance was about her biggest achievements Britney would of only performed her top hits. In regard to the entrance the smoke has nothing to do with the actual performance. Of course she cut BOM she was performing a medley and on award shows you get a certain allotted time. Slave, again she did her thing with the dance break which is typically what most people look to see if she executes it, she wasn't going to perform old choreography when she already had the POM choreography shes been using. Bringing up the fact that Britney didn't accept the award on stage or give a speech has nothing to do with the performance. You're reaching boo.
  3. Iconic TONI BRAXTON Cleaning up with 3 nominations WOW