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  1. Nah she was copying Madonna.
  2. Britney giving me body and soul with these vocals, I've always been a fan of the original lead version with Britney's amazing vocals. This vocal is INCREDIBLE. Hate the remix and would be great if Full Force leaked the other songs Britney did with them.
  3. She thanked Tri Star as well cause she's a Tri Star client. Video below starts at 3:55 Mary thanking Lou Taylor and saying she loves ha.
  4. Mary J Blige thanked Lou Taylor during her BET Awards acceptance speech during tonight's award show.
  5. They should fly to Alabama chile since Jamie hasn't requested a C Ship overage in that State. Queen Lynne being with Britney at this time and filing the documents to have rights into her daughters medical files and treatment is incredible shes stepping up. How long was Britney ever around her father pre C Ship? Britney started out doing an off Broadway play in New York where she stayed out there with Lynne. Eventually going back home Britney than moved onto the MMC and of course her trip to Sweden to record her debut album. Add in the time spent with out both Lynne and Jamie where Felicia was Britney chaperone and assistant to watch over her. Britney was on the go from such a young age and Jamie was rarely in the picture so it's nice to see a picture of Britney and Lynne.
  6. I noticed the other day almost all of my post count went down to 2k plus and I had over 14k or so where did our original comments go and threads? Everything is getting merged and way too messy having one large thread for things.
  7. It's also very telling that Jamie said his relationship with "Britney" has always been strained in court the other day. Even more reason having a man control your entire life that you've never had a great relationship with probably contributes to Britney's sadness. I think it's also very telling that statement of a strained relationship with his daughter shows more proof Britney didn't check into a mental facility due to her father's colon rupture. Adding a cherry on top of that the alleged letter Britney wrote talking about her drunken father adds more fuel to this C Ship fire and get a job Jamie. It's going to be a wild showdown and if true he scared Britney will get free prematurely it's too bad, I hope the courts and investigators find that Britney doesn't need this type of control via a C Ship especially by someone shes had a strained relationship her whole life.
  8. There has never been any evidence of Sam ever drugging Britney, your statement is just going off of Lynne's tale. If this was the case wouldn't they have tried to get him arrested? On top of that wasn't it Britney who recently just told the judge her father forced her into a mental facility and forced meds on her? Let's be very clear that hasn't been any evidence to support a lot of Lynne and Jamie's statements on him.
  9. Exactly and TMZ purposely using a bad Britney pic for the story. Typical.
  10. Britney Spears' former manager, Sam Lutfi, poses a serious enough threat to her and her family that a judge is now extending a court order for him to keep away from her. A judge granted the permanent restraining order against Lutfi Thursday in L.A. County Superior Court. While Lutfi was there, Britney was not -- her father and lawyers were speaking on her behalf. In the end, the judge sided with Britney's camp and decided they needed the protection. Lutfi has to stay at least 200 yards away from Britney, her family, refrain from reaching out to them and refrain from making disparaging comments about Brit. It's unclear if Britney fully wants out herself, but she has expressed a desire for more freedoms that she currently doesn't have ... like owning a smartphone, for example. Either way, Britney claimed in court docs that Lutfi offered $1,000 cash to her mom, Lynne, to "disrupt and take over" the conservatorship process, which Brit's dad, Jamie Spears, oversees. She also alleged Lutfi threatened to release old items of hers from when he managed her in the 2000s. A judge felt enough of a threat existed at the time to give Brit protection for the time being. Now, the permanent restraining order will be in effect for the next 5 years. Video of Sam arriving to court today at link below. https://www.tmz.com/2019/06/13/britney-spears-permanent-restraining-order-former-manager-sam-lutfi/
  11. So disgusting, Jamie needs to get a job. The way Jamie is acting with these requests, and making money off her residency just shows they want to keep her cuffed beyond belief. It's sad that these people continue to make money off someone they claim is incompetent.
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