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  1. I agree and unlike like Kevin Federline at least Sam is working and making a living. Sam seems to be out doing photo shoots doing acting promoting his modeling and earning an income, where as Kevin is living off Britney’s child support money and previous spousal support (allegedly), and supporting six kids allegedly off of Britney’s money, literally he doesn’t have a job and isn’t making enough money to support six kids so at least Sam is out working on his career his lifestyle his body and making money on his own!
  2. Bottom line the dancing is a mess the choreography has been a mess the pretty girls choreography was a mess when they changed the break the ice choreography that was a mess the oops choreography was a mess, till the world ends changed choreography was a mess I don’t care what production they do and what lights are used people want to see her dance. Or at the very least have some awesome Dance breaks where she’s really dance and some good choreography during a dance break
  3. This is what the fans do all the time they did this with the documentary people are dragging Felicia in the documentary before they even viewed the documentary people start dragging songs before they even hear a song they’ll drag an article without reading it people jump to conclusions and off the jump just start to attack and go crazy
  4. I doubt he will say much he already said on camera he keeps his relationship private and won’t speak on a lot when he was calling Jamie a D!
  5. Britney mentioned she doesn’t want this in the closet as some family secret! Britney also said she wanted more of the documents made public! Britney also welcomes informed fans support and info! Once again C Ship isn’t for protection it’s for gravely I’ll people and people that have dementia and for folks that can’t clothe nor provide for themselves none in which Britney qualify for! Also how unwell is Britney she’s worked more than an average person the last 13 years! Lets not pretend Britney has some condition or thing that no one else in the world has or has had! This C Ship is a hybrid business model and if she doesn’t want to cook or clean and wants to spend all her money that’s not what a C Ship is for!
  6. Yeah It seems like it would be easier but I still feel like this is going to be a very long road in very hard I don’t know if we’ll ever see Britney truly freeIt seems like it would be easier but I still feel like this is going to be a very long road in very hard I don’t know if we’ll ever see Britney truly free
  7. I agree which is why it’s so strange that doctor died right before he was to file his report and it’s all so disheartening and sad!
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